Correct Answers To Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Quiz Event Guide

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You’re never gonna make it you’re not good enough there’s a million other people with the same self you really think you’re different then you must be kidding think you’re gonna hit it but you just don’t get it it’s impossible it’s not probable you’re responsible too many obstacles you gotta stop you don’t you gotta take as though you can’t be a promise you have no more who the do you – tell me what to do I don’t give a damn if you say you disapprove I’m gonna make my move I’m gonna make it soon and I’ll do it cause it’s what I wanna – cuz all these opinions as all these positions they come in and millions they Park in your vision but you can’t listen that is all fixed because you want the power is why is your training but you never gonna make are you just gonna take that make them take it all day don’t tell me you believe that.

Once you just gotta take a fight back.

It by swag.

So we’re gonna make it we’re never ever gonna break it you can never beat him in the better than you face it because I think even him you’re not gonna strike here nah they don’t give a damn you thought what I’m saying I’m not playing not give it two straight pins too many others and you’re not that great man stop what you say and stop what you’re making everybody here knows that you just fruit I don’t wanna hear it anymore I don’t want to hear it anymore.

All these boxy or not but I need any more talk cause you poor ass haters you get heads in the clouds talkin out that so pal you might you got a damn mouth.

But she’s never gonna make it are you just gonna take that make them take these.

Tell me.

Are you just gonna take hey you fight back we advise that.

Yeah everybody knows that I’m breaking down everybody knows how you faked your nether everybody knows my heart shaking now yes you hates me now I’m in mistakes banana I don’t ever wanna be alone I don’t really ever feel at home am I going in this hole that’s the only way I know.

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