Easy Auto Honeycomb Farm! Minecraft Guide Episode 51 (Minecraft 1.15.2 Let’s Play)

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Honeycombs are a pretty nice looking block but we sadly don’t have very many of them. In today’s episode we change that by creating a fully automatic honeycomb bee farm. This build will automatically harvest our beehives and put honeycombs into a chest for us.

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Oh Marco I can hear you from far far away how’s it going my guy I am mellow okay you sound angry today what’s going on Marco yeah it’s a problem I will sting you peasant I am the reason you had 350 K subs build me a house the dog stinks no he can’t bring Pam into it that look says fall yeah okay stop with that language I told you not on this channel no no Paul stop it hello there elites how’s it going it’s meet your guy waddles welcome back to the Minecraft guide episode number 51 this is the first episode post World Tour so today we’re gonna work on a fun project a little bit of a sidetrack from the water stuff that we’ve been working on but a fun project definitely that I chose to my own will I promise I do this on my own.

You see we started this world as soon as the be update dropped and right at the beginning of the series we did a lot of peace stuff but then we’ve kind of left the bees alone which is a little bit of a problem today we’re gonna change that and make an automatic honeycomb machine automatic honeycomb farm hopefully this build will give us lots of the honeycomb blocks because I mean it they do look pretty nice for building I don’t think I’ve actually made a single one in this world so boom right there is the very first block I don’t know these blocks look really really cool and with some of the water stuff that we have coming up I’d like to actually have some of this boxing case I’d like to incorporate them into into future builds because of the tones I think they’ll work really well with some of the other blocks that I’m thinking about so we have this many honeycombs plus whatever we have by marco and paul’s so maybe like a couple more stacks now to build one single tile of this machine that we’ll be building today you will need these supplies right here but these honeycombs need to be combined with wood and convert it over into a is it a bee nest very it’s a beehive I I still don’t have it down you leave these supplies total but you will also need bees and flowers for this ability because otherwise this isn’t gonna work and this is something for one tile one tile this far maybe it’ll be good but.

