Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy – Zero Hour Insane Glitch! Heroic Solo Guide! Easiest Solo Outbreak Perfected

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Solo Zero Hour Insane Glitch: How to Get Outbreak Perfected, Solo Zero Hour in Season of the Worthy Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Solo Guide on Zero Hour Mission to earn Outbreak Perfected. Post Nerf Solo Zero Hour. No Whisper, No Skull of Dire Ahamkara, No Orpheus Rigs, No Recluse, No Mountaintop, No Pinnacle Weapons. No Nerfed Items. NO JOTUNN Easiest run EVER on Zero Hour Heroic. Do this SOLO before it is patched!

Just a quick live video of the glitched bugged run. This is INSANELY broken, and if you’ve been waited to do Zero Hour, TODAY IS THE DAY. Do it NOW! I used exotics like RiskRunner and Doom Fang Pauldrons again, and the enemies JUST MELTED. Do it NOW!

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Hey what’s going on everyone man oh here let you know that I am testing out some things in season of worthy you’ll see that I am doing these zero our heroic however there is a glitch right now going on both in zero hour and in whisper of the worms mission both of those missions that seem to be having some glitches where the enemies are very susceptible to damage so we’re gonna run that plus we’re testing out this new camera that I have here for my stream and for content creation and for vlogging so we’re gonna test that out you can actually see lucky here having a good old time he’s really really clear he’s super happy to be here so yeah we’re gonna give it a run um this is my standard non this is my standard non yotan build so I’m running my sentient class with middle tree I’ve got my rally barricade long shadow risk runner with delirium if you want to you can use hammer head it’s not a big deal plus my doom Fang pauldrons I’m interested to see what they did to do feng cauldrons because those are a little bit different I actually want to take a second and turn on the music because this music is gold rates so but you run this let’s go this is what you’d see on stream 2 by the way the TV’s help installing this I’m gonna do the heroic version of this we’ll see how the jumpy puzzle goes right lucky I know right very standard run nothing crazy oh my gosh yeah the enemies are very susceptible to damage like they’re almost one-shot do you see that that’s insanely easy so very very broken very very broken.

There was like no skill used folks at that like I didn’t even have to use heavy ammo insane and if you’re using risk runner yeah there’s definitely some kind of a glitch going on with this right now so if you need to get it done now is the time.

Yeah and look at that damage from that distance that’s absolutely insane I’m gonna take a second here these guys yeah because normally those would be a to tap with the snipe they are currently at one yeah this is the funny it’s probably my fastest clear iPad without using word cliff again if you do need help come and over and over to slash man or duster 777 I also do streams here on YouTube if you’re interested in checking that out hopefully you’re a joined season of the worthy we’ve barely got into it though alright here I’m gonna do with that’s because doing this yeah this is totally glitched those guys are just getting destroyed alright so here’s the test to see if I’m going to lose more damage to this because they quote fixed a bug so I’m interested to see how much super I get back with this it is less it’s not ridiculously less but it’s not great.

Yeah look at that that’s that’s unreal that’s unreal how broken that is unreal 17 minutes like that’s it’s one of my best times ever part of the reason I wanted to run this too is see where where everything was yeah this is absolutely broken so if you want to try soloing this for kicks and giggles now is the time to do it yeah I’m literally just one tapping these enemies it literally doesn’t take anything so really this is nice because then you’ll have some time for the jumping puzzle you’re not good at jumping puzzles at all then definitely hop over by stream because I’ll probably do a ton of these then since this is so easy if you need a run this is the time to do it.

Yeah this is ridiculous I’m not even flying here.

This is ridiculous guys look at that and this is on heroic I have to see what Vern we all right we’re at what burn is that this week Soler okay so I have to pull up my map for that but it shouldn’t be that bad at all not difficult at all so I would do the jumping puzzle which doesn’t have a thing to do but the thing is is that 15 minutes solo is pretty darn good not my best time running with a crew but.

Now if memory serves there was someone in one of my other videos I used to always just get all of them all of these switches coming up because I thought that they were randomized apparently they’re not randomized so apparently it’s the one in the corner right here opposite of where you need to go so that is a quick adjustment thanks to the people who called that out in the last video appreciate it so hopefully I don’t die I almost did lucky was worried for me for a second but we made it through yeah this is absolutely broken dude so much easier yep that’s the one so now we know and whoever counts shouted that out I do appreciate that you put that in the video it’s nice because you don’t really have to worry so much about the boss damage all you really need to do is worry about these jumping puzzles which I know some people aren’t grayed out like I just failed right there it’s cuz I messed up jumping but that’s okay if I hadn’t already done this on flawless I would have restarted but it’s not a big deal we’re just showing you what the damage is like in these guys so okay there we go still kind of getting used to this mouse and keyboard a little bit but I’m almost there almost missed that this is the thing that I always have to check on is the wall out here I always have a little bit of a time because on PC it feels like I’m moving like eight hundred miles an hour one that gets stuck in on the wall I kind of just take my time here this it’s really easy to feel like I go past it like there I am there I almost went past it a little bit too much I could have rushed it but again I’m not worried about the ending face the ending boss is if if they die with that amount of damage like that we had in the first couple rooms this is gonna be nothing but just I wanted to show a quick video to show that it’s possible and that it’s very simple to do this week so this sooner you can get after it the better cuz there will be a patch for this I think Bungie has already talked about the fact that this is gonna be patched plus whisper I almost missed that jump that was been bad misses my jump there there we go back up just a little bit this is just literally my first run I just heard that this was bugged and I wanted to see how bad it was and test the new camera.

