Easy Emeralds + Double Zombie Farm! Minecraft Guide Episode 49 (Minecraft 1.15.2 Let’s Play)

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In today’s episode we start by finishing up the double zombie farm from the last episode! The farm will be linked up to the base via a sewer (or subway) like tunnel. Eventually we’ll make more tunnels coming off of this one. After that it’s time for pure profit!

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I tried to share I really thought I could get along and we can just share everything the villagers and I we we didn’t have to you know turn to capitalism and and make lots of profit and anything like that but sharing has not been working today we are turning to capitalism elites welcome back to the minecraft guide episode number 49 today is the final day before the world tour in the last episode we built a zombie farm the zombie farm is amazing it works really really well it’s way way over here now the zombie farm has already provided me with quite a bit of rotten flesh and as I start to actually use them more I’m gonna get even more rotten flesh what can we do with rotten flesh well of course we can sell them to the cleric villagers for emeralds which is the big goal today but before we can do that we actually need to make an entrance and decorate the zombie farm room so the zombie farm lets go actually back over here lots of maggot products but the zombie farm is actually located pretty much right below this river if we were to dig straight down from like that area over there were the crosshairs is we would hit the zombie farm now with it being under the river that means unfortunately we can’t really just plop a building on the ground or right above it and say that’s good plus this is sort of out of the way the the wheat field is sort of cutting things off that way and then over here we have sand displace but I don’t really want to put a road around Sandi’s tower the tower was meant to be a little more isolated on its own so that means that we’re gonna have to make our entrance somewhere else I think that we could build our entrance actually right over here so I took a look at the coordinates the center of the zombie farm room is lined up at negative 44 we are also currently lined up at negative 44 the plan here is to add basically a drop here that’ll be sort of like a pipe in a way and then at the bottom of the drop we’ll add a hallway the hallway is meant to look like a hi-tech sewer for lack of a better word yeah we’re going with a high-tech sewer so we’re also loaded with iron blocks take a look at those.

We’re gonna definitely use ire it in today’s build and we will also use lots of stone and gray blocks now the plan here to accomplish this is gonna be a lot of digging I have an idea here so we could do like a bowl iron like tube but that would get really really expensive so instead of that let’s go ahead and skip the corners and do iron going down the middle of each and every side so if I go ahead and Jake ahead a little bit if we place the iron like I’m thinking which I think I will that means we end up with something that looks like this it looks pretty cool but definitely needs a little bit more to turn this into a circle we can actually remove the other blocks on these flat sides with the iron in the middle to make this whole thing into a circle tube that will go all the way down to y24 that is our number we’re at wise sixty right now so we have a long ways to go then on some of the sides one of the sides somewhere we’ll do a bubble column to get right back up to the surface so this will be a drop and then we’ll have a bubble column maybe like over here or back here to get right back up now this can easily be connected up to the path over here we’ll just copy this path have it run right over there and we’ll actually have crazy easy access to the zombie farm from the main part of our base which is something that I really really like the sounds of I’d also like to maybe split off of the central tunnel that we’re gonna dig and go over to the village as well maybe I’m not too sure about that.

But I don’t know if we’re gonna be using the zombie farm for rotten flesh and then we’re gonna turn the rotten flesh into ayam Earl’s it would sort of just make sense to connect things up to the village as well so I guess we’ll sort of see now in here we’re gonna do something fancy instead of this just going straight down all the way I think we should do sections of five so one two three four five and then right here we actually go right across and all the way around this thing so that means we end up with something that looks like this right here but these walls would be continued all the way up and I’ll probably swap the dirt for stone I do plan on leaving these walls Naturals so whatever’s on the wall will stay I think that’ll look a little bit better and then the iron will basically be holding the walls back now to prevent spawns from happening on these parts I think we can do lanterns every once in a while if I put one Lantern there would I be okay over here we haven’t nine and we have a nine that is the furthest point from that lantern so we are definitely gonna be good if I put one Lantern on each and every layer that’ll do.

So I’m kind of stuck down here I can’t get out so I think I have a lot of digging to do I need to take this all the way down again to y24 before I can consider even doing anything else so wish me luck we’re gonna dig that a lot now and I will be back very very soon at least very soon.

And I’d like to say if you’re worried about me being trapped down here well that’s kind of you but come on I mean it’s me I’m gonna live I will be okay I promise.

