Dread Build 2020 (Guide) – The Stalker’s Coup de Grâce (Warframe Gameplay)

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I don’t remember my first Warframe encounter with the Stalker. But I do remember finding the Dread blueprint in my foundry. This was the start of a beautiful friendship!

Today we’ll be re-taking a look at the Dread bow so we can Gage what effects did the status and IPS chances had on it.

We’ll start from the old standard build and deconstruct it to see if we have any better options. The Dread is very powerful when it slashes and it can easily one-shot high level targets so name of the game becomes ensuring as much as we can that slash proc. This lead me into a situation where I recommended a mod I never had before. Namely, Hammer Shot.

While the updated build is similar in terms of performance to the old Viral build it’s still a wee bit better. This showcases how little power the Dread lost because of all the recent changes and for that I’m glad!

Hunter Munitions again is a must and the entire build revolves around as much critical chance, damage and Multishot we can muster. As long as the Dread slashes than the damage will come pouring in. The goal as-always being to get consistent one-shots.

Slash can no longer bypass Corpus shields but that’s not an issue for the Dread as it will tear through the shield and hit points of Corpus targets just as it tears through armored targets.

Long story short, The Dread is still an outstanding traditional style bow that can deal insane amounts of single target damage. The downsides to such a weapon lies in what it is. It might be more comfortable for some players to use assault or automatic weapons without having to worry about charge time or projectile flight speed or projectile drop-off trajectory.

There are also other bows that can offer area of effect damage but none of them come close to the single target skewering power of the Dread. Recommend!

Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed and published by Digital Extremes. Originally released for PC Microsoft Windows in March 2013, it was later ported to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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No matter how hard I try I can’t seem to remember my first stalker encounter what I do remember is finding the blueprint in my foundry and all my friend said hey you should totally build that because it’s an awesome weapon a little that I know back then that the dread would become my favorite traditional-style ball in warframe but the question today is how did the dread survive all the brand new status and IPS changes so let’s find out hey guys welcome back as always my name is Lazar and today we’re going to be diving deeper into this mastery rank 5 primary weapon as per the usual I’m gonna have a cheap build something affordable that most players should be able to build but of course we also have the code unquote in game setup what a rivet dad said though please keep in mind that my Bloods and guides usually take a new player friendly approach I’m gonna take my time and give you all the necessary information you need on how to build your weapon and why so in case you’re a veteran and you already know most of this stuff please bear with me there are the way let’s jump into the dread let’s begin by checking out how the weapon handles without any mods equipped and for that just a couple of free shots now the dread is your basic standard bow there’s nothing special when it comes to functionality on this weapon you gotta charge it all the way back you can reach a high for the shot if you so desire but you’re not gonna be doing as much damage ideally you want to charge it all the way through and release a maximum damage arrow as you can see you got a bit of a drop-off to this one so leaving your targets is definitely a thing because of the projectile flight speed and you might wanna aim slightly above the head and that is pretty much it the charge rate on the breath is pretty quick and as you can see the warframe is able to pull an arrow from the quicker quiver extremely quickly enough about that let’s jump in the stats and have a closer look now my dread has mod capacity 60 out of 60 and if you just finished your blueprint right now you got mod capacity 30 out of 40 you need to go to actions plug-in an orican catalyst now this one will be doubling your mod capacity and you’re gonna need a whole bunch of these things to max out your weapons trust me it’s definitely worth it especially on the dread now another thing that you probably noticed is the fact that I have a whole bunch of symbols on my mod schloss now these are called polarities there are three of them well.

