Arknights Guide – Five 6 Star Operators That Can Be Used Almost Everywhere!

Author: Tectone

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All right yo hey you yes you holy thank you for the support from yesterday man Jesus Christ the video it’s doing so goddamn well it’s a little bit overwhelming the likes the views the feedback the fucking sub growth man we’re fucking flying again so thank you so much for subscribing and liking god damn I’m keeping my word yesterday I said if the video does well I’ll make another one soon so here we are the time being soon thank you um here’s the thing okay look I obviously know that every sixth are the games again okay obviously they’re either good in a general sense or they have a niche where they’re crazy but I’m talking about these five specifically for a reason okay now I’m talking about not CN fuckin global no I’m also not talking about these operators at e2 90 I’m talking that a general sense maybe II one level 52 maybe a fresh e to level 20 or 30 not endgame with master three skills because that’s a lot of fucking investment no these are the units that I feel like can shine a t1 and then get even better with E – but it’s generally not required to get some flexibility and purpose in the general Universal sense what I’m saying is if you have these five units you can invest on them right now heavily or lightly and get crazy benefit from it yes I will make a follow-up video about the next five but these five are here for a fucking reason I feel like they’re crazy if you want to debate some of my picks you’re more than welcome to I’m always open-minded about whatever and I take y’all’s feedback very seriously unless you present yourself like a dumbass which unfortunately I do that myself from time to time but regardless I hope you enjoyed the video and let’s talk about these five huh okay hopefully this is not catching anybody by surprise yes I think AFA yahwah is very good you can use her pretty much on every map and let’s talk about what guess um it’s not just an e 2 thing i used to think it was just a need to think that i realize the skill – and skill 3 are both fucking crazy it’s not just a skill 3 the skill 3 is very good um it can kill everything on the map pretty much whenever you press it Early’s in a large fucking cone or sorry a large area but the ability to is also nuts because this shit is up non-stop it can store twice which is even crazier because then for downtime she is still charging up to being able to burst it twice um it’s more AoE damage and the scaling is quite good 310 percent on everything that it hits and imagine it also shreds resist so that way after you hit them with it once you do more damage if you hit them with it twice or even juice your auto attacks for 6 seconds and that also counts for every other operator yeah probably the second ability is most likely better than the third one it just has a lot more Universal usage but it is very fun to use the ability 3 because it can just absolutely shred some fucking Maps when AoE of that caliber is required but it’s not really that required that much but what it is hey yo your girls got it um so yeah she’s gonna eat one she’s good at e 2 but also her talents are crazy all caps are operators attack was 14% when a FAL is employed which is by the way that’s really fuckin good and yet it’s not like you’re gonna be short on using casters or the majority of levels so getting that extra synergy is great and not to mention immediate obtains a small random number of skill points after deployment which I don’t really like too much you can generally scale from 10 to 20 SP I don’t really like the RNG aspects of my units but that being said you’re not really gonna play around 10 SP for a lot of levels but if you are that’s very tight run but you should just consider that an added bonus so it’s not really you don’t really ever need a high roll and you don’t ever really get fuck speed a little roll you’re just generally appreciative that she comes out right off the bat it’s a little bit of extra bonus SP yeah I mean she’s crazy I mean the cost is very very very small for what she does twenty one’s not really that bad comparatively I know she’s not an AoE caster doesn’t really matter too much because she can’t do a Oh E and a we casually very expensive and once again not saying she is one but yeah just the cost for what she can fucking do is crazy and you know when you pop it right off the bat for 21 and you do need that AoE she can’t supply that right after that with her ability to we’re just so goddamn crazy yeah I mean she’s fucking amazing so god damn good at say it’s ridiculous.

Alright next one time I’m sorry ax I use her pretty much fucking everywhere she kind of makes the game super easy even at e1 and just knowing that in the future when I eat 2 or it’s gonna be even more crazy uh yeah but she can do now is so fucking dumb especially where we’re at on global it’s so fucking nuts let’s talk about what that is the first girl she’s 3 blocker when you eat one is she’s a two-block ratstar but she gets three block after a one which is really really really nice that a lot of healing operators are like the herbs are healing defenders but yeah the three block as a defender is just crazy nice um yeah it’s good.

The other thing that you do is that you can heal herself and all of her allies around her for a fucking lot um with her ability to and that’s really good because not only does that make her self-sufficient but it means is you can also alleviate some pressure from your other healing operators to where sometimes you don’t even need to bring a healer operator um for a certain group because you have Saria covering an entire fucking zone of operators by herself this is not to mention that when you eat to her and I will show you right here when you eat to her she gets even more fucking you so not only is she being your tank not only is your being your healer check this shit out okay so when you eat sewer you’re actually gonna get more stats so 5% attack 4% defense negative 5 times the attack helps your do more damage the attack will also help her heal more it’ll also make her thicker this goes up to 5 times they’ll be 25% attacks 20% defense that’s fucking crazy but then also each time your stored allies HP they will restore an extra skill points as well to them which is very good which will help your operators do more damage they’ll help them heal more to help them be more tanky all that shit’s super fucking Universal and then the ability 3 which is crazy.

