Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy Guide – Seven Rules To Win In Trials And Go Flawless

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This is my guide on winning & going flawless in the BRAND new Trials of Osiris mode, returning to D2 this Season (tomorrow). 7 Rules that newer players can follow if they want to go to the new Lighthouse.

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Hello there if you’re watching this video the day it comes out trials of Osiris Destiny’s long-awaited community loved endgame PvP activities finally returning tomorrow in this video I’m going to talk about how to win and how to go flawless in trials if you’re new to the community or you don’t know what going flawless means don’t worry you will the goal in a nutshell is to win multiple games of trials in a row probably 9 unless we get boons back and doing so will give you additional rewards as well as maybe a personal sense of accomplishment and access to a new social area for flawless players only the lighthouse it’s kind of a big deal as some of you out there know I’ve streamed on Twitch for many years now and spent many many weekends helping members of my own community get to the lighthouse and trials and after doing so many trials cards with so many players trying to go flawless I eventually wound up creating rules they’re more like guidelines than rules but it’s more fun to say rules when someone won the raffle on my twitch chat and we brought them into the fire team to play a game of trials we made sure that each player we brought in was familiar with these rules with trials returning I looked over my old rules and to my great delight realized that literally all of them still held up overtime these rules are what we’re going over today while there are for sure many ways to win these are mine they are not specific to certain gear or loadouts although if people want to we can cover that in a future video anyway without further ado my 7 rules to winning and going flawless in trials of Osiris rule number one don’t get picked rule number two don’t get picked now I’m sure some of you are laughing right now because you probably clicked on this video for some a tremendously deep insight and the first two rules right out the gate are incredibly obvious it’s kind of like advising a boxer looking to get better to not get punished give me a minute to explain though because I can’t tell you how many trials carries we’ve had improve for the better after drilling rule number one and two into their heads right away trials is elimination with only three players on each side here’s how 95% of all trials matches go at the beginning there’s a standoff.

Could be long could be short eventually one guardian will get picked off the second someone does get picked off the standoff period is officially over and that team that did the picking is going to blitz creek in at light speed and manslaughter your team don’t believe me new players cuz the vets are all nodding right now the beginning of each match is the calm before the storm once someone on your team gets picked off either due to getting sniped or team shot at from an unseen angle the enemy team is going to be all over you like white on rice mainly because they don’t want you to get your dead teammate revived but also because a 3v2 situation is very very easy to win more so than a 3v3 anyway every match boils down to numbers if your team has the number advantage the odds are in your favor so I reiterate don’t get picked if you suspect the enemy team is hardscoping a popular sniper léna get a corner and emote to peek around the corner without exposing yourself oh what’s that you think that’s cheesy this is trials bitch we play to win around here if an enemy player is shooting you and you duck behind a corner for cover wait before poking back out again or better yet maybe find a new angle altogether I literally cannot stress how important it is to not be the first player dead in trials you want to do everything in your power to work with your teammates to ensure the first kill of the game is on the enemy team use call-outs use cover use team shots and get that first pick when that first Guardian dies any good trials team will make sure that round is over in 20 seconds or less almost guaranteed don’t get picked rule number three don’t be alone kind of a good rule for life too if you think about it but I digress any of you out there watch nature documentaries planet Earth and all of that ever see a video of wolves lions or any other predator hunting their food in the wild what do they do they go for weak prey slow lonesome undefended stragglers you and your teammates strategy should be no different no joke if I had a dollar for every lone teammate I’ve seen in a game of trials or comp get quickly wagons circled because they were all alone off in la-la land I’d be retired fine prevent this from happening to you and your teammates by keeping a super tight eye on your radar and HUD obviously you don’t want to be holding hands with your teammates but there should be very few points in the opening moments of the game where someone is miles away from their two teammates of course there can be exceptions to this rule crazy top tier PvP gods who play this game from morning til night can break off solo to try and look for a pic or for a flank the ability to do this well comes with experience that being said even legends can have a hard time fighting off three attacking Guardians all at the same time here’s a good rule of thumb if you’re trying to find a good angle or an enemy to shoot and all of a sudden you notice you are literally half the map away from the rest of your team reposition yourself and get closer to your teammates do it quickly and do not expose yourself if all of a sudden you get wolf packed by the entire enemy team and you were all off on your own you have only yourself to blame rule number four push those who are alone rule number four is the peanut butter – rule number three’s jelly translation if you and your teammates notice that on your radar one enemy is clearly wandering off on their own you collapse and you collapse hard on that lone enemy that is remember it’s harder to fight a mob of guardians all at once rather than three Guardians one at a time so when you push that lone guardian you make sure to do it all together all at once it is shockingly more easy to win a round of trials when one lone weak guardian has already been polished off and you’re now left with a 3v2.

You can still lose of course but the odds are definitely in your favor even if you wanted to mindlessly a pin heart now with your new number advantage that wouldn’t be a terrible idea you could get the job done and way more likely than you could before you’re always gonna have to be aware of lone Guardians armed with killer close range weapons though like shotguns fusions one-hit-kill abilities like handheld supernova or even their supers nine times out of ten though pushing a lone guardian with your entire team is absolutely the right play to make even if they fight back and take out one or god forbid two of you depending on how far away that lone teammate was you could easily revive your and be right back up to full strength in no time.

Rule number five unless you are about to lose the game do not pop your super in a 1v3.

Situation as you can probably guess this rule was created after several catastrophic trials losses that could have been easily prevented had we used our supers better here’s the scenario your team is ahead several rounds but you happen to be losing the current round your one teammate is left all alone in a 1v3.

