Beginners Guide – How to Farm Unlimited Gold in The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

Author: Mystic Watch

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What is up everybody welcome back to my channel mystic watchin today we got a brand new video so we’re gonna be doing the gold guide how to farm gold how to properly get gold how to make yourself rich in the world of seven deadly sins grand cross so hopefully you guys aren’t enjoying these beginners guys this is beginners guide number seven and up until now even smelly beginner wrong every single day on the thumbnail and I’d realized it until this video once I saw like someone’s comment and I double check they had no idea I’m spelling beginner for the result has six thumbnails what a wonderful time so we are here we’re gonna be explaining this unfortunately I’m not gonna be able to show you some of the things I wanted to because this is my second take and the audio wasn’t working and I screwed things up so I apologize for that but overall this should still be completely useful guide so to start off gold how the heck to be get gold you got a couple of ways of getting gold a one way that most people don’t know about and this actually isn’t a lot of gold but it adds up over time if you go over to in a circle you have to go around a couple times before this works and you hit hawk boom 600 gold just like that well what I’m actually going to explain is this is like your passive gold generation cents all the recipes that you’ve gotten from bond so if you go over to bond and you know you’re you’re slowly gathering materials let’s just say you throw a couple things together we throw some salt and truffle we make this whatever this dish is right obongo there we go we made five grilled beef with salt we go here you see here that that grilled beef with salt I can hit a choir and now I know the recipe now that I know the recipe I can go over the hawk and it is now one of the things that we can say if I go down I should have grilled beef with salt right here each of these things has a time required and the amount of price they sell them for you’re not actually making any of the food so it’s not like you’re picking food that it’s like oh I’m gonna passively get these food that’s not how it works this is just for gold so you set up five five different tables I believe we don’t have the fifth one a lot until something else but you set these up and they just give you gold passively you can also level up the food by crafting more of the food up to a level of five you can see the difference in price for example look at this fried chicken this is giving for three hours isn’t giving me 900 gold whereas something else for three hours the grilled beef with salt is even me 550 so pretty much doubled and if you keep doing this up to level five and you get five pieces of you know recipes or whatever that you stack up they add up you know every now and then you you click on Hawk and all of a sudden you’re getting like 500k cold it’s nice so that is one way of getting cold and this is not really the main way this is just something I wanted to explain before getting into the the real meat and potatoes of it you go into battle you want a special dungeon and here we have the main gold event so here you can use two keys to do a run ideally you should be doing the hardest difficulty you don’t want to get your count off and you do it that’s fine and this is the breakdown of the rewards this is where you get gold chests this is where majority of your gold comes from as you’re farming up and you’re doing missions this bar goes up as well once it passes a hundred you get another SSR chest for free.

Same thing under events you go under event and you go to the middle one I’m not gonna do this with you chibi oh thank you port center whatever yada yada this is the one that gives gold the reason you don’t want to do this one or this one is because these two missions the exp at the books already exists in the game like you can already just just farm them normally books and exp there’s no reason for you not to do this middle one you go here if you can do the hardest one do the hardest one if not do whatever you can these one because the you can do less runs the rewards are better and you also have a chance of getting this SSR pendant if you are doing the hardest difficulty if not you know it’ll only be the SR in the rears but this has the same meter where once you pass 100 you get an SSR pendant but this is a gold video so I want to make sure you guys aren’t getting the gold okay you’ve got you got your gold chest actually there’s one more spot that I wanted to show you this is a temporary way to get gold this is not always going to be here this is rotating in and out there’s an event that goes on that drops gold chest you can do this unlimited amount of times so if you had you know unlimited stamina you could just keep doing this forever and you would always get SR chests I don’t know the math behind it in terms of stamina invested where with gold return I don’t I don’t know if I’m saying that right pretty much there’s a lot of stamina invested so it might not be the best thing but it’s just something where if you do not care about stamina this is a way to permanently farm gold as long as this event is here so assuming you got all your chests what the heck do you do with the chest I’ll but you know I’m gonna guess you guys probably know by now but if not.

