Diablo 3 Season 20 Patch 2.6.8 – Wizard Starter Guide: Level 1 to GR100 (Vyrs, Hydra and LOD)

Guide description

Save Challenge Rift till after Season Start.

Make a 70 2H Axe (with cc secondary) and roll for reduced level – take 20+ levels. Transmog it so you don’t auto salvage it.

Get Cube and Upgrade a wand.


  1. Unstable Sceptre.
  2. Wand of Woh.
  3. Serpent Sparker.
  4. Spectral Blade one.
  5. Starfire – I’m 50/50 on this, but probably worth it.

If you get Chantodo’s you are very lucky, but the other 4 are bricks 🙁

Shards (save till 30):

  1. Swami.
  2. Etched Sigil at level 33.

At 70…


  1. Mess. Reaver (2H Axe).
  2. Chantodo Wand.
  3. Fazulas (belt).
  4. Swami (Wizard hat).
  5. Rings – Zodiac, COE, Karini/Arlyese/Unity.
  6. Amulet – Flavour of Time, Squirts.

Shards – can go back to level 1 and get Ashingars Bracers (double shields) if you need, or Leorics for CDR.

  1. Chantodo off hand.
  2. Fazula.
  3. Swami.
  4. Rings.
  5. Bracers.

Other useful items.

Goldwrap belt & Puzzle ring for setting up T16.

Good luck in Season 20.


Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Hello my friend stay a while and listen what’s going on guys it’s healthy and I’m back with another video today we’re looking at a star cigar the wizard zero to hero how to go from level one all the way up to Jiro 100 so I’m going to show you what to do with the challengers bag and show you what to do at 72 care videos out as quickly as possible can give you a speed build with this that’s probably quite easy to play and pretty strong then I’m gonna show you how to push with the set and should get you past 100 now obviously our con isn’t everybody’s bag so we will have a little chat about hydras about meteor and also maybe the season journey in general but other than that guys welcome to anyone who’s new to this channel hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already done so as always a thumbs up is greatly appreciated now the first thing you’re gonna have to do every season is your challenge rift but you need to make your seasonal character first so save your challenge rift until after the season has started make the character beat the rift get the bag and then we’re gonna spend it now is it does not have an easy time of the challenge if bug and what I probably would do is upgrade ones in the cube now I think it’s about 50/50 as to whether you get something usable or whether you get a brick so let’s just go through the options now 1/8 of Walker is not very good teleport has no cooldown which in the game generally is nice but arcane power is very precious when you’re leveling so I wouldn’t put this in a cube I cast that as a brick now the next one on the next page is fragments of destiny so spectral blade tax 50% faster and has 200% English damage that’s fine I’ve never actually got this and used it from alt for leveling but the multiplier seems fine so again you just build with what the game is giving you just you of orpheus this is a brick I couldn’t care less about slow times cooldown so not very good I wouldn’t extract that one then on the next page we have if I could add some nice to click we have serpents Parker this been buffed for this patch now we get 300 percent increased damage and an extra Hydra that’s pretty good I would extract that one this one here the madness one absolutely useless completely brick don’t put that in the cube next Starfire this is debatable this one because you’ve got to use lightning skills for the damage increased to work it’s 15% for every 10 yards and in capsules at 60 I probably would just about extract this because extra damage is extra damage and you may want to roll from mantle he’ll ring in the loop pool so you might want have to check when that is because again that would be lightning but honestly it’s not amazing but 60% actual damage potentially probably worthwhile and then finally we get to the unstable scepter this will buff up okay no really good I would extract that one and then the same for the wound of woe this buffs up explosive blast and again is pretty good now another thing you can find is chant odors will this is a brick for leveling not going to help you at all but when you get to 70 it is amazing because it gives you four thousand percent weapon damage a we provided you pair it with the offhand and you can obviously spend shards on that so that’s not too hard to come by now there is another option which is the black hand key that is absolutely useless it’s got new legendary power so again that’s a brick so it’s kind of 50/50 and then you know maybe the chant odo she’s gonna be your best bet for the long-term.