One two three four five look at that I can count like crazy I’m javelin to be good Oh interesting interesting interesting this is highly dangerous though yeah there’s a cave down here and if I dig the floor out I am going to fall into that cave so I think we can go ahead and go this way maybe and just sneakily get in here to take all these guys out creeper stay away from me.

Yep you’re gonna stay far away and I should probably make some more torches let’s check this cave out this is interesting this is right down below our basin oh this is gonna be a big cave too it looks like zombies you can go away nice go no ha yeah very very interesting this is a big cave that I have never seen I’m gonna have to come back and light all this up get the get the loot out of it that’s actually kind of cool that’s a good pint oh wait I have found it I just never finished caving it out look at this the torch was just ended right there I didn’t put those torches and weird loading problem over there interesting ah but ya know this is actually an old cave just one that I never finished exploring cool and here we are at y24.

Finally after a little bit of digging now this area looks really really cool I love all that turned out it looks like a like a skyscraper so another we’re on y24 boat I need to dig all the way over to the zombie spawner room which is far but it’s also not car it should be approximate.

100 blocks from this point right here in a directly straight line which makes things really really easy now at some point I’m gonna need to make a chest because the inventory is coal that at some point might be very soon here but yeah now I gotta make a tunnel going in a straight line that way now the tunnel will eventually be a 3×3 tunnel but to start I’m gonna go ahead and just do a simple one bite u1 and lots of caves under here this is kind of a good good find I kind of like these up okay so I’m hearing zombies I highly doubt that they’re bassam based from my farm they’re probably in another oh oh okay never mind we’re here wow that is amazing so it is these guys because they’re holding rotten flesh ha interesting is this thing okay so unfortunate news that I have to present to you right here it’s unfortunately time for us to hold a funeral we will make a tribute somewhere but behind here if you saw the last episode you will know that we had a dear friend a a special friend um somebody who was very cool and rare and the friend has gone away.

I think the friend went off to the farm I don’t know where the friend really went so we’re gonna say that the friend went off to a farm far away which is very sad yeah we’ll have to make some sort of tribute somewhere in here look at this shovel the shovel is Oh Pete or maybe it’s the farmer oh yeah that would make more sense but anyways we have our tunnel connecting there to here so the next step is definitely making a chest for some random materials so we’ll go ahead and just make a random one and throw it right here and then I need to dig in this tunnel a whole lot more this area as I mentioned earlier it needs to be three by three so I’ve got a lot more blocks to dig thankfully though we will be repurposing these blocks or at least some of them into today’s build to make it look really really cool so all the digging will definitely be work but I do have quite a bit more digging to do I will definitely be back soon okay so here’s the big plan over here is a dropper now in this dropping area the iron blocks will definitely continue downwards at the bottom of this dropping area we will absolutely put a bunch of water in here because otherwise it would fall and hit the ground and that would be bad and we also unfortunately still don’t have slime blocks or at least we we don’t have a lot of slime blocks well I have to change that soon so the water goes all the way back into there over here just you know non flowing water the iron will continue straight down now initially I wanted to use iron and these always like in the wall or something maybe going up and wrapping around.

I don’t know but take a look at this we use like three stacks of hiring blocks on that dropping area I don’t I have a lot of iron blocks left but not as much as I would like so we’re done with the iron blocks unfortunately which means we need to try out different grey blocks first off we of course have and decide I’m thinking what if we took maybe two staircases and then we just made a bunch of blocks and said how could we do this so if we go out then we get really small in there so we’ll have to sink everything that we do into the wall so let’s say we start right here with maybe an to site and this site like that and then we can do staircase curving up staircase right there and then the same thing over here.

And the site in the walls I think that’ll look good on a large scale and then we can do sections of five so one two three four five there and then we would you the same tricks oh and a side over here and the site right and the wall over here all right there on the ceiling here we’ll probably want some slabs as well so maybe I’m the entrance one we do that I think that’ll look good and then on all of the other ones to preserve the arch we could do that like that I think that’ll look good on a large scale and it’s definitely grace too then up here we could just basically repeat the end of sight not a big deal now in between each section I think we’re gonna need to get a little fancier on the wall so what if we dig all of these out and then make maybe maybe a bun.