At the same time it won’t give me the rates that I am looking for so I think what we’re gonna actually do is times this add 10 more time so in total we’ll have 11 tiles I think that’ll sound good now of course if we’re building an automatic beef farm I think I would like to not lose the bees if the bees would not fly into the desert like all of our other bees I think have decided to do for some reason yeah that would be great so we’re gonna go ahead and actually just go ahead and build I guess what would basically be a green house today the bill this should be pretty fun I have the perfect spot for it too now I think what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go ahead and grab some placeholder blocks and just swing right over to the build site and actually start the build then we’ll come back and get all of the get all the redstone in a little later on in the episode build a first redstone second so build first filled first build first where will we build today’s build well right here this is going to be the site of our brand new bee greenhouse a farm thing that I don’t know what I want to officially call it now on this village we’re gonna go ahead and use spruce what we will be switching the black palate up quite a bit today but spruce wood and then we’re gonna actually use bricks but there’s a catch I don’t really have a lot of clay right now we’re gonna have to grab that later on in the episode so for now so we can start the build we’re gonna go ahead and use cobblestone as the placeholder block for any brick blocks so where you see the cobblestone the cobblestone will go away and it’ll be bricks now what block goes well with bricks well of course a plain old terracotta goes really really well with bricks because the tones are very very similar I obviously won’t be able to show you until we actually have the bricks but just trust me elites that the blocks work very very well together the plan for this build is to have a strip of bricks along the bottom then terracotta going up on the sides this build will be pretty tall because I mean bees fly right so we should probably give them some room to fly even if they don’t technically need it now on this build I think we’ll do sections so we’ll have a window area bricks at the bottom then a spruce pillar yep look at that that’s exactly a pillar then we’ll go ahead and basically repeat the section again so I think we need a five-block long section so one two three four five and this side will again have windows I’d like to have lots of windows on this build and the windows will face towards all of this stuff over there the horse that’s still down there after like 30 episodes okay maybe we should rescue that horse seems to be having some trouble but then we’ll go ahead and do one more section of this so we’ll copy it over again 1 2 3 4 5 so this build is gonna be pretty long but and it actually won’t be very wide at all and by the way I did level this out before this episode this was like a hill and then there’s there’s like a cave system over here too I covered up a lot of it over here to really you know be able to build with the with this thing I decided that starting the episode with more terraforming collect we do on a lot of the projects though I don’t know yeah it’s just how we had to switch it up now unfortunately this fire this beautiful campfire is gonna be in the way and you’re just not as important as the bee farm campfire sorry no offence so we’re gonna go ahead and move that maybe we can work it back into this area somehow I mean I would love to but I guess we’ll see so the bill that will be this long again pretty long but the front side and we’ll be nowhere near as long I think what we could do is we do like a block and then we could do staircase maybe up which raises the floor of this build on the inside that could be cool then another block on this side of the doorway and then side a pillar right here and then the build kind of turns over this way so it’ll only be what seven blocks are wide right there but very very long I think that’ll be good now I think what we’ll do is we’ll have our bee farm on this side like all of the machine stuff so that means the wall is actually going to have to pop out so I think if we were to go maybe two blocks that should be good so let’s say yeah two blocks popping out there so we’ll do a spruce pillar right there and then we can go ahead and do that on that side but I’d like to switch it up so on this side of the build instead of terracotta and bricks will actually make this pop-out section completely different instead of that block combo which will look really good on this side we’ll switch things up and you dark oak wood then I think maybe dark oak staircases on this block right here then we’ll actually leave our machine exposed so we can access it from the back I’ll explain why later and then at the top of this thing so I think up here we’ll do more staircases but these ones will be upset out so everything sort of goes inwards towards the machine that we’re gonna put in there but on the very edge we’ll go ahead and just frame it just like that that’ll probably look better so then over here solid terracotta wall on the front I think I’d like to do a lot of glass so we could actually see into this built from the path over here I think that would be really nice like if we look over there and there’s like eventually like three times 11 so 33 bees in here at least I think that’ll be pretty sweet and it’ll probably be a little bit noisy but let’s go ahead and stop what we’re doing right now and see if we can actually go ahead and find some clay because we’re gonna need I think like a stack of bricks for today’s build but there’s a catch I would rather not take the clay right from this river right here I’d rather not make it look insanely ugly even though there’s lots of clay over here so what we will do is go down towards what Lantis then I think the river ends so right up in here but then it starts again on the other side and that’s where we’ll take the clay from hi exactly exactly but not that clay this is too close to the build over here though this is game we can go ahead and rip this environment top pitch does not matter to us at all now I think what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna use the soft touch pickaxe to collect this stuff and then we’ll actually go back over here use the porch and pickaxe to fortunate because the shovel does not have fortune and clay can actually be fortune clay is kind of rare in in a Minecraft world that’s something that I’ve always I’ve never really liked it I feel like there should be a biome that has clay like on the surface in the field or something like in chunks or it should just generate more under the ground not only by the water it’s just it’s too rare in the game right like it’s clay come on oh why is it so rare it’s not like diamonds you know that that makes me think we should just probably canceled another update enough minecraft 1.16 clay update that sounds a little bit better to me oh hey guys think there’s a vote in the poll here’s the real question though will fortune 3 on a pickaxe work on a clay blog let’s find this out I’m not sure if I’m being honest uh what do we have we have four okay I think that worked let’s test it again again we have four more okay I think I think that is a confirmed yes the for each and every time this is absolutely working which is amazing that is exactly what I needed hopefully we’ll have enough clay here from all of this I have 24 in the storage building so not much of a help but yeah this this should probably work out pretty well yeah a stack of clay already hmm that should we go we don’t need very many bricks for this build anyways so yeah this is definitely gonna work now to actually turn these clay items into something usable for today’s build we’ll actually need to smelt them up in a furnace to turn them into bricks so we’ll go ahead and do one furnace right there and then another one right here and smelt everything up and I’ll go back over to the storage building in a minute to get more cold now for the front of the build I said giant window definitely giant window so we’ll do a bunch of glass on here so far the build is actually pretty straight board and pretty plain that is actually probably going to change once we get to the top of the build though because I’d like to do something that I think will be really really cool the top of the pills the roof should definitely incorporate honeycomb blocks because I mean it’s a bee farm right we need to use the honeycombs in some way because they look so so good so I think it’s time for me to go ahead and catch the build up then once we’re on the front of the build I can show you exactly what I mean when I say honeycombs because I think using honeycombs is going to be really really cool it’ll definitely stand out on this build hmm no this side of the build I I don’t really know I think we’re gonna do a different roof line on this part the part of the sticks out so I guess what I’ll do is I’ll go ahead and take terracotta and go straight across let’s connect those two sides up I think that would kind of make sense when it comes to the structures or just how it would go you see even after all of the builds that I’ve done I still get really confused by builds that have different roof lines but I think that makes sense so we’ll have a staircase roof over here and then a slab one coming off down and over there I think that’ll make sense and that should look good while the clay finishes smelting up into bricks let’s go ahead and talk roof lines so I’m thinking staircases right and the staircases will be mossy stone brick staircases mossy cobblestone staircases stone brick staircases and cobblestone staircases so lots of different variations going on here I think that’ll look pretty good now these staircases will line the edges of this roof so all the way until here right here and then this will go up and a normal staircase like way you know just stare gazing up but in the middle here I think we’ll use honeycomb blocks so lots of these things and here filling that in I think that’ll look really really good but one more thing so we have this fruit stone on the dark oak tone down there I’d like to bring that into the roof so instead of all honey block or honeycomb blocks in here let’s go ahead and actually use some dark oak wood as well I think maybe staircases so we do a block and then a staircase right here so it sticks out a little bit past these honeycomb once that should probably look good so yeah that’s what I’m thinking no there’ll be a lot going on with this roof but I think it’ll work out because the great homes are all pretty similar this tone will be in the lower part of the building which should help balance things out and then this that’ll be pretty shocking so that’s the point of all of this balance I I think maybe this is gonna be a big experiment I’ve never done a roof like this but I think it’ll work it should it should work out pretty well I I think I hope you invite and it might end up working I guess we’ll have to see it’s definitely gonna be one of those things where a little bit of trial and error will solve the problem for us but let’s go ahead and check up on this stuff there we go we’ll put that in there and grab the bricks so the bricks are crafted just like that they’re very very expensive but it will definitely pay off because we’ll have bricks in here like like like that and then on this side we’ll have bricks right over here like this which will look really really good then on the inside I’ll come back with some dirt and raises the floor I think by one block or you know what should we do we have to we could maybe just we could just do that and walk right in I can’t decide because we can walk up and then walk back down I’m not too sure actually elites I’m not too sure but I do know that this these will be glass panes I can temporally do that and I’ll go ahead and get all the bricks and – and here we’ll leave this wood exposed a little bit maybe like that or maybe just all the way down that’s kind of cool and then the roof it’s time for me to go ahead and get all of this built in now and get it ready for out the machine and by the way over here on this side like I said earlier we’ll do slabs so I’ll do my best to link the slab part up to the to the staircase part should be pretty easy we’ll use the exact same block combos on on that side of the build too though.

