Destiny 2 – Seraph Bunkers Guide – How To Get Chipsets, Rank Upgrades, Frames, Fast Warmind Bits

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Destiny 2: How to Get Seraph Weapons, Bunker Upgrade Chipsets, Warmind Bunker Upgrades, Warmind Bits, Seraph Towers Guide, Bonus Chest & What to Do Next in Season of The Worthy!

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What’s up guys hand this here and today we’re gonna be jumping in and talking about the core kind of PvE content inside of season of the worthy and of course that would include the new Rasputin bunkers and the Seraph towers public events so we’re gonna jump in talk about how the bunkers in the public event actually work we’re also going to talk about the new loot system of course we tend to see a loot system kinda like obelisks or the chalice of opulence inside of these seasonal drops and this one is no different so we’re gonna talk about what you need to know about the bunkers and the tower event how to unlock the loot the loot that’s gonna unlock overtime and generally how to make progress and unlock new rewards in season of the worthies so guys as always I hope you enjoyed this video but very quickly before we get into it be sure to check out my partner’s over it into the a.m. you have some really cool clothing in their store graphic shirts hoodies and more but also they have a t-shirt Club where you can receive new exclusive designs every month if you sign up using code hound s you will get your first month for free so if that sounds good to you I’ll leave the links for that down below now though as we get into the new content for season of the worthy initially of course there will be some quest content so you’ll have to pick up a quest from Zavala in the tower there are a few different steps including collecting orbs of light and generating orbs of light you can do things like that really quick in lost sectors but they’ll also be a mission to speak to and defend Rasputin at the EDC bunker and after they still actually unlock the new artifact so you can start to make progress with that but also here we’ll finally have access to the bunkers and the Seraph towers vent as well as the ability to start and upgrade them and unlock some rewards the best way to think about bunkers is like obelisks so that’s kind of how they work with an additional layer of having to unlock them but also they’re very similar in terms of the loot system so each of the bunkers can be upgraded there are a couple of different ways of obtaining them firstly we have the integration level which is on the main page of each bunker at the moment we have the European dead zone bunker and these are upgraded with chipsets for each bunker location however before we can get the chipsets there are some other currencies that we require so when you complete the bounties that you find at each of the bunkers they’ll give you war mind bits which is a new currency but also you’ll get an occasional encrypted war mine bit now with these war mine bed you can actually purchase various things in the bunker inventory but importantly you can spend them on bunker upgrades there are three different ranks of bunker upgrades that you can look at inside of the menu and each one of the upgrades will actually give you a benefit for the bunker or for the loot system inside of season of the worthy but importantly every single upgrade that you do will also give you a chipset so if you do a Rank 1 upgrade you’ll get one chipset rank two will give you two and rank three will give you three chipsets are specific to the bunker that were actually working with so the minute we have EDC chipsets and once you’ve made some upgrades and picked up some chipsets you can actually donate them to the bunker in order to progress and that’s the integration level on the front page so for example in the main quest you do have to hit integration level one and this actually will allow you to obtain the cosmetic items that we can preview in the bunker inventory but also if we look at the main armory we can see that the integration level allows us to unlock certain weapons so to unlock the auto rifle repeatable bounty we’ll need to upgrade the EDC bunker to rank 3 on the main page once again this is using chipsets to do it and so considering we have to get those by first completing bounties and doing other upgrades but definitely is a bit of a gameplay loop right there a bit of a grind.

It’s also worth taking note when you hit level 1 it does give you a notification this bunker has reached integration level 1 and you may now claim your first reputation reward the first 6 integration levels will grant a powerful reward and the 7th will grant a pinnacle reward but beyond that rewards will not be powerful and to bear in mind those extra powerful and pinnacle drops as you upgrade these bunkers but once we hit rank 3 on the bunker it’s going to let us pick up that repeatable bounty for the auto rifle but certain weapons are linked to certain bunkers so in order to get the other three weapons we firstly need to access the moon and then the io bunker and then finally by upgrading all of the bunkers to rank 3 we’ll also be able to pick up the machine gun bounty of course on top of the Seraph weapons once again you have the items like shaders and the ship unlock but there are also point defense upgrades so we can see the sustained upgrade right here automatically clears the Seraph bunker of enemy combatants for today and the rest of the week until reset and so the bunkers do seem to repopulate with enemies over time but then you can curb those enemy attacks on these points by purchasing certain items it’s also worth pointing out that you can spend encrypted warmind bits to buy mods so the EDC bunker a bunker rank 7 you can spend 5 encrypted warming bits to pick up the rage of the war mind we’re defeating a combatant with a 7th Seraph weapon has attempted to drop a war mind self and this adds additional solar damage to the explosions of war mine cells that you’ve destroyed there’s also incinerating light and you can become charged with light by rapidly defeating multiple enemies with the explosion of a war mind cell obviously these are things that will get access to a little bit more later on in this season of the worthy endgame but then of course this does link to the Seraph tower public events so of course parley you’ll be completing bounties here you also pick up war mind bits here and there are essentially two different levels of the event you can clear so you can clear the standard level where you’ll just get one loot chest at the end which is a standard loot chest that one you can open anytime but it will simply give you war mind bits and maybe has a low chance at legendary items however you can unlock a bigger chest and to actually open it you will need the encrypted War mine bit when you open it you have chance to get legendary armor from the season pass for example as well as are the reprise fraction things so there are a few drops to actually pick up but to get that second chest you do need to complete the event to a certain level essentially fully charging the tower and how you do this is essentially you have to get enough runs inside of the event where you’re defending a certain plate you’ll hear that plate make a sound and start to charge up the more players you have on the plate the quicker it’ll charge up but you need to try and get it fully charged as many times as possible without any enemies entering the plate so you’ll notice if you fully charge it up they’ll drop you 6 orbs to throw towards the main tower whereas if you fail to fully charge it up because enemies walk on the plate it will only drop you two orbs and it’s going to decrease the chances of getting that top tier clear that gives you an additional chest so basically that’s how that works and there is an additional weekly pursuit to get four of the top tier clears of the event if that makes sense so that is essentially how it works for the moment and yes it does look like we have access to four weapons via the Seraph bunkers but as we saw with obelisks and things last season there’s potential for that loophole to expand a little bit or to get access to additional drops like the weapons from the season pass something like that and obviously we only have the EDC bunker available at the moment and so serif towers is probably only taking place in that one location in EDC but once we get the other two bunkers available they’ll probably be an initial quest to actually unlock them but then we’ll get access to the specific rewards for those bunkers and so guys that’s a bit of an explanation of the loot system and the main two content beats for the season I’ll be keeping you posted on additional stuff news the content will be getting later on down the road and all that good stuff so be sure to stay tuned here on the channel but if you found the video useful a rating below really helps me out right here I’m gonna run a little bit of gameplay where we fail to get all six of the orbs dropped on a couple of the plates but then ultimately still manage to get both chests spawned in the surf towers event you can check that out if you like and yes I am absolutely terrible at throwing orbs to charge the center Tower but if you could see past that it could be a little bit of useful gameplay if you want to check it out for now though guys thanks for watching and I hope you have an awesome day.

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