Beginners Full Game Guide (Feat. Girlfriend) – Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Set 3 Mobile Strategy Best Comp

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Welcome back everybody we’re gonna have some fun today with my girlfriend you know she’s gonna be watching me play here and we’re gonna we’re gonna coach her on how to play because she’s brand new to this game let’s grab this Jarvan right here that’s an item that’s an item test a champion so sometimes you get champions sometimes you get items this section right here right is playing is where your champ is go so what do we want to do here we want to try to make a synergy we want to make a team so right now we have Bhangarh we have protector space pirate dart storm but you need to have three dark Suzy one I have a three in order for this bonus to activate in tap three yes a by we’re gonna buy another carbon there’s an item will buys saya and now we have two jarvan’s or sorry three so we have one two three so if I buy the third one that’s a see it went to a one-star to a two-story yeah it’s a like a level two lights like evolving right Jayce is a level one right now because there’s only we have to collect three of them to get a two-star jeez so you want to try to buy champions that are similar have similar traits yeah it’s pretty confusing great clicking we yeah exactly or you can just see the car cures he says Graves is a space pirate blaster start guardian sorcerer chrono sorcerer so what’s happening right now so this is gonna be the so we just finished three rounds of items and in ten seconds we’re gonna fight someone like in real battle right so what we’re gonna do exactly so planning a always goes back exactly exactly exactly.

Hey guys welcome back so what we want to do is want raising some items so let’s see if I combined two of these cloaks we got dragons claw reduces incoming magic damage by 50% so that items been activated we’re actually gonna put all our items on this guy so I’m gonna give him a sword and chain vest that builds a guardian angel so when he if he dies he comes back to life and fights again that’s what that item does and let’s buy something you see that right he’s reviving yes but I think we’re gonna lose ya Jarvan is kind of kind of crap we’re gonna buy all these champions and what we’re gonna do here is once again we want to try to make synergies right so we got so right now who we have on the board is a Dark Star protector and then we have a space part of Vanguard yeah that’s right yeah and he’s also a melee champion if you saw him fight he’s kind of a tank as well so what we can do is we can go to space pirates which I could have done last turn two space pirates whenever a space pirate lands a killing blow on a champion there’s a chance to drop extra loop so 50% for one goal so if if what that means is if Chase or Greaves they’re both space pirates they they kill somebody then we have a chance to get up one goal you’ll see this coin drop if the effect activates so just watch you see that coin ranger will just pick that up that’s why extra Bowl and again we’re gonna just lose cuz Jace I mean Jarvan is kind of just a really bad champion so we will get as OE doubles eggs and Blitzcrank so just buy these champions in the beginning you can just kind of buy a lot of these champions and then you try to just make a team out of it so yeah you kind of make a team that’s why it’s called teamfight tactics now we have three six one two three and boom we got a two stars eggs now this guy’s arranged unit you throw his bombs okay that’s it he just throws bombs I want to try this set 350 but when I open PD server the games coming out tomorrow the game is coming out tomorrow guys set three so you guys can just play it tomorrow and just wait like wait a couple hours today’s almost done anyways bcz right you see all this gold picking it up because we have space power bonus and I’m just gonna buy Shen plugs Caixa yeah there we go we won this round because zigs able survived so we’re gonna pick next we’re gonna grab this guy okay the reason why I grabbed this guy is because he has a large rod and I want this item for my team this I see the items about yeah you see the items on here yeah so if you choose this you get a bow if you choose this you get a belt okay so we got more crappy jarvan’s I’m gonna buy him so by the waist he’s a Dark Star as well so we can actually have this effect open when we if we have a lot more what we’re gonna do is I’m actually we’re gonna sell Caixa kha’zix wrestle these champions cuz we don’t need them I just know that we don’t need them yeah yeah when you sell them you just do this right or you compress the Aeon it oh shoot wait I just ran out of time I just ran out of time mm-hmm so we could actually just go three dark stairs if I put lucky she’s also a Dark Star that’s Lux and this guy’s called mordekaiser so now she’s still in the game but she’s not she does not work like set to it okay yeah so Lux is changed she has changed and we’re actually going to meet me by I don’t know about Israel there we go got another Jarvan got luck so this game is kind of looking like a Dark Star game there’s this cop yeah yeah so we’re trying to synergize we’re trying to make a team because we have a lot of we’re buying a lot of these purple guys Derk stars so if I put Lux Jarvan and more Kaiser then we get the Dark Star bonus yeah what’s going on yeah so this right side is is showing the damage so these are our champions okay this is the enemy champions you can see who’s doing the most damage right now so zigs is doing 1,000 you did the most right now maybe we’ll just buy the Xin Zhao this guy there I see two of them he can kind of work with Jarvan because they’re both protectors and I don’t know might get a three-star Jarvan three-star Jarvan is level 2 level 3 Jarvan so if you if you collect nine of these guys so what happens is you cache levels threes to highest so if we if we get three more of this because we have three here three turbines here and if we get three more apartments he becomes a three-star he still sucks but you know what we’ll take it.

