Dex Sybaris Build Guide 2020 – The Burst Slasher Revised (Warframe Gameplay)

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The Dex Sybaris is a burst rifle that we get for free as a part of the Warframe yearly celebration. The weapon is on par with the prime version with its own story to tell.

Critical chance is very good at thirty five percent base which makes it a prime candidate for Hunter Munitions build. The Status chance is very low at only ten percent and the ideal elemental combo will be viral by default thanks to the recent status effects changes.

Because of the recent changes the Dex Sybaris lost a bit of build diversity but hopefully the developer will not leave things as is.

Another option you have in terms of build is to go full critical chance and critical damage with Argon Scope and Bladed rounds. Thou this seemed to offer more modest performance in comparison to using the Viral sixty-sixty mods. As always, I showcase both and you chose whatever you prefer.

Riven disposition is on the strengths of the weapon, sitting at four out of five. Not only that but Sybaris Rivens at the time of recording are cheap and affordable. My recommendation would be Critical Chance, Multishot and Toxin so you can make the viral elemental combo with a single mod. Be it sixty or ninety.

As with the very large majority of primary weapons Hunter Munitions stands at the heart of the build. Yet another casualty from the recent changes which have Dumb-Down modding and in making everything more streamlined it also made everything subjectively more boring.

None of this takes anything away from the Dex Sybaris which I still consider a good primary weapon and a great burst rifle. You get it for free with an installed Catalyst and weapon slot so you only need to apply the forma you need and you’re good to go. Recommend!

Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed and published by Digital Extremes. Originally released for PC Microsoft Windows in March 2013, it was later ported to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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With each yearly warframe celebration were treated to a couple of interesting weapons now they may look subjectively cool but are they actually were fusing or not hey guys welcome back as always my name is Lazar and today we’re gonna be diving deeper into the Dead Sea bodies as pretty usual I’m gonna have a cheap build something affordable that mostly anybody can build but of course we also have the code unquote hidden game setup with a ribbon that’s it though please keep in mind that my building guides usually take a new player friendly approach I like to take my time and explain a lot of the aspects that veteran players should already be accustomed to so in case you’re a veteran and you already know most edit stuff please bear with me now with that out of the way let’s jump into the decks see bodies let’s begin by checking out how the weapon handles without any mods equipped and for that just a couple of free shot the vexy bodies is a burst rifle and pro shot it’s gonna be consuming two bullets so even though your magazine size is 14 you’re getting effectively seven shots the accuracy on this one from my point of view is what puts it on par with the prime version even though that from a step perspective it’s a bit of a debate link at the cars right now if you want to see a full comparison between the EC bodies Prime and the Dex.

C bodies because there’s a lot to talk about on that subject and I don’t want to waste too much of your time the fire rate on this one is pretty good if you’re gonna go full fire rate you’re looking at something like su and all other bullets will be landing pretty much within the crosshairs as as long as you don’t really move your aim too much have a look the accuracy on this one from my point of view is pretty good and it doesn’t have one of those climbing recoils that goes like this for example the prime as one of those standard climbing recoils this one just jiggles a little bit and you might say hey man who cares and all what that it’s a burst rifle okay think about multi shot you are consuming two bullets per shot so it does matter how recall kind of acts on this weapon but of course you can always use stabilizer in the weapon excellence mod slot and that’s pretty much it for functionality in this we’re gonna be having a look at the stats now when you get your text see bodies the beautiful thing about the Dex weapons is the fact that they come with mod capacity sixty out of sixty because they already have a catalyst installed not only that they also come or a weapon slot so you don’t really need to in in them when it comes to catalyst or weapon slots but you do need to invest the forma I would recommend you plug into this one to maximum our free format for the build I’m gonna be recommending you now the accuracy as you saw is pretty good 28.6 but I still wouldn’t go with heavy caliber let’s do a quick heavy caliber test what’s blue chamber and vigilante elements we’re going to be taking 15 meters to the target so you can see how exactly does this one interact with heavy Cal perfect 50 meters yes yes okay yeah well it’s already outside of the crosshairs take a look at that it’s not horrible it’s doable you’re gonna miss a couple of bullets depending on the distance between you and your target from my point of view 15 meters is the benchmark again it’s a little bit off from my point of view I wouldn’t recommend heavy caliber because you already got decent options it’s an option okay it’s an option it’s entirely up to you critical chance my friends is super high at 35% base only a couple of weapons have 50% base so this is truly awesome and it will make the weapon very viable for Hunter munitions critical multiplier 2.0 for it a four point 70 with a magazine of 14 but two Bloods per shot so effectively seven shots multi shot of one of course this is the default for basically almost all the weapons in warframe alarming reload up 1.5 seconds which is super quick and Riven this bolt of 4 out of 5 now keep in mind that with in this position nowadays is individual each every single each and every single weapon in warframe has its own disposition so it’s no longer tied to the see bodies family the Dixie buddies has won this position the Prime has won this position and so on and so forth you get it right stat a chance of only 10% and this is where this weapon suffers if that was at least the 17% it would have been so much stronger the damage layout however is very nice you got impact puncture and slash slash being the highest but slash being the highest for a 10% base status gen so there you go one quick note about the weapon accel a small slot this one is entirely optional simply because well you don’t have that many great options when it comes to it you can use stabilizer now this one should theoretically increase your DPS a more stable weapon means a more precise weapon which should translate into real world.