Daddy finished the build you ask well that’s a good question the answer is yes but actually no so I got everything in like the glass the terracotta the brakes of the staircases even the dark oak wood but I did not get the honeycomb blocks in because I realized you know I’m not exactly loaded when it comes to honeycomb so I can’t make a bunch of honeycomb blocks away yet I think the plan here is gonna be to actually go ahead and get the the firemen in a second then we’ll put a temporary or well actually no we’ll put a permanent roof or ceiling inside of here and then we’ll come back before the end of the episode and finish the roof itself I think it’s gonna look good but yeah everything is pretty much ready to go now so just start we’re gonna go ahead and place the temporary block right here and then a bunch of stripped oak logs in here because these match beehives pretty much perfectly which I think will look really good then we’ll go ahead and put that block back and fill this spot in with a bunch of random blocks that we won’t ever see this this doesn’t matter this is just the setup for the build now all of the ingredients I’ve moved everything into here this chest right here first we’re gonna start with our dispensers 11 of the dispensers first we’re gonna go ahead and take our dispensers and place them along the back side of this farm now a single tile of this farm will take up a 2 by 2 block space it is pretty compact but again we are tiling it over 11 times so a bunch of dispensers in the back just like that now it’s time for a lot of shears so I think we can go ahead and yeah just turn a bunch of this iron and the shears how many do we have we need 11 so we’ll go ahead and make exactly 11 but I am going to leave these dispensers exposed from the back so like out here I’ll show you when we actually go out there next so basically whenever I need you I can come in here and actually refill these things the only problem that we’ll have is with the end dispensers because they are actually currently blocked we might just change that on the build that might be an easier idea eventually these shears will get used up just like on the sheep farm now after the dispensers we need to grab our beehives the beehives need to be placed facing forward so you have this entrance side over here if the entrance is blocked the bees won’t be able to get into the beehives and well the farm is not going to work the point of this farm is v’s going in and out of these.

