Brawl Stars – Get 15 Wins With This Guide! Best Brawlers & Star Powers For The Championship Challenge!

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It’s time for the Brawl Stars 15-Win Championship in March and this guide will give you everything you need to know to get 15 wins! I’ll cover the best brawlers and the best Star Powers to use for every single map as well as talk about specific strategies that work for each of the brawlers.

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Hello fellow brawlers i’m karis i’m and it is time for the brawl stars 15 win championship challenge and it’s also time for Congress’s list of best recommended brawlers at starpower so that you can know which brawlers to play and start powers to you even if you don’t have max out brawlers for this challenge yeah that’s what we’re doing today we’re gonna be going over the best brawlers and the best star powers to use for every single brawler specifically catered to the individual maps that are happening in this 15 win challenge I wanted to give a huge thank you to brawl stats comm for sending me the win rates and the loss rates for all the different brawlers this is actually from the last 15 wind challenge so they’re gonna have an updated version of this on their website so you guys can definitely check that out if you’re wanting some further insight into like well the best brawlers to use of course I already went through all the data for today’s video we’re looking at the wind rates and the pic rates for every single brawler over 700 brawlers so this is a very competitive list the first three matches are gonna happen in gem grab double swoosh now I’ve got space for 9 brawlers on here but I’m gonna go tell you right now that these are probably not the best brawlers to go for if you are gonna be playing amaz make sure you play that bad karma star powers for that additional damage bow absolutely circling Eagles so you can see into the bush here that is a very important start power if you’re gonna be playing bow on this map now you’re gonna notice that these pick rates right here just barely popped up Vic the wind rates right here that you’re seeing are color-coordinate according to how high the pick rate is for the specific brawler you all brawlers with a very high pick rate because that means that the pros are gonna be playing in most and pros tend to play the best brawlers the most right but win rates also very important so this is actually sort of primarily by pick rate.

Secondarily by win rate nice we got penny with balls of fire absolutely a gem carrier in the center you plot that super right here or right here and you’re just in a really good situation to carry those gems next we got spiked with fertilize a lot of times I like playing spike over here because he’s just so good you know he can actually push up in here nice we got mr. P you just plopped that turret in the back and he’s really good he can be played as a gem carrier movie with played as a defending brawler he can come right over to the left and it have a complete access into this bush right here just keep people push back is super super good they’ve got Rosa who’s a really solid brawler to pick case she’s the first one I’m like yes absolutely play Rose.

Here over under the right side you’re gonna use these bushes you’re gonna use for plant life star power to keep herself alive so very well and you’re just gonna try and push as many of the brawlers into here so that they can’t get access to this bush next we got sandy a very solid brawler who I’d like to play over here on the left side of things or even in the center if you really need to you want the roots and star power so that you can just prevent the enemy team from coming in here Tara is so good you just take Tara you plop it right here you charge up that super and you just wait for their gem Kerry to try and go in for a gem when they shouldn’t be and you just I mean you take them out you run away with the gems it’s just super easy win absolutely go with the healing shade star power guys and of course the cream of the crop gene with either star power in the center you pick up that super you wait for the right moment and in this it’s an easy win playing with gene on this map no I did actually go with either star power for this one I’ve actually been hearing a lot of word from some of the pros that magic puffs is actually providing a lot of value and a lot of the time and then this map I can absolutely see why that would be the case the additional damage from his spirit slap is really solid so really should just go with whichever star car you feel most confident with when playing gene if I were to pick a specific team come for this map I would go with gene in the center I’d play Terra over on the left and then Rose it over on the right and you can just absolutely dominate with that team combo I have to get those first three wins you’re gonna head into triple dribble for brawl ball starting off here we’ve got Rosa with either star power next we got Terra with that healing shade star power once again you guys know how to play Terra you focus on charging up that super you can use it for defense or you can use it on an enemy brawler that has a lot of HP’s so that you can reach hard your super or you can use it to try and go for an offensive goal obviously so that works as well we also have Nita either star power okay typically I would actually say that bear with me is the better star power however need is actually really good with her hyperbaric star power on defense if you got an enemy brawler this right here with the ball drop that bear and it’s just gonna shreds the enemy player and make it a lot easier for you to defend bear with me is a little bit better on offense but hyper bear is just so good on defense that you can go with whichever one you feel like you need to play next we got spiked with fertilise he just does a lot of damage he’s a really good anti-tank brawler so if you’re playing a spike wait until you see what the matchups are and just like make sure you’re focusing on the enemy tank and he’ll be solid next we got sandy with route sands his he’s just so good okay.