Restores the HP of all nearby allies by 50% of saris attack the arts have been taken by nearby allies um I started nearby enemies plus 30% and their movement speed – 60 yeah that’s really good it slows them down which is a new turn preventing them for dealing damage to your defenders it’s also making them take more damage by your operators and it’s also healing your allies which will also give them more skill points which will also make them do more damage again so yeah sorry is really fucking good she’s a my next on one of my next list for what e what six darman ET next but yeah she’s really fucking damn good and she’s even good at Eve one so why wouldn’t you use her if you have her so I know people have said that Shen is good but she is actually so deceptively better than what people actually think it’s pretty fucking crazy so here’s the thing about Shen um already her a1 is insane e 2 is great as well but I want to talk about why HN is so goddamn good so ability 1 you’re not really gonna use it too much other than if you have are stuck in a 0 but the moment you need one her you unlock a ability that is so unbelievably fucking crazy um it’s just insane to me this shit does hybrid damage so half physical and half arts damage and the scaling for it it’s already highest shit ok AFA y’all is skilled two skills at 320 percent and that is very very very good and you know lowers resistance but this is three hundred and seventy percent attack and three hundred and seventy percent physical arts and physical which means no matter what you are getting an advantage on one of the archetypes okay this is almost so AoE that you can also hit five the enemy units in front of you which I believe it goes up if you scaled up more um so no matter what what you’re hitting you are hitting them in the right archetype every time because to do both amateurs fucking crazy um and that’s you get an aerial okay that’s something that a lot of people don’t know yeah drones shed will make them her bitch.

Holy fuck like the fact that that chicken it’s shit in the air too is crazy like it’s fucking crazy and it still goes on the ability 3 is also really fucking though I do believe that this skill two is the best ability in a general sense but there are some times where Jen can really fucking pop off of the ability 3 when you hit something 10 times doing 230 percent of the attack physical every time it hits and then it starts to talking for 2.5 seconds 2.5 seconds after less traction I’m get a little bit exciting as I fucking love Jen man um.

Yeah in total that is a two thousand three hundred percent scaling ability which is really good and it’s also you can use it to its full effectiveness pretty much every time because this could hit ten enemies or it can only hit one always doing the same damage unless you fucking kill everything which is generally what’s gonna have a moment you Papa’s ability are the only downside is that when you do use disability units are able to pass to you so you have to be careful because well during the animation time somebody might slip through so be careful with that with the is still very fucking nice the other four talents before seconds this is it a to every four seconds we deployed restores one skill point to all deployed allies that have an attack recovery or defense recovery skill very good and then also blade art attack with sigh percent defense was five percent in physical dodge was ten percent um just really solid kits and this ability scolding which is the better trade in my opinion it’s only every five seconds which is a t1 so yeah you have access to the abilities here which is fuckin crazy the more Universal skill you have these scolding you get the SP points all allies it’s fuckin awesome okay it’s fucking awesome she’s she’s so goddamn good it’s ridiculous so we’re going to talk about silver ash here at the second-to-last spot because if I didn’t you would have fucking already known what the number one spot is because everybody fucking knows that silver ass is broken at e2 with third skill but how many people like we need more people talking about how good silver s is even at e1 the amount of shit that this fucker can do man even at Eve one is crazy what I’m just think it’s so or slash it’s not okay even if the e1 is fucking crazy that’s why I haven’t told him yet because I don’t want to make the game a joke yet because the moment you eat silver ass the difficulty is gone from the game let’s be fucking real here okay now let’s talk about why he’s so goddamn good okay so first of all he’s at guard and his range is crazy he gets two arm two to the sides and then he also gets four to the front so you can pair him really well with other defenders and you get crazy range you can reach out in front of it and beat the shit out of him even two defenders in front of you he can still hit in front of that shit and also he can anti-air yeah he can hit so he’s range you can also get aerial units which is really fucking – no doesn’t prioritize areas – regards you can still hit in the air which by the way is very fucking good for a guard um let’s talk about its abilities good first ability increased the attack of the next attack 207 that’s pretty that’s pretty fun right it’s pretty fun to charge is pretty quick before attacks you’re gonna get a fucking extra head in there it’s really really really good um but the ability to I really wish people would talk about the shit more and yes please shut the fuck out about myself raspy okay I’m not playing or intelligence he makes the game too easy but regardless on door – alright reduce your range by one tile each from the side and in front defense was 45% restores HP by 3% of max HP per second all right.