Jarvan actually think just sucks in this game I don’t think like it’s unfortunate it’s actually my favorite champion so we’ll get some gold points here and we could we could buy some champions here but I’m not ignoring cuz I think we’re gonna really try to maybe go for dark stars here we got a bowl so this is an item road these are monsters monsters always drop items so every couple terms you fight monsters new items and then this turn we’re going to level up by pressing by experience so this button right here gets you yesterday yeah so right now we’re level four yes we’ll level up and now we can put another champion on the board level five means we can put five guys on the board we’re actually gonna remove the space pirates will keep Jace because he’s a vanguard he works at mordekaiser and we’re gonna put three dark stars we’re gonna put Lux now on the board so now we have three darts ters and two Vanguard’s okay will it be out tomorrow it should be out tomorrow yeah so three dark stars once again if one of these purple guys died that champion will give 50% damage boost to another purple champion and when that champions eyes that extra 50% damage increase will go to another purple champion as long as your purple champions are still alive so you can put up to six or however you want however as much as you want and you get to you get up to 80% damage increase yeah you know we’re gonna we’re gonna chill this turn sometimes you don’t have to do anything you know normally I level up here to six but I’m gonna chill a little bit cuz we can right corner bottom right corner here this is the mini-map this is where we are at this is the enemy you can move around yeah so we’re gonna make gold okay let’s talk about gold every 10 gold you save here you get an extra passive income right now we’re getting +5 gold because we’re getting +4 from interest and +1 from a win streak so we’re on a win streak if you win streak yep so here we go we got another Jarvan we got a file we might even just three star to Jarvan even though I’m not a fan of them and we got a Jayce as well and this team is pretty good he’s got a strong Lucian that’s a lot of good items on him and I think he’s gonna win here because our team is actually not super strong yeah like you know our back line they kind of suck right now we have still kind of a lot of one stores right now so yeah we’re gonna lose this round mm-hmm so let’s start grabbin our rut so this phase everyone just gets the same items so that’s another Dark Star right there it’s a caramel we’re gonna buy her and karma that’s a dark star champion yeah this is a dark star and I think I’m gonna roll a little bit actually one I just three start a turbine just for a sake of it okay so we got another star here called Jin big fan you’re learning a lot from YouTube thank you thanks guys thank you for watching our content so Jin is also a doctor you see this dark star slightly yeah we’re gonna make space we’re gonna buy Jin okay and actually we’re gonna get rid of bomb I’m gonna get rid of this Jace I don’t know if we’re gonna keep them forever we’re making one extra bonus turn right if we stayed at 40 something then no so here we go we get a three star chart because we have three three plus one plus one so that’s eight jarvan’s plus one is a nine right so nine jarvan’s boom level three you get the golden three stars are this is a strongest level you can get for any champions every champion can get two three stars so we got another karma here so we’re just gonna keep buying darkstar’s makes a lot more sense than yesterday I don’t yesterday was just like I put you in that spot and I was like do this do that and I realized that was not how you should be learned so it’s better for you to watch me first watch the master so you know what we need for Jarvan or boy Jarvan I think it’ll be nice to get a bramble vest so bramble vest is a really tanky item I think the more tanked this guy is the better it could be I could give him like a super like damage item to but but you see three start driving is not that strong but you know why I decided three star might as well let’s just have some fun right I mean this is the basics anyways.