Of stone staircases and say stone stairs on the bottom stone stairs on the top and then everything else is stone in between so that stone and then up here this should probably be andesite so and a site in here as well I think that would look good we could maybe even come back with some smooth stone that might look cool because the color is very same you right now now on the floor I know for certain that I want to do this so if we dig these two sections out we could lay basically staircases like a lot of staircases going all the way down just like this but this isn’t for depth this is actually oh wait this one comes out and no I’m good over there this isn’t for depth this is actually for water logging so where’s more water I can get out to go all the way down there mm-hmm all right so we end up with the water in there and then the water will actually continue downwards this way I think that would look really really cool now in here I’m sort of going for a sewer field but not really like an overgrown worn out nasty sewer like some sort of high-tech fancy sewer in here for lighting for now until we have sea lantern so we can do that we can do a lantern right in the ceiling I think that should look good now yes this build is going to look very very grey but that’s sort of the point like I was just saying I’m going for some sort of sewer feel I don’t really want things to look too like interesting this is really just a hallway to cut us over to the zombie farm anyways so no need to get too crazy here and too fancy but I think that that is probably gonna be the thing that we do in here I think with the staircases on the sides on the water on the ground going all the way over there and then we can get rid of these that is probably gonna look pretty cool I think and then maybe over here we do a staircase as well that that probably looks a little bit better but yeah that’s I think what the plan is gonna be so now again I today is a day that is done in steps I have a lot more building to do and it’s actually nighttime you can tell by the the coloration on the iron blocks at the end but yeah we’re gonna go back here take a little bit of a nap and then I’m gonna go ahead and get that whole tunnel in in that design but one more thing before I go ahead and finish everything up we need an exit down here so I’m thinking maybe the exit on the first one so we can just go like this we could actually leave that one there we make I like a hallway over this way and then if this ends up being right below the house that would be perfect because I’d love to do a bubble column going all the way up into our starter house so I’m going to go ahead and write these coordinates down get back up to the surface at some point and see what I can do because if I could do that that would be amazing but I had time for me to do a lot of building I had to I had to go and switch it up on you guys I just I I just had you the tunnel was way way way too gray so I decided to come in here with a green wool stripe we do have an amazing wool farm after all so I figured this would be the perfect touch inside of this tunnel now I think eventually we actually might start adding more of these tunnels around our base around our town around our city I don’t know though for sure but if we do we can color code each tunnel the green is the zombie because I mean well some bees are green now at the end here we have this one awkward segment I don’t know I did the best that I could here I think it looks okay though but now this room so we need to of course make this room look a whole lot better now green wool is nice but you know what’s nicer green terracotta because the texture on it is so so good so I think what we could do is use green terracotta as an accent in here and iron blocks as a support so over here excuse me my guy you’re gonna have to go away and well you know what you know what you know what let’s actually live that they’re sorry zombie you could have lived all along then actually over here we could start the iron so we’ll do iron pillar going up and then wrap around it should go up to ha let’s see we could go for up and then on the fifth one right here we turn and then up here we go up one more and then we just do a bunch more iron now I just came from the iron farm actually we have a lot more iron almost a whole nother double chest full of iron.

I mean poppies are in there too but yeah we have a lot more iron so if I need more for this room then I can easily go ahead and get more now let’s say we have one there then what if we went maybe three if three ones over here then another three goes right there and then we have two which is actually just like that so let’s go ahead and do that boom that’ll be good and then in this corner maybe we just do mossy cobblestone going all the way up that might look good and then we can just replicate it over there then on this back wall we could either do a bunch of green terracotta or we could go ahead and do something a little more simple see I was thinking that honestly maybe a wall of planks like spruce planks would look pretty good in this build because of the colors that we’re working with so I guess we’ll sort of have to see now the green terracotta that I was talking about earlier on that will all go in here this whole wall will just be green terracotta it’ll be pretty minimal but I think it’ll look really really good in here the focus is the zombie farm after all we don’t need to go crazy with the details now on the floor I think I know maybe and well I guess I don’t know I’m not 100% sure but I think dark oak would look pretty good so if we did dark oak planks all over this whole floor again maybe keeping things pretty minimal we can come back in here and add a rug but I think a plane is just gonna be the way to go with this build now the only thing that I’m sort of unsure about is this do the planks just go right up to here maybe I should grab like staircases or something and and do staircases in there to help that border out because otherwise that might look that might look a little too weird a little too harsh by the way I am stacked interpretive stuff from this farm that’s pretty crazy now the entrance this whole thing I think just to keep things.

