AFK Arena – Trembling Highlands Fast Guide Voyage Of Wonders

Author: Volkin Games

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A fast guide for Trembling Highlands, AFK Arenas new Voyage of Wonders.

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Hey guys welcome back to some more afk arena in today’s video we’re gonna be going through the trembling Highlands which is the new voyage of Wonders now this one normally on the voyage of wonders I just did like my fast run-through where I browse around the maps I click this go here do that this one is a lot more in-depth and it just gets confusing trying to do that so what I’m gonna do instead this time is I’m gonna do a full run-through and record the whole run-through put some tunes over it so you can listen and watch and you can put it 2 times speed if it’s a bit too slow but I will edit out every one of the battles just so it’s not too ten years to watch battles because that’s just annoying so hopefully that’s alright let me know if this one does go well and if you like it but like I said it’s just a bit too confusing to try and browse around and do a quick guide so let’s get into it okay so just quickly the rewards we do get a not bad bunch of gold experience dust you get ten normal Scrolls and you also get ten faction Scrolls so decent rewards not too bad gonna get into the run now enjoy the tunes and I’ll come back at the end of the run you.

Now this last battle is incredibly hard so if you struggle on it at the start of the time you may have to just you know get through as much as you can at the beginning of the event and then come back towards the end of the event when you’ve leveled up a bit more and you might be able to get it but let’s see I was struggling here I leveled up some more heroes got everyone to legendary so let’s see if we can actually accomplish something here.

Fingers crossed fingers absolutely crossed I don’t think we’re gonna be able to do it but let’s see they just they don’t take any damage and they deal a lot of damage is basically what happens in this one okay we’re kong’s down loses shield please Rowan’s down and as you can see there I’m gonna struggle I’ll try a couple more times to show you but beneath not yet just it’s it’s a really hard scaling battle and that’s how you have to do debate to get the last two rewards but unfortunately it is incredibly hard and if we look over here and we click on this it’s the ten Scrolls behind there so you need to beat that one to get the twenty Scrolls but yeah really hard scaling I’ll try and come back okay so it did wipe my team but that is the last boss you do have to beat like I said if you have to come back towards the end of the event because the scaling stays as it is at the start and then if you level up your heroes throughout the time you can come back and it should be a bit easier towards the end of it but unfortunately on this account we miss out on twenty Scrolls but when we get the live servers we’ll be fine so that is gonna be if this one guys hope you get all the rewards from this voyage thanks for watching I look forward to seeing the next one Cheers.

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