Now speaking of long-term for blood shards I probably would also take a long-term view on that now in the pool at level 1 you’ve got the blood braces so they are fairly good they’ll give you double shields I don’t really use them leveling so I would maybe make a little one character and come back for these if for once and amendment cube because leveling up to 70 generally focused on damage you’ve then also got the Oryx crown and also pox folds so this will give you extra XP the Oryx crown pox falls and may be useful for musky bonusing again I wouldn’t roll fries with them well it’s awesome not either of them I would basically be saving my shots till 30 and I’d be looking to pick up the Swami now Arthur see there are three Helms in the pool which is Swami lyrics crown and broken crown this Swami here will be very good for our con when you do get the pieces because what it will do is it’ll mean that your stacks last for 20 seconds when our con expires so you’re not particularly squishy and vulnerable fiddly I seem to get so if you can pick it up at 30 it is worthwhile I think the chances are about forty to forty three percent so almost half of you will find it not very good for leveling so it’s not going to do you very much but it is just a bit quicker than picking it up at 70 it’s that’s personally what I do and if you miss it or you might get all the aurochs which will be good because that will give you extra XP if you put red gem in the helm and actually cooldown at 70 and the phase really does need cooldowns we’ll go through in a minute and the last one that you can potentially get is broken crown fairly worthless but the extra gems might help you so you can combine red gems to make important weapons for actual damage and certainly in your helm for extra XP so not totally worthless but fairly close but that’s what I’d be doing now if let’s say for the sake marking you absolutely hate archons guts and you don’t want to go with the season journey Road I probably would roll for an ecstasy jewel at 33 because that’s pretty nice multiplier and you can kind of build around lots of different things of that but as I say the set is definitely the way to go for me now when we get to 70 we’re going to start collecting various pieces the two piece Archon gains if activated rune that’s not much use because Archon is on such a huge cooldown initially that having every rune doesn’t really benefit is that much the four piece we now get extra attack speed armor and resistances but one percent for every arc on stack and we need to get our constructs by killing initially when we get to the six piece we just have to hit to get our constructs and much easier to get them they also deal a bunch more damage and give us huge damage reduction so naturally the goal is to get into Archon as much as possible particularly from the four piece of woods and obviously absolutely imperative from the six piece now the way to get I’ll come back quickly is to cool down and you’ve got three main ways of doing that so the first will be to manager and cool down on your sheet so that is by putting a diamond in the helm taking a cool-down roll on your shoulders and just picking them whatever it’s the same for the weapon I would take those my number one start priority same for the offhand even rings if you can get rings will cool down on I mean that was cool down just wherever you can get it initially the more cool down you can get early on it will help you out tremendously.

And also whilst you’re looking for a fazool is for instance you might get a vigilante belt again you could slap that on for extra cool down now passes wise you also want to take a vacation that’s 20% and then any Paragon you want to go for cooldown reduction is your first step to doing the best you can you need to build up as much cooldown as you can get your hands on now after that you’ve got two other ways which are going to be via items so the first one is the zodiac ring this is what is traditionally used for pushing with beers this will give us 1 second cooldown we just have to hit with it and obviously with various you generally hit quite a lot so this does mean that our con is available pretty much whenever we want it now this takes about 650 DBS to get so it isn’t very rare item even if you roll shards for it as well chances of getting it are pretty low because there’s just loads of rings in the pool the other item that you can use to get cooldown is a Messerschmitts Reaver now this is really amazing because when you make a kill it will pick a skill at random and reduce its cooldown by one second when you get six piece of videos going you will pretty much flatten lots of really high content so the Reaver will mean that provided you pop are calm once and kill stuff you’re ready to pop back on again immediately after so you don’t even need the chanter those 4 set just the Reaver and six piece icon will do you a lot of damage now obviously this here the chanto deuce is gonna be what you want to work towards but by comparison that’s 250 DBS it Riva will be 100 and their zodiac is 650 now they’re just averages some players will have really crappy RNG and take a lot longer to find items and some person look much better RNG and get them but the idea is that the Riva is about two and a half times easy to find in the Chan Toto’s.

About six and a half times easier to find that zodiac so I would basically focus on that first then move over to the junto to set and gear that out now shards I would spend on a Swami and also ah nayfeh Zulus just ran around out that kind of supporting our kunai seems then I would be moving over to jewelry so convention of elements zodiac ring would be amazing.

Unity times two and token of infallibility and then the squirts and then finally probably the braces now what I would say about squirts this does double damage but you need to have a shield.

