Advanced Guide for TH11 Electrone Lavaloon – Best TH11 Attack Strategies in Clash of Clans

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Hey what’s up guys welcome back to that shark so if you’ve opened up your event tab today you may have noticed there is an e drag event with clones what could that be is for well none other than the electron a lava that’s what we’re talking about today in detail make sure that like what hit the subscribe button and let’s go do this alright guys here’s the basic army cop we have two clones we have a balloon and a drag inside of a blimp and that we have a rage that is the brunt of your attack what we’re gonna do is we’re a dropped up flip into a key sections based there we’re up the rage and the double clone to clone the balloon that comes out of the blimp and then it’s gonna go off like a bomb the blue doesn’t massive amount of crash damage that’s gonna kill all the defenses right in the drop zone and then all those cloned balloons those high-level clone blooms if you can get level 9 that’s amazing higher the better and they’re just gonna spread in every direction and just rip the whole area of the base apart what is left you’re gonna go in and have your heroes finish off any remaining CC troops or maybe sometimes the heroes will come in in advance I’ll show you that as well and then you’re gonna have an entire lalo army also have three hounds and 28 balloons to go pick up the pieces and pick up anything else that the electrons left behind so this attack is extremely powerful and it’s pretty much my go-to a ton all of it like if it’s pretty simple all right guys let’s go look at some attacks because we did a whole bunch of these in less or in fact I did a couple and one that I want to look in particular was one where we look at only that were long we’ve been doing a lot of practice where we just do no dip Wars and all of our opponents are dipping down and we’re not so it’s a struggle to keep our stars up but this base right here so I got two three start in this base but the person before me went in with the exact same strategy and something went wrong and it caused him to end up with a fail so what we’re gonna do is look at the way that he attacked it and then what we did to go in and clean it up so here’s the base and as you can see here it’s a common Town Hall love an internet base you’ve probably seen it maybe you see it if you haven’t not a big deal but the common problem that people run into when they attack a base like this is they’re gonna send in their heroes because obviously the Queen is exposed we’re gonna have the heroes go in and take that mcqueen inside the CC we have a hound balloons were trying to avoid ever sending my heroes inside of the range of that CC so they actually stay in there you know and then I don’t have to worry about when my electron goes in if it doesn’t kill off the CC do I heroes need to go finish it off well I’m never gonna draw it out so doesn’t matter if I hear I was going before or after the the drag drops and so that’s kind of important so there’s a whole bunch of traps around this Queen and so he said sending this king and his queen to go after her so we’ll play here we use a baby dragon to force two king and the Queen off in the direction he wants him to go and there’s a whole bunch of storage just right there so that’s gonna reduce the value of the heroes that along with skeleton traps and potentially driving all the way forward and pulling the CC so there’s a lot of ways he can lose value on the heroes right here but he does want the Queen because the queen is the most important target if you don’t get to Queen Allah low she’s gonna wreck it if you don’t deal with a cc and a lot of low it’s gonna wreck ya so in this case we don’t have to do it to CC we’re dealing with it by not pulling it because we know what’s in there and then we go in with the blimp the Town Hall is over in the left corner so the blimp drops in right at the expo farm no sweepers pointing that we never want to drop the electrode into a sweeper whenever possible the Queen actually using our Archer Center take the king while the e drag breaks to the outside and moves into the Tesla’s not the greatest value of the electron here I mean it got all the expose it got a sweeper it took out the whole section of the base got an air defense yeah then he can start to Lalo and his queen ended a poll in the CC or I think his archers actually did and so the hound and the balloon are gonna go over to him but the nice part about this attack as well is that you don’t really super reliant on at your um excuse me you don’t have to kill the hound.

If the Hound stays alive and your Queen never pops it and she dies before he pops it you’re gonna be okay so think about that.

But then he does a couple haste here I freeze to get through the inferno and this is the same way that I did it but here’s where the problem kicked in so as he moved into the back side of the base there was a void space right here where we had a couple of a trash buildings in the middle and no defenses there so that made so all the balloons wrapped around the outside of the base here instead of going in to the inferno so that’s a big problem and these are the things.

