Borderlands 3 – EM-P5 – Legendary Item Guide

Author: Ki11er Six

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What’s going on guys killer sneaks back with a legendary item guide and this time we’re taking a look at the mp5 in this video I’ll cover how to get it breakdown how the weapon works and what anointment you should be on the lookout for so let’s dive in to get this gun there is a couple of different enemies that can drop it however you do have to be on mayhem for to get it to drop first and easiest enemy that you can get it from is the agonizer located in the guts of carnivory on pandora now i’ve personally gotten dozens of them here and this is the infinitely easier option than the other option which is the valkyrie squad in the mallow line takedown but good luck with that as they generally never seem to drop me much of anything so let’s head over to the agonizer and get this gun to drop and there we go this one actually only took me 7 runs to get luckily with a good corrosive weapon like the Cutts Minh this fight was over quick each time even on my m4 so even if it had taken longer the farm was still very fast the mp5 is a legendary SMG manufactured by Dahl and the red Tex breeds dust off the beta mp5 now this is a reference to the beta mp5 from csgo which had crazy high damage and accuracy and this version of the gun has two special features first you get increased movement speed while holding it and second and more like the beta mp5 from csgo you gain increased accuracy and critical hit damage while airborne a recent hop fix actually increased the airborne critical hit damage from its original 10% all the way up to 80% this damage is on top of the base critical hit damage multiplier as well the mp5 has decent damage and extremely good fire rate for an SMG like the Nighthawk and another doll SMG the mp5 is very strong in most situations but it’s not ideal for most boss fights now let’s get into my recommendations for the anointment that you should be on the lookout for on bows you’re gonna be really good with just about any elemental damage increase on action skill in same for a Mar and flank but you can also get very high damage with Amar’s face cast and face slamming ointments likewise flak has anoints the boost damage after hitting an enemy with Rack Attack so those are actually really exceptional as well on Zayn it’s almost always ideal to go for the 100% bonus cryo damage while the Sentinel is active the mp5 is a rare SMG in Borderlands 3 it’s useful.

Pretty much every character and build not ideal for bossing but exceptional for mobbing definitely farm one for yourself remember set your game on Mayim for and give this thing a try I hope this guide to the mp5 was helpful to you if it was then please take a second hit that like button hit subscribe and tap the Bell icon if you’d like to be notified when I post a new video you can click on one of the cards at the end of this video to see more legend area item guides as well thank you guys for watching.

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