He pops his super because he craves that hero moment and within two seconds he’s laying dead on the floor because he got his head ripped off via enemy gunfire look I get it you want to be the hero you have to think about the long-term in trials not the short-term or in addition to the short-term I should say is it possible to win a 1v3 with your super for sure is it likely though that depends some teams and trials play very campy since the general rule of thumb is to stick together taking down three enemies while getting team shot yourself with no backup support on your end isn’t a walk in the park even if you have your super again if you’re already ahead in the round count especially by two or even three rounds you know what’s usually a better idea save your super try your best to win the round alone if you don’t no big deal now though it’s a fresh new round and you can pop your super right away and have much much better odds at winning the round with your super while also having the support of your now alive teammates of course if you’re on the final round you have to use your super even if you’re in a 1v3 but we’ve had so many cases of heartbreak when trying to help friends go flawless who popped their super in horrible situations where they didn’t need to and then we went on to lose not only the round but the game overall think about the long-term and unless you’re literally about to lose the entire game don’t pop your super in a 1v3.

Rule number 6 push together as a team retreat together as a team this one seems self explanatory and yet here we are if you’re in a situation where you need to push the enemy team your odds of success are higher if you Tech together here’s the scenario for you your team is alive and well and the enemy team has one Guardian alive your goal right now should be to push the hell out of him so he doesn’t get the chance to revive his dead teammates and bring things back to a 3v3 so yeah you push him but rut ro you pushed him alone with your goofball as teammates staying at the back of the map hardscoping a doorway hoping the enemy would just be kind enough to pop out and give you a free headshot for no reason you push him alone he kills you and whoopsie just revived his entire team now it’s a 2v3 situation and your team goes on to lose the round GG no Reed if you’re going to push do it together as a team you gain very little by dividing your focus and being separated in 3v3 elimination and on that note when you retreat retreat together as a team when I’m trying to help people get to legend in comp on Twitch this one comes up a lot there are simply some situations where you need to duck out of the engagement gtfo and reposition yourself as a team in those situations you better all be retreating together because the absolute last thing you want is to look back and see one teammate who didn’t hear the call-out to fall back he’s standing there alone and oh no he just got violated by the entire enemy team unfortunate so much of elimination revolves around having your entire team be full strength at all times and taking advantage of the enemy team when there we retreat together and keep your entire team alive if you see your teammates bailing repositioning and moving with them is for your benefit too you don’t want to stupidly hold your ground in a situation where you’re about to get a p1 v3 push together as a team retreat together as a team and finally we get to rule number 7 I bet you’re thinking this might be something wholesome and uplifting be optimistic support each other and believe in the heart of the cards Matt never stand still when reviving an ally and push revived allies if they’re being hardscope this rule right here requires a demonstration for all you rookies out there who might be unfamiliar with trial let’s start with the first part of rule seven never stand still when reviving an ally how do I put this delicately destiny snipers wish to harm you they laugh and giggle in their sleep dreaming about opportunities to embarrass you with pinpoint precision as you desperately try to revive your own team take a look at these two clips which Guardian do you think is going to be easier to murder the one strafing and bobbing and weaving and also potentially shooting back at the sniper or the one standing completely still like a goon no contest.

Number two is gonna get capped I’m not saying it’s impossible to put down the strafing Guardian but why make life easier for your enemy bob-and-weave people throw in a duck every now and then ideally you never have to revive a teammate who’s clearly in the enemy’s line of sight but I guarantee you there will be times where this is something you’ll have to deal with or who knows maybe you think the revive on your teammate is safe so you stand still and then BAM you get dunked on always assume someone is watching you now for the second half of rule seven push revived allies if they’re being hard scoped another demonstration for you let’s say you’re in a situation where you can revive a dead teammate you’re in cover your teammate might be in a situation though where if a sniper was watching your revived friend would probably get their head blown off so what do you do here’s what you don’t do pick them up like normal and keep your fingers crossed.

That no one’s watching whoops looks like someone was watching and now your teammates back in the dirt with a longer revive timer won’t want here’s what you should get into the habit of doing when your teammates body pops up from the revive you run right at them and slide right away the goal here being to push your friend out of harm’s way if they were being hardscope not a completely 100% guaranteed safe way to pick up a friend by the way but again I’ve literally won rounds and games because of this technique back in d1 many players have go ahead and add it to your repertoire of knowledge and don’t make life easier for the dirty hearts coppers out there just itching to ruin your day and that’s it of course there’s traditional suggestions on how to improve your odds at winning like be a very high power level because trials is a light level enabled activity and communicate with your teammates that’s always important to winning the team that talks more has a better shot at winning and all that stuff but I figured aside from that repetitive advice these seven rules are great because they have helped me explain the nature of trials very frequently to people trying to go flawless back in the day and they’ve served me well I’ve had people tell me they thought they’d never go flawless join up with me follow the rules and booyah lighthouse ahoy so one final review don’t get picked don’t get picked don’t be alone push those who are alone unless you’re about to lose the game don’t use your super in a 1v3 push together as a team retreat together as a team never stand still when reviving an ally push allies being hardscope seven easy rules to help improve your odds at going flawless in trials if you have any additional tips to share with trials newcomers on winning and going flawless please do so down below in the comment section as always if you found this video helpful gently caress that like button.

Oh so tenderly and if you haven’t already respawn at snipe that sub button because it was asking for it thank you all very much for watching and I’ll see you at the lighthouse.

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