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This video is a guide for the Astrocetus or space whale that is available in ARK: Genesis. The Astrocetus is a large floating beast that is pretty hard to tame using anything other than the tek hover skiff. In this video I will sho w you how to tame the astrocetus and walk through how to use it with the tek astrocetus saddle. The saddle is unlocked by defeating the final boss of Genesis at Beta difficulty so this is definitely not a tame for early in the game. The Astrocetus is found in the Lunar biome of genesis so dont expect this to be easy. What do you get for taming one? Well, the saddle comes complete with 3 gun turrets that take element to use, it drops bombs using ambergris, you can build the saddle, including cannons, and also it can teleport through walls! Get this thing!

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Hi everyone this is Phil from it gaming and today I’m gonna show you my guide to the Astra Cetus in Ark Genesis the Astra Cetus or space whale is one of the new creatures that is available in Arak Genesis it is a late-game tame because you are not gonna be able to get this thing early on for a lot of reasons the first of which is the fact that it is only available in the lunar biome which is by far the most dangerous of the biomes and that and it only floats in mid-air so you’re gonna need something to fly to it and since there’s no fliers in Genesis the only thing available would be something like a hover skiff and a hover skiff is something that you can only unlock if you go to the final boss encounter in the game in order to unlock the tech hover skiff you’ll need to go to the gamma encounter but to get the Astra see this is saddle you’ll also need to go to the beta encounter as well spoiler warning though if you don’t want to see what these encounters look like simply pause the video right now and go to one minute 27 in this video to avoid seeing anything you don’t want to see as you can see here once you defeat the boss at gamma difficulty you will unlock the tech gram for the tech hover skiff this will allow you to tame the Astro Cetus and once you defeat the boss at beta difficulty you will get the tech RAM for the Astra see this tech saddle which is the only way you can actually mount this thing once you’ve built the tech hover skiff you’re going to need to play some cannons at the front of it and this is because the only way to knock out an Astra Cetus is to use something like a cannon when you’ve done that simply shoot an Astra Cetus and turn it around so that its head is pointing in your direction because these cannons need to shoot the head in order for it to produce the maximum amount of torpor to knock this thing out making sure you’re at the correct elevation once the Astra Cetus is close enough fire the cannons because five cannons will knock out even a level 150 provided that they all hit which I admit is a big proviso if you happen to miss on a couple of the shots and only have most of the torpor bar filled on the Astra Cetus it will start running away from you and you might not think that’s a big deal they’re not really that fast well they are.

If they teleport away it’s okay that was it’s only I 150 it’s fine I’m fine this is fine but eventually you’ll put enough cannon shots into the face of the Astra Cetus that it will get knocked out now once it gets knocked out it’s very very important that you keep your composure and don’t just randomly jump for joy because remember you are in the lunar biome and you’ll just almost keep going forever once you have the Astra Cetus knocked unconscious you’ll want to put either raw prime meat or raw mutton into its inventory or if you actually have it some extraordinary kibble would be the absolute best thing to use and after enough time you two will have tamed your very own Astra Cetus I’m going to name you Spacey in order to craft the saddle for the Astra seat as it is a tech saddle so you’re gonna go into the tech replicator go to the saddles tab and then the tech tab within these saddles tab and there you’ll see the tech RAM for the Astra C to stack saddle you will need black pearls crystal electronics metal ingots and polymer to manufacture this thing while riding the Astra Cetus the primary attack is a bite attack which is very slow and it does moderate damage though there’s really nothing to write home about considering the size of this thing the alternate attack is a tail sweep which does a really good amount of damage to a very large area both in front and to the side of the space well the most unique ability of the Astra Cetus is its ability to teleport a short distance if you press spacebar on PC and then left-click on a location your Astra Cetus will teleport to that location it will teleport not only you but it’ll teleport any person that is also writing on the Astra sita singing with you the Astra Cetus is ability doesn’t seem to be affected by things in front of it so if you wish to teleport through even say oh I don’t know enemy walls as long as you can see the other side you can teleport to it with the Astra Cetus the tech settle for the Astra Cetus comes with it not only the driver’s seat but three passenger seats so if you go into the context wheel you’ll see that you can choose say the top turret that’s right it has gun turrets on it the gun turrets do take elements to use so the top turret which is located just behind the driver seat of the Astra seat is saddle and now let’s take a look at a couple of the other turrets so the next one we’ll look at is the rear turret and that is underneath the Astra Cetus as well so this is definitely like a rear gunner seat and finally the last seat that we can look at is the front turret in the front turret as I recall is located under the mouth of the Astra Sita so it’s a it’s definitely got a lot of coverage if you manage to have four people riding this thing at the same time if that weren’t enough you could put even more guns on this thing because the Astra Sita saddle is a very very small platform settle and I do mean very small but hey who can say no to more cannons look at that you’ll notice on the top of the lower HUD there are these yellow bars they’re an indication of how much amber gray the Astra Cetus is consumed so if you put amber green in its inventory it will turn that amber green into bombs that it can drop that’s right this thing is a bomber as well and those bombs do a considerable amount of damage you can toggle into the bombing mode by pressing C by default on PC and you can still control the Astra Cetus while you’re doing that as well this thing’s got both turrets and bombs I’ve got a new name for you there we go and yeah I think that suits just fine sadly the bombs don’t work on everything they do work on creatures both enemy and wild but they don’t sadly seem to detonate at all when shot at any enemy structure so sadly it is a bomber but not really in the best sense I would say and finally and somewhat ugly the Astra Cetus isn’t capable of swimming which i think is a unique feature for a whale if you have any more tips about the Astor Cetus tell us what they are in the comments below if you found this video useful please feel free to like count house god did you realize have fun out there.

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