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What is up guys social distancing cactus here thank you so much for stopping by and today we are going to be talking about how to increase your power level as fast and efficiently as possible so you can compete with the level of thousands sweats in trials of Osiris now very importantly this first weekend your power level of your artifact is going to be considered so technically you can go to the moon and absolutely farm the crap out of the repeatable bounties in the lost sectors that will gain you an advantage however only for this weekend so in this video we’re gonna be much more focusing on your gear score getting that as high as possible because that will be the relevant power level stat going forward ok so let’s talk about those tips because if you do everything right I think it’s very possible to get a character to a power level of 1000 or higher in a single day of grinding first and foremost if you are not 950 power yet do not do any powerful drops the reason being is because the soft cap is at 950 which means that literally any piece of loot any blue that drops whatever will get you all the way to 950 after that point you will need specifically powerful Zoar pinnacle drops to get up to a thousand plus so that’s first thing now let’s say you are 950 and you’re looking to do powerful x’ which ones should you do which activity is the best to get you powerful loot well powerful themselves don’t necessarily have a big difference in between one another they’ll almost always give you a +5 around of your base power level however there is one activity that’s absolutely bonkers and throwing out powerful loot and that is the competitive playlist for whatever reason the competitive playlist is the most efficient way to level up and it’s not even close now usually if you’re in the normal crucible playlist you’re going to.

A powerful reward every time you reach a named rank so you’ve just reached fabled for the first time you get a powerful if you reach heroic you get a powerful right.

But for comm all of the in-between rewards so remember if you’re in fabled its fabled one fable – fabled three and then you rank up to the next named rank and all of those rewards along the way at one two and three in comp or powerful it is throwing out loot like I said so even if you do not like PvP and you hate comp and you’re like oh I don’t want to do it it’s so sweaty it’s so annoying trust me if you could go in and just like win your first game basically you are going to get three to four powerful jobs just for doing that and then honestly at that point it’s almost worth it to stop like you can go in just win just win a couple rank up once or twice and that will be so many powerful drops and honestly it’s really not that bad these days especially because firstly all the sweaty players are in trials right now.

So if you go into comp it’s not that bad and secondly after the solo playlist was introduced that has been a huge help in people ranking up in comps so even if you don’t like it I would just give it a try even if you lose a few as long as you just win a couple it is gonna be worth it for the loot now let’s move on from there let’s say you’ve done some comp or you’ve absolutely refused and you’re doing some other stuff a mistake a lot of people will make is just chase powerful they’ll see a bunch of little circles on their directory and they’ll go after all of them and then get them all done and say well what next the problem is that that is pretty much the least efficient way to level up you want to get a few powerful drops so you again you win that first game a comp you let’s say you do your strikes and you get that powerful then you maybe do the flash point you get that powerful then stop don’t go after any more powerful at that point you need to balance your character and what that means is after doing a few powerful x’ you’re gonna have a few pieces of gear that are much higher than the rest right.

You’ll be 960 overall but you’ll have a 965 helmet and a 967 pair of gauntlets right and the problem is that if you keep doing powerful x’ if you get another pair of gauntlets they’re gonna be a plus 1 and it’s gonna be basically useless so instead because now all gear is gonna drop like zero to three overall power levels below your character that means that you can plug the gaps you can go to shacks or Zavala and you can just spam your tokens and get the rewards and they’ll again always be you know one to two overall power levels below you so if you’re 960 again in that example you’ve got the 965 helmet you’ve got the 67 gauntlets and then you’ve only got a 55 chess piece well if you go in spam Zavala.

And he gives you a 59 chess piece Wow like you just got a pretty good incas you just got a 4 power level increase on that piece of gear and heck you put that on you could go up a whole power level and that means all the drops are getting are going to go up that power level as well that is super important but it’s not quite as simple as just going to Zavala and spamming tokens certain vendors are going to be just absolutely key in doing this because every day it kind of rotates but random vendors drop hi and that means they drop gear that is literally your exact power level so in that example you’re 960 every single piece of gear they drop from ranking them up is going to be 960 which is insanely good in plugging those gaps now how do you know which vendors are dropping high well you can simply Google like destiny to a vendors dropping high you can go to vendor engrams dot X Y Z and it’ll look like this you can see oh devran K is dropping high I’ve got a lot of dust like shards I can go to him level them up a bunch of times fill those gaps and really ascend in power levels easily and importantly you’re going up in power level but you’re not using up any of your powerful drops you had a few powerful drops they bring you up one or two power levels you bounce out those bring you up two or three more power levels and boom you’re ascending the most efficiently you possibly can now of course with that being said not everyone has a billion million resources right it’s very easy to do this if it’s a day that Spyder is selling a resource for legendary shards that coincides with one of these vendors dropping high so in that devran k example if the Spyder is selling dust like shards you can just go spam those then go visit dev hram spam him go back to the spider and just that is a great way to level up if those coincide but of course if he’s selling them for five thousand glimmer you’re kind of screwed thankfully there’s another way to do this and that is your season’s pass your season’s pass armor is actually basically dropping high and it’s specific rewards so I would highly recommend not grabbing your season’s pass armor until you need it until you’re filling gaps because if you have your chest piece that’s super low and you’re always gonna have that one piece of gear that’s lower than the others just randomly it happens well you can withdraw a chest piece from your season pass and it’s basically gonna be your current overall power level and it’ll often raise that lowest piece of gear for five power levels easily and that can often raise your overall power levels if you’re wanting to do the calculation this is how it works out the magic number is eight which means eight overall gear score power levels will increase your total power level by one so if you are nine sixty and literally every single piece of your gear is also nine six.