Yes but again it’s entirely optional since the DEXA bodies doesn’t have that huge of a recall this one is extremely useful on the prime variant of the sea bodies so again the open excel a small slot 100% optional if you don’t have the resources do not unlock this one and with that out of the way let’s jump into a standard build and we got a whole lot of damage with serration multi-shot wood split chamber critical chance critical damage combo with points Troy paddle sense add a bit more multi shot wood vigilante our moments hunter munitions is here as well this one became mandatory ever since corrosive got nerve basically before we had elemental corrosive belts which can stand toe-to-toe with slash viral builds but unfortunately ever since the Status rework basically it’s viral on everything except bullet houses so there you go that’s a topic for another time there’s more details to that but again the last two more slots on this weapon remain open because they are optional we’re gonna test a couple of things first off let’s go the easy route whose viral right viral has become a pretty easy choice to make basically on almost any weapon we’re gonna go the 266 t mods malignant force status toxin and of course rhyme rounds cold toxin my status chance goes up to 22 percent which to be honest with two sixty sixty mods isn’t that big of a deal sadly and i got two hundred and thirty seven point six viral which Trump’s slash when it comes to proc priority we no longer have the 4x IPS rules which helped slash in many cases you know now I would have to get some more slash on the weapon now there are some mods yeah there are fine fusillade for example these are still not perfusing unfortunately because they don’t add a whole lot of damage if you use these you use them mainly to bump up the proc priority it’s still not worth it especially not on our new 22% status chance so this is the first build this will be the cheapo build I recommend for the Dexy bodies let’s see if it packs a punch or a newt yes I know my pronunciation is horrible but it’s fine level 120 crap that having goon so we’re gonna be putting up a couple of shots in this guy’s head 5 slashes to virals as you can see the weapon can definitely pack a punch the recall isn’t a problem 6 lashes on the target what a viral prog that should mean death and destruction it does mean that this truck vital is extremely powerful right now that’s just simply how it is in certain cases it’s not more powerful than corrosive but like if you want to know which is the one element to rule them all right now it’s definitely file I got seven flashes on the target what a viral proc take a look at that battle also helps with slash damage subsequent slash if that is so there’s also bad six slashes on target take a look it’s bleeding out severely awesome isn’t it so as you can see my friends the Dixie buddies can definitely pack a punch and there isn’t a single mod on this weapon which is expensive this is your chief o build and for a cheapo build look at it come on is our level 120 corrupted heavy goons what exactly are you gonna see these targets because you’re not even gonna see them in sortie free definitely not you gotta spend a bunch of time in a survival or a defense or perhaps on more to actually see this level of corrupted heavy goons they are tough targets but it should be said they are no longer as tough as they used to be because Digital Extremes recently played around with the scaling of the armor so basically there are a lot weaker then they work before so bear that one in mind any options to the build well to be honest I would just go with this it’s solid it’s great but you can make some mods to it what if what if what a vital isn’t all that great if you don’t like viral or perhaps man I only got a 22% status chance on this one why do I need the 60/60 mod I should go for the 90 mods for a bigger water wallop worth of damage if you go for a bigger wallet poor folk damage then you need to consider what you’re shooting precisely because if I was to be shooting corrupted heavy goons and I just want the biggest impact damage and I don’t care about the status proc I need to take into account which element actually does the most bonus damage that would be corrosive or perhaps if I’m sure the in bombard that would be radiation so where those factors in mind here’s another option if you have a bit more plat if you have a bit more expensive mods and I’m talking about argon scope now organ scope is important from this weapon for hunter munitions because it will push your critical chance over 100% all all the bullets will be quits so therefore all of those bullets will have that 30% chance to apply the slash from hunter munitions hmm so if I got my critical chance guaranteed what’s next more critical damage of course the critical multiplier and this one is decent at 2.0 basically it’s the most common critical multiplier play the drums you can go like this if you so desire you can go with hammer salt as well but in this case we’re not interested in the status chance so go for blade rounds over hammer shot blade Iran’s provides a hundred and twenty percent critical damage on kill wall aiming the same amount test viola sense but of course this one is a bit of a more roundabout way and it’s a pretty cheap mod as well so we’re gonna have to get a kill to see how the weapon performs first I’m gonna need about six slash yeah it’s dead and then I’m gonna give my critical damage from blade rounds we’re gonna put a couple of shots into this targets head six slashes ought to do the job take a look at the values 1800 plus absolutely freaking fantastic so this is another option you can go for from my point of view on this weapon it works better with the sixty sixty bottle mods that’s what I would do try to get vital or perhaps you’ve got a Riven alright / red slash 9,000 plus take a look at that now the red slash has big because of that was almost a one-shot by the way is because of vigilante elements it upgraded that crit and I was lucky and I got a slash it doesn’t happen all the time okay so don’t think it’s the greatest build you can go for 11 slashes values no over 9000 absolutely beautiful for a ribbon since we were talking about ribbons.