Otherwise it’s worthless so you might want to take blue braces here or maybe even put them in the cube whilst you’re trying to find your other sporting items it’s again kind of Korean another really good toughness item but the build here just in case you’re wondering is the MSR was it I will link a full guide to it I quite like it because on your first cycle of Archon you need to start killing with the Reaver and I prefer that personally to using my first cycle to build up stacks but I suppose if I explain how to push with various in the mechanics and then we’ll look at the push build because that might help you out with the explanation of how various works so this is like a typical kind of a push build now what you’re going to do is when you get into the rift you’re going to activate magic weapon deflection to get a shield you know activate storm armor that will then mean that your halo of Carini will give you 80% damage reduction which is obviously really nice and then what we’re going to do is pop our con straight away and you’re gonna look to build stacks as soon as you can so you look introduce hiss as many enemies this will build a park on stacks with the four and six piece bonuses this will give you a lot of toughness you won’t really kill anything can you first Archon cycle plus fine when you pop out of it you want to teleport immediately to get 25% damage reduction this will help keep up your shield so your squirts won’t drop then what you’re going to do is stand in channel so hopefully you’ve teleported somewhere safe you’re then gonna channel until you get 20 stacks of Chan todos resolved then what you’re going to do is cast blackhole on any kind of density to try and get a damage boost once you’ve done that you activate Archon you murder stuff and then you do the exact same so come out of Archon pop teleport for down introduction stand and chance to get 20 chanter do stacks and activate Archon again after casting black hole on some density so that’s kind of the cycle now obviously you’ve got the blue braces in the push build which will buff up the shield you can take galvanizing ward in the passives so this will give us again yet another shield so that’s kind of nice or – is the obviously for damage against enemies close by an unstable anomaly because every so often things go awry now what I would say is the 20 stacks of Chan todos isn’t the bill and then they’ll don’t die just trying to get them if it looks like you’re in difficulty just pop your arc on reposition yourself get your stacks going again you know really it’s much more important to keep alive and keep this up but provides you get used to teleporting somewhere safe teleports obviously not on the longest cooldown in the world this earlier will benefit it so you can teleport again quickly if you need to all the e to bear in mind is that all procs taken away from Archon do you mean that it takes longer to come back but again teleport channel blackhole Archon off you go now I did clean 99 with this build in four minutes a little while ago and fair enough I’ve got 1300 Paragon but augment wise I think I’ve only got one on the chest and one on the convention and some of these pieces aren’t even ancient because I haven’t really played much wizard now our epoch on the source is pretty important and also in storm armor you want to take power of the storm these will help resource problems and make sure you can channel effectively to get up to 20 stacks other than that it’s yeah fairly fairly similar to the build except we’re gonna take stricken because we want to make sure that we’re killing the rift guardian.

So the MSR was it used to powerful and this user stricken but in a nutshell that’s vis.

Will definitely get you past 100 and pretty fun to play for speed rifts as well now new for this season we’ve got hydra set i have done a guide on that on PTR the decidua was buggered so the static discharge arcane town was doing way more damage than it should but it does still look like hydra is very powerful so i still think if you want a break from Archon hydra is a good way to go the sets got 80% damage reduction built into it and also the hydras do hit pretty hard there’s another set option you can use to push with probably not amazing.

Beads but so I probably would keep this for that but again another option is nice that we do also have ice and fire wizards which is making use of the supporting items for both meteor and hydras that’s quite nice because it gives kind of a consistent damage on both ice and fire cycles of convention it’s quite fun to play a lot of map control so that’s kind of a little bit maybe even off massive push build again very capable of past 100 so Wizards in a pretty good spot you know you’ve got various you’ve got the Hydra set you’ve got maybe some meteor hydras you maybe got some legacy dreams build so you can use there’s lots of options so Wizards I think would be a pretty fun class but to get to 100 definitely get on fears now let’s say you don’t want to use fears you just basically going to get the legacy dreams jam in your second or third rift and you think it’ll look to put a combination so something like unstable scepter and throne for it wonderful whoa and orb of infinite depth or maybe even the magistrates and the Serpent’s bark or so basically just upgrade ones when you find one find the supporting armor pieces or orbs and just carry on growing in power in like a linear way so that’s kind of a fun way to do it I do like to do that on season sometimes but it will be a lot slower than just jumping on these so that’s it guys that’s the guide I wish you the best of luck for season 20 I’ll be back with some more material as soon as I can enjoy the rest of your day take it easy peace.

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