Boss Rush Tips And Best Champions Guide 2020 – Emma Frost & Rogue – Marvel: Contest of Champions

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Today we breakdown all my tips, tricks, best Champions and advice for the International Women’s Day Boss Rush 2020 along with a ton of counters and ways to deal with Emma Frost & Rogue! Let’s begin!

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Ladies and gentlemen now in today’s video we’re gonna be breaking down everything that you need to know to dominate the International Women’s Day boss rush challenge we’re gonna be having a bit of a chat about all six of the fights the best counters and all sorts of tips and tricks to make it a little bit easier but a couple of things just before we get into this breakdown today the first thing is that this is like an uncollected level challenge so if you’re still you know haven’t set for an act five you probably don’t want to try this man focus on progression focus on getting uncollected because that’s that’s probably gonna be a little bit easier but if you want to give it a try man just pre-prepared that is gonna be a lot more difficult than what you’re used to and secondly that there are fourteen days or two weeks to do this challenge so if you’re struggling a little bit on the first few days doing it just take the time to practice some of the fights and get used to some of the nodes that you might be unfamiliar with because there are certain fights and nodes like invade which take a little bit of practice and if you’re not used to countering champions like Emma Frost and her special attacks and you might get a little bit rekt so if you fill out you’re hitting a wall don’t just spend units like feel free to go back out of the quest and then back in and just keep on practicing and see how far you can get because the rewards it’s ten thousand five star shards it’s a really really good stack it’s um a definitely worth it for the time invested and you know once you get some of the good counters you get some of the fights down learn how to evade certain characters and it is quite straightforward for the most part but there are a couple of fights that are very tricky now an order of easiest two most difficult bosses I would say that they kind of fall into three different categories I’d say the x-23 and the worst quite straightforward fights they’re the medusa and clairvoyant they’ve got a bit going on might take a little bit of getting used to bit of practice there and I would say the Emma Frost and the rogue are the most difficult encounters to deal with so we’re gonna sneak around this quest and talk about some of the bosses and some of the tactics so you start off with x-23 created by Laura grant who’s the missus of Brian grant fun fact of the day there and this one has the matador node and spy on x-23 basically it’s just a really straightforward fight it’s not even a special three active in this one so you don’t need to worry about like getting clipped or wrecked by that but if you just like spam bait out special ones then you can get power really really quickly it’s just such an easy warm-up for this quest and I am a very very nice fight there so yeah really like that one there next up we have an invade Medusa now if you’re not used to flying invades then this might be a little bit of a tricky fight to get used to but also if you go into the uncollected event quest you go into the Terrax chapter there’s a whole invade path if you want a lot better practice with this note but basically both champions have a hundred percent block penetration and 300 percent increased attack when hitting into block so ideally you want to like – back when Medusa’s just about to hit you and this will prompt her to dash back and kind of hold a firm block and then you – in you do a four combo and then dash away and try and rinse and repeat that and it takes a little bit again used to win fine invade and once you get very comfortable flying it is quite a straightforward note however on parries you are gonna take a um a lot of damage man you’ve got to be very aware that if you block or parry you’re just gonna get absolutely ruined and also this fight does have the special three active and as counter strike pilfer and cornered as well so you need to be a little bit careful that you don’t push Medusa to the special three and counter strike she might go unblockable for fifteen seconds after you decks ten times but even like with an iron fist sixth iron fist I almost managed to one shot this fight so it’s pretty straightforward once you get into the fight you just need like a solid damage dealer there so she’s not too bad but again it requires a little bit practice lob we’re getting used to the end invade node there then next up fight number three we have a wast fight from Miss insomnia with spiked armor dismay enhance shot and played mind as well so a fairly straightforward wasp you are gonna take a little bit of damage from the spiked armor note but essentially you just wanna like Stan and parry three combo into wasp and then BAE our special one heavy attack and if you do that that will disable wasp surveyed for a few seconds and if you know how to fight wasp when you’re used to it it’s really.