Standard ones and a couple of non standard ones you got your Madre Vaseline and not among the most popular by far is mud right and you’re gonna have to for my your dread about three times for the build I’m gonna be recommending you in order to form our weapon go into actions and hit polarization and then you’re gonna be able to polarize a slot then we level your weapon you get four mob by doing relics you’re gonna be opening relics you’re gonna get a blueprint and then you’re gonna have to craft it and apply it to the weapon now I’m fully aware that if you’re more know where to warframe this might seem like a little bit overwhelming do I really need to take all these steps and trust me the dread is 100% worth it this is one of the most powerful traditional Styles bows in the game now put that out of the way let’s have a look at the accuracy is 16.7 this is pretty much par for the course for any traditional style bow if you want to use heavy caliber on the weapon it’s gonna get knocked down to eleven point one I don’t recommend you going this rod because if you’re gonna use multi shot and well you should use multi shot the resulting arrows from multi shot we’ll be landing completely of the process take a look at that okay basically this is a precision weapon I wouldn’t put heavy caliber on this one definitely not but if you wanna use it there’s a shotgun I mean use a shotgun I don’t know charge for 0.5 as you saw there extremely quickly base critical chance my friends 50% B highs based critical chance of all weapons in the game inside with the lens and one else I think the Brahma 2 is no Brahmas 45% so the lens the dread and there’s still one more which has 50% as a base it’s absolutely phenomenal critical multiplier is decent at 2.0 X the magazine and one of course multi shot of one by default because you’re firing one arrow its silent which is important if you want to go into stealth missions but there are other ways to go get around the whole stealth aim point through two point five now this is very interesting link the cars right now if you want to learn exactly how pentru works and should work in warframe basically your arrow is gonna be going through your target and hit multiple as long as they’re in a line so it’s a form of buoy extremely powerful and not a lot of weapons have default punch through on them so once again this is extra point for the dread reload 0.7 they simply symbolizes the time it takes the warframe to pull another arrow from the quiver and a ribbon this ball a 4 out of 5 my friends.

There is a high Riven disposition Riven this position should be controlled by weapon popularity if you don’t know what ribbons are linked to the cards right now for a full tutorial on them basically they’re extremely powerful ribbons which are catered to individual weapons and I’m gonna show you a really nice one a bit later it’s not a chance of 20% a little bit on the low side you know why you’re only firing one arrow by default so that’s kind of the weak point of the dread always has been if we take a look at the damage.