Okay let’s learn the others so this item Dragon Claw reduces incoming magic damage by 50% so if magic damage is spell cast when someone uses the bill you see that golly jumping up the stuff it reduces 50% of damage this lets them come back to life yes yeah guardian angel okay so we’re gonna level up here and I’m just gonna save Mike I’m gonna get rid of we’re gonna get rid of Zeke’s so I sold them we can put two more champions on level 6 now we’re gonna put two protectors when I’m put rock on so we get a protector bonus as well and we can go to celestial as well which I don’t really care about whatever we’re actually we can go this okay that was confusing I don’t like these guys on the board okay so here here’s why I did it I’ll tell you so we put we put gin and we put ash so Ash and rock on this this dude and this chick they give us healing 15% healing they’re both Celestials gin and ash are both snipers so I’m putting just that’s right they just do a bunch of damage and protectors they get shield when they use their ability so jarmons still suckin ass cuz you know he’s just not a good champion it’s not wife to three star this guy well once again you’re just learning right we’re not really trying to like play hard for this game I’m just trying to show you like what three stars can do so we’re gonna level up here again can you see this at the experience bar I I need to level up I need to spend twenty eight gold we’re lagging a little bit like actually quite a bit here like I’m just like in level seven we’re going to start as in tile because I have three of this guy and I’m actually gonna put him on the board and we might try to go for four protectors this game oh okay you can see that you can see what you can’t see what yeah these King Jesus yeah okay so happy to see you playing together I play with my girlfriend too nice.

Yeah yeah y’all need to teach your significant other I play this amazing game this game is really good y’all yeah we’re lagging a little bit here I’m like just getting some massive pink spikes so if that’s affecting your views that probably is why so let’s buy this get back to the game we have twenty seconds so we got to lux right now we got third look that’s another dark to start and I’m lagging out real bad once again so we’re gonna roll a little bit that’s another Dark Star hold on we have we actually have I think six dark stars we do yeah.

We do we have okay is this live or PvE a live is coming out tomorrow this is PE so we put six dark stars now so whenever these guys die they all just give each other damage bonus we basically have everybody on the board as a third stars except for one guy but everyone gets a yeah everyone gets 80% damage increase and Jarvan actually might be able to carry this game I’m not sure he’s actually doing pretty good now let’s go chain vest here let’s get okay let’s fight karma we’re gonna to start karma because we have three of her we will stop casting it as well but we actually don’t want to buy Kassadin I just sold a random gym don’t worry about it yeah we just watch champion and I think actually what we might do is we might build this so we’re gonna put a negative three items on the champion Oh maximum that’s good to know.

Negatron and large rod builds an ionic spark I own expert enemies within two hexes around them hmm they’re magic resistance is reduced yep and when they cast a spell so when they use their ability they get zapped okay so these take damage whenever they use their ability so it’s a good tank item once again Jarvan is a pretty solid team right so let’s see if we can win this fight so right now Jarvan is surviving the longest so he’s kind of like just getting a lot of these damage stack boosts and he’s just doing the most damage overall he’s doing the most damage and we’re not gonna bite Cassidy so he has a three star champion – any time the champion is bold you know it’s a priest there this guy so this is this guy’s pretty good in this cop this makes a lot more sense after watching me yeah but look at our boy Jarmon soloing yeah well he’s so low in wow he didn’t he did ten thousand damage do you see that our Jarvan just did 10k he was sucking so bad in the beginning and now he’s just like destroying everybody that’s the bill that’s the bill I don’t have to level up in this term but we’re gonna level up because I’m gonna be pretty much at 50 volt here so we’re gonna go to level 8 so we’re gonna be at 52 gold which is a lot so once again this is another item oh I told you every couple turns we get items so we got a sword.

You got coins that’s just extra gold and we got another sword so we got gin so we just put slash.