You kind of been thinking about when you do a Lalo do you actually have the path thing to get into the most critical defenses because if you know that you’re gonna be coming from the top side and you’re gonna have to wrapped in that inferno well that means you may need to go trim out a lot of the defense’s over that nine o’clock quarter around the town hall to make sure that the balloons will actually cut into the base and go take out that inferno so I’ll show you how I did that there this one ended up being on ninety eight percent time failure is never able to get in that Brno with a little spell support that you get during a electron wallow you got to make sure that you have every spell count for the lalo and if you you start wrapping around in front of like that and it’s I reckon your balloons then you’re gonna have a bad day so let’s dive into how we fix it well here’s how we went back and corrected it and the first thing I decided was when the Queen and the king went in it was kind of overkill the Queen went on for a really long time so I decided just send in the king and since I don’t need a poison spell or to think that I went in with the king by himself and I just used a freeze over by the Town Hall I put in a Pekka and I was debating over there do I use an icicle more Dewey’s a Pekka but I only have level 1 icicles because I was level up my heroes for a while and I tried to preserve dark elixir so I upgraded the pekka’s but I didn’t upgrade my icicle him so I said it sided I decided to go to Pekka I think either would have been fine icicle is obviously a bit cheaper and so the queen is gonna go over there and take out the air defense in the arch tower and that makes so when the Blues come in that direction they’re gonna get forced into the inferno we did the same electron electro got actually more value than he got I got the ego got the expose end up getting two air defenses and I think it even got this a sweeper over here so the sweeper going down because we want to fight it on the way in we have freeze to lock up the Inferno on the entry here and then we can warn ability through the other one so I mean pretty easy day right and that’s that’s that’s the way I like to do it if I leave up to infernos if I freeze one and then I ward ability through the other or the other way around sometimes if I have the eagle still up then I will have a ward ability the first one so I can catch the eagle shots in it as well and then we’ll just freeze up the back one if if you’re really worried about how much health you’re going to have with those balloons and you’re gonna get multi infernos expecially then strongly consider dropping one of the clones out of the electron and bringing in an extra fries and an extra he’ll because you don’t get a lot of freezes to work with I used one of the King I used one on the the initial Inferno there so I didn’t have a poison though I didn’t need a poison if you’re going into a fresh attack here you definitely want to bring a poison because if a witch comes out and distracts your Eid rag then it can cause a lot of problems there and mix of the chains of the e dragger getting distracted so be very mindful of that but let’s go into another electron here and we’ll see how I did a different one because I did get the six-pack this war it was a sex that we’ve lost five one-star there even after this expect but it’s all good I think it was this one alright so this one was tricky let’s not pause it for a second and look at the base here because how do you actually approach this base with an electron one of the first things you look at is where are the sweepers we have sweepers pointing there and we have sweepers pointing at the Town Hall so this is the sweeper that’s a problem because it’s a pointing away from the Town Hall so is blocking blimp paths right so how do I actually get past it you get to the enemy Queen and we got to get the enemy CC the CC of this one is two ice combs and a balloon so once again I don’t have to deal with it if I keep my heroes outside the range of it but I gotta get the blimp onto the enemy Queen or I need to have my heroes take two enemy Queen which was a possibility on his pace I could have sent my heroes but I do like to send my heroes after an inferno whenever there’s an exposed Inferno so look at the CC range the CC range barely covers these infernos that are kind of sticking out and whenever there’s a Inferno that’s relatively close to the end of edge of the base there and you can funnel into it with just the king in the Queen and maybe babe dragon then it might be better value to go after the inferno and let the electro not take care of the Queen and that’s what we did here we had these in forever wall break into one of them preferably not the one with the King next to it because that’s gonna reduce the value of your heroes so we go after this Inferno and what that did is instead of trying to come in with a blimp drop from like over here and move it across the base and land on the Queen right here there’s not a lot of value out here I guess there’s a couple wizard towers out there there’s a decent amount of value but I was looking for the big jackpot Lenny right into the Eagle artillery and the Expos and so taking advantage of my heroes already coming in over in this corner play here so you can see what I’m talking about my I’ll show you what my heroes dead so taking advantage of the heroes coming in in his bottom corner and clearing out this Inferno I was able to fly the blimp across the entire base and missed this sweeper range here and land right onto the backside of it or onto the backside of the sweeper here and come into the the Eagle artillery and expose and get close enough that we need to get some damage on us so we have to freeze here and normally I’d send it a test wall breaker just to make sure that the wall break was safe but somebody had already tempted this with a soui lalo a little bit before so I knew that there was no small bombs there but definitely that while the kingís do it all the tanky out in front there send in a small bomb and then you can freeze and then wall break right after that and you’ll make sure that you don’t get hit by a small bomb and lose all your wall breakers that could be devastating but be patient on your Queen when you do stacks like this if you aren’t patient on your Queen then it you can potentially lose you can you can have her walk on you you got to make sure that she the path is a hundred percent clear there before she goes in so Queen an opponent CC not a big deal she got massive value there the electrum comes in and they lecture and hit a black mine I put in a coke balloon trying to catch black minds around that inferno because I pass them right over the top of it we ended up hitting one and my each rag popped out soon so now what do we do because look at the Queen she did take some damage she’s a half health but she’s not down and we have our lalo coming in and I was debating do I said to my lalo on this side of the base over here and I just try to rush that Queen immediately well I wanted the inferno to go down because the inferno was a big threat but I wanted my hands to get softened up a little bit I didn’t want to like charging that Queen I I mean I guess I could have done either directly honestly but I wanted no matter what I wanted hounds on the air defense near the Queen and I wanted them popping and.

