Bleeding Edge – Kulev Guide – Abilities, Supers, Tips and Tricks

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Here’s your guide to Kulev in Bleeding Edge – Supers, Specials, Tips & Tricks. Thanks to Ninja Theory for sponsoring this series.

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Hey what’s going on guys Eric sirrah we’ll come back to the video for bleeding-edge the game launches later this month March 24th but before that there’s not a beta for you to dive into on March 13th and if you caught any of the videos we did last month then you’ll know that we were taking a closer look at each of the heroes however there are still a few more we have to talk about to get you ready to dive in once again this weekend’s massive shout out to ninja theory for very cunning sponsor in this series and give me access to the game so that I can record all of this for you guys so if you’re excited for bleeding-edge or you just want to learn more then be sort check back every day this week for a look at another one this game is colorful cast of augmented anti-heroes today we’re turn your attention to cool off’ another one of these support heroes in bleeding-edge and one of my personal favorites for one very particular reason which will touch on shortly who live can be a little tricky to master to begin with since he lacks the movement abilities that many other heroes do so for that reason good use of this hero relies heavily on good placement and protecting yourself with your abilities he has the ability to place down large Ares that can both provide healing and damage and he can even mark individual targets to further increase the damage dealt so he is an incredibly potent addition to any team starting off with your basic abilities first up you have acid spit on X haand onyx will see you fire out acid as a ranged attack meaning you can pick people off from short distances this when paired with some of your abilities later to further increase your damage potential will be how you chip away at your enemy you also have a rather convenient passive called lucky charm which provides continuous healing to nearby allies so provided you stick close to your team which you’ll want to do anyway to avoid being singled out then you’ll also better provide passive support in the process the lazy healer if you will my absolute favorite way of healing however if we then turn our attention to his specials he has three main abilities to choose from here first up you have sacred ground a very important move for cool EV with this to summon award that both damages enemies within it and also heroes allies if you’re targeting the enemy this will then drop on the location meanwhile if you hold on the button you can manually position it so if you don’t have a target then you’ll cost at your feet you should go without saying that you ideally want to fight with in this ward or cast it in the middle of a big team battle to ensure that you catch enemies in combats you then have the ability good omen this is a shield that could be caused either in yourself by double-tapping or in your teammates and this will provide some protection from incoming attacks this is one of your primary methods for keeping yourself alive in the event that you’re singled out by the enemy since you’re not as mobile as other heroes then protecting yourself with a shield and perhaps dropping a ward can allow you to survive for longer and finally the other special is curse with this you mark a single target and that target then takes increased damage from all sources this isn’t just gonna amp up your damage but also the damage from your team throw this on a pivotal enemy like a healer or a strong tank and have them pile onto them and that we worked out incredibly quickly now let’s talk about your super abilities there are two you have to choose from here first one is boon with this you empower an ally with bonus damage speed and defense for a short period of time doing this the right time can be pivotal in a team battle since you can boost your PT member and allow them to make a push or take out the enemy targets alternatively you have my favorite super and the reason I love playing cool F so much and that is bamboozle not only does it have a fantastic name but this super allows you to mind-control the opponent’s whilst in control you can’t attack you can simply walk and jump which as I’m sure you can imagine means it’s pretty good for one very specific thing jump in them off the edge of a stage or into Ring of Fire a train shock fence that sort of thing of course you can use it to grab a fleeing enemy and bring them back to your team but let’s be honest it is far more fun to troll them and have them bleed to their doom but that’s my friends it’s pretty much it’s for cool if a very potent support hero that can be a little tricky to master at first once you get used to his movement and his abilities he really can be a pivotal player in a team hopefully you guys enjoy that remember to keep it locked if you’re excited for bleeding edge as will be checking out all the other characters over the coming week so that when the beta drops you’re ready to dive in and have some fun thanks for watching I’ll catch you in the next one you.

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