Things after that we need our observers the observers should be placed looking down at the Beehive so this is kind of tricky but they should be placed looking oh no way all of these are gonna have to come out ah man okay well not that big of a deal we’ll go ahead and just remove those now.

The observers come in looking down just like that so we’ll go ahead and place all of these above each and every beehive then after we finish placing our observers we’ll jump back down and grab the two final ingredients we need a redstone and our day well I guess it’s just any block any block will work but I think smooth stone will look good because this sort of looks like the machine so bunch of smooth stone back there and then finally lots of redstone dust on top of this thing the you will need redstone on top of the observers and these back blocks now whenever the Beehive is ready to be harvested the observer will know the observer will send a signal up to the Redstone up here the Redstone will power this back block right here which will actually update the dispenser and boom the Beehive will be harvested.

Now the honeycombs will be thrown onto the floor and here so we’ll need to set up a collection system the collection system is actually going to be very very easy to do so to start a invisible block ah old friend I do not miss you but the start will go ahead and clear up this whole lower area down here what I think we can do is basically copy exactly what we’ve done on the pumpkin farm and the melon farm and run a minecart line with a hopper minecart on it and basically make everything up that’s dropped on the ground underneath this bar now I don’t think we need to go all the way over here that’s where the wall is so we can leave that in but I just need to find the back wall where is the back wall it’s kind of hard to see down here oh the back wall is right there okay so we don’t need that wall or a space dug out but we need all of this and then what are we under right now okay we’re under the beehives I think that’s fine I think that’ll be fine but we definitely should think about some sort of item collection spot so I think it would be smart to be able to pick up the honeycombs that are harvested from this farm without going inside of this thing at all because I mean each time we go inside of this farm the door will have to be open which really you know it’s not that big of a deal but each time we open the door we do have a chance to let pieces out I will of course you know be very careful but that doesn’t mean an accident won’t happen sometimes so let’s go ahead and put our item drop-off spot right over here so we can do hoppers like this and this then right in front of the hoppers of course a double chest I’ll need to go ahead and make another chest then we need to make it so this minecart can actually run over here so what if we just dig out this area over here I think this will be Oh.

