Destiny 2 – Seraph Bunker Loot Guide! Upgrades and How To Farm Warmind Bits

Author: Ninja Pups

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Here i’m covering basically the entire gameplay/rewards system of Season 10. I talk about everything from the new seraph tower event to the new currencies like encrypted warmind bits and how it all works for the Seraph Bunkers. I didn’t get too in-depth with the individual upgrades and bonuses this video so maybe I’ll cover them in another video 🙂


  • Encrypted Bits can also drop from Heroic Public Events.
  • All 4 non-season pass weapons are not available to purchase from the EDZ bunker, some require the Moon and IO bunkers. Oops!

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Hey ninja what the heck is all of this and what does it mean well Internet stranger I’ve got some time to explain it this video will be covering serif towers serif bunkers legendary los sectors all of the currencies and what they do got there’s a lot of currencies and the overall gameplay loop for season 10 to start let’s quickly run through the main activities and then we’ll expand on how it all works.

Serif towers are the public events found in the edcio and the moon where you need to throw batteries into the orange glowing orb defend the tower and defeat the champions and bosses at the end the Seraph bunkers are underground hubs with their own vendor abilities and upgrades and they are connected to what essentially is a giant loss sector they also refresh at the daily reset which means that you can go in clear the enemies and claim the reward once per day legendary lost sectors are the things that look like adventures they can be accessed through the Seraph bunkers they’re basically old lost sectors but now 1,000 power and contain new fallen champion types each legendary lost sector that is available rotates daily so for the e DZ bunker you’re gonna have rotating heed easy loss sectors and for the IO one you’re gonna have ILO sectors etc alright so if you’ve completed the intro quest by talking to Zavala in the tower and then anna brea on mars you’ll have unlocked the very first underground vault which can be found in the e DZ once you clear out the enemies inside and progress the story you’ll gain access to the first of three war mine vendors like the obelisk from season 9 the vendor within each of these serif bunkers operates in just the same way each one can be ranked up to give you seasonal armor and likely other world drops and they can also be upgraded to unlock new perks bonuses mods and access to their armory the main currency this season is called war mine bits.

It’s the polarised fractal line equivalent from season 9 or the Imperials from season 7 you can earn war mine bits from the daily weekly and repeatable bounties offered in the bunkers but you can also earn them from triumphs in the seasonal tab and rasputin related activities such as the legendary lost sectors or Seraph tower public events warmind bits are the most common currency here and just like in previous.

Seasons your goal is to rack up as much of it as you can but what is it actually used for well mainly it’s used to buy upgrades to the Seraph bunkers themselves every single upgrade on this screen here requires warmind bits as well as some other materials some of these upgrades give you a better chance to get more bits when clearing an activity others will passively collect materials for you and some give you a chance for extra seasonal gear each upgrade has three tiers as you can see you’ll have to unlock tier 1 first of that upgrade before you get access to tier 2 and then eventually tier 3 now just like last season you can approach this however you’d like you could go for upgrades that reduce the cost of other upgrades which I would recommend doing first you could work towards the column that gives you a chance for more bits during bunker clears repeatable bounties and strikes PvP and gambit which is the one I would recommend going for second and so on again just like before it looks like it takes a lot to unlock everything but things really start to snowball as we get farther into the season and it requires less and less actual work something you’ll notice at the bottom of the upgrade screen is an item called 8 ship set these chip set items are the bunker specific equivalent to tokens like you give to Zavala or shacks these chip sets are what you turn into these warr mine vendors to get their seasonal engrams and to unlock those purple looking power buffs that give you even more bonuses and abilities I believe it requires 7 ship sets to go up a full rank which would make sense considering you can purchase 7 at a time only after you’ve purchased all of the above upgrades though you also earn one ship set when you unlock a tier 1 upgrade and it actually scales up when you unlock higher tiers so if you get a tier 2 upgrade you get two chip sets and a tier 3 upgrade gives you 3 so keep that in mind.

Lastly we have something called encrypted warm on bits encrypted bits as of right now are earned through daily warmind bounties however they may have a chance to drop from other sources later on or with certain upgrades they’re used for several things but the area where they’re most important is the armory you’ll need encrypted warmind bits to purchase random role weapon bounties point defense systems and season of the worthy armor mods but these encrypted bits are also required to open war mines caches which can be found at the end of completed Seraph tower public events that’s if you reach 100% completion on it at the end of legendary lost sectors and whatever other activities that may be part of this later in the season as far as I know these war mine caches give you seasonal armor materials and regular warmind bits so to quickly recap warmind bits are the most common currency and are used for pretty much everything but mainly these upgrades chipsets are used for ranking up the actual warmind vendor for seasonal engrams and to get access to the weapon bounties mods and buffs and encrypted bits are used to open caches and to purchase those weapon bounties mods and other bonuses so what exactly should you be doing right now well you should be working towards as many season 10 triumphs as you can doing as many daily weekly and repeatable war mine bounties as you can because there is no limit on those and purchasing upgrades on your Seraph bunker there are a total of 3 bunkers this season the e DZ 1 is available now the moon one is available on March 24th and the IO one is available on April 7th so you’ve got two weeks to focus on investing in just the e DZ one right now so I don’t think it’s worth saving anything for the next bunkers just yet especially when all four non season pass Seraph weapons are available for purchase in the e DZ bunker right now again I would buy those three tiers of cost reduction upgrades and then buy the extra warmind bit upgrades since will get extra bits while grinding for powerful in trials in gambit and strikes etc and that is the main gameplay system for this season I know it definitely made my head spin a little bit when I first looked at it hopefully this clears things up for anyone confused or overwhelmed and with that thank you very much for watching you.

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