Straightforward but also if you’re not used to it just YouTube how to fight wasp and you can get used to the UM the animations and how to disable her evade but whilst once you used to find out it’s just a very very easy champion and even if you don’t understand that just like stun and then three combo and only hit into our while she’s stunned and it’s just easy game easy life so that really isn’t a bad fight at all and then we start to get onto the slightly more difficult fight so the first one brought to us by Katie candy which is Emma Frost air now Emma Frost has aggression regeneration her special Warner is gonna be her blockable and deal more damage she also has oscillate and kinetic transference so here it’s a lot of evading Emma Frost special one for the most part or special to if you feel very confident doing that so I maybe practice if you can in variant one there’s a very easy Emma Frost to get to in the very first chapter of that if you need practice just constantly dodging Emma Frost special water but a lot of the mastery of this fight kind of comes down to dodging that special water and also overcoming the aggression regeneration with a champion that has some really good damage valper that can Eva kind of ramp up or just come in and nuke that fight down so to go over kind of a few counters and champions I’ve seen working very well for Emma Frost avoid because of aggression regeneration is an amazing counter for this fight because you can literally just sit back apply the buffs and it’s easy game easy life there and also during the defensive phase in oscillate as well he’s just gonna um stack those up while she’s standing there also ghosts for the damage output fantastic champion as well guillotine $20.99 can ramp up and also partially reverse the healing if needed as well but if you can keep the combo going she’s gonna work quite nicely Sentinel as well got a nice glass advantage there and damage ramped up and can also block healing at certain intervals.

Corvus glaive if you’ve ramped him up via the x-23 fight he works really really well.

You also works exceptionally well for the invade fights as well so Medusa and also robe which we’ll talk about in a second.

The corpus is amazing because you get guaranteed um.