Can’t believe it on the side there cool okay.

A little too far off the deep end there but that’s all.

Pretty sloppy run but it’s fine worried about it.

It’s the one section where I really try and double check my jumps it’s really easy to get caught up there getting close I’m going to need to use my map really interesting to see what the headshot damage is on these enemies coming up here in a little bit again always go left when you have our boy Trevor here.

We’ll see how bad Whisperer is this week too.

If you didn’t know you should go left grab the bottom and the top doors on the left-hand side when I hit this it’s going to proc the lightning that is up in front up on top by the exit but it won’t hit this a lot of people don’t think to go this way and this is actually a really simple way to go so at this point then I literally just switched spots with Trevor this is the one spot that I’ll have to wait for a second that would give me ample time to pull up the and I mean it’s very doable to do on console – very very doable all right.

Let’s hurry okay there’s my map I’ve got my map of where I need to go remember all new heroic it’s different every week based on the burn the sins of the puzzle so this week is solar so I have to go a different path than I would the other two weeks which are our kin doing.

Now on this if you hustle you can beat the Lightning right here just jump over the top of it if you go through the bottom and won’t work what do you think bud pretty easy huh probably my easiest runs I do put boss speck on this and I do like triple tap snapshot it’s a very easy sniper to get especially if you run Vanguard packages or strikes I’ve probably gotten like 20 of those particular weapons at least four of them have had some type of role with triple tap on it so very easy to get that sniper rifle if you’re looking for a weapon if you don’t have yotan did you leave me at present yeah you did he’s gonna go.

He might fly back to his cage so if he does that don’t get freaked out dad I’m not not treating this like a super high-tech rock all right so again since this is solar we’re gonna do a different path go up here here on the wall seven minutes 55 cents now my best time but a pretty good time my best time was somewhere like at 8:30 so low but I didn’t have that stupid mistake and I didn’t mess up the jumping puzzles so it is what it is oh my lord look at that that’s ridiculous I’ll dust does that thing go down all right the turret seems to be okay what checks on.

Wow that damage is nutty have to be careful here because I might get snipe do you still take the same amount of damage the only difference is that you caused an a crazy amount damage back so much damage not gonna die in this room I don’t usually get rid of the turret but since like it’s not going to be an issue.

Oh my lord I just shoot abdun up my lord that’s insane yeah you will feel a little bit under of a nerf from the maths from the super but overall it’s very doable oh I’m not even not even sweating.

That’s just nutty that is just absolutely nutty look at that.

All right let’s see how quickly can take out these tanks.

I might even be able to do it with one grenade a pop.

Yeah 108 a pop it’s already dead that’s insane.

We need to come over here to aggro the guys who are invisible Oh the only problem there is I accidentally killed that team shouldn’t have done that because now all those ads going to come back.

That’s ridiculous that’s nutty how easy that is oh I did leave one up alright that was just a quick live run of the bugged zero our mission it’s very easy to solo if you have not gotten a chance to do so on heroic and normal mode as you could have seen in the video the enemies are nearly one shot once you pull the shield off them it’s so insanely fun to do I love running this mission as well but if you’re not comfortable running the jumping puzzles or anything else like that go ahead and follow me over on Twitch or on YouTube I can go ahead and take you through there we have a really great community in our discord we run people through these special missions all the time we do raids we do strikes night falls all sorts of things like that and we’d like you to join the community as well as we start to kick off season of though worthy now quick note on this I did do some testing in whisper the worm nothing’s really different there it all seems to be about the same damage I had heard reports that it was still bugged over on the whisper the worm mission but that is not the case so if you are looking to solo something get into outbreak rook or it to outbreak normal and get that taken care of so if you did like this kind of content like kind of like the live stream or these stream highlights let me know down in the comments section below I’ve been thinking about doing some of those kind of fun highlight videos over on my youtube channel plus maybe like plays of the week or things like that submitted by you I’d really like to see what your thoughts are as we continue to grow the community if you did like something in this video a positive rating is greatly appreciated hit that subscribe button for more destiny to contents as always check out the discord which is linked down in the description box below follow me over on Twitch and as always good hunting Guardians I’ll see you next time and the universe of destiny.

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