Diablo 3 Season 20 Patch 2.6.8 Witch Doctor Starter Guide – Level 1 to GR100 (Arachyr And Mundunugu)

Guide description

Save Challenge Rift till after Season Start.

Make a 70 2H Axe (with cc secondary) and roll for reduced level – take 20+ levels. Transmog it so you don’t auto salvage it (You also can extract the Gazing Demise when you get some more DBs on the way to 70).

Get Cube, craft a Ceremonial Knife, upgrade it in the cube and…


  1. Barber.
  2. Dagger of Darts.
  3. Sacred Harvester.
  4. Voos Juicer (only if you get the Amazing Demise with shards).

If you get Munj Carving Knife this is usable at 70, but the rest are bricks 🙁


  1. Amazing Demise.
  2. Leorics (Forgot Split Tusk is also in the pool, but I would still try as this default rolls with XP per kill).

At 70…


  1. Ceremonial Knives (Munj Carving Knife, Sacred Harvester & Barber).
  2. Ring of Emptiness/COE/Compass Rose.
  3. Amulet – Flavour of Time, Travellers Pledge.


  1. Munj Chicken (Mojo).
  2. Lakumba’s (Bracers).
  3. Gasing Demise (Mojo).
  4. Belt if you need one (Witching Hour, Belt of transcendence or String of Ears all could work).
  5. Ring of Emptiness/COE/Compass Rose.

Bounties to get a Royal Ring of Grandeur (ACT 1) and also Crimson’s plans.

Other useful items:

  • Goldwrap belt & Puzzle ring for setting up T16.

Good luck in Season 20.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Hello my friend stay a while and listen what’s going on guys it’s filthy and I’m back with another video now today we’re looking at the witch doctor how to go from level 1 all the way to your 100 to complete the zero to hero guide we’re gonna look at what to do the challenge rift I’m gonna show you what gear pieces to invest in at level 70 to try and get one of the most powerful builds in the entire game set up just as quickly as we can I’m gonna show you a very fun and eric airspeed farm bill that will help you get those gear pieces we’re also going to look at Eric it push a little bit just in case those pieces drop for you too but Before we jump into it I just want to welcome anyone who’s new to the channel hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already done so as always guys a thumbs up is greatly appreciated now looking at the challenge of bag for the necromancer looking at the challenge of pack for the witch doctor.

I’d say blood shards are pretty straightforward you can enroll for a gazing demise now this is probably one of the best things you can get with blood shards at loved worn across all the characters it used to be really good for leveling it’s now been buffed even more so spirit brush is going to be super juice for this and it’s going to be incredibly easy to level with it now if you spend your whole blood shards on this I think you’ve got about an 86 percent chance of hitting it so it is pretty high not guaranteed but pretty close so that should help you out in terms of shards after that I would probably roll for alaric crown next I just think the extra XP that you’ll get whilst leveling will help you out now this does have a fairly decent chance of dropping as you level because there aren’t that many helms in the pool but witchdoctor does have quite a few that get added fairly early so i’d say go for it with your blood shards because it just seems to make a bit more sense to try and box it off on average you’ll probably get it so i’d say 50% players will find both engaging timaeus and this obviously 50% will end up with maybe just the gazing to Mars or nothing I probably wouldn’t say is inflated going for the mask of jerem I just think there’s too low chance of hitting now I’d rather have the certainty of this one personally now in terms of your upgrade I’ll be going for ceremonial knife.

Onions there are 11 in the pool and I’d say you probably only want to extract 3 or maybe 4 into the cube so running through the options sacred harvester this will stack soul harvest ten times that gives you a pretty big damage on toughness boost lots really good runes on that skill as well so that’s very important for endgame as well.

Barber is amazing spirit brush it can deal a bunch more damage again if you’ve got the gaze into mice that she’s gonna be incredible this is also an item that we’re going to use in our endgame build so that would be absolutely amazing definitely number one pick then we have the dagger of darts which will give us five hundred percent on our darts so that’s really handy pretty good one to pick up now I would extract all of those three regardless of all that got out of my shards but the fourth one the booze juicer I probably would only extract this if I got the gazing demise so this kind of helps out spirit brush I don’t think it’s worthwhile extracting if you don’t have the offhand I just don’t think that it’s gonna be worth it I’d rather have the maps for later now the rest of them guys are complete bricks I wouldn’t extract them what you might find is hit the manageress carving knife not great for leveling while helping your at all but you can save this for 70 and this will be part of the Erica speed build that we get up and running as quickly as we can so him not amazing but it’s not the end of the world if you get this one now the widget has an amazing town for leveling I would basically just Massacre bonus so I go to the halls back and eat till I get to about level 20 and once there I would probably move on and go to the field to misery to concentrate on your dot skills so horns up locust swarm spirit barrage you’re probably going to be using with the items that you find and obviously pets as well just change many enemies you can together and you will get to 17 no time I think wrong with rifting this the witchdoctor but it is much quicker to do the mascarpone icing now once you get to 70 I would be looking to set up Erica chicken with a view to speed farming my way up to the Monday new user so looking at the Erica a two piece we can Spider Queen that does a bit of an area of effect damage on the ground you can control it but it’s not particularly brilliant the four piece hex gives us an extra rune and some damage reduction and heals as the downside that I see it is is that there is no icon to like you know your damage reduction is up so as a casual player you can’t just glance down on your bar got to mentally make a note of when you’re casting hex that’s generally annoying for her occur but the chicken build doesn’t suffer with that because you press hex often that you’ve always got it up so I suppose that’s an advanced of it and the six piece we get nine thousand percent on creature skills now I will show you fire parts push in a minute but I probably wouldn’t gear that else unless the pieces just happen to drop this build here is fast it’s on it will punch you know fairly decent you’re just looking to get Maps as quickly as you can so the main gear pieces are going to be the carving knife and the off hunt for the man ajumma set this will give us angry chicken buff so we’re basically going to chicken form run round really quickly pop out of it and explode now the idea is is that with great injustice.