Matching here because if we do this right here then we’ll have to going there so on the whole entrance we’ll just do a bunch of iron blocks oh boy that is expensive but you know what we have a crazy iron farm we might as well flex if we can so we’ll go ahead and do that there and then this will all get removed and on the ceiling I’m thinking spruce lab so there’ll be quite a bit of wood in this build but hey I think it’ll work and I think it’ll be okay and here may be stone stone can probably stay right there that should look okay and you know honestly that should look more than okay it sure looks perfect Oh in this random lo area this is gonna actually all be blocked off now I don’t really need this for anything and I think I actually have an access down to that area from the cave anyways so this is now officially gone or it will be ooh or you know what to match the floor tones and set a stone in there let’s uh let’s let’s do some spruce logs we’ll do spruce logs first log going right along the top there that’ll just sort of be like like molding on the ceiling it’ll bring this tone up there which I think will look really really nice I’m getting pretty fancy here actually we’re gonna go ahead and do a giant arch on this wall that will look really really good uh-huh a hug just like that and then on the rest of the wall we can either do more green terracotta that would look pretty good I have plenty of terracotta I have the die back over at the storage room or we could do the plank idea which might look pretty good as well just kind of unsure because we have planks on the ground so oh you know what never mind never mind mossy cobblestone cobblestone uh-huh uh-huh.

Okay the whole build is coming together everybody this is amazing I’m super super happy with where it’s going so nice and by the way I decided to do the wood in the corner I think that actually looks really really cool in there so that’s gonna stay don’t know what I’m gonna do with the ceiling up there though.

One more fancy time teleport time jump later and we are at this point in the build the thing looks beautiful in my humble opinion but of course some bias I built the build but I don’t know I’m really happy with this arch in particular I mean guys I’m obsessed with arches and that that’s a nice arch it makes the iron blocks look really good in here and the room I think the tones just work really well I have the dark floor and then the dark molding of there the wood ceiling which kind of goes along with this definitely goes along with that though and then on the floor I actually had to use spruce logs instead of stripped dark oak ones because look at this the color difference I always forget this strip dark oak logs match a spruce planks instead of this stuff of course because yeah that makes sense but I I don’t know I have no clue so I went ahead and put spruce wood on the floor dark oak logs staircases then a little bit of buttons around the edge too just to add a little bit of depth the detail to the floor you know all that kind of good stuff.

Now I have to be oh wait hold on we have one sad thing right here this this right here is the the nugget nugget was our our friend that we lost and nugget will always be remembered right there I don’t even know what to say about it I’m pretty I’m in shock to say the least about that one very hurt about it so nugget will live there and I put a clock over here so we always know if it’s nighttime or daytime extra chest extra furnace stone cutter crafting table and really you know back onto stuff and then of course a bed as well this is for all of the tools that we have we’re definitely going to need another chest and then this is for all of the rotten flesh now I don’t know if you look at the clock right now it looks like it’s about to be capitalism time so we’re gonna go ahead and leave this zombie farm as it is right now and talk about money because I’ve only been thinking about profits today so we have to leave the zombie farm now if I’m going to be 100% honest in fact shockingly honest I’ve done a lot of digging today elites a lot of digging and I don’t know if I can take any more digging so we’re not gonna connect the tunnel up to the village but that will be a future project for sure we definitely need the zombie tunnel to connect us up to over there I also decided to not put this inside of the house because I mean right here it wouldn’t have even been in the house and then if I were to move it over five blocks so in the middle of the next section it would have been like right here in front of the fireplace or one over so yep didn’t really work out so this is what we have back here not a problem at all once I terraform more in here this will definitely blend in and then we have this giant dropper right there which I did go ahead and terraformer on the sides to remove some of the dirt because dirts kind of ugly no offense and yeah super pleased with it I think it looks sweet when I jump down it I don’t know I am really really pleased with this and I can’t wait to build more tunnels like being 100% honest I’m thinking maybe connect this thing up to the spider farm for fun definitely over to the village because that would make sense but for now that is that we could maybe even connect you over to the storage building nothing we would need to know storage building is pretty close oh okay well the village population has boomed as you can see the villagers are doing well but it’s still the this a little late to to force them into a new job so we’re gonna have to go ahead and wait for the daytime in the meantime we can definitely go ahead and craft three brewing sands because why not in a few minutes here this will all be pure profit which is going to be beautiful but first we’ll have to steal some jaw oh we don’t even have to steal jobs you clowns are trapped here I don’t know why this is happening but we’re gonna leave them trapped there for now sorry buddies and then at the dawn of the next workday these workers will be set free to work at their brand-new workstations which will be left over here for now just temporarily I prom oh hey uh huh that’s very nice this will be left here for now temporarily eventually they will definitely be moved into buildings for example this one right here I always wanted this to be a temple so eventually that’ll be a temple but for now I don’t even know what’s going on in the center of the town we’re gonna just not look we’re gonna look at the dancing golem over here.