Ah if you could get an element either cold or talks and talks and ideally let’s be honest here if you could get toxin on your Riven then you’re only gonna need a single 60 60 mod or a single 90 mod to make the viral elemental combo in that case that would be beautiful so think about a ribbon like this critical chance multi shot and perhaps something like toxin on it with a harmless negative that’d be beautiful because then you can drop a single mod make viral with one of the 60 60 mods so what would you drop you would drop if you got crit on the Riven you drop argon scope if you don’t have put on the Riven you drop plated runs or vigilante armaments okay probably let’s be honest here vigilante armaments + + argon scope if you have crit if not plated rounds + vigilante armaments and that’s how you get the best of both worlds speaking of ribbon mods let’s check out this ribbon setup yes.

No I do not.

Have cold or toxin on my Riven to make that quote-unquote ideal build for the exe bodies but I do have a static run which is loaned to me by a friend thank you so much buddy for this one I appreciate it it’s a pretty solid reverent critical chance multi-shot you cannot go wrong with that and the ribbon this bow is four out of five so as you can see the values are quite high and this one doesn’t even have a negative point being there’s room to improve on this ribbon and the value of the XC bar is well see bodies ribbons right now are not all that expensive I think you guys can get them out and roll the one for something like fifty plat I wouldn’t pay more than 100 sober that one in mind and we’re gonna be testing the weapon out like this with a pretty nice ribbon again if you manage to get an element on your ribbon and you can make viral go that route definitely but in my case this is a pure critical chance physical damage slash bill what are gonna take out a target so we can get our buff from blade at rounds man I love wearing slashes take a look at that absolutely beautiful got my physical damage on we’re gonna to a let’s say two shots per target five slashes on the target because of the critical damage the value of the slashes have gone up to two point 6 K take a look beautiful 7,000 plus absolutely spreading these high-level target let’s see if four slashes are enough I know five slash is not enough but for all right on the edge that was the last tick five slash instead viral is beautiful right now but if you managed to get our ribbon such as this one which amplifies your critical stats more multi shot will also mean more slashes my friends so again probably one remains multi shot because that theoretically means more slashes and of course more impact damage as well and when I say impact I don’t mean the element I mean just like per shot beautiful absolutely awesome Riven and again they are not expensive so if you love this see bodies family definitely go for a Riven you’re looking at fifty plat on world or so it was before I before I started recording this video one more thing which we can do bump up everything with warframe buffs and for that lady Mirage prime not Hera because it’s a great weapon my friends it’s a great weapon yes now we’re gonna have to tend to the looks because oh yeah that’s it that’s prime prime this is prime prime lady Mirage as for buffs now I still haven’t gotten the order for my eight I’m sorry I have free in my inventory I just forgot to do it sorry and I don’t have the time corrosive rejection and gives here is the way to go even it was nerve okay it was nervous not as good as it was but it’s still the best way you can go versus heavily armored targets we’re gonna go with our cane not precision this one’s for secondaries for primaries you go to rage you got a 15% chance on headshot for a hundred and eighty percent damage to primary weapons