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Here’s your guide to Cass in Bleeding Edge – Supers, Specials, Tips & Tricks. Thanks to Ninja Theory for sponsoring this series.

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Hey what’s going on guys Eric sarin will come back to a new video for bleeding-edge the game launches later this month March 24th but before that there is another beta for you to dive into on March 13th and if you caught in the video as we did last month then you know we’ve been taking a closer look at each of the heroes however there is still one more we have to talk about to get you ready to dive in once again this weekend.

Massive shouts out to ninja theory for very cunning splintering the series and give me access to the game so I could record all of this for you guys so if you’re excited for bleeding-edge or you just want to learn more then be sure to stick around and of course check out any other videos that you may have missed if you want to take a look at another one this game’s colorful cast of augmented anti-heroes today whatever tension to cast the final DPS hero in bleeding-edge and the most recent addition to the cost casts is a forest and adult fighter who rather uniquely has both ranged and melee combos allowing her to attack from multiple distances her speed makes her exceptional and diving into battle and dishing out quick burst damage meanwhile her evasive options also allow her to escape when things aren’t going her way.

Additionally thanks to her passive she’s also incredibly quick on her feet so make sure to use this to your advantage to chase down or flee targets starting off with your basic abilities you have fella dots on X this is your basic race attack that will see you throw a volley of darts at the enemy well not your most damaging attack it does allow you to engage targets from afar so this is a great attack to use against fleeing enemies or picking someone off from up higher sea Kass also has charge jump the ability to hold down the jump button to leap higher than normal this allows her to reach high ledges that other heroes can’t Mimi you can either leap up high to attack from above or leap up high as a means to escape if things aren’t going your way.

Additionally you also have your passive momentum where you gain speed whilst running continuously see Kass doesn’t have a hoverboard so she doesn’t need to mount up instead she simply picks up speed by running this source of means that if you’re pursuing a fleeing enemy then you can use this to catch up to them with ease now everyone from there to talk about your special abilities you have three moves to choose from it first up you have swoop this move will see you – through enemies in a line dealing damage to them in the process this can be used both to dash into or out of combat but given the damaging nature it’s a great way to dive into battle and kick off your combos following on from there you then have rank this is your no cooldown special.

It’s a powerful combo that you do with your mechanical cassowary legs and this is your melee combo I mentioned at the beginning of the video that Cass has both melee and range and this is how range from the feathered dots melee from the rake combo this is very strong so dive into battle combo people are close then if you need to you can get out and engage from afar finally you have high tail which is your escape move this will see you leap backwards and unleash a fan of blades dealing damage in front of you this is how you can afford to dive into battle and play a little risky since when things get bad you can quite literally hightail it out now let’s talk about your super abilities there are two you have to choose from here the first one is dive bomb this will see you take the skies and then plummet down on unsuspecting enemies dealing damage and stunning them in the process when you launch up high you can control where you land so pick a group of enemies and try to catch them off god alternatively you have blade dots this will see you spin around in a pure X unleashing a flurry of damaging blades all around you this is great when dropped on an objective or in the middle of a group of enemies because it allows you to attack everyone around you and often forces them to reposition that my friends is pretty much it for castes a really good DPS hero allowing for engagement from a multitude of ranges powerful deadly and fast she is like a robotic bird assassin trust me that is so much cooler than it sounds I promise.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed that remember to keep it locked if you’re excited for bleeding-edge and of course if you’ve missed any of the character guides be sure to go and check those out over the channel if you want to find out more about a particular hero thank you are watching I’ll catch you in the next one.

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