Diablo 3 Season 20 Patch 2.6.8 – Witch Doctor Mundunugu Spirit Barrage T16/GR Speed Guide

Author: LexandCes

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Yo this is Lex and this is a spirit barrage guide for torment 16 and greater rift speeds patch two six eight at the new Monday new who set making spirit barrage the strongest build for witch doctor in season 20 I’ll also be making a pushing guide for this build later in the season all the gameplay in this video is done Tony ten thousand base intelligence which is obtainable at Paragon 800 with some augmenting the build has plenty of damage early in the season making it a great starter at this difficulty you can spam spirit barrage with six pieces of mundo to kill enemies aim the skill at enemies to spawn phantasms that are granted by gazing demise the magnitude rune is selected for a sprinkler that auto attacks the t16 variants is built for speed spirit walk severance grants 100% move speed and activates mongoose damage reduction when running past enemies used so harvest soda waste for 25% move speed and horrify stalker for another 20% the fear will also activate red shells ring for 60% move speed keep Big Bad Voodoo active for 15% movement and tax speed the buffer fall you do to Mondays to piece bonus the Averys fan and boom in the hoarder combo will pick up progression globes instantly echoing theory grants 25% move speed in a walking 75% attack speed after killing five enemies at pylons ice wall boards actually an armed guards for nemesis bracers notice how my intelligence is only a base 10,000 plus the 15% from so harvest if you don’t want to do a swap just keep the Nemesis braces on by default.

The final moves speed buff comes from fierce loyalty make sure you have the zombie dog summon to gain this bonus resource will never be a problem due to rush of essence constantly regen amana this bird is also good at speedrunning greater rift 100 at a low paragon level once again this testing is done of 10,000 based intelligence the ring of emptiness and locust swarm pestilence are swapped in for more damage make sure you test it once for every group of enemies it will spread fast pronator always used to group enemies together and CC them this is useful since the barbel will explode trash dealing extra damage to elites so the rotation is spirit walk two enemies from NATO the group followed by insect swarm and soul harvest then spams fear of barrage your skills will be ready again due to zodiac in grave injustice so you can rinse and repeat the sacred harvester the Kumba’s ornament and soul harvest language are used together for toughness this allows soul harvest to grant 30% in 100% armor and 60% damage reduction ring of royal grandeur is put in the cube to allow for captain Crimson’s free piece bonus granting more damage and toughness big bad we do his rune is switched to ghost transfer 20% damage reduction puffiness ritual can be used for more damage or swamp planet Oommen can be used for more toughness if you really need more toughness unity can be worn on both you and a follower that can’t die say stone of vengeance or bane of the power floor can be used instead of blue nor the hoarder Dana the stricken is also an option if bosses are taking more than 30 seconds to kill stay in range of the boss soul man and two can sprinkle check the planner link for more details and updates on the build please like the video of the help subscribe for more content and feel free to stop by the livestream if you have any questions or comments happy saying.

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