Demon Hendrickson Hardest Story Boss Guide! Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

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All right so demon Henrickson duck drops today on global and I’m making a little video guide for him this is on JP but the only reason for is because I’m pre recording it I have not got to the me Hendrickson yet because he’s not on global yet but I’m recording I’m pretty recording this but yeah i did i do have my ends on 480 but here’s what I did Mayans have like you can see by my comic class how low it is it’s because I took off all the gear I took off literally all the gear from every single unit and every piece of costume all my events are looking like this zero gear and zero costumes so I checked on my global account these units right here oh my globe will have more stats they have right now in GP and I’m doing this just to show that it’s possible I’m not using any linked buddies just I’m going like really low stats because you know most global players should have around these stats I assume so yeah this is a team build very free-to-play friendly you like these three units you get from story mode actually have you got have we got a story Elizabeth from story yet if not you isn’t something suddenly pool and then we can bring a condom Ellie friend like I level 65 you can if you can find it and that’s all you need now living Hendrickson has three fights one of each element now for these fights they’re all the same so I’m not going to make a video for each individual one I’m just gonna make for the last one and that’s all you need to know they are all the same fight pretty much also the food I’m using is live steal food life’s to food is actually pretty good now here’s a strategy before we move on demon Henrickson has three cards the King News I’m pretty sure yeah he has three cards a king news every single time he fills up his old cage he will use his ultimate now the strategy is always save this bad card.

Always always always the reasoning behind that is because whenever he does get his old gauge his go all to each field and he has the full old you take off the old cage and he’s gonna lose the card and he’s only gonna have two turns on that turn now if I proceed to go looking forward from it boom there’s this mission is actually like pretty hard for new players I’ve got a heal I didn’t explain why I have Elizabeth in the back Elizabeth he owes everyone by 10% for a turn if they take damage and because he does aue attacks Hendrickson you will be taking you damage so I’m already gonna heal with King right here and I got Kings Altimas that’s really nice this X tell me if I should use King salty because he’s six six I’m gonna try not to use it again I want to make it so it’s like a very very like global like yeah you see how much damage means I take it doesn’t matter that might like I have I have a lot of ad units because they’re literally taking damages as if there were 60 okay here’s right it begins I need more bottle cards though I got really unlucky I’m gonna do this because I’m using life steal familial is gonna heal pretty good right now but you do want him to take all our damage so he can count it oh no I’m gonna take off the onion take off the food I forgot about that I forgot about it’s fine if you here with King you can you can cleanse that but I have no choice I I’m gonna end up having to use king’s Altima just to just to clean up the space for my hand right yeah take off his old cage so he doesn’t old in there in fact millions you do again want millio this should get low health they get a bank card unlock him and his alt is like a one shot very unlucky hopefully Bonnie can hear a lot from this and then very unlucky there’s no way he’s gonna target millio this so there’s no reason for me to counter my millions I think is all I don’t know what level he is base again I’m doing this line for eight years but this is like if I was doing a level 60 because of how low my stats are so this is how if I how it would be for heated Altima the oldest operating with much damage because of type disadvantage okay yeah as you can see I’m taking a fruit the Elizabeth in the back is actually like even though you’re not seeing her she is doing so much work just because of the extra healing and then whenever king can he was well his doing his work yeah like that boom heal and Emilio this tax diamond Hendrickson does he oh by the way he does have high life steel so whenever he does damage to you he pretty much heals a lot of it back okay good I got a good comment card right there oh if I can’t get me Leo’s a little bit lower okay cool ooh wait wait a second okay so take off his old gauge when he uses that with Chu County and this like off his alt gauge so he loses that turn is the county bond might die if he’s if you like keeps targeting bun-buns my time oh no that’s my take off old cage know exactly okay I can still do it I can still doing our problem but that’s unfortunate because now I can’t take off his old gauge never follow I would be struggle didn’t Hendrickson again there’s no reason for Elizabeth to heal I’m gonna do this so I guess I can Ellie’s ultimate I hope he won’t smell in an attack so I should have not been using lock steel foolish oh just is HP food or something nice all finale if his single target smelly did the devil comes with really good oak exact pooh pooh pooh pooh and this is why you use county Mellie and and this is why you use Canon Mellie now before I scream when me cleanse this old any he’ll cleanse the thing so I can heal wife’s still gonna kick on oh I should have attacked it would have killed hmm it’s fine I think it’s fine he’s not gonna heal that much any attacking king so I think I’m okay Oh doesn’t hurt oh that hurt boys I’m gonna have to use Kings often I’m sorry I wouldn’t win uh yeah when I was ago brought wait I think he’s dead okay yeah he’s dead so yeah as a kid see I literally was using level 60 team I don’t want to hear it these earrings are like already but the stats were so goddamn low and it’s all carried because of Elizabeth because if not I would have lost mine it’s so much faster in the beginning of the the battle right there and bond like this is why GP players were saying dude level upon level up your over county millio this way laughs up by a king because they were legitimately uh like really good because actually I thought I was gonna take a little bit more longer to beat this I’m gonna go beat the other hand as well I’ve heard the red one is the one that people have been had people have had more trouble with now when JP came out the thing is a thirty one yes the red one okay.

