Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy Full Guide – How To Get The Fourth Horseman

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A quick guide on how to get 4th Horseman in Destiny 2, during Season 10 (Season of the Worthy). Find Zavala’s Office at The Tower, as well as hints and tips on completing this Exotic Quest.

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What is up guys Jeff here back today jumping into destiny 2 now in our video today we’re taking a look at the fourth Horseman exotic quest this goes live on that Tuesday the 17th of March so in this video today we’re going to look at the location to Cevallos office and all the quest steps you’ll need to get hold of this new exotic now if you enjoy the video be sure to leave a rating down below that super helps me out here on the channel and if you’re new around here want to keep up to date with all the latest district 2 content then be sure to hit subscribe as well but without further delay guys let’s jump into the video so first things first guys what is the fourth horseman this is an exotic energy shotgun that’s been reprised from destiny 1 it comes with the exotic poke Thunderer where this weapons fire rates increased significantly and it fires in full auto as well as the legendary trait broadside where each successive short does more damage and has a wider spread and as you can see it’s a shotgun with four barrels and back in destiny 1 this used to be an absolute melt machine for buses when you got up close now as I mentioned in the intro the exotic quest itself ghosts live we commence in the 17th of March so be sure to check the tower as soon as you load in on the weekly reset and there are 10 steps for this quest so we’re going to cover those off today and the key hints and tips for each part so you can get this weapon as soon as possible now for the first step that list of quest we have to enter the vault so we have to gain access to the vault through a secret pathway in Cevallos office now if you don’t know where Silas office is this is on the third level underneath banshee if you follow the directions here on screen and a massive shout out to jb3 who kindly located the office but also shared the footage with me as well so if you haven’t checked out his youtube channel i’ll leave a link to his channel in the video description below but once you’ve made your way to to father’s office you’ll be able to walk inside next week and once here as you can see there’s a lot of memorabilia and survivor has one of the coolest looking offices i think i’ve ever seen as well as relics from trials of osiris you’ll also find the speakers mask which is rather interesting to know how he got hold of it and also what appears to be a sword similar to the raised lighter nevertheless once here we need to locate the vault to ensure here follow the directions here on screen now and this will take you directly to the secret vault inside the Tower.

I want you make your way to the vault itself you’ll notice that the weapon itself is missing and it brings us nicely on to the second step and this step is called missing in action and we’ll need to return to serve Allah and inform him that the weapon is missing from the fall and once here survivor will give us at the third step which is called fresh lead this is where we need to see if anna has some tech to help us track down the missing weapon you can find Anna over on the north side of Mars or once you speak to her she’ll give you the fourth step which is called on the hunt for this step will need to collect Intel for Anna by defeating cabal or by completing public events on Mars and it’s a completely subjective you’ll need to collect a thousand pieces of Intel now whilst that sounds like a lot the chances are heroic public events completed successfully will grant better progress now with that in mind Mars does have escalation protocol which do count as public events so be sure to give that a go next week to see if that as towards your progress and once you’ve collected enough Intel you’ll need to return to Anna for the fifth step where we can take the collected Intel back to her to see what she’s discovered once we hand this to her she’ll give us this sixth step which is good in the shadows and I’ll need you to bring her some information from calluses double agents in the red Legion you’ll need to defeat Saiyans and Luke cabal chest to gather it now in order to complete this step you’ll need to collect 50 pieces of heist data and there aren’t too many groups of science on Mars however if you approach seed man Adam some terrain lost sector on the south sides of the map you’ll find this over on the right hand side in case your drift there are plenty of sign in here which should help you complete this step relatively quickly now once you’ve collected enough Intel this will provide step 7 which is good under our nose now we’ve gathered enough Intel from callouses agents we’ll need to see if Benedict at ninety nine forty can be persuaded to help now with that we need to head back to the tower and once speaking to him he’ll provide the eighth step which is good dirty work so Benedict needs you to eliminate the encryption signals coming from the heed easy defeat combatants the complete public events and complete patrols now in order to complete this objective 1,000 pieces of encryption to be eliminated and as we have similar quests in the past the chances are heroic public events will also provide extra progress now once we’ve completed the objective this provide the knife step which is called rein it in and we simply need to return to Benedick ninety nine forty located in the tower once we speak to him we’ll get the tenth and final step of this quest this is called lost and found.

Now Benedict has given you the location of a missing weapon in exchange for using his caboose where to smash the red Legion and the final location for this weapon is in fact a legendary lost sector this is called the quarry and you can find this in the Sun canals over in the European dead zone now once you complete the lost sector itself the fourth Horseman is yours so there we have it guys that is a full breakdown of all the ten steps coming on Tuesday these 17th of March for the exotic shotgun the fourth Horseman if you have enjoyed the video be sure to leave a rating down below that super helps me out here on the channel and if you’re new around here want to keep up-to-date with all the latest testitude content then be sure to hit subscribe as well I’m going to come back into the game as always guys but I will catch you all again very soon.

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