Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy – Fourth Horseman Catalyst! Easy Guide!

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Guide for the Easiest ways to Get, and Complete the Exotic Catalyst for The Fourth Horseman Exotic Shotgun in Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy!

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What is up guys Rick kak is here thank you so much for stopping by and today it was a big day the brand new exotic fourth Horseman shotgun and the accompanying exotic quest to get it was released and if you haven’t yet check out my complete guide all in one video not 17 parts for how to acquire this brand new exotic but that’s not all the fourth Horseman was actually released alongside its exotic catalyst as soon as you acquire this weapon you’re then gonna be able to go and get its catalyst and it’s a big deal taking a look at the fourth horseman quickly it has the intrinsic perk Thunderer this weapons rate of fire is increased significantly and fires full auto it also has an additional exotic perk broadside each successive shot has more damage and more spread so clearly you are spamming with this weapon the exotic catalyst as you can see actually as a fifth round into the magazine so capable of doing even more damage after holding down that trigger and obviously more damaged quite a bit more damage overall as well and it also increases the reload speed so you’re obviously gonna be spamming those well then five shots very quickly you’re gonna need to be reloading consistently so a huge boost to reload speed is also quite good it’s a catalyst that you absolutely want to get to make the most of this weapon so how do you get it and how do you level it up as quickly as possible.

Well as for how to acquire it you can actually get it to drop from firstly clearing Seraph bunkers so every day you have a chance from doing that you can also get it in the chests from legendary lost sectors and these Seraph tower public events so because you can only do the bunker clearing once per day the best way to farm this catalyst is to do either the lost sectors or the public events.

Now as for lost sectors a lot of people don’t want to do them because there are a thousand.

Like but there’s some definite farming strategies that makes it pretty easy to do these lost sectors and have a chance at this catalyst because you can skip every single enemy other than the boss seriously as you can see from the background gameplay you can spawn into the current quarry lost sector and you can technically do this for the other ones as well we’re going to talk about those in a sec and then you can just sprint past all of these enemies and at the very end where the chest is located you can simply hide up their enemies won’t actually go up there there’s like one Sion you’re gonna have to deal with and then you can kind of slowly work away at the bus once you kill specifically The Wanted enemy in that final room then the chest is going to unlock and you’re going to be able to loot it now the catalyst itself actually drops specifically from the normal reward chest and not the Worman chest so you will not need the blue encrypted bits in order to get this catalyst you’ll just need to open the chest and that means that you you can just run through even solo and get to the end and kill the boss loot the chest load it up again and keep doing that over and over and over now of course you may be a little bit lower light and it’s gonna be much harder to get through these enemies but do it on a hunter and turn yourself invisible that is a great way to make it all the way to the end of these lost sectors heck if you’re have one guy in your fireteam as a hunter he can throw down a smoke and turn the entire fireteam invisible and get them past a majority of this lost sector get him to the end just go ham on the boss kill it and loot the chest and there is definitely a strategy akin to that for all of the different available legendary lost sectors now if you don’t want to do that the second best way is to do the Seraph tower events remember it jobs from the chest it doesn’t actually say it jobs from the end chest if you get to 100% so even if you fail I believe you’ll still have a chance to get this catalyst now when I got it I did succeed and it actually seems to have a slightly higher drop rate from the Seraph tower events although you can’t obviously found them as fast as the legendary lost sectors in any event those are the best two ways to get the catalyst but once you’ve got it your journey is not over you’re gonna have to get quite a lot of kills with the fourth Horseman in order to equip it and of course you can just go out there and play normally but that means you’re using a frankly subpar exotic or worse than it should be for quite a long time doing normal activities before you finally get it to the best version of itself if you want to shorten that time down substantially simply go into the whisper mission if you’ve already done it load up heroic it’s just on the IO map if you haven’t done it yet linked up above is my original guide for how to get the whisper of the worm exotic sniper rifle by the way for whatever reason the whisper quest mission is super low light like 400 light and everyone is just slaying enemies in there so it’s actually easier to acquire this and the outbreak perfected than ever before so little tip for you there but in any event within the whisper mission you’re gonna go through the first part as you somewhat normally would and then you’re going to eventually get to this green room once you do simply drop down below and this is the best farming place for any catalyst or anything that just requires enemy kills because there is constantly spawning shadow thralls just constant they all run at you so make sure your armor is completely loaded up with shotgun finders shotguns scavengers and if you do have these seasonal mods from season of dawn specifically heavy handed which actually regens your shock and ammo when you get a kill when you’re surrounded with three or more enemies like that’s phenomenal for farming this and you just simply run out the clock of this mission because it is timed for 20 minutes and just slay out as much as you can you’re gonna come out of there with 60 70 percent done and then just do another run and finish it off in you know under an hour whereas otherwise it would take you you know a whole day of farming normal activities and so guys there you have it the best ways to acquire and finish the new fourth Horseman exotic.

Catalyst I hope you guys enjoyed this video found it informative and if you did please remember to help me out by simply rating and especially sharing this video if you guys want to see more destiny to contents so much of this don’t be afraid to slap that subscribe button if you want to get in touch with me and keep up to date with the latest channel activity the best way is to follow me on twitter at Rick cactus that’s linked in the description down below I can hope you enjoyed the video and as always have a good day.

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