Not the greatest on defense so if you’re gonna be playing sandy make sure that you have a couple of teammates that are really good defenders or even just like one dedicated defender but he’s so good at dropping down his super right here that just makes it so difficult for the enemy team to really defend in a solid way okay next we got max with either star power there are sometimes in brawl ball where that supercharged star power is gonna be really good at charging that that super automatically so that you and your team can get some more goals however run-and-gun does provide an insane amount of value you can deal so much damage and the way I like to play brawl ball is play it safe you focus on getting the kills and then you try and get the goals so to me running guns a little bit better and provide some more value they sweat el primo okay so the thing with el primo is he hat he doesn’t have the highest win rate but he does have a very high pick rate I don’t know that I would consider him as one of like my go-to brawlers for this map specifically but he can be a solid option once again with that meteor rush star power that gives you that additional speed makes it easier for you to get those goals next we’ve got Rico with the Robo retreat star power that additional movement is better most of the time the pros I would absolutely suggest the super bouncy but if you’re struggle a little bit with Rico then Robo retreat is definitely a safe bet and of course we got Frank surprise surprise.

With sponge as the highest recommended brawler for this map based off of the stats.

Sponge with his recent help buff is just so good deal with Frank is that you do not want to get rid of your walls in fact if you can leave these walls right here break this wall and one of these walls with one super that’s actually a really good situation because it’s gonna let your team and I just have a much easier way to get into the ball if you were your team are comforted with all of the brawler’s I would go with Frank Rico and probably max though I think a really important thing to playing competitively is that you guys are playing brawlers you guys feel comfortable with up next we’ve got for bounty Snake Prairie this is an exciting one I’m excited to share some thoughts on this map specifically because if some of these stats are actually gonna surprise you a little bit Kay first of all we got Bowl okay I did include Bowl on this list not because you should play him but because I wanted to show you how low his pick rate and how low his win rate is you might want to consider not playing Bowl even though I know a lot of people try to do to play with him and there’s a reason why you don’t want to play Bowl and that’s because of bo is sir we know we’re gonna be seeing him next we got crow 46.6% win rate with a normal pick rate not the highest either star power is really decent with him I will tell you the extra toxic is going to be my go to the majority of the time however in bounty being able to get rid of that last little bit of damage can be helpful for getting those kills okay mister P is really good on this map actually it does take a little bit for you to charge up your super but once you do that you put that’s that tower in the back and that little turret is just gonna show you exactly where everybody is absolutely make sure you’re doing handle with care don’t go tin can okay next we got Brock with incendiary absolutely incendiary because it’s gonna help just kind of limit where the m18 can actually walk or they’re gonna take damage or they’re gonna reveal where they’re at so absolutely that with with Brock a we’re into the high pick rate brawlers here now we also have ms with that bad karma really good as an anti-tank brawler next we’ve got Jean either star power now this is a map where it is pretty beneficial for you to clump up with your team where you guys just focus on staying close to each other so you can burst down somebody as soon as they appear magic puffs is gonna provide a ton of value for your team okay now I wanted to include Shelley here cuz she had a very very high pick rate but only a 40 point nine percent win rate above 700 trophies if you are going to be playing her I would recommend using shellshocked however because of the number of bows that we’re going to be seeing here you’re probably better off playing somebody other than Shelley next we’ve got Piper okay with that ambush star power 55.8% win rate with a very very high pick rate that is very excellent in that ambush star power just adds so much damage because guess what you’re always surrounded by bush and this should come as no surprise we’ve got bow with that circling eagle star power only a 52.5% win rate however that is because he is being played the vast majority of the matches he had an insanely high pick rate now the strategy for snake parry is once again you get your bow and you guys stick around close to each other okay you make sure using the walls to dodge enemy shots that they can’t surprise you and once you do see the enemy team you blast them okay and then of course when you’re playing Bo you want to make sure you’re using those mines you’re put positioning them in places that are you know choke points so that people can’t pass without signaling where they’re at if I were to pick a pro team comp I would go with absolutely Bo with certain legal do not play this map with that bow with circling evil okay secondary I would go with Piper and then I go a gene with spirit slap star power nice we got sandy gems for highest this is where you’re about getting into that professional level where you’re in that like top one percentile which is not easy to get to unless you guys are watching my videos right like yeah the first up we got Colts not the best brawler for this office and we do have nine brawler’s so I figured I’d at least clued him in here if you’re gonna be playing Colt you definitely want to go with Magnum special for that additional range but another better option is going to be Brock once again with that’s incendiary the incendiary is going to deal an insane amount of additional damage onto the enemy safe and it’s gonna help you be able to check these bushes which is very important when you’re trying to focus on that defense nice quad el primo I know how good I’ll primo is but he does have a very high pick rate and a 52.1% win rate once again I go with that el fuego star power so you have that additional damage when you do actually land on somebody next is Daryl with that rolling reload star power okay next we have Rico with either star power depending on your skill level with Rico and whether or not you’re actually one of bouncers shots I really do like using that Robo retreat star power in the majority of the time however if you’re good with those shots and Rico is absolutely good on playing defense either the left lane or on the right lane then that’s definitely something you’re gonna want to consider doing if you know how to bounce your shots right with him we also have B be with either star power this is gonna come down to personal preference bb’s really solid 57.2% win rate with the very high pick rate is not something to shake a stick at I don’t know what that means but it’s not something you want to stay shake a stick at.

