Delirium Kinetic Bolt Elementalist Starter Build Guide – Path of Exile 3.10

Author: Aziire

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Lightning Bolt your way through the depths of Delirium with Kinetic Bolt! Links and Timestamps are just below. Thanks for watching, subscribe if you follow the guide 😀


  • 00:00 – Build Intro.
  • 01:47 – Pros.
  • 03:57 – Cons.
  • 05:28 – Offense.
  • 07:05 – Defense.
  • 08:00 – Levelling Trees.
  • 08:03 – Bandits.
  • 08:03 – Pantheon.
  • 08:03 – Level 21 Passive Tree.
  • 08:06 – Level 34 Passive Tree.
  • 08:09 – Level 45 Passive Tree.
  • 08:12 – Level 63 Passive Tree.
  • 08:15 – Level 75 Passive Tree.
  • 08:18 – Level 90 Passive Tree.
  • 08:21 – Level 100 Normal Passive Tree.
  • 08:24 – Level 100 Cluster Passive Tree.
  • 08:28 – Offensive Cluster Jewel Tier List.
  • 08:33 – Defense Cluster Jewel Tier List.
  • 08:39 – Talking briefly about Cluster Jewels.
  • 09:37 – Brief about how I’ll run through the guide.
  • 10:08 – Ascendancy.
  • 13:04 – Gear.
  • 13:20 – Wands.
  • 14:30 – Helmet.
  • 15:25 – Body Armour.
  • 15:53 – Gloves.
  • 16:19 – Boots.
  • 16:45 – Amulet.
  • I accidentally skipped Rings :c I’m sorry
  • 17:13 – Belt.
  • 17:51 – Flasks.

Fell asleep at my PC, will timestamp the gems in a few hours.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Hello and welcome to my kinetic bolts elemental sleek static character for 3.10 delirium.

This build is fairly scuffed as we don’t have any gameplay all we have it to go off is that minute long footage from GGG but it’s a theory and I think it’ll work and it’s all fleshed out I promise in the description I have a link to a forum guide where it’s well wrigley knive done infographics on tea lists for cluster jewels all the good stuff so please go there for all the tea tales or like to see all in written format otherwise this is just a stuffed video audio version of the build guard that I created let’s get into kinetic pulse is a new you want attack skill which is being introduced in 3.10 delirium it has 175 percent of base damage and all increases to spell damage also add to our attack damage it’s a hundred and fifty percent of its usual right this is super good and it’s basically like a juiced-up crown of eyes this is gonna make this skill berry nice to start with and that’s why we go with witch as she has all the access to spell damage early on and it should be really fun skill to level with on top of that we’ll be scaling the skill through cold conversion and lighting conversion by getting flat lightly on damage on gear and jewels and then converting it all to cold damage through the use of coal the Brotherhood we should be out of shock and chill half the map and destroy the bosses with our single target thanks to the way this killer has projectile interactions of barrage support we’re able to have both a high single target as well as good clear speed with no having this gem swap or anything but taking elementalist as we can gain so many buffs thanks to our goal and boys having cheap access to Harold is a huge bonus.

Especially alongside some of the 3.10 jewels.

The price of this build is that kinetic bolts is a new skill a new skill has made a new variety of playstyle and a spice of life.

To the traditional poet life I’m not really your standard league star player a lot of people will just go like ET contagion or necro or something and play just standard billet every single time but I can’t help but get enticed by whatever GG throws at us every single league and I always usually eat like it doesn’t like clears serious or anything but it’s always fun to like clear through the outlets on the like new skill have a go at it whatever and it’s always fun so that’s good that’s one of the pros now the pro is that’s another one skill which there’s very little of and I actually think this one skills like a true contender to be one of the best it just has insane scaling and is looking better than the others it’s up to discussion a lot of people disagree but that’s my opinion on it elementalist is looking to be really IP dispatched some of the clusters you’ll benefits to Harold’s and ores and golems is just off looking really good not golem so hasn’t actually any goals but Harold’s I really really look good and it’ll be really good to get a lot of increased damage from those another Pro is that converting lightning to cold chaos eventually is always a surefire way to make a build work damage was you can’t really it up like it it’s pretty simple and the amount of damage you get through it’s nuts you can just buy your way to the damage any kind of elemental scaling damage that many times will work okay and last of always they we’ve got the golem gang we got the a lightning our stone our chaos and our ice golem and these guys roll and protect us from basically everything that we would find difficult and he gives us like 500 life regen etc in the process this helps because we have don’t have much defense and I’ll go into that in a second at cons but it’s really nice having the golems just like roller and b-boys and help you out I usually play Pretty Reckless and don’t have any defense so these guys are my defense in this case next time we have is out cons cons I mentioned it before but is is the fact that it is a new skill it’s pretty risky to play as a league starter but I don’t give a it’s fun so the second is that dodge as a mechanic can be pretty unreliable especially if you’re trying to do any of the end game encounters I kind of avoid the end game encounters and I was not a good thing but I like to just run maps and dodge so I like it arm is probably much safer the caveat to that is you also have to actively dodge you can’t just like face tanks if you’re trying to play like a Dodge build you can’t rely on the Dodge working you need to like do a little bit of dodging yourself fourth we’re not gonna stomp awakening level eight serious for under five chaos on this build I’m sure we could probably do serious I mean someone did it on default attack took like 40 minutes but yeah it’s doable.