Blocking those also warlock the infection can heal block their Mysterio has a heel block and some really good damage output stocking on spider-man has some really good damage round / Captain America and fin Deewar I’ve already got a to style takedown recording for this fight but if you go for like the you know the awakened ability and kind of build the team around that to reverse healing just that a massive cheese of aggression regeneration stalled as well for the damage out / thing with full synergy team actually works really well for pretty much all of this challenge man a really good option to bring it if you want to a human torturers pre-viability can um new camera frost down nicely there even without it you can still like gala bear damage if he’s stacked enough when Emma Frost is in her non diamond form so telepath form Captain Marvel movie if you’ve got our ramped up on an earlier fight you’ve got the armored brakes can just demolish Emma Frost their name or you know you go special three get burst cycle she’s down Morningstar if you play Morningstar for all four fights so far ramped her up you should have plenty of damage output for this one man and also you’re gonna be able to I don’t know if you copy the read chairman Morningstar but she’s definitely got enough damage output to get through but you say your armor breaks just take her out of that um what does a diamond form there Hyperion you can armor break decent damage output as well but ready for this Emma Frost if you are playing this fight well any champion with high damage output will work if you look on the livestream we do know her earlier if this challenge on the free-to-play account I even use the champion who’s like the most basic like kind of mid tier damage dealer in the game and we still got this fight done it’s kind of like a test of can you just constantly evade and the frost this special one that’s kind of the big thing so as long as you make sure you practice on that kind of get used to it then you should be alright for the other frost fight and then next up we have rogue so rogue is the creation of dragon from the UM COC podcast and rogue is um I think the most annoying of all the bosses I’ve gotta call to star take down with void so rogue has its four nodes she’s got aggression regeneration she’s got invade as well that’s the node from Medusa so these nodes they’re kind of uh kind of play against each just really annoying to deal with both of them because again it takes away your parry without taking massive damage and your ability to block there as well there’s also brawl so every 10 seconds both champions gain on stop or passive for five seconds so first 10 seconds of the fight you’ve got um no unstoppable there but then every like 5 seconds it rotates like unstoppable no unstoppable and finally this aspect of depth so if you get hit by any special attack it’s an instant ko there and special 3 is also active so rogue it’s just a massive massive pain of a fight but but some of the options I’ve seen work really really well avoid void if you just don’t attack into her kind of just play around her trying to hit into the block when you can and push her back and just evade in the corner you can get all the debuff sup and here reversal so even I’ve got to star and void takedown on the channel if you want to see that Corvus glaive if you’ve got him ramped up at least one charge and you’ve got him at like 5 star rank 4 or rank 5 he’s gonna do so much damage via the invade node so if you’re very very quick you might be able to outpace a lot of aggression regeneration or just a few revives there warlock if you get the infection active you can counter aggression regeneration there ghosts as well has some sweet damage output sentinel you can have some sweet damage output there as well and also deal a decent chunk of damage to kind of get through some of the invade stuff and you can fire a special two onto the UM the block for some really really nice damage as well and then going back we have sunspot sunspot actually is is somewhat of a counter at least in my testing today to the invade note because whenever you have an incinerate on the opponent and you parry it’s a guaranteed like zero damage there so he’s like the only champion in the game that has that guaranteed zero damage I think on the invade node Perry’s so yeah he works really well and then just get to like two three stacks of flare state special two and the fight is over so it’s gonna be a little bit tricky man but it is definitely doable with sunspot thing with full synergies again you can get a little bit battered on thing and still make some pretty epic comebacks there Hyperion’s got some pretty sweet damage output the steer Captain Marvel movie stocking on spider-man Morningstar again if you’ve played her for all other fights just spamming that special one should work in a very interesting fashion I’ve seen some people do this fight so I don’t know full Trinity to kind of extend that stun duration but really any champion with high immediate damage output that does not rely on D buffs will get you through this rogue encounter if you ideally bring like two or three of those champions you just go for what if it’s like a really really good character but you want remember at the first ten seconds of the fight you don’t have to deal with brawl and brawl is kind of the main thing the combination of having that unstoppable for five seconds and then just aggression regeneration starts building up is really what does a lot of people over on this fight so if you just go in the first 10 seconds maybe you can afford the one Perea or to parries on a 40% revive or background intercept there get like 1015 hits with a on high damage output champion and then like you know 3 to 5 revives and the fight is down and for 10,000 5 star shards you know it’s not a bad deal in the end but just keep that in mind if you are just getting absolutely wrecked by the combination of unstoppable and aggression regeneration just go for those first 10 seconds deal as much damage as you possibly can and then exit out before she starts regenerating and going on stop on going crazy so again it’s a bit of an annoying fight if you’ve got void Chieko champion if you can play super super well but there are plenty of good options and then finally we have black widow clairvoyance so she has mighty charge safeguard empowered immunity Matador and curse of death so this is a a bit more of a slow-burning fight she’s gonna bleed you via her heavy attacks and medium attack so you need to keep that in mind and also whenever she charges at you she’s gonna deal a fair amount of damage and also remove all of the d buffs there so this one it’s a bit of a slow burner fight for the majority of champions you really want any characters that can deal damage over time outside of a bleed and any champions that bleed immune so you don’t take any damage in this fight but there are plenty and plenty of good options like a mega red ghost thing there are so many crazy characters their Human Torch if you have even without spree fight ability and should work really really nicely here as well but once you got past like the Emma Frost them rode this fight really isn’t too bad.

Again she does have the matador node so you only gain power when she throws a special attack there and also you need to be aware that she’s gonna gain clairvoyance charges and very similar to the uncollected boss that we saw last year once she has 20 of those she’s gonna be able to cheat death and kind of revive up at the end so keep that in mind if you’ve been going for a long time against her she’s probably got that cheat dev active when you go for the KO so just make sure you don’t let your guard down when you’re about to kill her because she’s probably gonna regen up a little bit again any kind of bursty champion champion with good damage output it’s gonna be able to handle that final phase so really isn’t like too much hassle there at all kind of the main problems I think for a lot of people are gonna be the unn the rogue and emma frost by the way ladies and gentlemen that brings us to the end of today’s video guide if you did enjoy it please do smash that like button I’d be greatly appreciated and if you want to see my main account and also my free-to-play run for this challenge or some of the two-star take downs all of the videos will be in the description and also comments section of this video guide as well so if you did enjoy it please do smash I like bond that we greatly appreciate it aside from that thank you very much for watching take care and I hope that you have an absolutely fantastic day.

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