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Here’s your guide to Maeve in Bleeding Edge – Supers, Specials, Tips & Tricks. Thanks to Ninja Theory for sponsoring this series.

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Hey what’s going on guys Erikson will come back to another video for bleeding-edge the game launches later this month March 24th but before that there’s another beta for you to dive into on March 13th and if you caught any of the videos we did last month then you’ll know that we were taking a closer look at each of the heroes however there are still a few more we have yet to talk about to get you ready to dive in once again this weekend’s massive shot to Ninja Theory for very carnies sponsoring this series and given me access to the game so that I can record all of this for you guys so if you’re excited for bleeding-edge or you just want to learn more then be sure to check back every day this week for a look at another one of this game’s colorful cast of augmented anti arrows today we’re talking retention to Maeve an incredibly strong caster and another one of the DPS heroes in bleeding-edge Maeve is an exceptional pick since her casting abilities allow her to attack from afar while simultaneously is siphoning life which gives her some great survivability compare that with her ability to vanish into a puff of smoke and she can be incredibly difficult to kill she also has some great CC thanks to her ability to lock enemies down in the cage and when paired with her passive which refreshes her cooldowns when she lands a kill and you can begin to see that she really can be a rather tricky customer to deal with starting off with your basic abilities you have zap on X holding down the button we’ll see you fire out bolts of energy from your electrified fingertips and this allows you to pick off enemies from afar and from elevated positions it’s not your most damaging move but it does allow you to maintain constant pressure on the enemy even when they attempt to flee Maeve also has an incredibly potent passive schadenfreude err where killing an enemy will instantly reset all special cooldowns and as you’ll see in a moment you have some very powerful special moves so if you can be the one to land the finishing blow in teamfights then your specials are almost always gonna be off cooldown now if we turn our attention to your specials you have three main options to choose from first up you have Kage with this you’ll trap a nearby enemy in this giant birdcage for a few seconds locking them in place and leaving them vulnerable to attack from your team.

They can still attack from within the cage but they can’t escape so they’re basically a sitting duck this is great when used on fleeing enemies or just as a means to isolate a single opponent and have your team pile onto them next up you have vanished a very important move for survival with this you disappear and become invulnerable for a short period of time from the enemy’s perspective you are invisible so when activated you’ll see yourself covered in this tall purpley green cloud and you can then run away to a safe location before you reappear it’s for this reason that it’s incredibly hard to kill me because you ideally want to save this until you’re almost dead.

You don’t vanish run away heal up and return to fight another day and finally you have a syphon life this is Maeve’s most powerful move you channel an energy beam the stealers life from your opponents and whilst active you’re also immune to flinch choose from basic attacks so this is a great way to dish out good damage and keep yourself alive in the process and assuming you get the kill and your passive resets the cooldown then you’re ready to go again now let’s talk about your super abilities there are two you have to choose from.

The first one is peekaboo with this you’ll enter your cauldron and teleport to any visible enemy stunning them on arrival this is a good way to dive into the thick of battle causing little mayhem and then get out before things get too much for you to handle alternatively you have Toyland trouble with this you summon a big ball of energy kinda like a rose engine and you then throw it towards your target and when it explodes it deals massive damage it is however worth noting that this has a cost time and if you’re hit while casting it you can be interrupted and it also moves quite slowly so it can be dodged ideally you want to throw it into the middle of a big team battle and guess many opponents possible with the explosion.

But at my friend’s it’s pretty much it for me an incredibly powerful DPS caster with great survivability CC and damage output a tricky customer to deal with and for sure a great addition to any team hopefully you guys enjoyed that remember to keep it locked if you’re excited for bleeding-edge as we checking out all the other characters over the coming week so that when the beta drops you ready to dive in and have some fun thank you for watching I’ll catch you in the next one.

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