It’s just not doable super cheap and probably not like one shotting the man and lastly is that like I mentioned before with the conversions if you want to get like the mega millions of DPS then you’re gonna have to get an eternity shroud which can be pretty expensive as a league starter other than that though you really don’t need that final conversion even just the call of the Brotherhood is fine it gives us plenty of damage next time we have his offense the I mentioned at the start I was stumbled my words because I’m autistic but we have a built-in crowd of eyes effect which is a hundred and fifty at a hundred and fifty percent the value of what crowd of eyes usually would give you this is just thanks to the generic the unique interaction on kinetic bolts and its line that it has it’s also more effective than the one slinger passive which has been updated this league our high single target damage and clears thanks to barrage support it allows us to attack without any of our attacks like spreading out with just one clear attack first and then from that all our tax fork out from that single attack this means we can hit a pack or a strong mob and then the rest of our projectiles will do the rest part the damage behind him in the path of building even at like even at like Knight level 90 I was just shy of five million shaper dps which is pretty good I come out in these numbers are probably going to be mega juiced once you get some cluster jewels it was looking at like just shy of five million shaved dps with like level eighty requirements we’re looking pretty good obviously that’s without the GG gear but who knows like I’m thinking it’s not gonna be too bad from maps way of chillin shock which is good like easy mapping and our heroines are also boosted with the new jewels as I mentioned before as well on top of that we don’t have any manner as evasion for them pretty much as we get a huge reduced mana reservation thanks to both elementalist and then some of the notables will be picking up with the cluster jewels so free damage and it’s really good and it’s really nice last but not least we have our defense we have a five thousand effective head HP I know that’s dog but I like it it works for me you can get through maps just fine 140 percent life and thirty percent energy shield which you can’t even avoid getting you just get it as a which pretty much while pathing we have 500 life regen a second thanks drug golems and 900 life leech we also have 40% attacking dodge chance and a third since spell Dodge chance and this can be boosted pretty easily if we get any passive with illusive on here and if we gain that’s either through items or the new clusters which is the idea but just for like clarity the minimum you have is 40% of technology and 30% spell dodged and last but not least we’re mean to elemental humans thanks to having the passive on alum elementalist.

So those were my leveling trees and the tier lists I made for the new cluster jewel notables I made one for the offense and the defense respectively shown for my ladder take way too long to go into every single noticeable and what’s good and great for the build what’s bad etc I thought it’d be better if I just chucked it in a tier list very clear what you should aim for you ideally won’t asked here and a tier in pretty much every jewel I wouldn’t even really be aiming for B or C tiers but it’s there just in case you’re a real broke bitch and you’re just like you’re just trying to get anything on that I’d say the CTO it’s probably not it’s probably worse than an abyss jewel the same would be tier so you really want s RIT otherwise it’s probably just better off getting it abyss tool or using the points elsewhere so from here on I’m just gonna go and explain your sentencing choices and pathway and then go into items etc it’s gonna be a like fairly stuff take for other videos I might try and mix it up but for this one it’s seen as it’s so close to League start they’re gonna go through path of building and just hammer away there is the forum guide in the description they’re like please remember I might even actually go into the forum got myself it might be a easier way to display information such as gems etc so I first off we have our sentencing which is elementalist we’re down this simply because of the cluster jewel notables and the golems being so convenient I was just reading up that the golems can be of like bit of a pain itself cast so we’ll have to see about that and maybe I could get them on some sort of like auto setup but who knows so our first sentence three-point we want to take is leader the prime audio which basically gives us one maximum number of columns and increased effect buffs for our columns as well as making them elemental immune to elemental damage this is really good to grab first as by that point we would hopefully have a golem commander so we can pretty much leave the first lab with a whole army of boys and it’ll help us just like with the basic bossing especially like the later act 9 and 10 where bosses can hit like pretty hard it should like clear up there after that we get four elements on which we should be grabbing around blood aqueducts it’s literally the exact same as this except we’re now I mean 2 elemental i omens only if we have more than 3 golems up but yeah and it just grants another goal just like this one does so we’ve got that in blood aqueducts just too so we can grab our eye skull and increase your accuracy in crit chance and continued like home without girl and boys pendulum of destructions pretty useless for us be honest we gained obviously it’s good for 5 seconds the first 5 seconds we gain err in fact which literally does fuchal for us and then the next 5 seconds is elemental damage which is awesome lock it but it’s 5 seconds every every 10 seconds so yeah and then mastermind of discord which is awesome and we grab this in maps because it’ll increase our effect of Herald’s and reduce the reservation all the good stuff the penetration everything we need and yeah it’s just like the ideal point not really what taking it early on cuz pendulum says I don’t really want to paw through that while leveling up so we get them up we just got this lost and it shouldn’t be an issue you get around the I mean I’m lazy I get around like 180 but you could probably get it around level 1775 pretty comfortably so yeah I’ll be first quickness I’ll be using the level 100 cluster tree it’s the quiet level 80 but I’ve just said level 100 this is the one I’ll be using once I hit level 80.

