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There have been two other highly requested topics on the backburner for a time that I think should finally be broad front and center world regrowth and world generation settings both confuse the heck out of folks but I don’t blame you so it’s why we’ll focus on just a regrowth for today and two things that note right off the bat not everything in this game can benefit from natural world regrowth and there are actually three different types of regrowth itself so hold on to your butt’s this will not only be another heavy commentary video things may get even more confusing along the way but let’s begin with the first type of regrowth called.

Well regrowth it applies to put four things in this game believe it or not carrots found naturally dotted about the world the flowers of the plains which is something people always give me crap for but more on that later rabbit holes which in fact we just talked about not too long ago and lastly the light flowers of Down Under these four things are indeed capable of regrowth but what are the winds and a house of it all well this is where things get a little too interesting for some of you I’m sure but let’s say you pick a character too naturally as you’re running about the world when that happens a twenty day timer starts and after that’s finished the game will attempt to respawn or regrow those carrots somewhere in a five tile radius from its initial spawn the heck does that even mean though well tiles in this game can be represented via a pitchfork for the most part so again the game will try to spawn another carrot anywhere in a five tile radius from the first carrots original spawn makes sense good because that was the easy bit as not only will this twenty-day regrow timers stop during every single night and throughout the entirety of winter therefore extending that twenty day timer essentially if the game randomly decides to try and respawn another carrot or any of the entities to follow too close to another one it will just cancel the regrowth and restart the timer completely all this to say that the world may or may not play nice when it comes to regrowth itself all the while literally everything is out of your control but what about the other stuff like rabbit holes and such well the good news is that unlike carrots the animals that eat them only take five days to quote-unquote regrow their homes once they’ve been dug up and yes even with the resident rabbit dead as the world would just take care of it there however this will only occur during summer time so if you’ve dug up their holes in any other season the rabbits slashed the world will not respawn another rabbit hole so be mindful there oh and that same five tile radius thing actually still applies here and will do so until I tell you otherwise.

Moving on to light flowers and they to share that five-day where you growth time which is great but even better is the fact that they will regrow at any time during any season so in layman’s terms if you or something else has destroyed some light flower spots then the game will attempt to regrow more every five days but notice how I said destroyed though seeing as you can’t dig up or simply pick light flowers out of existence like carrots or flowers per say the regrowth of them only occurs if the entire entity is wiped from the world like with fire for example but speaking of let’s talk normal flowers and perhaps it is time to put this one to rest as I’ve been telling people for years now the flowers respawn consistently through many various means however they’ve just never seemed do believe me but here are the facts flowers have a 30 second regrowth time meaning the game attempts to spawn more every 30 seconds when one has been picked and or destroyed otherwise but this only occurs when the ground is wet after a rain fall and by the way if you never do you can tell if the ground is wet via some wet blotches on the ground do note it also cannot be night or winter however that’s kind of obvious I think however that timer reduces to 15 seconds during spring which is absolutely phenomenal but wait a minute beard don’t flower still just regrow in the rain anyways yes and no my friend regrowth only applies to things that have been picked and or destroyed by us or the world so technically the flowers being potentially spawned during rain falls are actually entirely new ones not ones re grown through regrowth so in short flowers bloody respawn all the bloody dang time people and this isn’t even counting how bees repopulate them oof that was a lot and probably boring and that was just the first ivory growth for heaven’s sake but thankfully the next two are much easier to understand offspring regrowth is next and is all about trees and how forests continue to grow to be self-sustaining take for example normal evergreens here every five days the actual tree itself will try to spawn a sapling around it yes the actual evergreen does this in fact all of them are doing it it won’t do it come winter but will really attempt to do it come summertime however the main issue is that there must be less than five trees of the same type nearby in order for sad sadly to actually spawn and it could be very finicky and is it’s truly up to the game whether or not it’s gonna happen and if it doesn’t that timer resets it so it can finally spawn a sapling under the proper circumstances this is help though through clearing surrounding trees obviously and we kind of just do that unwittingly as we play along for lumpy evergreens that timer is eight days actually however it will attempt to plant additional saplings in any season so it is almost in concentrate growth per say as long as the five tree radius constraint is constantly met oh and now that I see it on screen here the same goes for Twiggy trees eight there and any season and you know what maybe we should talk about twig a tree is one of these days for burst nut trees the regrowth time is but three days however it will only attempt to plant more bursts of saplings in spring and spring alone and do still keep in mind the constraint of other nearby trees as it still applies and I just want to throw this in because this is kind of the point of the video world regrowth is absolutely going to happen in the background and chances are you are never going to see it actually happen but moving on to the three must Reeve Arian sand their timer remains at three days but their regrowth will only attempt to occur in their corresponding seasons winter for blue mush trees summer for red and spring for green so make note and finally even the Loon trees of the lunar island can regrow and appropriately enough the regrowth timer is at its best come a full moon absolutely magnificent and I gotta be honest I actually don’t even know if they can grow outside of the moon cycle but the last type of regrowth is called desolation regrowth and it is the simplest one to understand let’s say you set fire to a large number of any of the types of trees that we just mentioned and then proceeded to work on clearing most of the burned-out forests for charcoal after fifty days and of course a few specific and straits along the way the game will literally just start spawning new trees to replace all the ones that were lost aka just replacing the spawn points almost sounds simple enough because it is however there are some issues here no season is fifty days long so yes this process could take little years to occur in game for some of these trees so it’s kind of just insane to think about all of this happening in the background all the time it might take ages but the world.the will regrow our forests trees had even some of our resources but again you just probably won’t see it happen and there you have it everyone world regrowth and don’t starve together asbestos I could explain it but hold up beard.

Are you really meaning to tell me that things like berry bushes grass Tufts and saplings aren’t even a part of regrowth yup they aren’t only in endless and or wilderness mode will these resources respawn and even then they will do so near the florid posture and not actually out in the world itself but holdup times to beard.

What about rocks and such well yeah boulders respawn via meteor showers and whatever but that is world / resources renew ability not regrowth and there is a big difference what you see is what you get this is what world regrowth actually covers so thanks for watching folks sorry if I confused you even more but know this again world regrowth will handle itself and do what it wants when it Watts so just keep playing as usual and I’ll see you on the next one bye bye.

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