2.6 Hog Cycle God vs World’s Top Pros! Strategy Guide

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Clash Royale’s pro tips series continues on CWA Mobile Gaming! Today we’ll watch YersonCz play 2.6 Hog cycle against some of the best players in the world, with some very difficult matchups. Hoping you guys enjoy the format of this video and pick up some strategy tips from Yerson!

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Hey guys what’s going on is actually air coming at you today in clash Royale thank you for clicking on this video this is gonna be a really special video as you can see I am joined by your sin your sin one of the best two-point-six hog cycle players in the world if not the best player currently 11th in the world and I reached out to him earlier this season with a video idea in my mind I want to provide kind of a template for you guys and your clan mates or your friends you guys can share this video to them bookmark it whatever revisit it if you want to understand the perfect strategy for a variety of tricky archetypes against some of the world’s best players so I went to yerson and I said hey dude as you’re playing the season as your trophy pushing if you face another pro player or just have a match what you think perfectly again exemplifies the correct strategy to use as a two point six hog cycle player please share it so I can share it with my viewers so that’s exactly what we’re gonna do today now I want to give a big shout to year soon he has a YouTube channel where he uploads almost daily to point six hog cycle content so I’ll link that in the show notes below for you guys as well but let’s look at look what we have in store for us here guys we’re gonna be facing up against just so many crl pros we have KK we have Ruben we have Rubens 20th in the world right now we have I am JP it’s 140 second the world we have Samuel who’s 8th in the world right now but soda one of the other best players in the world finished 15th last season just incredible players across the board here guys and I tell you what we’re gonna start with this match look at this deck how do you think your face lavaloon freeze that’s a two point six hog cycle player well we’re about to find out in this first match I’m gonna pause in a couple crucial areas and then after that this video will kind of just flow naturally I won’t be pausing every two seconds but I really want to kind of outline again this strategy that you guys want to employ when you’re inside your matches so let’s start out here and just a quick note about real life for you guys is I know that these are these are strange and uncertain times to say the least I don’t like to talk too much about real life stuff here on the channel but this one.