I’ll be leveling using the normal trees in this field 90 and game tree I’ll be going with this one until level Eddy and then I’ll just respect for my points so I can try out some of the cluster jewels et cetera it’s just the easiest way to do it and I don’t think I’m not gonna rely on any like seek cluster jaw-dropping it’s just that’s unreliable at a league start so we go items for items we have we have a whole bunch of different things and like I’ve said that many times the forum the forum guides the idea one so this is the farm guide I’ll just walk you through it a little bit you ideally want to come and grab your items from the forum guide it’s very easy and very easily set up oh look where once click Oh sick it’s got such it wasn’t such delirium because it’s not out yet but it essentially reom and you can check for your what you ideally want click some that’s sorted it will give you the best result possible in this case it’s gonna give us mirror if we were to add it to our build it’d be insane but it’s just gonna search for the best you can find you just buy what you can afford and you can change that price down here so by what you can afford you got 2x you want blood 2x budget yeah huge waited some but yeah learned loaded loaded up hit some but for you our ones we’re gonna ideally get a shaper imbued wonders usually what you’re looking at those have the attack speed in the crit chance and shaper just because we want to wonder like eventually I’ve got two eternities out the best way to find them is through here or if you set up your own little search and look for things such as I’m getting gain elemental damage chaos or crit chance etc for a helmet we want to get crown over the inward eye this thing is actually like pretty.

It doesn’t really calculate on pop very well does on this one because as I’m using the local identity fork but the Transfiguration of soul body and mind gives us huge DPS as well as increased max life etc on top of that the helmet has 20% increase max life mana and global energy shield on it this thing is chronic I was 340 life at the moment it’s pretty much fun it’s pretty much uncontested like there’s nothing else you can really like grab for if you open it up this build it’ll show that the helmet.

It’ll show that the crown of eyes is the best talent but that’s just because it hasn’t like they haven’t added the increases in reductions to spell damage on the kinetic belt skill and the kinetic bolts skill isn’t even currently in there so we could crown the inward eye and then we’d further our chest pace we want to get the Eternity shroud is the best in slop but not really affordable incandescent hearts basically the budget version of eternity shroud still get all the chaos damage I’ll be grabbing British crap because cold resistance increased dexterity and bunch of other stuff very very cheap alternative to these and these are massive you these are like these and a weak one buys a good pair break the gloves of what you’re after you really want to be looking for Capriati resistances on only like two pieces of gear plus were elementalists of resistances isn’t a huge big deal anyway but max life resistances etc Griff clubs because it has projectile type damage that’s pretty much it if you bowling try and get +1 to max for energy charges if you’re really bowling get both that and chance to intimidate and reason here for that boots.

Basically the same as above except we want to have 25% movement speed at the minimum that’s how you get the cheap you can find it really cheap if you search with 25% increase for other and 30% increase and like before if you’re really bowling elusive on critical strike hotel window critical strike or both if you’re nutty bowling for right I mean it’s basically just like we did with the ones click it open it wait for this to search click some you’ll find whatever you want whatever you need make sure to adjust the attributer quirements to how much do you need that that’s the main important thing if you need 30 attribute make sure it’s only minimum 30 that’s like you don’t want to be buying more than you need to just goes for the belt we want to go with the rest to gene vice obviously early on grab what you can get whether it’s just a global food whatever but stingy invites would give us an abyss jewel and abyss tools add like even like a really basic one I can add like 7.5% total DPS to our build which is nuts so a really good one would be ideal don’t really focus too much on resistances here unless you need it you should hopefully cap out on just these two pieces alone thanks to elemental has been elementalist we have so much access to elemental resistances if you still don’t have your resistances try and get it on your jewels it’s a really good way to just like cap at your resistances or like save like the money on other pieces of gear you can easily get one even if you’re looking at like the cheap damaged ones you can usually just add the resistance modifier on there it won’t cost much more same thing is the best jewels hit some and it was sort out your stuff so if you want to know the actual mods usually like flat lightning global crit multi critical strike chance flat cold elemental damage all that stuff’s good that’s what we’re looking for but this will do it all for you and from watches eyes we have just like anything affected by wrath or Hera device a heretic decision pretty good as well as precision after specific mods here although them up just for clarity these are the mods we’re looking for these are the good ones.