We got impact puncture and slash and the highest amount by a landslide is gonna be slash at 300 which is one of the key advantages of the dread now once again if you’re newer to warframe I want to draw your attention to this mod slot right here this is the weapon XL a small slot and you do not need it okay there is one mod which you can use in this one and it will bring you a good advantage it’s called terminal velocity but again if you’re newer to warframe you don’t really need this one extra projectile flight speed will make the weapon handle a little bit easier and get your precise shots well a little bit easier now with that out of the way let’s jump into a standard build and we got a whole lot of damage acceleration which is 100% mandatory just like split chamber for multi shot critical chance critical damage between points right vital sense now these four are non-negotiable these are mandatory mods in warframe if you don’t know what to sync your endo in to go split chamber points right viral sensation you can keep something like two or three from the top until you get enough endo the following two mods I’m gonna call mandatory as well hunter munitions and bladed rounds and don’t worry my friends none of these mods none of them are expensive so if you’re coming new into warframe once again this build is definitely not on the expensive side will get too expensive later hunter munitions in warframe one of the most powerful mods 30% chance to apply a slash on critical hit what is my critical hit a hundred and twenty five percent man that is crazy just with point strike alone which makes blade that rounds mandatory a hundred and twenty percent critical damage now this one is after you get a kill for nine seconds while aiming yes it’s a little bit roundabout but it’s definitely powerful it’s the same amount as viola sense as long as your crit chance is guaranteed you gotta go for play that rounds terminal velocity is option again doesn’t really matter you know what I’m even gonna take it off screw it malignant force my neurons these are the two months were going to be playing around the reason why I’m showing you this build right now because this was the most common built for the dread you’re gonna be getting one shot with this one is extremely powerful but it’s not the most powerful and in order for me to prove why it’s not the most powerful I’m gonna have to deconstruct it so bear with me let’s take the weapon out like this we got the vital elemental combo on the weapon as you can see 1068 Faro 801 slash impact and puncture just a wee little bit let’s make sure that cost doesn’t have any thing to skew the test results okay something like corrosive rejection or our Kings or anything like that corrupted heavy goons level 120 we’re gonna do the following test first of all we’re gonna get a buff from blade at round so we gotta kill one target off then we’re gonna do a one-shot test on the remaining seven target there we go we got blade around one for you one for you and so on and so forth the point here is to see how many one shots we are gonna be getting and yes I’m being careful so the punch room doesn’t hit multiple targets there we go that’s enough so are the seven shots that we did we got five fatalities my friends in a single shot that’s how powerful this build can be absolutely beautiful but do you see the recurring theme here why didn’t these guys die it’s basically up to slash if you get a slash on your target the weapon absolutely wrecks if you don’t get a slash it does mostly jackhole so what can we do to get more slashes now to answer that question and to improve upon this already powerful build first we gotta figure out where are these / is coming from from Hunter munitions or is it coming from the weapons bay status chants mixed in together with its IPs and that’s what we’re going to be answering next up until recently in warframe we had the following rule impact puncture and slash the free physical types have a four times greater chance at applying the status effect / elemental types such as heat blast corrosive tox and you name it it didn’t really matter but with the rework of status chants they removed this rule entirely so now everybody is one-to-one everybody has the exact same chance so it comes down to the values in my case right now what is my chance to proc viral viral is number one on the pro priority being a thousand followed by slash puncture and impact so basically in adding these two mods right here since it no longer reduces the enemy self to 50% or whatnot what did I achieve exactly a slightly higher status chance which is good but I also overwhelm my slash with viral so that’s a bit of an issue and to prove that the slashes are coming from Hunter munitions and not from these two with this we’re gonna do the following test we’re gonna be removing Hunter munitions hunter munitions on this weapon is powerful because you got that 125 percent critical chance wood points rank alone all of your arrows are critical chances all of your arrows are guaranteed crits therefore all of them have that free percent chance to apply a slash from hunter munition so we’re gonna take it off and we’re gonna do the same test again we’re gonna get our blade rounds buff and all whatnot when you’re dealing with a weapon such as that red my friends what you want is one shot that is my two cents on it take a look at this I mean this is already clear enough I’m putting like a lot of shots in this targets head and I barely got a slash anyway now I play the rounds hit 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 fatalities I think we got one we might have another we might have we got – we got 2 boys little – instead of 5 so as you can see clearly the slashes are coming from Hunter munitions hmm what can we do to further amplify our chance at getting a slash considering what we know about viral now in the – 60 60 months first of all hunter munitions needs to come back in I’m sorry I’m not a fan here’s the weird part I’m not even a fan of this blasted mod well we can go for more multi shot take a look at my multi shot right now 1.9 right what does that mean I have a guaranteed arrow on my target and a 90% chance per shot at a second one which means I got a 10% chance of only getting one arrow on my targets but if I go with vigilante armaments I get another 60% so two are two arrows now are guaranteed out of the weapon and a 50% chance per shot at a third one which means more chances for hunter.

To apply it / and that is absolutely beautiful there’s still one more mod slot and I wrestled with this one quite severely what is the single most powerful element right now in warframe not an elemental combo an element by itself heat especially considering that we’re fighting corrupted heavy gunners which have a whole bunch of armor heat will help us reduce some of that armor and you might say that’s it right that’s the belt well that’s what I fought to initially and then I did some more calculations the ideal mod to plug into this build is believe it or not a meme mod a mod that I have made fun of and not recommended it for the better part of two years but the change in mechanics currently in warframe kind of bring it back just a little bit here’s the problem and the disadvantage with adding thermite rounds it has one more element to the weapon my whole idea was the proc more slash to have a better chance at pro-king slash and adding heat to the weapon basically kind of froze that off even though heat is not priority number one it still adds another possible powerful element to proc well okay then fine what is the best mod that you can use in this case believe it or not it’s hammer shot.

I know I know honestly I didn’t believe it either.

But it honestly is hammer shot now hammer shot will not add another element to the weapon so you still have slash as property number one by a landslide because impact and furniture are extremely small as values right now and hammer shot gives you critical damage your crit chance is guaranteed so that is guaranteed damage as well more status chance more slashes in this case would be biggest priority I know I know honestly no I did I couldn’t believe it either I didn’t even want to suggest that at a certain point but better at the end of the day it’s better my friend so what can I do the exact same test as before this is a mod that I warned against so many times by friends so many freaking times take a look at this is not even funny.

One two three four five six seven fatalities let’s see em that’s it we still have two left standing my friend slash is the name of the game of the dread it always has been and this will be the most powerful built for it mathematically speaking of course because this one will provide you the most amount of slash now of course there’s not a huge difference between this one and the viral one definitely not so if you still have doubts about hammer shot trust me I do myself you can go for the 266 these mods which form viral but again a huge advantage to something like this is the fact that it’s cheap.