Let you guys know that you know continue to in these times of uncertainty continue to listen to the World Health Organization’s advice and just you know to keep a level head but at the same time just prepare yourself and try to stay informed out there don’t panic and you know I love you guys and I care about you guys and I’m wishing you all and your family and friends the best of health so here we go guys and NCW I will always be here for you these videos luckily I am quarantined here in my office so I’m not going anywhere for you guys so don’t need to travel for this so here we go on to the first match here comes the lava hounds right so immediately we’re gonna attack opposite lane with a hog rider that’s what we’re basically gonna do every time that lava hound comes out and then we pay attention here to what the opponent uses to counter our hog rider that way we’re ready to combo it the next time we use hog rider and now this is gonna be the part where the most important pause and probably only pause of this match is when they launched their lava hounds it’s really simple the formula that you guys want to use right number one you drop your hog opposite wing and for single extra time number two you place your cannon right there for the first time they’ve begun with their attack right because we’re gonna be activating King Tower you place your cannon second right there not your musketeer he has musketeer selected right now but we are not going to be playing musketeer okay we’re gonna be playing our psycho cards so he can cycle back to another cannon before we play our musketeer watch how it goes so there’s the balloon we’re gonna log naked log cycle opposite lane we’re cycling here skeletons in the back ice golem they’re ice spirit we have another candidate in hand and in the balloon will travel right to the king tower see how he did it there guys and now we have the musketeer in hand now we can safely play the musketeer and we can even distract with skeletons on the mega minion you see how that all worked out guys just beautifully then we have another ice golem in hand even though the fries came down doesn’t matter we really mitigate tower damage as a matter of fact we are not that far behind in terms of damage considering again we do have that activated King tower and now we know exactly what he is playing so we can be even more prepared in the next push so a minion horde comes down by the opponent we’re gonna go ahead and just kind of kite some of those minions around with a hog rider here and then we see barbarians so this is kind of an interesting deck to say the least that we’re going against we’re just gonna go ahead and rely on the musketeer and the skeletons to defend here now unfortunately we do take oh did we take one barbarian hit there I didn’t even catch it but the activated King tower definitely helped us in helping us out here and allows us to trade while pulling off the positive elixir trade so here it goes another lava hound coming down the left lane this time you can see no hog rider in hand but we’re still gonna go ahead and cycle to a hog aggressively in that right lane we use the ice spear and the ice golem the ice bowl and death damage and the ice spirit to kind of stop or freeze up those minions allowing our hogs to give us back into the damage advantage now here on the defensive and we start out with a musketeer now that we have an activated King tower and then we go to ice golem to tank for the musketeer we pull that balloon with the cannon then we freeze it with the ice spirit and we have our fireball ready to go fireballs gonna push everything back activated King Towers helping us out and again the balloon does not strike on our tower however here we are in double elixir time and the opponent still has the damage advantage so now we’re going in with another hog rider we know minions are gonna come down we don’t have a great response to it the opponent decides to play the minions really really late here which is an interesting decision I’m wondering why they just didn’t sack the tower at this point I guess they’re forcing at least a log out of our hand but either way we’re gonna be basically replicating the same defensive strategy here right even despite those arrows coming down now we could just have the luxury of stacking two Musketeers so two Musketeers are stacked the fireball comes down and then the balloon again does not touch down we guard with the ice golem we take that tower down and there it is a victory for us now this might seem intimidating to you guys man how can I pull that off like yearís and makes it look easy but what if that what if that opponent didn’t decide to delay those minions it could have been an incredibly more challenging match and it could have even went into a one tower a trade-off situation we could have lost our left Tower and the opponent we could have taken the opponent’s so let’s go ahead and watch another lava hound against one of the world’s best in Samuel and again here this is gonna be I’m gonna have a few lava loons or a lava hounds for you guys we’re gonna go as Samuel and then we’ll we’ll do one more lava hound after this and then we’ll transition to other matchups after that so your sin again from here on out and the video is gonna be in the bottom of your screen I believe guys just to kind of make that mental note here so it’s a lot of minor deck that we’re doing against here as you guys can see we’re just gonna kite that mini Pekka and play things pretty cool early on just kind of defending here we go with the cannon that’s gonna distract them in a Pekka and also target that minor we’re not afraid to use ice spirits and ice and skeletons excuse me on the defensive end mitigating damage so we really want to play a really robust and tight defensive game not willing to take a lot of extra damage even if it means just a couple shovel hits with the minor so here comes the lava hounds this time we don’t have the double cannon to to cycle to but there’s no balloon in their deck anyway so obviously that strategy is unnecessary if they’re playing lava miner versus lavaloon so the poison comes down you can see not looking so good here right now in this match right but fireball is our saving grace notice that defensive cannon as well Ken’s able to finish off the minor and also distract that baby dragon long enough to cycle to an ice spirit to freeze it up so all those things although things look pretty precarious pretty awful actually when the poison was down against our musketeer even despite the baby dragon and the miner and everything coming at us they’re able to defend thanks to the fire ball in the cannon Mei spirit so now here we go opposite land again but this time we have some fortification we have the we know the mini Pekka is in hand so we go in with the ice golem in front and the skeletons in back to distract that mini Pekka and we would have taken that tower probably no matter what happened so basado samuel does the smart thing here and he decides okay I can easily tower trade I mean my deck is so much heavier granted we’re still in single looks her time but there’s no way if I let this tower go that I cannot take your since right tower and that’s exactly what’s about to happen here so a snowball comes down from Samuel Samuel realizing that he really wants to get this tower down here so he’s applying so much pressure he goes in basically everything that he had in his arse and he does just barely take our light tower down so now like I’ve just talked about we’re in one of the scenarios where it’s double elixir time and this is where okay your synapses change a strategy up a little bit right Samuel goes ahead and does the pretty normal move that we see from lava hound players where he goes with some supporting units in the lava hounds right down in the middle we’re gonna cycle the hog rider on the right and cycle to two Musketeers in an ice golem on defense meanwhile baby dragons coming down baby dragon does not put out a ton of damage against the musketeer.