They’re basically all going to add nuts damage drop build they’re all also gonna cost a nutty amount so I usually don’t put them in my builds but like I’ve been getting a lot of the forum’s so I’m just adding sure they give me DPS now and for our flasks a series promised cinder swallow and these ones Quicksilver flask of adrenaline diamond flask of watering and see them devolve class go for store machine yeah if you’re ballsy grab a dying song it’s ridiculous damage for us fried gems I’ll do this one in public building I feel like it’s gonna be a little cleaner it’s level 40 kinetic plus only because it still doesn’t reach the percentage that kinetic bolt has so Clinic poll has 175 cent increase base damage this only has one hundred sixty-seven percent even a little forty we want to grab kinetic bolt barrage support energy leach inspiration awakened added lighting damage and awakened elemental damage of the tax you do not need the awakened gems let me stress that enough I cannot stress it enough they’re just there to reflect what you can get with it we can do gems just use added lighting and just user added a elemental with damage with the tax you’re perfectly fine and in any video I put up I’m not gonna be using an awakened gem so don’t stress it’s just for those those people that really want to push the out of the build we use energy leech because it’s stupid damage and you get free leech at the same time this damage is comparable to like all the other damaged supports we’ll also have a utility the same with inspiration inspiration reduces our mana cross gives us increase truck charts and more elements of damage all-in-one it’s that insane and often overlooked because people just click pop click was there and don’t really pay attention to what we’re actually building a golem gang we’ve got a lightning golem chaos golem stone golem and a meat shield to help buff them up a bit if you can get like if you don’t want to get crowded in with I you could get a helmet with plus levels of minion gems oh that’s pretty good way to build around it we’ll have to see on that for Herald’s we got her out of ice and Hirota thunder but supported and a curse on his head up with projectile weakness assassins mops probably better almost 90% sure would be better but I’ve used assassins back every single league gonna curse on it for the past few League I thought I’d switch it up a bit projected our weakness this can give us some knock back and stuff like that sessoms mark from when I was looking at it was very comparable massive damage so it should be fine for our auras we want wrath and precision keep precision at level three if that we did like we it’s been nerfed hard sadly and three points and delirium but it’s still worth grabbing just for the accuracy rating especially for us which and we don’t even have a hundred percent oh that’s because we’re on the 80 ice call them same reason as the precision accuracy rating dry utility and movement we’re down with flame – as where one boys become really do much else and blood veg for a tax beat in life leech faster Kozma goes for the flame – just so we can zoom around a little bit of quicker mostly we grab cosmic damage taking I give it at level 8 and even then that might be a little too high a sister and you reduce the strength requirements as well which it’s kind of having like really high strength.

I’ve also checked in a first bomb on that links just to help who knows if the boss is on your ass and it’s damaging you drops a frost bomb add some coal exposure might help deal with damage et cetera it like it’s probably not but like what the what else are we gonna talk about it so that’s that’s pretty much that for the gym some I think that’s it for a lot of it it was safe that it wasn’t it I lied so I come back home bandits we want to carry with a lira a liras a bandit of a choice she gives us crit multi and elemental resistance more elemental resistance so we don’t to worry about it on our gear for the Pantheon soul of soloist and soul of Shikari are the ideal Pantheon’s that we want to take these are just really nice she carries immune to poison when you’ve upgraded it solar is good for bossing if you don’t you don’t really care about bossing I usually don’t get learners learners is another really good alternative and foreign ointments and they come into this bill guide just spend the effort to make it so may as well use it for enjoyment we want to go prison we’ve this is the best one also one of the most expensive ones she can’t afford a prism we’ve just get any other ones in order they go from order from best to worst so best slightly a little not best they’re still really good though these are all adding like 7% plus GPS to our build so you definitely want to grab a non corrupted amulet and you definitely want to when you find a creek cassia and you find out you definitely want to check.

Ambulance not much else to say for the outside I just want to say thank you for watching and if you have fallen about please like a comment or even if you have gotten this far please subscribe god damn some real hustle hours from me I put a shitload of time and topping up the form died so I tell you about like 12 hours each I really try to make them look as clean as possible and yeah it’s real like it’s real like down and it’s like low subscriber level is real like hustle boy hours if you do enjoy the build thank you comment I always enjoy reading them I get a lot of comments so it’s nice when I read the good comments and I hope you enjoy delirium I’m gonna have another field guide.

Hopefully release before League start as well I don’t know if have that much time but we’ll see how we go it’ll be a thrill knives trickster if you interested in that enjoy and have a good League.

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