The explosion will generally kill stuff and that will allow us to just activate the angry chicken again now just in case that doesn’t happen that we’ve got some more creature skills so piranhas fire bats and the locust swarm as well buffing up damaged soul harvest spirit walk and all this kind of stuff just basically means that if we don’t have access to the chicken we can still DPS now most of these pieces you’re going to look for for your monitor new goose so I will be using Crimson’s with Munda new goose again I’ll show you that build in a minute you know you’re going to want to get the Coopers of ornament from under new goose that’s just huge damage reduction hellfire amulet is craftable rule gets guessable of bounties you’re gonna be rolling for a sacred harvest on one two new goose anyway so basically the idea is we would build here we’re not gonna waste any Maps on and then ring of emptiness again you want from under new goose and see oh he is always good to have but maybe not usable in London ogres it just depends how you’re gearing that particular build so basically at 17 I’m spending DB’s on a ceremonial knife looking to pick up this one sacred harvester and the barber and then rolling 470 off hands looking for the chicken off hand or the gazing demise at 17 then I’m moving on to braces because I want to get a really nice pair of the Kumba’s which is gonna help me out a bunch doing bounties to get raw and also the Crimson’s and then maybe upgrading some amulets but Hellfire will do you just fine as you’re going through things the main advantage of this build it is incredibly quick so great for getting shards dbe’s.

Just materials and keys in general so you can make a lot of progress it doesn’t carry the biggest punch in the world so it will kind of tap itself out but again it’s just transition build you want to get spirit brush set up but as quickly as you can just in case anyone’s interested this is a fire but push build now it the reason I wouldn’t set this up is because you can have to put mats into things like the staff of chair Petra this because Erica is nowhere near as good as month two new use just seems like a waste of mats you’re also going to need to get the Baku Lee jungle wraps again full month the new gusta belts the probably the least important gear piece so again this just does seem like a waste map to Roland for it but the idea is to see you buffing up firebats again Mansell of channeling you’re not gonna use that in London ooh goose but it can go in the cube and that will give you some extra power so fine if you get these things dropped the travelers pledging compass race you will probably use them under new goo you’re probably not going to want to rank up you take up for extra damage so as I say d3 planner link for this and the previous speed build I’ve showed you will be in the description but it is here if you want it but I probably wouldn’t personally set this up and then finally guys this is month enugu the spirit varaha this is what we’re gonna geared towards and in the background I’ve got some 95 gameplay that’s with all these Munda nugu pieces of being completely non ancient it was with all of my intelligence paragon every single point removed and you’ll see that it is pretty easy do proctor cheat death a couple times because it is still a little squish but again if you pull the paragon that problem would go away pretty quickly now Munda new goose revolves around spirit brush I’m not gonna go through the full thing so as to say I will do a guide on it but what I would say is I think in terms of how to gear it out actively you definitely want ring of emptiness and the travelers pledge young compass rose combo and I would also take the Crimson’s over a say a unity because you could put unity here and then wear the full six pieces but the way I figure it is you’re getting pretty much all the damage reduction of unity anyway from the Crimson’s you just have to maybe get a resource cost roll somewhere you then are also getting a damage boost so it seems to be sensible to me to take the damage reduction and go for the damage boost I probably will be playing with armor gems because you asked a little squishes through it which dr. horrify will give us a lot of extra armor again that’s pretty nice worth playing it armor on soul harvest buffs up the toughness Spirit walk gives us three seconds of immunity which isn’t really nice and then we’ve got to go for locus one.

Build I probably would pick cloud of insects just for the damage reduction but pestilence is pretty good and it just makes it a little easier to play so maybe that’s a good way and then piranhas Nader’s to lock stuff in place and then obviously spirit barrage Manitou to be doing the damage and one thing I would say about this guy’s it is loads of fun to play I’m gonna have an incredible time I think sending up a really nice speed build again probably no wait till on the season to do that this will get you past 100 incredibly easily and you want to transition to it after our ik here so again you need to play this by ear if the game drops you several month enugu pieces then you might just want to ditch the chicken earlier but obviously if you do have to gear it out then you just look into roll shards for all your missing pieces and it doesn’t much matter which way around Crimson’s can go in pants you know you can wear six pieces of under new goos until you get Crimson’s so it is pretty flexible but other than that guys that is the guide now I do think witchdoctor is gonna be one of the more popular classes I do think it will go very far next season so it should be an awful lot of fun I’m pretty excited to play it hoping to get my hands on it in the season in the first couple of weeks but we’ll have to see how we go I might roll witchdoctor I still haven’t quite decided yet I’m gonna do that tomorrow morning I hope you enjoyed the video a thumbs up was greatly appreciated if you did and I’ll be back with some more season 20 content just as soon as I can enjoy the rest every day take it easy peace.

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