Mmm hmm well we could fill that spot in so honeycombs don’t go like diagonally if we did oh well this will go back we could just do terracotta in there I think that’ll look fine if we just fill that area in okay yeah mm-hmm that’s exactly it so more terracotta in here and then same thing over there and then this will just stay open because redstone is up there so yep not a problem at all ooh but does it look good not exactly not exactly uh how could we fix that I don’t really I don’t really know I mean we could get breaks but that would be random right like random bricks so maybe it’s fine maybe it’s fine I think I’m over I’m overthinking it it’s fine it’s good like that could we put a window over here to break that up yeah that’s how we can fix it window right there problem solved and then we could do the exact same thing back here small window boom we’re good the big question of today is do we have rails oh yes we have lots of rails and we have mine carts as well wow that that is beautiful this will not be a problem so I think over here what we could do is we could do rail rail rail rail like that and then that as well and then we can just turn this back inwards and run our rail line basically to the back then we’ll wrap it to the front and then we’ll go to the back again and then this will wrap around just like that and then along the front we’ll just run over a line right over there so we have a continuous loop that it should be perfect but because of these turns in here we might need a little bit more power than normal so we’ll go ahead and do maybe three powered rails right there and then we’ll do maybe maybe like two right over here just to make sure we’re good around these turns because turns do or they can slow down minecarts if they hit things and our minecart might be hitting some blocks here playing especially that one and and over here I’m not too sure I guess we’ll have to to wait and find out but yeah I think that’ll be good if we do something just like this oh no oh no oh no hold on a minute here problem big big problem so how this line is being being laid how we’re gonna have to go down right and then it would turn this way and we’d have to add a whole other section so can I actually reach us this what is this under right now this is under a block okay so you know what we can actually have this curve out a little bit more like one more block yeah yeah because this wouldn’t this we don’t need a minecart line running underneath solid blocks okay I nice recovery a solid recovery from me your guy here I was gonna say that’s not good at that that’s a lot of wasted rail lines so I need to put a wall back in here if you could even see it will actually leave a torch down here just make it nice and bright but yeah this wall this wall right here that needs to go back all right so powered rails right there that right there and then let’s go ahead and make aa for minecart and does it work I’m sure it will I don’t see why it wouldn’t buddy you’re gonna you’re gonna need to go okay oh let’s try that again you are gonna need okay let’s do this way you’re gonna need to go a hopper minecart go you got this it starts slow and it picks up power and as soon as it hits these three wide pieces it should get a lot of speed yeah I think that’s good I think that’s good let’s go ahead and test it by putting redstone torch right there that’s about as far as something could get I don’t think it would ever get that far but yes we are good okay so sweet now it’s time to get the ceiling in there I have an idea for that.

