Diablo 3 Challenge Rift 142 EU Guide Rank 1 – Do Not Complete Until Friday

Author: Raxxanterax

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Hi everyone its racks bringing you the EU challenger of guide for the start of season 20 this build is pretty easy you’ll be able to get it down but make sure that you do not complete this until Friday after you’ve created your seasonal character that way you’ll be able to claim the reward on your brand new hero and you’ll be able to use the superfast leveling guide if you haven’t seen it you’ll see a little link for it at the end of the video so this is a legacy of dreams blood tide blade build it’s pretty self-explanatory the more monsters around you the more damage death Nova’s gonna do boom all you’re gonna do is run up to him and use death Nova that’s what you’re gonna be doing 99% of the time I never used my golem when you’re running up to an elite you can use two krepp if I to curse them because with your try ghouls scythe you’re gonna deal more damage to them so as I’m walking up to an elite or a guardian I curse them I run up and boom if you don’t kill them right away and you’ve killed all the trash you can use corpse explosion to blow them up and finally you can use blood rush to move around let me take you into the rank 1 clear that I currently have and I’ll show you the path alright everyone at the start let’s just move forward and death Nova boom I usually wait time in the center of everything and then blow them up when you see those bees cast a krepo fight to get a curse on them blow them up same thing with the yellow right after it decrepit I then blow them up and we’re gonna wind around here porcupines are pretty valuable so I find it’s worth it to walk around here and kill a lot of the stuff here maybe you’ll find it’s more valuable to spend more time on the third floor which is a festering woods but poor keys are pretty valuable so we’ll take the time to kill them wind around grab the conduit and take a right and we’re gonna go to the next floor and on this floor it’s not bad either we got zombies vadi Punishers this is pretty good so again I’m willing to take the time to I forgotten or well rip life I’m willing to take the time to wind around here and go.

In this back corner there are two yellows hiding and a channeling pylon they think that we won’t find this buried treasure back here but we’re smarter than that give me the two yellows give me the channeling pylon and when you have the channeling pylon now you can dash forward as much as possible so I like to blood tide – blood tide – and we’re heading to the bottom left corner to go to the lovely festering woods there’s a yellow guy hiding behind the street don’t let him get away with that kill him and his family pick up his treasure that he leaves behind and move forward there are rat collars to the right and there is a yellow juggernaut up here sometimes this guy gives me a lot of sass we do not have a cheat death so do not stand in those fireball explosions I found that one out the hard way and then I like to go in the corner up here and there is one more yellow that will give us the Guardian if you don’t have enough just wind around there’s tons of progress on this floor now The Guardian it’s kind of tough make sure you curse them and corpse explode first and a corpse explode doesn’t work then just use death Nova and eventually it will go down this is a very easy challenge rift all of you will be able to complete this nice and easy for the start of the season well thank you so much for watching everybody I love my friends over on the EU side good luck in season 20 if you have any questions let me know in the comments you.

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