So keeping her alive we go in with a hog in the pocket and the log in the right lane to clear out either the mini Pekka or the skeletons and we score a couple hog hits giving us the damage advantage so here it comes again you can see dropping that lava hound after the megamillion is Samuel we have an ice golem in front of that musketeer Samuel has the mini Pekka in hand and then we go in mini peck us out of hand we take that as license to immediately go with a hog rider and defend with the skeletons in the cannon against the mini Pekka and again we score tons of hog damage there Samuel having to allocate elixir on the defensive end to the mega minion that frees us up to play a little bit more defense here and of course we’re able to defend with ease thanks to that fireball just notice how much value he’s getting out of his defensive fireballs and goes right back to the cannon to keep that musketeer alive and chip down that minor really really well played here on the defensive end again really just textbook gameplay here in terms of how you want to play hog cycle from your sin so here it comes lava hound in the pocket now and again the pre-emptive mini Pekka coming down from Samuel we go in with the skeletons as well we also go with a log protecting those skeletons and we nail those skeletons down so now 6:11 we take that as fire ball cycle time and you guys can see we actually try to end it off and we do with a musketeer in the pocket so there it is again.

How to beat lava miner matchup we talked about lavaloon freeze talked about lava miner let’s go ahead and watch one more here and it’s against I am JP I’m JP again one of my favorite players and this is a very similar deck that we’re facing here but I just wanted to show you.

I feel like repetition sometimes drive some of these strategic nuances home so that’s exactly what we gonna try to do so we opening up with a hog here we go in with a log as long as they give us any log value no matter what deck we’re playing against your son always leads off for the hog rider and then whether it’s goblins goblin gang spear goblins skeletons whatever guards were still gonna go in with a log every time if they give us that value so very willing to open up with the hog rider and very willing to use our log if they give us any value at all so now we have a lava hound coming down and just like in the samuel match they open up we open up with a musketeer and he opens up with a poison you’re noticing again the repetitive nature of this matchup but again there’s a reason for this I want to show you guys again against a different pro player that way it really drives at home that these matchups are not only winnable but you can win them by employing this strategy consistently so we go in that hog rider on offense that allows us to keep cycling to our important defensive cards sometimes when we go on with those hogs it’s not like we’re expecting to get a ton of damage with all of those hog riders moreover we’re just trying to cycle back to our important defensive card such as musketeer and that still puts us in the damaged lead here only halfway through this match so we go with another hog rider in another log that’s gonna allow that hog to get to the tower and score one hit before the skeletons and the mega minion finish him off but again here not looking too bad we’re gonna be able to counter this mega minion simply by using skeletons and it looks like I am JP sensing double extra time is right around the corner has the lava hound queued up and ready to go in the back your sin would strategically just uh just leak elixir here if I am JP didn’t make a play okay these are the type of situations where right where we were in that match if we just pause it uh let’s just say I am JP decided to wait until a double it’s your time or he thought he didn’t have the damp the elixir advantage and he started leaking we would leak to because we want them to make the lava hound play and then we want to go into our gameplan so here we go again immediately dropping the musketeer and then Emile dropping the ice golem to tank we have an ice spirit in the back then we going with a hog rider same laying attack here only difference between last matches were going same length now the cannons down early with the skeletons the cannons only job or two jobs distract a lava hound in distract the mini Pekka now the fire ball comes down playing things really safe there and then we freeze that baby Dee so again really consistently nice defense here and here comes a lava hound at the bridge now you’ll start to see a lot of lava homme players are going to get aggressive with our lava hounds or they’re going to switch up their their mentality in in double extra time especially gets a hog cycle back but again we’re following the strategy we wait for that lava hound to approach and we going with the hog rider trying to score one hit at a time here while defending using the same methods every time basically using the ice spirit using the cannon and using the musketeer notice how much he uses the cannon here it’s not a Tesla but we’re using it a ton now we go in with a proof – fireball knowing he was gonna respond with either in the Mega minion or the mini Pekka he went with the mini Pekka so we’re able to get some nice fireball knock-back value on the mini Pekka and now we have musketeer back in hand again we have cannon high Kim’s gonna pull that baby Dee away and allow the musketeer to finish him off or her off or whatever it is and now we have to log down again knowing the opponent didn’t have a great answer except for skeletons in hand and was low on elixir we go home with that predictive log preventing them from using the skeletons we have ice golem back in hand that’s gonna block those skeletons and block those lava pups and again you can see the momentum starting to really shift here guys we go in with another predictive fireball with the hog rider and he gets to the tower for one hit but that’s gonna be GG’s here guys we can just log out skeletons just being used to distract here 42 HP remaining skeletons actually my bad on the minor there either way this one is over Tower down so that’s three lava hound matches for you guys and I hope you’re able to pick up some of the habits and tendencies we did one against lava loop we did and how to activate King tower we did one against a lava miner opposite lane and one against lava mire same Lane.