My warden and position shouldn’t to be able to warden the pups to make sure I could get her dim though I ended up on the fly I didn’t know which way I wasn’t coming from I was originally planning on coming in from the town hall side and and Egon this inferno so we just throws it up right away we had to use the freeze on it here because I needed to make sure that the ward ability was safe for the actual Queen so now we start crossing the base we got a haste to shoot as in a couple backside blues there to come in and distract aside wizard towers and then one more hasty shoots and the other was a tower and then the Queen ended up hopping or one of the hounds there and she did go down my ward and was not in position there to take the pups so I was holding on to him was holding on to him and I ended up not need him at all so it was a nice attack here and a couple of things didn’t go as planned but you know what you just you still bringing the three start and you get the job done so all right now what do you want to do I think we want to go out there and Russia random so let’s go and it uses live in action and so I’m gonna go find a completely maxed Town Hall 11 all right I think we found our first max base we have a level 50 Queen looks like pretty much max defenses is a little bit of a ring base going on to seal infernos let’s first check to see where the sweepers are so sweepers pointing up over here and to the top left over here so we’re to land right on the backside of sweeper I’m gonna get crash damage onto the air defense and the inferno and that should hopefully get me set up to do whatever we need to do here so let’s send in a balloon we’ll send in two blue so we just take out this arch tower drop three I think I might have all right let’s drop in the blimp and we’ll do the double clone and the rage and it will open up right there Oakland get to crush damage on the Tesla’s – hell yeah all right so the e drag will lock under that Queen take her down and look how much of the base we got there will freeze up that air defense just to make sure we can get through that will poison up the the guys there and let’s go in with the heroes to go after I guess we’ll go in with a baby dragon up here the King and they can start to walk that edge a little bit and we’ll see if we can break them in there and get the.

The wizard towers down because if I can feel its a splash damage we’re gonna be a really really good spot so baby dragon do some work well pop that uh old look at the stupid black mine crossing the base here to go take out my baby dragon I hate that have I said that before I think I have plenty of times here that is so annoying so we get the wall break here so we’ll go in and we’re trying to keep our heroes outside the read us you see I don’t know if anything came out of there but if there is a hound or anything like that and there we want to keep it in there so let’s drop in one balloon is a distraction and a couple of loons on the side that was a tower put up in a hound go in a couple extra let’s strip in the warden queen we’ll go to auto ability and let’s keep on punching in so minions down behind it a couple over here as well don’t finish that clean up we’ll throw in the last hound we’ll get in a haste it gets through this higher concentration in den area will haste into the wizard tower here we’ll get ready for a word ability wait for the Eagle shots now Oh didn’t quite get it a little bit off on the Eagle strikes there all right we’ll haste through here and there should be enough to finish off the base so.

Easy day easy day uh maybe should have come in on the Eagle side now that I think a little bit more about it but we did all right we did all right we got a handful of blooms left you can get to the expo when I think we pretty much got the three-star we’re hurting a little bit.

We’re hurting a little bit if we are quite as Overkill’s we saw in the other attacks here but it is a completely maxed out base if there was a hound or ice combs or anything like that in the CC it never came out I don’t think so we kept it in there and it will die with the CC it was empty I mean that’s what you get when you do a random attack here sometimes you just never know but there we go guys.

Easy day bringing the three stars bringing in the loot so if you guys are out there trying to look for a good army comp to do for the event then this one might be a contender there’s also the yellow trone where we bring in we drop a hound and we drop a handful of balloons there and you do a gyro to clear the way and you insert eat drugs directly in the middle of the base there that’s called the yellow trim so if you guys want more information about that then definitely thinking about checking out my town hall 11 playlist we got all kinds of attack strategies or just search yellow drone on YouTube here and you’ll pull up all kinds of videos by myself and Carbon pin and we’ll hook you up and teach you how to do the yellow shirt as well well guys that’s weird ended today make sure that like what hit the subscribe button and I’ll see you guys the next one you.

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