How to Get Good at World of Warships Episode 11 – Battleship Positioning Guide

Author: iChaseGaming
World of Warships
In episode 11 of How to Get Good at World of Warships I discuss battleship positioning, what you should be looking to do in every game you play as a battleship. Hello everybody and welcome back good to talk to all of you again today and today on the eleventh episode of how to get good at world of warships we're going to talk about battleship positioning in more detail so what I'm going to do is I'm going to...

Four Big Tips and Four Massive Mistakes You Already Make – Overwatch Pro Meta Guide

Have you ever been watching your favorite streamer or pro player and you just stopped and thought that you wanted to be able to pop off and heart Kari just like they can so the thing about pros and streamers is there's tons of things to learn from but there's also some things that you should never learn from because it actually could hurt you and prevent you from breaking up all together all that being said I got four...

Pro Players No BS Guide To Icon Swaps 3! Who Should You Pick In FIFA 20?

Author: Lyricz30
What's going on last Erickson I'm back bring you today another video this one's gonna be bringing a quick guide to icons walks free I recorded like a 25 minute video on this before you know what we're March fifa's dying who the hell wants to watch a 20 minute video on who to pick for icon swaps in icon swaps that is so disappointing that's crazy so we're gonna speed this up or do something I noticed the first...

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 – Legendary Stronghold Tips And Tricks Guide

Author: widdz
Tom Clancy's The Division 2
In today's video I will talk about the hardest content in Division 2 which currently is the legendary strongholds I will give you my best tips how to play them what the rewards are what bills I set up you need and much more if that sounds interesting then let's get in to the video so to start it off I would recommend you to get a group before we go into the legendary and avoid the matchmaking if possible...

The Ultimate Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 2020 Config, Crosshair And Settings Guide!

Author: TurboMotionZ
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Hey, guys so Today's video is a pretty in-depth video on getting the perfect, Nvidia Settings, In-Game Settings, Viewmodel, Config, Crosshair and MORE! Commands: Jump Throw: bind v -attack. Press V and Space at the same time when jump throwing a smoke. Scroll wheel Bhop: bind mwheelup +jump and bind mwheeldown +jump. Maps: Config Generator. Viewmodel Generator. Today I'm making a video on how to get the perfect config in csgo this includes crosshair view model settings and just overall...

Legends of Runeterra Gameplay – Deck Guide: Ephemeral Midrange!

Author: Swim
Legends of Runeterra
Alright guys what's up this is it this is Deaf guide for my ephemeral nonsense deck I've been basically kind of going through like right now doing a lot of deck guides for the site because you know I mean I want to try to make sure that every every deck that I recommend on the site is going to have like a decade associated with it so like for example you know I'm looking at this and I'm trying...

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 – Best Solo AR DPS Build Guide! 600000 Headshots Heroics Made Easy

Author: NickTew
Tom Clancy's The Division 2
Yo sup guys it's Nick - today I'm going to be showing you guys what I think is the current best solo AR build if you're trying to solo heroic stuff like that this is a little bit of a different type of a build this it's not just like pure focus into damage I know that going into pure damage is really good especially in like a solar context as the idea is kinda just to kill stuff before...

Magic: The Gathering Arena – Theros Standard Deck Guide – Elemental Tribal 2020

Author: Merchant
Magic: The Gathering Arena
Hey guys how's it going my name's much and welcome back some of them add to the gathering arena video now if you've been following my Twitter you know I'm a bit under the weather at the moment and this will probably be the only magic video for the next few days or so so make sure you click like on it so I got lots of views anyway today was I want to build an aggro deck that was...

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Farming Guide 2020! Unlock All Legendary Characters for Beginners F2P

Author: AhnaldT101
Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
New to Galaxy of Heroes and need a guide or just need help finding the best direction to play? Look no further! The best and most up to date farming guide for Galaxy of Heroes in 2020 to help you do the very best possible while playing free-to-play! Attention ladies and gentlemen Gungans and droids across the galaxy this is your granddad Rolando directed a video gaming division here at the Galactic Empire and today we have what is going...

AFK Arena – Trembling Highlands Fast Guide Voyage Of Wonders

Author: Volkin Games
AFK Arena
A fast guide for Trembling Highlands, AFK Arenas new Voyage of Wonders. Hey guys welcome back to some more afk arena in today's video we're gonna be going through the trembling Highlands which is the new voyage of Wonders now this one normally on the voyage of wonders I just did like my fast run-through where I browse around the maps I click this go here do that this one is a lot more in-depth and it just gets confusing...
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