So let’s go ahead and move to a different matchup though I want to go ahead and show probably one of the more difficult ones if not the most difficult one and it’s KK.

Now KK is ages.

Tremendous player as you guys conceived his profile here he finished second was his best season let’s go ahead and watch this one I’m gonna go against hog earthquake so two point six hogs cycle against fast hog cycle with earthquake and mini Pekka how will do we beat one of the world’s best players certainly one of the you know upper echelon players also having earthquake also having mini Pekka well you’re about to see so here we go now we know early on I think you’re Sunita knows what he’s playing or predicts it of course everybody knows what your son is playing so we’re gonna go with really really high canons here just to try to mitigate earthquake value but it’s not gonna work because as you guys know earthquake can still hit that cannon where we used it there so mini Pekka comes down from KK a deftly placed right at the bridge there we get some ice golem death damage so just inching our way into the lead here in this contest we go with the skeletons there to kite the mini Pekka around and then the musketeer is down musketeer is gonna both finish off the mini Pekka and then live on to finish off the magic Archer and mini Pekka.

Excuse me musketeer is still at a very healthy HP right now so we’re gonna go ahead and combo her with the icicle I’m just forcing a response out of KK the opponent and there it is it’s gonna be mini Pekka.

So now there’s no mini Pekka in hand and again what can we do here well we’re gonna go ahead and cut that mini Pekka around the ice golem and then we decide just screw it we’re just gonna fireball this mess because it gets to be kind of a dangerous situation and now we attack again with a hog rider catching the opponent without any good responses in hand knowing that the mini Pekka again was out of him because they just used against the musketeer which we forced kaykai’s hand because we use the ice golem tanking for the musketeer so now about 15 seconds remaining here in the single elixir time and that magic Archer comes down opposite side lane and we just mirror it with the musketeer so here’s KK goes ice golem and then he goes hog rider opposite so we go with a super high cannon but here come the earthquakes.

Now this is where things get challenging we want to delay just a little bit on those skeletons against earthquake and they’ll be able to survive long enough to have just a little sliver of Health to finish the job on the defensive end so that was perfect defense there by yourself but mini Pekka is still in his hands so we have to be careful here if we go in heavy which we can do we have to make sure we have skeletons or a musketeer fireball in hand something to respond to the mini Pekka and even despite all that we still weren’t able to actually get to the tower with our hog rider to get any extra damage that was just fireball damage the damage that we got off that Tower so now we ice spear it and boom we go ahead and we catch that and by the way guys I missed my bad there I missed that we activated King Tower as well we activated King Tower off the magic Archer I’m not sure if you guys notice that but certainly it’s a point where I should have gone ahead you know what I will do guys I will rewind to this replay or not rewind we can’t the technology is not there for that yet but I will go ahead and show you the point really quickly after this – where he activated King tower off magic Archer because that was a huge turning point that I did not point out because I was too focused on the offensive end.