You go to items storage you go under miscellaneous and you can actually sell the chess you go here you just hit sell max and it gives you the money that’s it there is a way to enhance this by 20% if you go back home and you go talk to Veronica Veronica is not always here you have to go to this table right here hit the table and it says Veronica’s here right now because I invited her but normally she will not be here you can hit in the button invite Veronica it’ll say free Jeb because you can do this once a day for free but I already did it and I wasted that so I can’t show you but you’ll hit free and Veronica will show up to get her to actually physically show up in here once you do that you have to go to a different area and come back into the tavern for it to reset when she comes here you know you talk to her it’s not gonna let me do it since I already did it’ll prompt you with like you know three options I just hit the middle one it doesn’t really matter and then once you talk to her she’ll ask for a gift you give her the gift it’ll always be a food item that you can simply just go out into one of the towns and buy so you go out you buy the food or if you haven’t already made you can give to her right away if you have the ingredients you can craft it but you give her the food once you give her the food you get the buff you go here and you are given this buff increases gold when selling to any shop by 20% sixty minutes keep in mind this does not work for here so if you go here once you get the buff and you try to sell it you’re not getting 20% you are get selling it at a normal rate you have to physically go to one of the towns go into the town itself go to any of the merchants and sell up there that’s where you are gonna get the 20% bonus and it’ll specifically say 20% bonus on there now that you know how to do that how do you actually farm gold but none of those things are up right because special dungeon use your stamina it’s done okay well what do you do next it’s not enough gold excuse me I just burp because I ate food this is how you actually farm gold in this game you’re gonna go to special dungeon gonna go to one of these book missions that you can beat easily you’re going to form this forever.

You’re gonna hit hit the mission you’re gonna hit Auto and let it run overnight or eight hours straight and let it melt through your stamina but that’s the way to do it and why would you do this take a look here you get books write these books cannot be sold in shops they can be sold from the item storage and I’ll give you an example this gives me 36,000 to sell one one SSR chest give me 37,000 you are borderline getting the same amount of money by selling the books as you would selling a chest the only difference being is that the chests are a little bit easier to get and you can also apply that 20% bonus from Veronica but this is the main way to farm gold when you do not have those options available you farm overnight and I will literally have it sitting there what I’ll do is I’ll jack up on my stamina I’ll go you know throw in like ten stamina pots give myself like five hundred nine hundred stamina for the night and then I will hit Auto and I will just let myself do books while I sleep.

I’ll wake up and I’ll have like hundreds of books so we’ll go back here the thing is I already sold my books right but you’re gonna get the firm if you do the hardest mission you’ll get like let’s say you’re doing this overnight you’ll get around maybe like five to six hundred of three stars like a hundred to a hundred fifty of these more stars and you’ll get maybe like twenty to thirty of these and that is a lot to sell usually forming overnight will give you like a couple million gold and you can do this every night now like I said it’s not gonna be for everyone because everyone does not have the stamina to spare however as the game goes on you will have more stamina and the main reason for that is two things because of your rank you will have more literal stamina to work with once we hit rank 80 which is the highest rank so currently the highest rank in the game is 15 once you hit 80 when it comes out slowly slowly through different updates and patches or whatever you will be able to hit 99 stamina and the way stamina pots work is they they match your maximum stamina right now if I do a stamina pot it’s given me only 47 but if I go to my JP account and I use a stamina pot there I’m getting 99 stamina so each stamina pot lasts a lot longer second thing is as you’re doing summons over time there’s only the go take a look at here there is only nine I believe yes there is only nine rare units in the game and I’m missing this one at the bottom right this guy but and they never had another one what ends up happening is you get so many more coins like you get like hundreds and hundreds of these coins because there’s nothing for you to do you got all them you can throw it you can max every single one of their dupes out and you’ll still have hundreds left.

/ what do you do with those coins you come down here and you buy more stamina and there you go eight more stamina pots but I’m JP I have 700 of these because all I do is you know over eight months of playing the game you just happen to accumulate a lot and these other stuff aren’t that good like this these tickets are pretty good these 12% tickets but that’s new to the game besides that like these are fine but I don’t really care too much about these sr units like you’re gonna get the sr units of while summoning as well it’s it’s a real waste to waste your your trading 20 stamina pots for a unit I think the stamina pots are worth more you can also get them with friendship points you go here you know I can I can get three of these from from friendship stuff and if you guys don’t know how to get friendship you go here under friends and you hit send all and depending on the amount of friends you get you get like you know 20 or 30 coins per friend and this is also the similar concept of where the rank goes up your friends list goes up at Frank 80 you have 47 frags I believe so once you hit that send all button usually you can get around 2,000 French coins a day so that’s it I know this was a gold guide but I wanted to explain that stamina portion as well because people you know it’s they’re related very closely right you can’t form the gold without stamina that’s gonna be it for this video hopefully this helped out and if you did consider leaving a like down below or comment on what you want to see next seven videos each of these beginners guides and it’s not that I’m running out of stuff to say but I’m running out of the the basic things right like you know how to re-roll how to farm how to do this how to do that so if there’s anything else you guys are curious with that you know you’re just not sure how to do let me know that way I can kind of get a better understanding of what people want to see thanks again for watching and I’ll see you all next time yep.

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