But that idea is going to require more oak wood so I’m gonna have to farm some trees I need to plant more oak tree and chop them down so I was gonna be a minute and why are you here goodbye buddy goodbye so I’m thinking on the ceiling to bring this inside color up to the top we’ll use lots and lots of oak wood and then we can do Spruce beams going right across the top maybe in the center sections like in between these windows so there’s not too many Swiss beams but just enough so that we’ll go there and then we’ll do ya like oak slabs but I’m kind of tight on on the oak logs right now I need to I need to chop more trees down then on the outside to keep the minecart safe which we should probably do before we do the ceiling we’ll go ahead and put trapdoors in here just like this that shouldn’t affect the minecart at all and we can actually see it which is kind of cool and then we can go right over here and grab all of the all of the honeycombs whenever we need them but this spot right here so let’s go ahead and open that up which means I need some more staircases and maybe actually on the top I don’t know about that connection we could come back in maybe with some slabs to fix that to create a little bit of a you know not like a smooth connection there that might look better but at the same time excuse me sir I’m busy at the same time do we just switch those two blocks I might just look better instead of doing all the slabs yeah let’s just go ahead and do that now on the outside I think it would be cool seeing us we’re gonna leave this one side of the build open to sort of create like a little bit of like an awning a covered area so we can go ahead and do fences and then oh well we could maybe have the roof hang out a little bit more I don’t think that’s necessarily the ugliest thing in the world uh yeah let’s go ahead and leave it like that but with this configured like this we can always check our dispensers whenever we need to and get more sheers inside of there considering the fact that we uh we have this thing right over here the iron part I’ll probably just go ahead and load a bunch of sheers inside of those dispensers so it’s good for a long long time but lots of trees have grown so let’s go ahead and finish the roof so we can wrap this build up actually we are almost there Oh Marco Oh Paul I think you’re are going to be hurt pleased with what I have created flower for you flower for you make the baby thank you thank you mm-hmm okay and now child you will come with me not the grown-up one though not not you I only want the child to be okay this is gonna be a little tricky how do I send you away but the child if I stand over here will the child see oh you see me yes you’ve got good eyes you got good eyes let’s go ahead and lead the baby be this way to its brand-new home now maybe Marco and Paul will get moved over into this thing but at the same time maybe not there the founding bees of course we we got them way way back in episode 4 they’re very important to this whole world but I don’t know if they if they deserve to live here I don’t know if they deserved you they kind of like believes maybe we could just move them over here outside of this building I don’t know but here is what we have not were to be okay you keep coming with me you’re gonna come in here you can go right through the door come on come on yeah nice nice and then flowers on the ground close the doors and here we go we have a foal being closed to be farm other than over there I’m gonna have to go up there really quick and block that off I don’t think this B will go up there for any reason but I mean you never know so we’ll go ahead and get some dirt and I just closed it off so here is the final farm though we have a fully enclosed B farm room lots of light in here I did go ahead and check the light level we are good everywhere and now basically I need more flowers in here but I’m gonna go ahead and make it look good and get some get some course certain here instead of all just grass because course dirt well will help make this area look really good now slowly but surely this beet is going to do his job it’s gonna do the flower dance right there that’ll do the flower dance then it’ll go to its home and it slowly raised the level of the nectar I guess inside of the Beehive and then eventually the Beehive will be ready to be harvested automatically harvested up down three honeycombs will be thrown on the ground the minecart will pick it up and we can simply collect in and rake in the profits now thankfully we built this right here that is very close to the afk fish farm so this is yet another Otto farm that will be active while iaf which is an amazing amazing thing now all that I need to do at this point in the video is basically love to be do its thing and actually eventually bring a second fee over here and then we can breathe the bees continuously that are inside of this farm to get a full bee population now a single bee hive can hold 3 bees at a time which means we could get a total of 33 bees inside of this thing and that would be good but we could technically probably get more because the bees go in and out of these things and when the bees aren’t inside of them a different B could actually go inside of it so we could make this crazy crazy productive the more flowers in here of the better though the flower type does not matter now okay good you fell I was gonna say I saw you standing up there iron golem no no no you don’t get to live today no sorry buddy but uh yeah I think that’s pretty much everything that we need to talk about so I’m gonna go ahead and actually finish the build up now let’s actually also do this in here I think this will make it look a little bit better if we just do a bunch of dark oak wood in there fill it in anyways but yep time for me to go ahead and actually wrap up oh no did I hear a traitor did I hear a traitor I did hear a traitor what are you doing what are you doing boy Brown died though Brown died okay look look I I don’t like the traitors I don’t condone traitors at all in fact wandering traitors are the most disgusting thing in Minecraft I would personally never trade with a wand’rin traitor and I have never traded with a wandering traitor before actually I think like genuinely I don’t think I ever have before and I don’t think I ever will tread with ever wandering traitor instead I will scam the wandering traitor out of brown dye and then the wandering critter never saw a thing and you guys didn’t see anything either nothing happened the sheep’s will go away too.

The sheep will go away goodbye goodbye uh-huh uh-huh.

Yes those are wandering traitor sheep don’t ask and you see I don’t know what you mean we have always had a brown sheep right there that has always been a thing since we built this thing I don’t know where we got the brown guy wouldn’t be able to tell you wouldn’t be able to tell anyone in fact if you’re watching this you saw nothing and yep we have always thought a brown sheep right there which is.