So here again we know mini Pekka Xin hand we pre fireball but KK knowing that we were probably going to free pot of fireball goes in with the mini Pekka at the bridge and that allowed us to score a ton of damage so the pre earthquake comes down so we delay on that cannon just long enough to soak up one hog rider hit away from our tower giving us in holding on to the overall damage advantage in this match so here we go again log comes down along with the mini Pekka this time we don’t go with the fireball we knew you’re an elixir disadvantage they’re an elixir deficit so we did not want to over commit that was a really wise decision well let this magic Archer go obviously willing to equalize our tower damage on the defensive end so here we go again we’re always placing that ice golem in front of the hog rider and we have to give you the fireball queued up and we get the higher to the tower but he does not connect however we do still score the fireball damage so we are in spell cycle range here and the opponent KK decides to switch lanes we have log at the ready and fireball here and we use our log and our fire ball against the hog rider in the magic archer there in the left meanwhile in the right we have the mini Pekka coming in and we’re setting up again with a defensive musketeer things are getting really crazy here guys we have log in hand we also had that ice spirit just in the nick of time but the hog does score one more hit so look at that pre-emptive ice golem played by your sin’ just realizing mini Pekka at the bridge was going to be the play and he’s still realizing that another another ice golem comes down just in the nick of time for that second magic Archer and we beat that difficult matchup with only 78 78 HP I want to go ahead and play it back and get to the point where we activated that King Tower again guys because that was just insane if we didn’t have the activated King Tower we would have obviously lost that match right so what happened about a minute into it of course you got I don’t know if this is even helpful for you guys can you guys can just to rewind and see it yourselves but I actually wanted to kind of pick it up too because I missed it I saw it when I was first reviewing these replays before the video but I missed it in that live match I imagine it was with the ice golem let’s see here it goes I think it’s right here so let’s pay attention to the the magic Archer here rather than the okay wasn’t that magic Archer my bad I might end up cutting this okay it must be this magic Archer so here we go magic Archer naked we go in the ice spear ice spear activation right there okay very very well played and again that was clutch because that extra King tower support helped mitigate about hog damage every time that KK was being super aggressive with those predictive earthquakes right so let’s go ahead and show the one against Ruben here guys Ruben it was a hog Rubens playing a hog mortar he’s playing the Macarius stack right with the actually maybe a couple changes but he has the fireball and the minion horde a bunch of swarm cards mortar and hog rider this is another great match against one of the the best players in the game so here we go it’s gonna be a hog attack here for Ruben we go in again with that defensive cannon and then we play the ice golem there to kind of prevent that spear goblins from getting a bunch of chip damage to our left tower so we do take a hog hit or two on our left tower but again and we do maintain the overall damage lead so Reuben has the mortar selected in his hand here and he goes with it right in the middle so we delay delay delay then we go to the skeleton and see that skeleton placement there that’s how you activate your King tower off of a mortar do you guys know that you can activate off of mortar in the middle if you place the skeletons right there one tile above your King tower that was one of my favorite plays they I’ll be honest with you I should have known but I didn’t even know be honest with me guys did you know that play so here we go we’re not willing to use the fire ball here against just a naked minion horde right and which is a really smart decision making from your sim just realizing he can defend using an ice golem in a hot rodder and then force Reuben into kind of a difficult or uncomfortable situation having to play that mortar offensively when we know we can mitigate its value and just distract with a nice golem so now that activated King tower is really gonna help us out there notice how he’s not trying to get crazy with his cannon placements here guys just going with the cannon close to the tower we do take one hit but it’s not a big deal it is equalizing tower damage and again damage advantage going to Reuben but ever so slightly here only 31 HP advantage and then it goes with spear goblins cycled in the Strongs tower of range we still respond to them with skeletons knowing how much just spear goblins can do to our tower so noteworthy they even spear goblins at the bridge on our strong side tower we’re still gonna even be responding to so recycling a log in the left getting back to our ice golem on defense here and notice before we make any other supportive plays we wait and then he goes with a hog rider and the minion horde in the right notice that notice the patience here by your son guys now a lot of players would have immediately dropped you know something to distract the motor and immediately drop like the musketeer or something to defend instead we waited realizing that Reuben was sitting at full but sir there’s no reason to over commit right so now we go to the fireball just cycling but missing the mortar I think we played that in the same time the mortar now we have no fireball in hand so how do we defend a minion horde in the hog rider with no fireball well pretty easy right at least you made it look easy we basically use all our cycle carts are activated King Tower a cannon our musketeer to help us out there and again no damage scored for Ruben go into ice spirit here perfect placement against those spear goblins ok maybe not so perfect either way we take a little bit of chip there and again here comes bats in the mortar we just fireball everything here hoping for one hog rider hit and I believe we’re not yeah we don’t get it there so here we go minion horde in the back so Ruben trying something a little bit different here and we start cycling we cycle three cards immediately making sure we have the fireball in hand which we do and then we attack with a hog rider so we don’t have to use a fireball right away instead we just go with the musketeer now we have cannon in hand we play cannon hi.