The red one is interesting because green countermelody of course he has typed is advantage over him but yeah that blue one because it also called mary has type advantage I guess as long as you bring a condom early friend you I forgot to take off the lifestyle food it’s all right it’s all right yeah all giggle oh boy I think I have like 80 kcp and like I’m not even playing that much so this uh this combat class we’re here is pretty bad.

Oh I guess it’s good that he’s gonna do good damage against a movie Otis he’s gonna unpack fire oh he can be petrified bog this what’s the challenge with that voice break what’s the challenge it can be petrified then you take off his old cage now this right this right the Hendrickson just are just king the king all the way just take just destroy him and then you can stun him as well now I thought the right Hendrickson is gonna be tough you can fat Rifai him there’s no challenge in this I’m gonna do this and combine these combining cars is very important by the way not only you you free a space in your hand but you also get like an extra old cage just from moving and from combining as well attack pick up assault cage again next I’ll go petrified oh it can be pacified that’s easy and he’s taking a long time because you know there okay so sorry I heard I heard I heard his feelings it’s like I I’m busy you think I’m easy now petrify unfortunately no bond cards but it’s okay yeah combining cards is very important when you doing these missions because then you get like a better variant card as well especially the counter card like this discrepancy from the level one college trajectory counter is so huge all right they go for assault cage again combine these cards I don’t want to use by Kings ultimate like I said because my kid is six and six and he’s gonna do like crazy more damage than a regular King would a one six came that you can have this guy do no damage yes which no damage our next counter from him is good there is done boom boom and then petrified and this business right Hendrickson’s man as soon as I saw that it could be petrified it was like oh oh easy again this thing super friendly just bring a million’s friend in you’ll be alright but it should be fair everyone should have should’ve have real world for him anyways boom so you should use yours if you have if not switch again your team that’s like a low level compared to like some of the higher level like if you have Bond level 60 but you see a bomb level 65 in your friend list might as well just bring in a 65 you know there’s not that much damage yeah well unfortunately he’s not doing that it’s not doing enough they’re always like oh oh okay it’s not doing enough damage for me to actually take something that called heals how much that part is has been a while since I was born.

Other than global you know nobody’s using for the sake of all things you study personal diminished HP okay that’s quite a good amount actually and then they petrify him again or this game he’s getting boring so easy yeah the blue one is work on it one eventful anyway instead it was quite easy it just gotta know the tricks like the thing is that when he came out for the first time on JP people were freaking out because they didn’t know what to do right then they they know exactly what you do they were like oh discounting Mele but in oh but actually if you if you take off his old age it was the turn and then as people were like discovering how to do it became more and more easy so that’s unfortunately my color is not going to take care that’s unfortunate why didn’t he alt first does he have a note.

Yes not I mean I can barely can take damage because of Elizabeth that’s I guess a a bad thing about Elizabeth because she heals so much malee just doesn’t think damage so his college is down work as well I mean man the fact that these further plugins are just so good man again the only summer in MIT is lilies I’ll combine these guys right here take off his actors again it just keep doing non-stop so long as you take off his old cage just return some replacements or first for bond is whenever red album comes out which should men I don’t know it should be in two weeks.

I I really can’t tell you when it’s gonna come out but whenever red album comes out he also thinks off old cage but his petrified car doesn’t work on the blue one so it’s like it’s not that much of a difference right there but I guess this petrify card works here so that’s pretty cool that’s gonna hurt couldn’t take off his altercation fortunately man this is this take is so long I think I think you got you got the gist of it I’m just gonna kill him I think you got the gist of it it’s pretty easy so let’s take office out Cajun I guess on the red thing they confuse all teach it to fire oh yeah that’s it this is this done you get use my team copy my team on globe on your Google account if you put gear your stats should be higher than mine so I don’t need to explain myself again that’s it guys watching.

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