Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy – Power Leveling Guide, Hit 1010 Power Day 1

Author: GernaderJake

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Ladies and gentlemen Grenadier Jake here coming to you live actually while I’m streaming from twitch to talk about power and I’m gonna try to make this video as quick as possible I’ve been doing this whole power guide thing for a few years now and my videos are never edited they’re just me explaining things in a very simple way so I’ll try to make this take as little time as possible and just get to the point I did a 24 hours stream and in that 24 hour stream I reached 1011 power that was a base power of 1,001 with an artifact bonus of +10 for the sake of this video just forget about the idea of the artifact bonus okay it’s not worth talking about this is guy this is a guide for your base power and getting your base power as high as possible keep in mind up now on my third character not my second I haven’t yet started to grind up his gear yet which is why I am lower but on my Titan at the moment I am one thousand one base power and I’m a hunter I will be soon – so for those looking to figure out the most efficient way possible to grind up your power hopefully I can describe this to you in a simple manner first things / first things first all you’re really doing there’s no secret guide here is powerful and what you really want to make sure you’re doing is when your gear is really even you want to do a more powerful like a tier 3 that way you can separate your gear a little bit and it requires less powerful – bonus yourself up +1 now you might be like what the heck is he talking about and here’s the main point I’m gonna get to and really focus on it don’t have a huge secret guys I don’t the number one secret the number one thing I do is I never go and do a powerful activity while it is possible for me to level through non powerful activities let’s give you an example okay let’s say I am 970 power but my helmet my you know everything that I looked at is 9 71 and then my boots are just a little bit lower they’re stuck down just a little bit beneath 970 there are vendors in the game that will drop + zeros they will drop things at your power for day one that happened that the e DS e it happen to Titan and it happened at IO if you go to those vendors and you spam packages until you get the item that you need usually it’s multiple items you might need to get your power one higher that way you can.

Always be doing your powerful drops when you actually need to do them so I’m gonna say this again one more time do not ever do a powerful drop until you are for sure certain you cannot get higher power by doing non powerful activities another way that you can take advantage of this is in your season past let’s say you notice that if you get boots to drop simply at your power level you will go up plus one power may mean the next powerful you do will be an extra power higher I did this all day the entire 24 hour streams I made sure probably about 15 different times which if you think about it really did save me 15 powers worth I made sure about 15 different times that I did not do a powerful activity and so I went and did packages or use my season pass so you need boots right you boost a little bit too low if you get boots at your power your power is gonna actually go up by one go to your season pass your season pass drops plenty of armor and if you’re smart about when you pick it up and only pick it up when you really need to this season pass armor hello beetle this season pass armor drops your power so you can specifically decide exactly which one to pick up based on which thing you need and continue to edge up all right let’s talk about more things and things that can help you get to 1,000 power as quick as possible so in a thousand ten if you can because a thousand power is actually the soft cap you can get to a thousand via powerful activities you can’t get to a thousand ten unless you start doing pinnacles so because I am 1,001 on my Titan that means I’ve done pinnacles yet from a thousand to a thousand and one but anyway let’s keep talking about it help you guys figure out what it is that you need to do so I didn’t actually do this but Giggs did and a few other people did you can do comp comp if you do it on your first character it drops you so many powerful as you’re ranking up in both valor and and glory and you’re getting powerful is the entire way you do it and if he gets a 5 or 5,500 you can even get more rewards and just continue to boost your stuff up non-stop if you come on your first character you can actually get to a thousand power on your first character and then use pinnacles on that character and therefore on week number one you can get pinnacles to get you from 1000 up past that 1000 barrier on three characters I’m only gonna end up doing that on two because I did not think about doing comp but if you really want to be insane and get ahead of the curve do comp do competitive on your first character try to get to a thousand power and then do pinnacles on all three I didn’t get to do that like I said but if you want to be absolutely over-the-top overkill that is an option for you I didn’t do that all I did was just do all the powerful is that you see on your interface everything with a little Golden Circle just do those that includes vendors stuff that includes here’s the biggest bonus that I could have another pretty serious secret that included from me the Leviathans breath exotic bow and the Devils ruin exotic side are really easy to complete quest that dropped as plus fives which is basically the same as a tier 3 powerful they dropped his +5 so make sure if you have any year 3 exotic quests that you have not completed like the Bastien which is tough to do but at least it’s still a primary weapon Devil’s rune easy quest to do the Leviathans breath easy quest to do you can do those on all the characters you haven’t completed them on they are plus fives that help me get you within a thousand heavy weapon really really quickly the guys I’m sorry I don’t have a giant secret for you I may have forgotten something cuz I just did a 24 hour stream and slept two and a half hours and came back to do this video for you sorry I don’t have fancy editing in it either but I really did my best to just explain it simply I don’t have a secret the secret sauce is something that everybody should know how to do pay attention to your gear if you are 970 and 7/8 in other words you just need a plus one on any of your gear and any of your gear is behind your overall power go to a vendor that gives you plus zeros at the time you can use dim to do that.

Destiny item manager will tell you which vendors are plus zeros go spend some materials or use your season pass to get the item that you need to get that way you can level up one more time before you redeem another powerful continue to do this every single time you are near upgrading another level and if your gear is ever dead even you want to go ahead and try to do a tier 3 powerful or a tear too powerful to separate that gear a little bit and minimize the number of powerful x’ you need to go up one more time that’s it guys it’s really that simple let me know if you have questions in the comments I honestly don’t read comments very often so I would say more importantly if you have questions come on in to twitch where I’m streaming over a hundred hours this first week of season of the worthy over a hundred hours I’m recording this video live Wednesday after my 24 hour launch stream for season of worthy I’ll be live almost definitely when you’re watching this video on youtube and if you want to come into the twitch chat there’s a lot of people who hang out in here who might be able to help answer your question or just tag me I’m live I’ll probably see it maybe I can help answer your question and clarify some points for you if you were confused thank you for watching slash grenadier Jake spelled the same and is on youtube head on in there make an account get your question in chat let’s help answer it let’s help you power grinds let’s help you get ready for trials because when I match to you I don’t want to have too big of an advantage with my power I want you to be at least on a somewhat even playing field that way I can beat you 5 oh and feel good about it thanks for watching guys see you on Twitch enjoy the rest of your day.

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