You’re going to need to get either one piece of gear that’s 968 and that will bring you to 961 overall or 8 different power levels spread amongst a bunch of gear so you can get something that’s +5 and then something else that’s +3 and then you’re gonna go to 961 so that is a calculation you want to do in your head if you’re looking at your gear and you’re thinking well I can only get like +7 I can’t get eight different power levels out of balancing then it might not be worth it to actually do some balancing on the flip side if you look at your gear and you’ve got 7 levels you know amongst your gear above your overall power level that is the perfect time to do balancing you only need you know plus one of one piece of gear to go up an entire power level now I also want to mention that there is a lot of different powerful drops within the game and sometimes people forget about them the nightfall yes it does have the 100k pinnacle reward but it also has a random powerful reward that you get for just doing you know a few of the normal match made difficulty nightfalls and again a lot of people forget about that you want to also be doing stuff as efficiently as possible in the sense of you can do stuff at the same time often and way too often people don’t and it takes them way longer than otherwise would you know the gunsmith is offering a powerful for doing 7 different daily bounties well grab all of his daily bounties and then going to the strike playlist and then try to do those at the same time the moon has a bunch of powerful x’ as well the memory quests are powerful there’s a lecture and weekly that has you just kill 30 nightmares in Saros Harbor there’s a daily mission or sorry a weekly mission that’s super easy to do but it rewards a powerful the nightmare hunts doing 3 of those give you a powerful and then of course doing the super hard one gives you a pinnacle all of that stuff so make sure you actually do all of your pinnacles not all of them will necessarily show very obviously on the directory but I want to move on from there and talk about multiple characters like this is kind of the thing that will put you.

Over the edge if you are rocking to characters you’re going to level up with you know way higher and three characters you’ve got it mate like you’ll be a thousand absolutely no problem it’s really not too difficult to balance multiple characters and it’s less time-consuming than people think because the main brunt of your work is gonna be on that first character which you’re gonna do anyways doing your powerful is balancing out doing more powerful balancing out doing more powerful balancing out doing pinnacles right but once you get to the point where you’ve pretty much exhausted your efforts and let’s say you’ve ended at nine eighty eight your nine eighty eight on your main guy then that’s pretty good but you have a second character you can transfer your nine eighty eight or around that light level of weapons to your second character and then you just do stuff on your second character and your armor is going to fly through again the normal drops are only going to be a maximum of three power levels below your overall power level and your overall power level is gonna be inflated massively because of your extremely high weapons on your second character so you don’t even need to touch powerful x’ you can just go and do patrol and get random drops and those are gonna make you fly up you can also do things like hey you’ve actually got the ability to claim that initial box for the season’s pass if you if you bought it and that gives you a full set of armor so on your second character you can just claim that box and you’re gonna get like +10 of every single armor piece and just shoot up in level right away you can spend your crucible or Vanguard tokens and every piece of armor is going to help you fly up like you’re gonna be able to get that second character to 980 before you’ve even touched a powerful or pinnacle drop then you just do a few strikes or whatever and suddenly your second character is sitting at 995 and you’ve done half you’re powerful and it works the other way too right you have your second character you get that guy really high you get a bunch of great weapons that are higher than ever and then you transfer those weapons back to your.

Original character and she was sitting at 988 remember but suddenly the weapons from your second character are 995 well then that guy’s getting a little bit of a boost so if you do a little bit more things on the other guy he’s gonna go up so you can kind of bounce back and forth between these multiple characters and you can do all of those things without touching the raid without touching a pinnacle drop and I think that’s something that a lot of people think you absolutely need to do it certainly helps but it is not required you can definitely get to 9 90s and a thousands without touching pinnacles if you are using multiple characters if you’re balancing if you’re doing everything I talked about in this video guys that’s it for the video I hope you enjoyed found this informative and if you did please remember to help me out by simply rating and especially sharing this video if you guys want to see more destiny 2 content similar to this don’t be afraid just slap that subscribe button if you want to get in touch with me and keep up to date with the latest channel activity the best way is to follow me on twitter at Rick cactus that’s linked in the description down below again hope you enjoyed the video and as always have a good day.

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