I’m going to roll a bit so with two star gin just want a two star some guys because our we need some more two stars right now so we’re just rolling a look by little by little little by little and this guy’s pretty good this guy sees me okay so Jin this guy this this champions pretty good we’re gonna give us some strong damage item I might give her a new year yeah that’s right when you right-click him he’s a good sham you’ll see it so we’re gonna buy this Gina’s wall and we might we’re not gonna go for protectors anymore I give up on that Disney you’ll take back what you seem about say about Jarvis if I win this game I will take back whatever I just call this new yeah so more Kaiser right now has an item we’re gonna we’re gonna actually sell them we’re gonna build this item called Queen Sue’s rage plate when I sell them I’m gonna put this more cut you already have one and we’re gonna get this to Jin cuz Jin is really strong once again we just gave a full litems that’s a really strong gym build right there yeah you kind of get everything now and right now our bonuses we have six start stars to snipers so Jin is a sniper we have two protectors with Jarvan and stealing no I just adds we will goes backwards in front the sniper is going to back that’s why that’s why Jin is standing in the back okay yeah yeah Jin is standing in the back cuz he’s a sniper he’s not a tank he does a lot of damage so he doesn’t want to be here so positioning you want to keep your tanks your frontline in the front you want to keep your damaged in guys and range units at the back okay so I think we’ll beat this guy our team is pretty good gin and Jarvan just carrying the game to us but this champion is really strong so yeah yeah miss porch is really strong we’re not gonna buy recon we’re just gonna ignore him let’s just grab a traffic law I want a defensive item so we’re gonna sell this bureau will now put the trap claw on we’ll just give it to a Xin Zhao we’re keeping this champion called karma right next to Jim so what karma does is she shields Jin and he attacks faster she’s a support and by doing this our guys can you protect your worsens I’m gonna get a trap plucked ‘since out we just want kind of more defense so I just grabbed a defensive item Janice all carry with me we don’t really need to get extra damage items right now you can see we beat this guy thirteen fourteen thousand Jin this guy’s very strong he did 14 thousand damage that’s a lot of damage so we got another ash and we’re gonna buy her so we might as well just to start so that’s a three star board Kaiser he’s got a very tanky team he went four tanks like three tanks and the four tanks in the front and he’s got some magic resistance I believe our team is better than this we have more damage than she does I’m pretty sure he has a really tanky King bow so we might lose might lose we’ll see I’m just saving my gold I haven’t spent any gold either because we’re on a eight game winning streak cuz where our team is really good you can see yah yah yah yah yah yah yah yah you wanna learn the other people yeah for sure for sure for sure okay we got guinsoo’s that’s not that’s not what I wanted I want to tank items so this is a boss fight or another monster fight so we’re just picking up getting some items and boy we are laggy okay where our internet kind of went back down again I’m gonna buy her and then we’re gonna level up we have so much gold we’re winning so hard level nice the maximum you can get and we’re gonna roll down and maybe just three-star the gym that’s right so we can just keep rolling down who do I want maybe I’ll just go to mystics for now so you see I’m just rolling right okay there we go so we have two mystics we’re gonna give Gwen Sue’s to I’ll guess we’ll give to ash cuz she’s also a sniper so she can attack that I really care about her too much we have two mystics so we have thirty magic resistance for the whole team which means we take less damage from skills.

Yeah so it’s a defensive option it’s pretty good we’re gonna make some money again and we’re two gins away from three start so we’re gonna keep rolling again so we’re one gin away look at it because we have eight gins we’re about to hit three start in this is gonna be exciting because gin is super strong come on gin show up man oh we got a shake Oh finally to star Shaco to star lulu your boy gin is not showing up that’s not him so we’re to Lux’s away from three star and we’re won-jin away from three stars once this dude hit three stars it’s a wrap they can’t even beat us with a gin to stuff this guy is super strong and then Lux three stars sure we’ll take that when you have so much gold and red the late game which is just three star everybody your goal at this point should be just three star or make a better pub our cop is strong enough so I don’t have to switch anyone let’s say we’re losing then we need to switch out somebody we do have to sell somebody swap someone out yeah good job daddy alright so we’re going to uh try to get the gin.

We don’t need sires come on man gin just come out buddy.

This is being annoying or the lux – they just sunny stop coming out there it is we got looks three-star lux okay so we can’t really rule any more right now at least we got a three-star looks like two guys alive so we have three star Lux and she does 600 damage 2.5 second stun she’s not like super strong she’s okay she gives us nice crowd control that’s about it but we really did the research in because this guy’s gonna be one shot in Boots there we go please three Stern oh my god we win the game without being able to hit three star Jim very frustrating because that would have been some good content but we hit three star Lux you learn something German wasn’t so bad yeah okay.

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