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Emperor Velo has made his way to Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. With him being added he adds a new set of Time Trials to beat. Here is my Velo Time Trial Guide for Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled.

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Emperor veal those times are now out and I got some tips to help you out let’s talk about them.

What’s up guys Canadian guy here and back with a brand new CTR video Emperor vo has made it back onto the scene and he has broken many a player with his new times a lot of people watch my live streams of me being via those times and asked me to do a guide now admittedly going through each in every single track and doing a full depth guide on how to beat them is a bit much for me but I have come up with five tips that will help you in general when it comes to being V lows times and just racing in general in CTR here are five tips to be Emperor view those times in Crash Team Racing nitro fuel tip number one use the speed or drift class I know right this sounds so basic but that’s where we got to start the speed and drift classes are usually the best choices of engines for those time trials due to their speed drift is a little slower but allows you to hold on to the blue and sacred fire better while also giving you a bit of a turning boost if you don’t know either of these engines then I highly highly suggest that you start learning how to use both of them practice practice practice.

However the drift class is definitely the easier class to use so if you don’t have any experience with speed I especially suggest that class before going into speed now for tracks that have fairly straightforward paths speed is always the best choice tracks like Android Ally or cocoa park excel with these engines now I actually use the speed engine about 85% of the time on this entire time trials but there were some tracks that I found that I did better with the drift engine the only other class that I would recommend if you are extremely adamant on not using speed or drift is acceleration while I do think acceleration is a fine class I just find that drift kind of replaces the spot that it filled before I know there are still a lot of diehard acceleration means who refuse to learn anything else and I suppose that’s fine but I do suggest to learn the other two classes and no I do not recommend either turning or balanced for these time trials so my tip is to try and use speed as a baseline for every track blood shifted drift if you’re having a hard time holding your blue or sacred fire I found that this helped me a lot in out of time as there were moments where I had a hard time making sure I did not lose my blue fire while having the speed engine but as soon as I changed my engine to drift I found that it was much easier to handle I also found that changing to drift in dragon mines helped me a lot as well so basically try speed first and foremost if you need that extra little turning power or you find that you are losing blue or sacred fire to bit too much then try drift speaking of blue and sacred fire tip number two know how to hold sacred and blue fire if you can’t do this you will never ever be able to beat them for reveal oh I did an entire guide on how to maintain and hold you fire but I’ll try to summarize it as quick as possible essentially you need to be constantly power-sliding driving straight and not doing any boosts is not a thing going in a straight line power slide turning power slide Wendy’s drive-through Kandy power slide there is no time to not slide when you do this you build what is called reserves the more reserves you have the longer your boost will last certain turbo pads however will turn your exhaust blue and cause you to go crazy speeds this is blue fire now you have to learn which tracks have it and where they are because some of them are not blue fire enabled then you have to practice being able to maintain these crazy speeds while still power sliding to master a track tip number three study the ghost itself see though it might seem like it at times.

Villo is not perfect he actually messes up he misses shortcuts loses his blue fire and some of his pathing is a bit wonky which we’re going to talk about soon but the first thing that you should try and do is see and mimic what the ghost does do they jump a specific ramp do they cut a corner a specific way what paths do they take and learning what the ghost does you can make steps towards improving your time as you study the ghost and make note of what’s making them go the speed of light you can also make note of what they’re doing wrong and that is where the improvements can be made also when you keep track of the mistakes that the ghosts make you may not have to restart a time trial where you’re doing pretty good and then do a minor mess up if you know that V low bonks the wall later in the race or Boches a shortcut you can save time and try to salvage a decent run with one minor error in it like I said v lows times are not perfect and if you know when and where it happens you can plan for it tip number four learn and use all shortcuts this might sound really really obvious to some but there are people who still don’t like to try a few shortcuts like polar pass or blizzard Bluffs but being able to maintain your speed and blast through all shortcuts is what’s gonna trim all that time off of the V lo trial now of course most people do go for shortcuts but there are some who will skip specific ones now I’m here to tell you that you should go for all the shortcuts if possible the only shortcut I did not take on all the tracks was the dragon mines mineshaft that one can be a pain due to the spawn rate of the minecarts but other than that go for them all like I said in my previous tip study the ghost as you race with them which shortcuts does it take does it skip any of them on any of the laps which shortcuts does it not take if there is a shortcut that is quite difficult for you then I would suggest that you go back into time trial and practice that shortcut over and over again until you get it right try and try again until you can consistently do the shortcut again and again trust me this will improve your time overall tip number 5 tight pathing so this is not a key factor for not only Crash Team Racing nitro fuel but for racing in general it’s one thing to be able to take shortcuts it’s another thing to be able to hold your sacred and blue fire but it’s time to combine all of that with tight turning and pathing when the track swings or turns in either direction you want to turn with the track as tight to the inner wall as possible now this is where you sweat because if you side bump or balk the wall or you know fall off you will lose all your speed and all your reserves and if you are on a track that has very select few blue fire turbo pads like prehistoric playground this will actually be legitimately death to the run in both the time trial and even online play some of the hit boxes for these walls can be wonky as well which actually we will be talking about in a collaboration with the CTR speedrunners discord in a future video however if you know where those hit boxes are and you can ride the line between death and life this is where you will trim second after second off your time knowing when the next turn is coming and to shift sides of the track to stay on the inside of the next turn is the final key and final skill to learn in CTR now some of you might be confused because you see these speed players or even drift players being able to stay tight tight to the jump or wall and when you try it you lose control and bonk into something this is because these players are using two techniques err breaking and you turning err braking is great when you need to launch in the air and pivot your Kart in mid air to a specific direction while in midair press and hold the square button or the brakes and turn your analog stick in the direction you need to turn while still in midair once you have your Kart in the direction you want make sure to let go of the brake before landing otherwise you will lose all your speed and all your reserves now you turning is a bit more tricky you can practice this on dragon mines coming up to the wooden corks switch from the analog stick to the d-pad you can try this with the stick but this is why I find it’s easier press down and in the corresponding directions you want to go so left or right at the same time.

Tap the r-1 button to hop and hold down the break button keep tapping r1 until you do a u-turn hop to get to your desired point let go of the brake and switch back to the analog stick it sounds confusing but once you practice it and get it it’s not so hard if you want me to do a full breakdown of these techniques let me know in the comment section below but if you follow all these tips apply them into your time trials you can start on the path of not only beating emperor v lo but also improving as an overall player do you think you have a tip to help others out as well to be emperor v lo comment below and let us know a huge thank you to all those who support the channel through patreon and being a sponsor on the channel if you’d like to help it out check out the links in the description below where you can buy some cge merch or become a patreon also don’t forget to Like and subscribe for more gaming and nostalgic content thank you so much everyone and I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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