Call of Duty: Warzone – Download Tutorial Guide (Beginner)

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In this video, I show you how and where to download Call of Duty: Warzone. The game is a standalone battle royale mode for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that will be available for free on PC (via, PlayStation and Xbox.

If you own Call of Duty: Modern Warfare already, you will be able to download Call of Duty: Warzone earlier than people who don’t.

The download size will be 80-100 GB.

If you are getting the Xbox “Incoming Transmission” error, a simple console and game restart should fix it allowing you to update your Modern Warfare to download Warzone.

PlayStation Plus is NOT required to play Call of Duty: Warzone, though you will get discount on buying the main game, and an in-game loot box.

Text version of the guide (author created subtitles)

Hello guys and welcome some in this video I wanted to help you to download call of duty war zone the call of duty war zone is a free to play battle royale and there are different ways to download it so it’s available on PC via which is the launcher which is used to download blizzard games usually if like world of warcraft games like that but randomly call of duty and modern warfare is riding off it now I need to start this by saying thank you to Activision by gifting me a copy of call of duty modern warfare 2 for review I appreciate that now there are different rules for people who own modern warfare and people who done the people own modern warfare you’ll be able to download wars on or hours earlier so as you can see I’ve got it installed now just before I start this I need to tell you as well the game is huge so modern warfare at the moment something like 150 gig so be ready for that so if you’ve previously had it installed get your downloads going that’s why I’m releasing this video early and get it going and once its installed and fully updated then open it up but once we open it up we will continue ok guys so we’re now in the game the first thing you see is the different slots you have campaign multiplayer which is already already open pacified co-op and store we are interested in now what is called the classified tab this is counting down this is what is gonna become warzone the battery out of this game so in 5 hours 23 minutes after recording I will be able to jump into warzone and I’ll be able to start my download a little bit earlier so just so you know like I said people who own all of duty modern warfare get a four hour jump on people who don’t I’m not telling you to go buy it I’m just saying it’s you know maybe you already own the game I check it out now some people have been asking me the question as well with the other platforms like PlayStation so let’s now jump to my PlayStation and let’s take a look at it okay so here we are on the PlayStation Store to access the PlayStation Store you need to have the latest version of the system software so the first thing you notice with your PlayStation on if you haven’t switched on for a while make sure you update to the system settings then you can access the store you can easily find call of duty modern warfare and if you are a PlayStation Plus member you’ll get a discount if you buy the game and also as well you will get an in-game like park when Call of Duty wars on launches but and this is answer the question you do not need PlayStation Plus to experience call of duty warzone you don’t need it simple as that is free it’s 100% for free when it launches so if you have PlayStation Plus you will get a bonus you’ll get a perk and also you’ll be able to buy them in-game cheaper as you can see it’s discounted but you did not need it to play the game just generally because usually that’s like with PlayStation barceló games are blocked behind the multiplayer is blocked behind PlayStation Plus but it’s not needed for this game specifically okay so even at the bottom it says what you need PlayStation Plus that’s referring to the multiplayer in the game already but warzone it’s gonna be completely for free it’s gonna be free for everyone and it’s also gonna be available on Xbox so and Xbox has got a similar deal going but it will still be for free so yeah so guys I wanted to keep this brief but I wanted to also as well get this video out as quickly as possible drift off fellow youtuber did a really really awesome review about the actual features of warzone and the different things you’ll be able to do how you’ll be able to detect if someone’s shield is down different perks you can get and so on so I’m not gonna recreate that there’s no point I’m gonna simply link to drifters video so if you’re curious about how the game will play and check it out now in the past just the last thing I’m gonna say in the past Call of Duty has not been so well especially when Call of Duty if came out and then there was battlefield one so and people were in solving Call of Duty a lot back then it has changed a lot since then Call of Duty is actually a really good game now so much so I’m really enjoying it and I have also been playing Call of Duty mobile so and that game is fantastic it’s been downloaded 150 million times plus on bones and on Android and so on so do pay attention to this game is free what you have to lose you know I mean it might help you bridge the gap between now and all the big releases we have coming up like Resident Evil free Orient the will of the West’s Last of Us part two and then later in the year cyberpunk so yeah so free games and if you’re into battle Royales check out Call of Duty warzone launching later today as you can see the download for me starts in about 5 hours and for anyone who owns the game already and for the other people who don’t own all of duty modern warfare you’ll be able to download it later I will link as much detail in the description as I possibly can in order to help you guys get up and running with this game so check it out and later on today I’ll also be making a what is video or Call of Duty warzone so today is a Call of Duty day on this YouTube channel hey guys so if you liked that video be sure to give it a thumbs up you can watch a random video over there you can watch latest upload down there or you can click down here to subscribe thank you guys bye bye.

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