Next we have that runnin gun star power with max the thing with Max’s is she’s able to get in there and run and just deal so much damage it’s almost like she’s just never runs out of ammo when she uses that star power now we’ve got hyper bear nita now you’ll notice the big drop in that win rate Kay you go from max was a very high pick right down to Neeta who has a 51.5% win rate but a very very high pick rate obviously is because she dishes out so much damage against that safe when you do have that star power and of course no super here Bowl as the number-one brawler here with a very very very very high pick rate with the golden friend you want to make sure you have a bowl with either star power it’s gonna depend on personal preference I prefer his shielding star power because it’s more important to stay alive in heist but you know there are some times when that additional damage is really really solid if I were to go with a specific team comp on here I would go with Bowl and I would go with Max and maybe and probably a Rico honestly I think that that team comp is gonna be really solid it’s gonna cover all of your bases and of course once you get to 13 wins you start playing in siege for that last little bit to try and just solidify that victory and I know you guys are gonna be doing that because you guys are watching this video right in here okay so starting off we got max 59.5% win rate with a normal pick right not the best but with that run we’re gonna start powered absolutely can work out we also have Colt hire pick rate but less of a win rate the nice thing I would actually recommend like Magnum special though having the additional movement speed can be really really beneficial in this map we also have Brock 55.7% win rate that incendiary star power once again it feels so much additional damage against the siege turret and it’s also going to be able to like you know help check bushes keep people push back and stuff so that’s really solid sandy 58.1% win rate there is nothing like using that roots and star power dropping it right in the center and just preventing the team from picking up bolts for an entire seven seconds it’s absolutely insane provides so much value next we got Jean a high pick rate a 61.5% win rate that is really solid it does take some skill to know exactly how to use Jean when to pull the bot how to do it but obviously if you know how to do it then jeans can be a really solid option for you guys came next we got Frank with that sponge star power so much HP with that star power it’s just so good the thing with Frank you wait until you have that supercharge up and you use that super to stop the bots on defense when you know he that brought crosses this line so that I can just like just wail on it or on offense when you can break down these walls and stun the IKE turret it’s insanely good I love playing Frank in siege nice we got Pam a 69.3% win rate pan actually has the highest win rate on this map.

However she only has a high pick race that’s something to consider if you do want to play her she’s got the rain she’s got the damage she’s got the healing she’s just really great all around okay.

Now we’ve got the very high pick rate brawlers with Piper using snappy sniping Zilla Piper’s you’ve got a hit be able to hit your shots if you can hit your shots you can keep this entire section right here cleaned out and that’s just really a solid opportunity right there and of course the best brawler for this map with a very very high pick ray we got penny with balls of fire now the one warning that I’m gonna tell you is I know a lot of people will try to take their penny and bring here and drop a turret right here so they can attack this the IKE turret that can work if you are playing against people who do not know to watch out for it okay you’re gonna be a wins 13 through 15 people are gonna be looking for it they’re gonna know that it’s gonna happen unless you are incredibly sneaky do not waste your time trying to do that and the reason why is because while you’re up here doing this you’re the enemy team is three vetoing your team and your team is not gonna be able to pick up bolts and so you are going to have to play defense after that now for this map if I were to go with a specific team comp there’s a lot of things you could do the most important thing is that you have a penny after that I think you’re really solid going with any of these five other brawlers right here depending on what your personal playstyle is my plan is to do penny and franc and then who have whatever my other team wants to do between you know these these other four right here and that is marches 15 win at champion challenge for you guys and I’ll only earn tokens but also try and qualify for the championship hope you guys enjoyed the video make sure you guys subscribe for future brawl stars content like this and for now this is Kara steam ticking by and we will see you in Brawl stars.

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