There’s nothing here which is expensive absolutely nothing whatsoever and again if you’re coming new into warframe leave serration to free from the top this is the biggest and those thing that you got and prioritize split chamber then you go to crit chance crit damage then you go to hunter munitions okay you get it and that’s the rest of them now there’s still one more thing which we got to do bump up everything with a Riven my friends then we’re gonna go to warframe well let’s talk about a bit more expensive mods if you got Argan scope for the weapon of course use argon scope take a look at my crit chance 251 point I percent because I got a great trade again not only I loan ribbons from viewers just to taste systems showcase um the dread is actually one of the first ribbons I ever got in warframe about two years ago I rolled it myself this is actually my Riven with 253 percent crit chance and 127 percent multi shot – 40 percent zoom we got our guns go pop in here blade around so you get how this one works basically i replaced hammer shot and vigilante armaments with the crit again and the argon scope now don’t blink my friends because if you blink you might miss it same corrupted heavy guns 120 we’re gonna bump up to 150 with warframe buffs take a look at that 15,000 no bladed rounds above – beautiful absolutely freakin beautiful now if we get lucky enough it can die from a one shot look it’s like snapshot you’re dead but if it doesn’t slash as before if it doesn’t slash it doesn’t do much of anything but as you can see when it does slash it basically explodes a target look look haha 72,500 goodbye sayonara see ya later.

Now you see him now ya don’t absolutely freakin beautiful isn’t it yes it’s 100% going for a dread Riven and you know what dread Riven’s currently are not really all that expensive so 100 percent go if you can find one like something cheap I don’t know 50 plat then you can go and roll it and whatnot see if you get lucky priority our ribbon right let’s see what kind of stats you should go for on a ribbon first of all critical damage definitely go for critical damage a critical chance multi shot with a harmless negative that would be absolutely fantastic one more thing my friends bump up everything would warframe buffs and for that we’re gonna be using the ever so lovely lady Mirage right now I don’t even know why I do these things sometimes simply because what is the point now I mean basically the bow is one shotting anyway but we can one-shot our that so why the hell not for Inara gives greenie across the projection the brand new cross the projection reduces enemy armor only by 18% we can go with arcane avenger or free on this one 40% critical chance boost bonus additive after it simply stacks on top of what I already have this is the brand-new r5 these things unfortunately no longer double stack thanks de and this one is arcane rage 180 percent damage to primary weapons 15% chance on headshot for 24 seconds I’m gonna go like this we can pump up the level sure one thing one thing to note is that these are the brand-new corrupted heavy gunners meaning they have much weaker armor scaling than the ones from before these changes were implemented with these status changes so try to keep that one in mind we’re gonna be using the Russia’s free ability for a fantastic damage increase as well as her ever so lovely clones and my friends if it was a one-shot before of course it’s gonna be a one-shot now but the power of lady Mirage you don’t even need slashes you can straight-up murder your targets like spell this is a beautiful weapon honestly I love that red and it’s time to.

Laugh it up if you’re newer to warframe and you just got this absolutely gorgeous weapon rest assured it’s a powerhouse and it’s 100% worth building and if you’re a veteran in warframe you can rest assured that the dread can still deliver insane amounts of damage and I highly recommend this absolutely awesome weapon but it’s not perfect definitely not by 2020 standard the dread has no a weak damage even though when it comes to single target as long as you can aim properly it can it can absolutely shrek any more okay fine mostly any targets but no AoE if you want something a bit more a wish you’re gonna have to wait a little bit until you’re able to pick up the lens or the Brahma but for now my friends this is one hell of a bow and you know what it’s still my favorite traditional style bow in warframe as oh it’s one of my simulator thank you guys so much for watching like favorite share and subscribe if you enjoy the content if you got any sorts of feedback for me I would love to read it in the comment section down below also in the comment section down below I want to see weapons suggestions my friend everything is on the table except mainly because we still don’t have melee free panel you can also find me on Twitch Facebook Twitter all the usual places and if you love the content consider supporting us via patreon until next time my friends buh-bye.

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