Look at this defense guys I mean if this is not impressing you I don’t know what will.

It’s just like against some of the best players in the game it just makes it look so textbook easy and here we go again with a predictive fireball all there at the bridge that was one of my favorite plays of this video I should have led with this replay for a screw-up a lava hound because I just love that he was thinking one step ahead of Ruben there.

He knew that Ruben was gonna drop something out in the bridge because he Ruben was gonna try to avoid the predictive fireball so just trying to think like the chess master right trying to think one move ahead he predicted fireballs at the bridge or close to the bridge rather than on the tower it was a gutsy play and it really paid off there so last second I spirit is down really well played a predictive fireball actually hits for Ruben we go to printed fireball on the offensive end as well and then we just skeletons and log on his hog rider we don’t connect with our hog rider either but we still have again a very healthy damage advantage about 600 or so and here we go again I spear is down I spirit does land there and now we can just log out here we get two hits and a fireball and things off and again another victory there in triple elixir time for your sin cheese and oddly enough I just.

Activated my sri sri is giving us a play-by-play here and i did drop my phone you guys see that that sucks uh okay sory that’s cool we don’t need you to give us a play-by-play of the match I’m already doing I got it covered thank you alright I want to show you guys one more cuz we talked about a lot of matchups here but we do this sparking one’s really good to the Sparky one’s really good and this guy’s 58 in the world with it so let’s watch this one I want to give you guys two more matches actually I lied because both of them are again is providing you guys that textbook of what you need to do to beat these these matchups that people they’re not inherently impossible or or even incredibly difficult all of them at least but you just need to know the strategy to employ to win so here we go against a rather annoying intimidating at least Sparky deck with the Sparky Dark Prince goblin giant and mini Pekka all on the same deck here so let’s see how your sin does defensively against these Sparky’s I’ll tell you what the work that he does distracting Sparky is insane so new master uses the bats way in the back Dark Prince in front of this Sparky we go we make sure we always have our skeletons and as many cycle cards in hand to defend as we can and then we pull the Goblin giant sacrificial musketeer here we go in another musketeer and then immediately we’re gonna drop that ice spirit down and again able to defend no Sparky damage and we have a damage advantage man new master 69 that’s our opponent so musky our musky here on the right we go at opposite lane with the hog rider another thing to pay attention to is when he decides to go in with a hog rider in these matchups right go skeletons just write that musketeer now unwilling to take any damage he defends really really just tightly on his towers again we saw it with a minor and like the second matchup the second replay of this video so Sparky way in the back our first play is an ice golem then we go with the muskie trying to put as much separation as possible how it knows how we play the muskie all the way in the right back corner and the ice golem behind our tower then we’re trying to keep that ice golem alive for a bit to protect our Musketeers so we sacrificed the ice spear first and then we eat up an additional hit now that was unfortunate one of the only missed plays that your esand made inside this entire video is we essentially sacrifice our skeletons to the dark prince there but still it works out just fine right Sparky doesn’t connect for any damage now we just have to respond to the mini Pekka tin the bats here and we do a opposite lane because we’re trying to set up a defense against the musketeer as well and we can stop that musketeer just by kite or excuse me the mini Pekka is by kiting it a little bit and then we go all the way back to the hog rider again to pull that monk that that mini Pekka up one final time it’s kind of like triangle defense to a little Phil Jackson Michael Jordan for you guys right so there’s an ice golem check the Dark Prince now look at we’re gonna have our work cut out for us here in the mail right so Sparky does get a hit off there but we have skeletons in hand so even though it looked pretty you know dangerous still able to kind of defend you know at the end of the day not taking much damage at all so mini Pekka we’ll get to our musketeer but we will score one valuable hog hit and will force a Sparky in front of the king tower for the opponent so dart prints in the back we go to the defense at cannon again and now it’s like clockwork and this is why I want to show this replay because it does the same thing so many times that it gives you guys a good example of what you should be doing here so I spirit there to protect the ice golem we’re using our second log of this defensive sequence and now we’re back to skeletons right on top of the Sparkie again I mean easier said than done I realize but you can see how we’re able to defend every time consistently using the same strategy so to finish off those bats with the ice spirit and here it comes again we have cannon in hand we have a log in hand we have skeletons in skeletons distract Sparkie and then we going with a hog rider and the ice spirit well three is that Sparkie get a hog really healthy to the tower and then just the last second we pushed that Sparky back Sparky finally does get one connection but it’s okay we’re just a log in a fireball away from victory because we got that hog rider to the tower in the midst of a Sparky attack so there you have it I want to show you against an elixir golem deck as well because that one is a another one that you’re super challenging when they stack up like a ton of here it is so in elixir look at this deck it’s one of those elixir golem battle healer denied which decks and it’s just the work he does again here it’s just insane how you can watch this video and not come away with just like such a tremendous respect for your sin as a player and what he’s able to do with this that can give you a little motivation that again maybe you can do this like it’s possible right so here he goes with the ice golem in the back we’re gonna pay attention to this strategy he uses here against via the elixir golem attack we’re setting that ice spirit up for a hog attack in the opposite lane I believe let’s see okay I’m wrong the battle Yoder comes down from the opponent so we know we’re gonna have to allocate a ton of elixir to defend against this so smart non hog play there and I stand corrected I’m glad I showed this replay actually because this is tricky look what he’s doing here.