Actually pretty sweet nice that is all 16 dye colors beautiful all without a wandering trader to remember that no wandering trader happened here no Pam where are you going pam pam pam you sit down right there for this next bit I need to send a big shout-out to Lily blossom six its banner time elites it’s definitely banner time so first yellow banner and then we need some black dye the black dye needs to go into this cool pattern right here what could we ever be making uh I have no clue I cannot say I don’t know I’m not even making this banner right now so after that then we need this thing right here we need the white on the bottom so there we go white on the bottom then we can go ahead and put that right back in there and then do pretty much the same thing but actually not now we need white on the top just like that right there after that banner goes back over there light blue dye is the dye this time then we need to find that crazy pattern this pattern right here Oh guys so that looks good and then we’ll grab that then we’ll go ahead and do another light blue dye just like that and now we’re looking for this corner right there and then finally one more move over here fancy boom right there and then we need to take this banner that I am very excited about another banner and do the yellow one over here to copy it so we have banner number one banner number two and would you take a look at that banner right there at least that is how bill eats I should say be least that is how you make a B Venter in Minecraft and I don’t know I think this one is perfect again the big shout out Lily blossom six on planet minecraft for that banner design so Pam you can come with us over to the final product let’s go ahead and remove that hot bar to take a look at the bee farm Pam be careful around the plants the build is now fully complete all that we need is banner and banner right there and that is going to actually be just about it for our beef our a B pun intended so over here on this side I added more fences to make it look cool on that we have two pairs of sheers and each and every dispenser earth this one is three uh-huh.

That one has three then all of the other ones have two just like that then over here so I’ve been AFK for a little while while i actually edited the other footage from this episode let’s take a look and see what we have oh that is those are some good numbers we almost have an entire stack of honeycomb blocks if we were to convert these into blocks that is really really good now inside of this place I have a feeling that we can we can get a little bit of a goodness going on but first Pam you will wait out here I don’t trust you with the bees Pam stay outside bees you need to get a gift is e air you go you can have those I have a lot of bees inside of here they need to come out of their homes slowly but surely you are going to see that there is quite a few I’ve been using the poppies from the iron farm to feed the bees and try to convince them to grow up and also to breed the bees a lot of these bees are originating from the great Marco and Paul but Marco and Paul they don’t live in here I’ve decided to just leave them over where they are because I mean they’ve been there for so long and they’re fine it works in terms of account and exact number I would not be able to tell you there is a lot of bees in here there’s all of these tonight I think yeah there’s still some inside of their homes as well inside of their hives so yep lots of bees which is really good and from time to time I’m gonna need to come back in here and breathe the bees so I get even more in fact you two I two of you yes so that’s what I thought so yeah basically the farm is working out pretty well and I mean I think I did a really good job at the design and side of this thing as well lots of flowers in their course start looks really really good and then outside of the build itself as well I’m sorry I’m talking about it so much but I love this I think it looks really really good I did terraforming in here just to blend this area in so now the bee farm in this whole area is actually complete I think the build looks really cool from over here it helps you know sort of quarter the portal zone off and I think that’s good but that is actually gonna be just about it for today’s episode of the Minecraft guide other than fancy sign over there if you saw the side detailing trick video you know about that one I I had to use it over here I thought that would look really really good but uh yeah that is actually going to be just about it for today’s episode be Lietz Pam.

Get down from there it’s not funny with quite a few modifications we could actually turn this into a honey bottle farm as well but I I think if we need the honey bottles we could do that manually or we could just deal with it later on in the world honey combs will definitely be the main focus of this farm and we should be rolling in the honeycomb blocks are very very soon so today I would like to send a big thank-you to my patrons Skelly Wampus before I go ahead and finish closing out the video I’d like to show you this the iron farm has been running and we have even more iron which is really really good and lots of bee food over there that I should maybe move over to maybe maybe we’ll move it over to the bee farm I’m not too sure but yeah that is going to be just about it for this episode if you enjoyed it drop a like it always helps me if you haven’t subscribed yet you definitely should subscribe as well keep your eyes out for the next video in your sub feed very very soon all of my links are down in the description below I stream over on twitch.tv slash waddles down on the description merch is down there too.

Until next time elites PAMP you will come with me say cool elites I’ll see you in the next one goodbye.

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