Destiny 2 – Flawless Lighthouse! Trials Loot Guide! Reward Drops, Armor Glows, Materials and Weapons

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Destiny 2: New Flawless Lighthouse, Trials Loot Guide, Armor Glows, New Weapons, Lighthouse Chest Loot Table & Passages (Trials of Osiris Guide).

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What’s up guy is Han – here and today of course we saw the return of trials – destiny – and so in this video we’re gonna jump in talk about how rewards work for Trials flawless loot how to get weapons armor The Associated cosmetics how the armor glows work and everything like that actually a flawless run today was a bit of a bizarre one so I jumped on a friend’s account this is a friend who has a lot more power than I do we were playing having some fun we actually lost our mercy at six wins and then on a very final game one of our teammates disconnected as we load it in and so we lose the 3v2 but i teammate who disconnected didn’t actually take a loss and so afterwards he rejoins we go in for his final game where we play another team who lose a teammate so it’s 3v2 but in our favor and we get our third teammate a flawless so remarkably enough on one flawless card where we all had the same type of card one of three of us actually ended up going flawless which is pretty bizarre so gotta say a big thanks to my friend Jay Bob for lending me some of his a lighthouse footage because they didn’t actually get to go myself even though we were on the same team for the entire run just giving you a bit of background context right there but otherwise we’re gonna jump in talk about how all of the rewards the flawless lighthouse and everything works so initially right here not the most interesting part of trials but a pretty important one will be the trials passages in the trials game-mode the objective is to get as many wins as possible with as few losses as possible and then you have a trials passage of course if you get three losses they’ll actually be restricted from trials and you’ll have to either reset the passage or purchase a new one however the more wins you can get before that happens the more rewards the ill unlock and of course ultimately if you can unlock seven wins with no losses then you’ll be able to go flawless so there are different options for the trials passages you can pick up mercy is gonna forgive one loss per trials run so on a fresh card when you take one loss essentially the mercy will consume the loss and if you only lose once but win seven matches you could still go flawless the ferocity passage allow us with zero losses for your third win to grant a bonus win so if you pick this one you have no mercy if you lose a game you’re gonna get one red dot but you can get all the way to the third game you’ll essentially have four wins instead of just three and then once you’re really confident about going flawless you can pick up the passage of confidence and it doesn’t offer any additional boons but if you manage to go straight flawless you can get an additional reward from the flawless chest and then the passage of wealth can increase the amount of trials tokens you get from completing and winning trials matches and the passage of wisdom will grants bonus xp from trials wins which scales with the number of wins on a ticket so of course if your main focus is to get flawless for the first time or something like that it probably is gonna make sense to use the mercy passage which all forgive for one of your losses for more confident players of course you have ferocity and confidence just going to increase your loot or give you a buff or a boon to how quickly you can actually get a flawless run and then otherwise if you want to reacquire gear that you’ve already picked up in trials via the trials Ingram of course you can farm out tokens with the passage of wealth and also use the passage of wisdom to get bonus xp gains maybe later on in the season if you’ve already been flawless but now you’re playing with friends of course that gives you a few different options and benefits for trials in terms of how you actually get rewards though a century there are three different engrams that you unlock so when you have a card and you reach three wins on a character for the first time in a week you’ll get a random trials drop of weapons or armor and that’s a Tier two powerful drop then when you get to five wins you get another Engram drop which is a Tier three and finally seven wins will drop pinnacle gear but these engrams are the primary ways to earn any of the trials rewards for the first time at least specifically when we’re talking about weapons or armor and the pinnacle drop does come from the lighthouse chest and so whether you go flawless or not it is possible to collect the trials weapons and armor and then once those items are unlocked you can randomly acquire them again by turning in the tokens again from trials to same 14th Charles Ingram Swift pointed out that any trials tokens you pick up in a given weekend do you need to be spent before trials goes away at the weekly reset because otherwise you can actually lose those tokens also bear in mind the additional bounties you could pick up for trials these are going to be useful of course for earning XP glimmer but also valor rank points so they’re totally worth doing but you get trials tokens from them as well now though let’s speak about flawless loot specifically so there are two emblems that you pick up when you first go flawless initially there is the flawless ember.

Rhian but then also light for the lust and both of these emblems have different effects that also work with flawless glows so with the light for the lost emblem if you’ve been flawless you can equip that whenever you’re taking other players to the lighthouse and they’ll actually turn the trials glow white so that’s pretty cool but then the flawless Empyrean will actually turn the trials glow red and this is for when players are trying to block other players from going to the lighthouse so but you’ve added kind of many objectives to these but of course to get the glow at all you have to have been flawless in a given week and then for the emblems Bungie I’ve added stat trackers so you can actually show off the number of lighthouse carries you’ve done or the number of lighthouse shutdowns which is basically where you have stopped someone else for a manager to get flawless which is pretty rude isn’t it in terms of equipping the glows to the armor they simply apply as soon as your equips the relevant emblem and if you’ve been flawless for the week so you don’t actually have to go into the armor cosmetics or anything like that as long as you have the emblem on and you’ve been flawless as you can see right here you will actually get the glow there are some additional drops though for both flawless trials and match winds so firstly we have the ghost shell which is this dude is dropping when you win trials matches haven’t actually seen anyone get it just yet but also from the armor and weapons that we’re seeing drop it seems there might be kind of a weekly rotation on the loot table and so next weekend we could have different featured items for that third fifth and seventh win so that could be the case for some of these cosmetics as well but on top of the ghost shell there is also an exotic Sparrow that has the potential to drop from the lighthouse chest it isn’t a guaranteed item but it’s obviously gonna be a pretty rare one and then there is an emblem that we all seem to unlock after three wins as well and really that does cover all of the trials rewards guys so hope these insights into the loot table and how everything actually works have been useful pretty cool to get a look at the lighthouse in destiny too I wanted to get this video out right here but I’m gonna jump on and see if we can get another flawless in the bag or an actual first flawless in the bag that’s safe to say man a player has left your fireteam sends a classic chill down my spine but I hope you guys enjoyed the video if you have a rating is very much appreciated have fun if you are trimming into trials and if you do around here be sure to get subscribed so I can keep you up to date with destiny too but otherwise I hope you have an awesome day.

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