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Here’s your guide to Makutu in Bleeding Edge – Supers, Specials, Tips & Tricks. Thanks to Ninja Theory for sponsoring this series.

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Hey what’s going on guys Eric Sarah welcome back to another do for bleeding edge the game launches later this month March 24th but before that there’s another beta for you to dive into on March 13th and if you caught any of the videos we did last month then you know that we were taking a closer look at each of the heroes however there are four more we still have yet to talk about to get you ready to dive in and once again this weekend’s massive shower of course – ninja theory for akane sponsoring this series and give me access to the game cycle record all of this for you guys so if you’re excited for bleeding-edge or you just want to learn more then be sure step back every day this week for another look at one of this games colorful cast of augmented anti arrows today we’re talking attention to well my personal favorite heroes Micucci makuu – is one of the three tanks a tough frontliner with incredibly good self-sustained options to help him stay alive even when he’s outnumbered alongside the ability to support team mates so if you’re one of those people that doesn’t really play the conventional support roles but you still want to be of use then makuta might be one for you being a tank he doesn’t flinch two basic attacks which allows him to sit in the enemies face and deal damage pair that with his start switching options that allow him to both support his team cleanse himself from certain debuffs and even heal and you have a great hero for holding data points if Micucci sits on a point or objective he really can be a tough opponent to move starting off with your basic abilities you have fist fight Onix this is your bread and butter combo and pressing X three times will complete the combo however it doesn’t end there see Micucci fist fight is special it has another hidden mechanic – it’s if you hold down any of the inputs in the combo you know step perform a special variation holding down X on either the first or second hits will see you perform a series of slaps a Honda style and what’s more you can hold this down and move whilst in this stunt so this is a good way to continually do damage to a stunned or lock down enemy meanwhile if you hold down the input on the third hit you’ll perform a shoryuken style uppercuts.

Launched nearly means beer and from there you can either tap X to kick them further away or hold down X to body slam them into the ground pair this with your ability to therm incoming at.

Without flinching and you genuinely can just run up and slap enemies in the face it’s hilarious in addition to this you also have double starts on RT with this you’ll switch between two different stances and in doing so the ball in the center of your stomach will change color the aura starts the green one is your healing stones whilst in this you will constantly regenerate health so should go without saying the fighting whilst in the stance is a great idea as it provides residual health game meanwhile the yellow starts the effec a starts increases your movement speed so if you’re moving to an objective or pursuing a fleeing enemy switching to this is ideal keep in mind since your stomp switched on RT which for most other heroes is your dodge button it’s important note that makuu 2 is one of the only heroes who can’t dodge or parry attacks so if you switch to him from another hero it may take a moment to adjust but don’t let that put you off because he really is a great option now if we turn our attention to his special abilities you have 3 here to choose from the first one is barge with this you’ll charge towards enemies collecting anyone you collide with and taking them with you if you collide into a wolf boss carrying an enemy you will then stun them too so while this is a great means of just barging people off an objective or into an environmental hazard it’s also a great way to CC the enemy by stunning them the barge does also do decent damage so it could also be a handy way to pick off fleeing or weaker enemies next up on why you have your support moves and these will vary depending on the stance that you’re in if you’re in the aura stance the healing 1 then pressing Y will perform healthy which heals yourself and surrounding allies so while you might not heal as much as someone like zero cool being ups drop this in the middle of a big teamfight is still a big help alternatively if you’re in effect a stance then you’ll perform a leggings which not only cleanses any movement impairing debuffs or effects on you but it also provides a small speed boost to you and nearby allies again great for either chasing down a fleeing target or running away should you need to retreat and then finally you have repellent with this you create a burst of energy that pushes enemies away in a radius around you this is perfect for clearing enemies of objectives in the event that you’re trying to hold a point or stop you from capping dropping this will force them off often giving you the time you need to defend.

Now let’s talk about your super abilities there are two you have to choose from first up you have Katamari I love this one partly because of the pun in the name but also because it’s just a lot of fun when activated you roll into a little ball and you can then barrel around barging into enemies damaging them and knocking them back it’s a great way to just cause some chaos and mr. group or at a point and force the enemy away alternatively you have can’t touch us which allows you to make yourself and nearby allies invincible for a short time this is depicted by this awesome golden glow and while it doesn’t last too long it does give you the ability to make a push at a crucial moment in a fight but that my friends is pretty much it for my kuchi genuinely one of my personal favorite here is to play us an a really good tank he excels at holding down locations and being a strong frontline that is pretty hard to take down.

With options for pushing enemies away and clearing them up objectives he’s for sure a great addition to any team hopefully you guys enjoyed that remember to keep it locked if you’re excited for bleeding edge as will be checking out the remaining characters over the coming week so the way the base of drops you ready to dive in and have some fun thanks again for watching I’ll catch you in the next one.

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