That is in fucking saying that makes him completely solo viable he does not need an opponent or a healer for a lot of 1v1 scenarios because this shit gives him so much utility um notice how that does not reduce your damage okay that just reduces your range so you do the same damage but now you’re 50 almost 50% I tank here and you’re gonna restore your HP by 3% per second and that’s it rank three dog okay that’s crazy if you don’t notice two versus base stats are also incredibly fucking strong but let’s talk about what happens when you promote him okay get this out of the way yes true silver slash is fucking crazy okay your range becomes insane you can hit like half the shit on the fucking map all of it will get hit well three them at a time but like they are in range to get hit the UH yeah your attack will go up by a hundred and twenty percent at right three okay and you’ll be hitting three target at the same time it’s just so good it’s just so good it’s stupid good but it gets even more ridiculous for the be gone we also have reveals all invisible enemies within range which is really good for a lot of the maps where you’re fighting invisible enemies now it’s not really that required where we’re at in the game but then also attack was 10% all allies redeployment time – 10 % yeah that’s real good especially one that with redeployment operators and its operators in general I mean the thing is just so fucking solid it’s insane yes silver ass is good at d1 he’s good at e2 please stop thinking it’s just true super slash because it’s not especially here in chapter 5 please try out the ability to it’s like a fucking toggle – which is crazy but yeah I mean silver ice she’s so fucking nothing dude he’s just fucking crazy and now you know this is generally the part where you get pissed off because I didn’t include that one character you felt I could be in this video but don’t worry I’m making another video don’t sweat it.

Sosa’s um good at these zero go to be one go to the two depending on where you’re at in the game obviously the e zero will fall off pretty hard but right now for all content you can use cease at e1 to clear it and not even at like level 70 I’m talking about like an e1 like level 60 sees you should be able to use to clear all content in the game which is quite the feat in my opinion we can talk about what you can do and then we talk about what you can do even more when you eat to her because she does have that added benefits but it’s not necessary but it is very nice so the two abilities first of all she’s a double block Vanguard okay that’s pretty much all you need to know her stats are crazy cuz it very good base stats um 12-12-12 deployment points every now and then but the real shining ability is this ability to even at e2 this ability is fucking crazy um a OEE 200% of attack physical damage to all enemies around you and you gain 3 DP okay and that can double stack so you pop it once and then you pop again okay it also charges on 11 SP which is by the way really fucking fast okay but it gets even more crazy Matt if you eat to her and let me tell you why okay.

What a fucking miss collective Jesus Christ all right so all Vanguard operators attack and defense +8 % so already playing well with others it’s always good to have for a universally good unit because it also applies to herself oh just doe obtains one skill point when an enemy in the force around and grids is killed that is very good vs maps that send like wave after wave of slugged you know the slug enemies that can really make her pop off especially for lower costing abilities like her ability to which will just be doing the fucking flip slam flip slam flip slam over and over and over again and never ending cycle of this girl kicking the shit out of the enemies around her enough attention she doesn’t even need to kill them that is need to be in the up-down left-right or a tile around here so that’s even better when you’re pairing them with another operator below them she gets crazies energy from her and her allies it’s nuts also bode 3 is really me me to use on bosses check it out.

Attacking evil increases increase attack to two hundred ninety percent when attacking has a 40 percent chance of some and target for 0.8 seconds yeah it’s really really really good on bosses and big solo thick mobs that you need to kill to do attempt to keep them son locked for manual progression now that does get a little bit finicky when you’re going to all of the stage afterwards but for the actual progression it’s really good if you get a perma stun lock it’s fucking crazy yes it is the fuckin usability it’s so good like AoE good boss killing good just generation good um stats good.

It’s just dope II 1 e 2 doesn’t fucking matter it’s just like these operators are fucking crazy and that’s pretty much why I use all of them except silver ass because I hate him because he makes gif too easy in my team uh but yeah hey I hope you enjoyed the video a lot of people ask me to do this video first I was gonna do the 4 stars but y’all really wanted to see the stars first so hey I’m just about poison you guys I’m gonna be honest if you asked me to make a video I’m gently gonna fucking make it on the spot by the way if you see anybody talking about me positively or negatively I don’t want you to respond to it in any way other than yeah but he makes a pretty good egg salad okay don’t tell anybody while you’re saying it just say that no context and I want to see how many times I can see somebody saying that um especially in the arc tonight’s official discord no matter what somebody is saying to say yeah but he makes a pretty good egg salad and if you see somebody else saying that be like okay you got a point.

Please I just wanna see that’d be so fucking stupid Eddie oh fuck it I hope you enjoyed the video I’ve been told you have a great help you I’m damn good one please.

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