Is trying to path find this way I guess thank you doing your job oh hey oh hey buddy you you have you have grabbed a job and you’re trapped still that’s really cool now should I force you to work at night I’m probably not I’m gonna be nice I’m gonna be nice usually I would care about about the profits but you may sleep I will be nice to you today but not on the next day buddy you can’t cut up that way the villagers are very smart my guy my guy you can walk right around the table you don’t have to do it that way yeah I don’t know I really don’t know okay so this is the part of the episode that we have all been waiting for the villagers are quickly moving over to their jobs and it looks like we have another new cleric villager right here so that is the old one from the yesterday and game and then this is the brand-new one both have the exact same trade this trade is amazing for profit once you have a zombie farm which we definitely do so we’re gonna go ahead and focus in on one cleric here and work on leveling this cleric up eventually once the cleric reaches a higher level this guy will be able to sell us glowstone which is amazing very very amazing for sure but unfortunately that’s gonna take a long time to level you up well ah that’s gonna be fine we will just go one by one and level you up slowly and eventually this cleric villager will be the best cleric villager that has ever existed basically now this is actually a pretty big day hey refill your trade though go go back to your workstation come up and go to work.

We fill your trade okay fine well we’ll trade with you instead if you’re not gonna do it dude it should work and refill its trade all right well it’s not cooperating villager number two not a big deal we’ll trade with you two this is actually a really big step in okay of course of course after I trade you okay uh-huh today is actually a pretty big day because with the establishment of the zombie farm we.

Have infinite rotten flesh infinite rotten flesh can very easily be turned into fewer profit thanks to our villager village which means mending books are going to get a whole lot easier to obtain now I mean not that we need them we have a full mending set of tools other than the sword but yeah now we can easily farm emeralds which makes buying literally anything a whole lot easier basically absolutely wonderfully good news but I don’t know why Gretton didn’t grab the rotten flesh the first time we’re gonna go ahead and sell the rest of my stock over to the villager for even more I’m roads we should be able to double our emeralds and maybe end up with maybe like 40 emeralds that should be doable and you know if I’m being 100% honest I really didn’t realize how big and busy this town had gotten like I mean I knew I had a lot of villagers over here but I didn’t realize I had so many there is quite a bit over here like it’s honestly kind of crazy in my opinion I don’t think I’ve ever built a village in Minecraft that is so big this village is pretty it’s huge it’s gotta have at least 20-something villagers easily.

Now this villagers trade actually discounted because of the supply and demand cycle usually when you’re doing one train a lot it actually goes up in price at least that’s how it’s meant to work but I guess it’s not how it worked this time and I just saw your badge changed did you level up you weren’t meant to level up my guy oh you leveled up even though you weren’t meant to I don’t know how or why that happened but I’m not gonna complain at all would you take a look at that we can now buy glowstone but I didn’t realize that was gonna be the price my guy three emeralds for a piece of glowstone you think I’m gonna take that trade really yeah I’m not even gonna I’m not even gonna do that so let’s go ahead and I guess level you up a little bit more just because we can and then oh I thought we could well I think that’s gonna be actually just about it for the purchasing or the selling of rotten flesh and the collection of Admiral’s today 44 emeralds that is that’s pretty good so our mending villager sells mending books for a total of 12 emeralds which we can buy three more amending books from sandy which is really really nice but that is actually going to be just about it for this episode of the Minecraft guide and just about it for the first 49 episodes of the series kind of a big deal the next episode will definitely be a World Tour episode so keep your eyes out for that in that episode I will be providing a world download as well which should be pretty cool the seat has actually already been revealed on episode 10 so if you’re looking for that seat go back to episode 10 in fact I’ll try and remember to leave it on the end card so you can get it nice and easily there also might be another stream in between now and then so make sure you check out my twitch and drop a follow if you haven’t done that quite yet because it is really really fun I have some big plans for the next stream so yeah don’t miss it anyway so thank you all very very much for watching my name is waddles like subscribe comment and today I’d like to send a big thank you to my patreon Starfy thank you very much for the support and I will see you all in the next episode the world tour the next video until next time everybody goodbye stay cool.

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