Doom Eternal – The Rebel’s Guide to Weapons and Abilities

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Taking on a bunch of menacing demon baddies? Here’s a guide to the weapons and abilities you’ll need to send ’em crying back to Hell! Sponsored by Bethesda.

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Hello you welcome to the rebels guide sorry I mean welcome to the Slayers guy to weapons and abilities in Doom the demons outside a frightful but the guns grenades and glory kills us Oh delightful hero toys you need to deal with a demonic invasion one dismemberment at a time these idiots trusted me with a chainsaw we’ll kick off this bloodbath with a good old-fashioned punch all right matey wall up the damages demons that probably makes them feel a little sat inside later you unlock the mightier blood punch which sounds like a delicious cocktail but actually Oliver eise’s multiple bodies into a big pile of we’re burning gems you’ll need to charge it first by racking up glory kills which are physically really gruesome party tricks to pull one off stagger a demon and they’ll start flashing at you now not like that you dirty sods then you just punch them again and voila of glory kill just a few I did earlier there’s the brain tickler the eye popper deep here comes the choo-choo and the classic stop hitting yourself my personal favorite of course is the squashy bit like the wedgie but rather than yanking up someone’s pants you smack down a demon’s noggin it’s not bullying this died it yeah it’s finally every single year I asked Santa for a chainsaw and now at last I get to play with one dreams do come true I love it I love the sound.

I love the surprised look on a demon space when you rev it up and start believin through their chests like soft butter the chainsaw is pretty low-maintenance.

Just keep her topped up with fuel and she’ll be ready to hack through the Grizzly guts of Hell spawn at any moment and what’s more every time you drag that blade through a demon’s Valley he’ll spawn more ammo is the gift that keeps on giving.

So he’s staring down a demon hard and you suddenly realize you left your chainsaw in your other trousers oh this is classic May what you need is a gun gqn let’s meet our lovely lineup first up the combat shotgun best used up close and personal to blasts small demons into mincemeat and if you don’t get too close and frankly who can blame you look you can mod it into a fully auto weapon to tear away at uglies from a distance it can also be modded to fire sticky bombs perfect for filling the enormous gobs of Cacodemons and if you think this shotguns as cool as balls wait till you see the super shotgun each shell is a way more powerful and it comes with a cheeky grappling hook that gives your one-way ticket to a demon space POW the heavy cannon is a long-distance assault rifle great for avoiding jib splatter if you’re wearing a white shirt that day its precision bolt modifiers high-powered rounds while the micro missiles mode launches hairs of tiny rockets into the terrified mugs of your enemies a genius these smug fellows bring energy shields for the party hoping to avoid being smattered with lead Tufts MIT the plasma rifle will burn right through your shield with its big blue balls of energy you can also model to have a microwave beam which doesn’t fire actual microwaves I did ask it does go on better though by sending a big zapping beam of plasma that locks demonic eejits to the spot and causes them to pop like a big old set upon debt it also has a heat blast mod to scald them all silly which I imagine is a bit like the raft of opening the oven put like 50 times stronger.

The rocket launcher is a pretty straightforward fire watch with glee back its lock-on burst mode fires homing missiles and chest demons down and remote detonate lets you tease them a little bit Oh what am I gonna press there is it gonna be now it now if you see a demon charging at you whip out the chin gun this heavy damage tool has a better spread than your mum’s dinner tail showering incoming not as with nuggets of pain to stop them in their tracks there’s also a mod that gives a handy energy shield and a mod to turn it into a more about turret tasty the ballista is like a sci-fi crossbow it does bonus damage to flying ease and can zoom in for extra precision it can be modded also with the are blessed and energy vault that embeds in demons like a big old splinter and the destroyer blade which launches a blade to cleave those Muppets right in so finally it all comes down to the big boy the one the only the BFG not desert prepare to lose your it launches a projectile a giant green laser tendrils that do more damage the longer it flies look at the carnage and falling when you send into a horde of demons.

It gets me emotional quite frankly there are two things you can throw at demons to really upset them besides your on who of course the first is the frag grenade easy to lob and explodes on impact toss it into a big gaggle of zombies to make it rain body parts or shook it into the mouth of a kako demon and watch it show on in the second trouble goodie is the ice bomb oh what fun you can have with this something it’s at a demon to freeze them to the spot so you can take a sweet time pumping them full of lead for maximum enjoyment thought try and freeze them in the most theatrical positions possible the caki demon is very much my favorite.

Hello and that my tums concludes our blood-soaked journey through the weapons and abilities of doom if you fancy a butcher’s at some of the gnarly hell spawn you’ll be merrily chainsawing in half watch my guide to demons and their dwellings right here IGN.

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