Borderlands 3 – Rebel Yell Legendary Weapon Guide (Shock Atlas)

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Today we take a look at the legendary Rebel Yell assault rifle! If you enjoyed, then be sure to leave a “Like” and subscribe!

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Hey what’s going on guys jolts here back with another item guide and today we’re going over the legendary rebel yell to get this gun you’ll want to find these sky bullies over at the end zone so yeah let’s head over and get the gun okay so what you want to do is head over to the anvil on Eden 6 and we’re gonna head all the way to the end of the map over here is gonna be the sky bullies which is a challenge enemy so I’m gonna head over and I’ll meet you guys when I get there on your way over you will find the safe station so be sure to hit that and so that when you save quit you’re gonna spawn right there and it’s gonna make it a much shorter walk to the boss so we made it over and you’re gonna find the sky bully right here in the room and now I do want to point out that during the first time you do this challenge you will find two of these guys after you complete the challenge one will spawn all right looks like we didn’t get it so I will keep bombing Oh yep that’s it a rebel yell I’m gonna put it look at it okay actually hold on let me clear out the enemies real fast yeah this quite a few of them anyways we have the rebel yell damage seems okay accuracy fine handling mid tier reload time not bad fire rate pretty fast and mag size 22 my text is when you charge yell like Furies bonus critical hit damage weapon firing 1.5 times weapon zoom and this one is anointed but we’re not gonna use that for the testing also this gun only comes in chalk element that is pretty unique because almost all analysts don’t come in elements at all all right so the gun looks pretty good it’s white with a touch a pink and it has a carbon finish on the bottom a small skull with a crosshair on the side yeah I like it so this gun even though it’s a shock you can see here it will do no element damage but the tracker darts are actually the shock part of it which I cannot demonstrate on this poster give me a second here all right here’s the Kevin we have Dino element damage from these smart bullets and the tracker darts will actually be shock damage which does not display on him weird yeah I guess he doesn’t register as a real enemies so it doesn’t show the shock damage but if you go find some random mobs they will show so yeah let’s go show it off okay so bro mayhem for and he modifier so neutral let’s push forward and now the tracker dards yeah there we go you can see the shock damage and the gun is fully auto so you can’t just hold down the trigger and spin away and the shark damage doesn’t really do a ton I feel like it should do a little bit more now if you want to get the most out of the gun make sure you’re sticking the tracker darts on the crit so there we go and now all those gonna be crits and he’s dead.

Cool and it cool down on the tracker darts is pretty fast too so you can spam them pretty often also you know tracker darts aren’t required you can just shoot it like a regular gun but you will have to aim it and it seems fairly accurate for hip firing – okay stick the the core thing let’s not stick to it I guess maybe it’s similar to the cabin in which you know it’s more of an object instead of the enemy itself so the tracker darts won’t count on it honestly I find it a little bit better not even Cystic enemies because see tracker darts don’t do a whole lot okay now it is eating through mo extremely fast so keep that in mind and you are dead cool all right final thoughts on the rebel yell it is not very impressive but it’s okay the tracker darts to a sad amount of damage now the smart bullet damage is fine but I do feel like it should be a little bit higher to compete with you know the carrier and Q system and other things but like I said this gun does get by overall it’s a decent choice for an assault rifle but I do feel as there’s better options out there so yeah go ahead and pick it up for yourself you might like it or you might not anyways I hope you guys enjoyed the video and of course if you did then please be sure to leave like cassabi awesome and if you guys really enjoyed it be sure to sub you guys have a great day and I will see you all later peace out.

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