Destiny 2 – Easy Solo Heroic Zero Hour! Complete Guide To Solo Outbreak Catalyst!

Author: Pyro Gaming

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Hello everyone and welcome to another pyro gaming video if you watched my video yesterday you know that the normal and heroic versions of zero-hour as well as the normal version of whisper are currently busted and the enemies are insanely easy to kill match game doesn’t matter your power level doesn’t matter the types of weapons that you use doesn’t matter you can just steamroll all of the enemies in these missions now with the exception of heroic whisper that is the only one that does not seem to have this bug for whatever reason but it occurred to me when making that video and reading all the comments of all the people getting their first outbreak perfected then a lot of you are just now unlocking the heroic version of zero-hour meaning you now can go farm for the catalyst in the heroic zero-hour and there are some differences so the normal version that I did yesterday in that video is not going to help you much in the heroic version the jumping puzzle is different and there is also a separate brand new puzzle towards the end right before the final boss so that’s what we’re gonna talk about in this video let’s go ahead and get started so the first difference in the heroic version is that the enemies are a little bit stronger meaning the damage that they deal to you is a little bit more than in the normal version the damage that you deal to them is still completely busted and irrelevant you won’t really notice a difference between normal and heroic they still die incredibly quick but they will hurt you a little bit more so just for fun I wanted to come in here with all-white gear with the exception of my power weapon you cannot get a white power weapon in testing too so I had to use a green grenade launcher but all my armor and my other two weapons are all white I wanted to just have some fun in here and see if I could solo the heroic version spoiler alert I did had like two minutes left it was pretty fun I would recommend doing the challenge it was a lot of fun but um anyway getting back to the differences the heroic version will have a weekly rotating burn this will be either solar arc or void it’s important that before you go into the mission you take note of what burned it is that week because that burn correlates with a pattern that you need to follow towards the end of the mission we’ll talk about that a little bit later after Trevor skip ahead if you want if you just need to get to that part I will have a map showing which pattern you need to follow in that room.

For each of the birds but a cypher met the major differences come at the jumping puzzle so for example when you drop down here and you go outside instead of heading to the left and going underneath the ship that you see on the left-hand side of your screen instead you want to go to your right and there is an open vent back here in the back right corner once you drop down into this vent you are now in the quote-unquote new version of the jumping puzzle so just follow what I’m doing here and you will be okay when you break open this vent you want to go to the right I turned around there by mistake because I guess I second-guessed myself don’t do that but you’ll drop down into a little tunnel that looks like this when you drop down turn around and go back the opposite way and drop down this little section right here you will land on a catwalk if you look over here in the left corner there are some red pipes as soon as you drop down you will find a lever once you activate it I kill myself here there is a way to jump back up to where we need to get to go but I fell like just killing yourself and respawning back up in the tunnels is the quickest way once you’ve pulled that lever you just simply want to turn around and go back to where we first dropped down into this tunnel and you will then drop down into a room with four big numbered lids you will see that number three is up that’s because we just pull the lever for number three this is the only one that allows you access up and out of this room so there’s no point in pulling the other three levers in the room that we just dropped down in once you jump up on the lid you will just continue to go up like this until you get to this room you’ll see this little opening up here for the most part you know these things are kind of obvious where you need to go like this one you know you can see the little yellow things over there where you need to jump eventually you’ll make it outside you’ll see little openings and stuff like that so what I’m going to do is go ahead and let this game play we run out I’m going to cut the commentary here and I will pick it back up at Trevor so talk to you guys soon really quickly I just want to say that once you get to the fan room that I’m in now you’re back on the normal version of the jumping puzzle so from here on out it’s like it was on normal with the exception of the puzzle in the crypt art fault that will deal with shortly after Trevor.

But for now you’re back on the same track as normal there’s no secrets here or anything like that so just keep going like you would in normal mode so when you get to Trevor if as soon as you drop down into ventilation you immediately head for this long pipe that I just dropped down and then quickly as you can go in here you will see Trevor going to the left if you see that then you did it right and you can do exactly what I do here Trevor is pre-programmed he doesn’t deviate from his program so if you follow the exact path that I do which is right front closest to the door where you drop down right back which is in the back of the room then cutting across to left front and then doing left back you will not have to deal with Trevor at all this is kind of like a cheat sheet you know like they used to do in the old-school arcade games you know pac-man the ghost had a set rotation and you could avoid them same thing with Trevor he does the exact same thing for everybody in every instance he’s gonna pass by right here that’s why I know to wait on this pipe if you just do it exactly like I do you won’t have to worry about them I’ll talk to you guys when we get to the puzzle whenever you reach the cryptex vault you will see these big white rectangles on the floor there is a specific pattern that you need to follow on these rectangles that correlates to the burn that will be active in the heroic version of the zero our mission each week so for example if it’s Ark burn that pattern is gonna be different from when it is solar burn here’s a map of what the pattern looks like for each burn now once you’ve made it past the Crypt arks vault and the little puzzle that kills you if you step on the wrong square everything else is like it was a normal but like I said up towards the beginning of the video these enemies do hit you a little bit harder because they are considered to be heroic but if you watched my tutorial on the normal mode of how to do this boss fight then it’s the exact same here you’re gonna see me using a different loadout because like I said I’m using all-white gear I just wanted to see if I could do it with all white trash weapons and no armor stats whatsoever a really fun challenge by the way I recommend trying it out if not in heroic try it out normal and see how to see how it goes but uh yeah I’m gonna go ahead and cut commentary here there’s not much more to say if you would like a more detailed version of this go watch that first video you’ll see a link to it in the top right corner of the screen I will let this game play and go ahead and play out but I will not be talking so sit back enjoy some fallen slaughters with some white weapons and I will talk to you guys in the next video if you enjoyed this one click like the gentle click subscribe and if you’re already subscribed I fucking love you thank you guys so much for watching and take care.

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