He kites the night –which away able to allow his princess towers to do most of the heavy lifting there and then kites the electro dragon back down the lane allowing the tower to finish off the e drag not taking any damage and again a nice damage advantage here and that was how you defend a huge push right that was just insane and even with the separation of troops from the opponent we waited until they were all in fireball range and then boom we launched our attack we’ll do the occasional ice spear at the bridge there to see if the opponent lets it just go unchecked store a hundred damage of chip every time not bad.

So again gonna protect our musketeer battle healer adeptly played by ohon the opponent trying to get those heals up immediately and now we’re just gonna kind of cycle card by time we going with a hog rider on the weak side tower again we know we can just basically fireball here but we don’t need to just yet right just gonna keep kiting notice how we’re setting up those cannons we’re pulling all the troops away and then we’re just tightening with ice golem and we’re gonna be one card away from ice golem and we’re gonna have him back in hand to keep the magic Archer on the e drag distracted.

Allow the musketeer to do some cleanup and then engage on that magic Archer beautiful job again and now no good responds in hands there the opponent deciding to kind of sack that right tower we can just spell cycle it out now and go for one monster push so Honda in their head must be right now listen we’re in double elixir time I have battle healer I had the biggest pushes possible in this game right now I have a fireball for the cannon how can your ass and stop this well we’re gonna see guys we’re gonna see how he can stop it 15 seconds left he pulls everybody to the right-hand Lane and guess what he can pull everybody back if he wants to he’s gonna try to kite that Knight which a little bit he’s doing a good job the cannon is down three seconds remaining separating the troops and you can’t help but laugh at this match just really well played how much kiting was there from one push all the way from one side of the arena all the way to the other side of the arena and just letting the towers the cannons and the Musketeers do work while all the cycle cars including the icicle and we’re just kiting everybody around the arena on defense like ring-around-the-rosie like a ferris wheel guys I hope you enjoyed this video a little bit different being that it is all replays a little contrast to the one hour of life spectating that we have been doing like kind of across top 10,000 ladder climbing to top 100 or 1000 depending on the player I do have another 1 hour episode coming with Igor the mortar player playing his favorite two versions.

Of mortar and then I have a one-hour episode coming with yerson probably next month because I don’t want to overdo it with the same deck 2.6 but I think it would just be tremendous to watch him live for a full hour just every single matchup seeing some off meta decks and stuff like that too but I hope this video helps you a lot guys I appreciate the support appreciate you guys using the code CWA in all supercell games it really means a lot to me you guys can see there’s no special offers right now but it’s right at the bottom currently supporting and you can just stop and start and change and do whatever you want there so guys I really appreciate you huge shout out to yerson again check out his youtube channel check out his player stats and profile and his twitter information everything will be linked in the show notes below a huge shout to brent Chong my youtube partner as well check out his information in the description below as well along with the deck link guys thank you so much for watching and as always take care of guys.

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