for twenty four seconds so you got plenty of time to refresh the buff the secondary arcane well you can no longer stack our gains which is a bit of a crying shame so you can go for something like arcane avenger 45% chance 45% critical chance bonus additive after now you might say dude you already got a pretty sky-high critical chance avenger is still best in slot if you ask me because the critical chance this one provides is not only for your primary it’s also for your secondary and your melee weapon as well so from my point of view when it comes to offensive arcane’s it doesn’t really get all that much better than arcane avenger so stick with this one our five on the both of them because well we got new our 5s now which in combination become more powerful when you put two of them together but they no longer double stack a bit of around about exploration sorry about that oh damn I forgot to unpause the targets level 150 sure guys level 150 crap that heavy goons we’re gonna have simulate and we’re gonna let them hit us so we can get our buff from arcane avenger activate me rushes free ability for a fantastic damage increase as well as her ever so lovely love now can we get one shot of course we can get one shot that was a single slash on the target to take a look at the values though a single slash on the target we got twenty nine thousand some fun like that absolutely hilarious.

Take a look free slash it destroyed of course we rushed prime buffs up the damage of weapons buy a whole lot so bird that one in mind she’s a bit more she can survive a bit better now because of shield gating but she definitely can’t stand for backup level 150 corrupted heavy goon so bear that one in mind you want to do a test on that and see if it’s true or not sure let’s do that so we’re gonna kill all the target so we’re gonna turn off invincibility too and we’re gonna go like we would actually play the game right now right haha.

Get up see all my shoulders don’t God please help me that’s better come from this way yeah yeah we got a place within the garden careful this is how you would actually execute a fight like this if you don’t want to die now the clones to draw some damage away from you but not a whole lot did gotcha gotcha gotcha this is why precision is important in actual game that’s dead that’s dead anybody left alive for a couple of shots he knew and that would be more of a realistic test so yes Mirage did survive but barely and I have was lucky because I had these pillars to hide behind as for conclusions to the vexy bodies this weapon packs one hell of a punch.

And I highly recommend it to just about anyone if you enjoy burst rifle that is burst rifles are not everybody’s cup of tea because right now in warframe you have fantastic weapons which deal area of effect damage and a lot of players simply focus on that if you want some high single target damage if you like playing with hunter munitions and you like yourself some big red crits you can definitely go for these decks see bodies also it’s not the most expensive weapon in the world either because it comes with a catalyst installed it comes with a weapon slot as well and the ribbons are not that expensive and the ribbon this position is still high at four out of five overall highly recommend the decks see bodies thank you guys so much for watching like favorite share and subscribe if you enjoyed the content if you got any sorts of feedback for me I would love to read it in the comment section down below also in the comment section down below if you guys wanna suggest any particular type of content and if you love the content consider supporting us via patreon you can also catch me on Twitch Facebook Twitter all the usual places but until next time my friends bye bye.


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