Eight Insanely Overpowered Heroes In Overwatch Season 21 Patch 1.46 – Picks To Hard Carry – Meta Guide

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Pache 1.49 just dropped on us and blizzard dropped a huge bombshell banning Reaper Rhine Mora and honour all from the hero pool for this competitive week betting one of the most powerful tanks in Rhine and two supports when we have so few to pick from in the first place really dramatically changes what is played and what is meta also key characters like IRISA Bab Hanzo may all came off that play a vital role in this new meta so let’s break down all the winners and losses to let you know exactly what you should be playing this meta patch all that being said let’s just jump right into it shall we so kicking it off with the tanks let’s first talk about the big winners as far as tagging is concerned Brian is dethroned so everyone’s really wondering what is the shield meta gonna be it’s looking pretty clear that the big two winners right now is IRISA and Sigma double shield should break us back and as such IRISA and Sigma are both seeing tons of play this means getting down your synergy with IRISA pool plus Sigma rock Arisa pool plus other Ultimates Sigma ultimate all these things need to be really cleaned going forward if you’re looking for a combo that can really help you climb playing an erisa Sigma combo can definitely do it because you’re gonna be dictating every single engagement and you’re gonna bring an extremely strong baseline to your team if you play either of these characters now’s the time to climb with them because they’re definitely gonna be really good going forward now before we move on to us no good let’s talk about alterations really quickly Arisa head hog is fine you can definitely shell break with the RZA hog and there’s no honor to punish a hog which is really important the problem with the Rissa hog is that Sigma brings more to the table overall with his utility he comples better with erisa in general Arisa hog can’t be good but there’s a lot of pressure on the hog to actually secure kills and guaranteed teamfight wins now we’re gonna move on to the still good section and still good is definitely still diva diva got nerfed from a three-second booster to a force that can boost you however she’s still very good and she could definitely play and dive and with IRISA.

The thing is she’s gonna be less forgiving so divas at the higher ranks at the higher end will definitely be able to get value out of her but at the lower ranks you might be better off just playing Sigma with your erisa instead or even hog as well now another character that still good is definitely Hammond Hammond still gets a lot of value going forward I mean he’s extremely powerful as a solo carry tank he can make lots of space and do to the map pool maps like horizon lunar colony Hammond can get exceptional value booming people off the high ground on attack he could get exceptional value with his mines and there’s a lot of different utility based things he can bring to the table you could even be playing ERISA + a ham give your team some verse Tildy Hammond place the offer all space creation you gotta be really careful not to get punished you got to know your limits on Hammond but if you put in the time and effort in Hammond Hammond is definitely a still good character in this meta and he can get a lot of value against Sigma and ERISA now as far as still good is concerned we’re gonna talk about dive and dive can still be good on some maps the big problem with dive right now in general is the fact that Mae is off the banned list which we’re gonna talk about in a little bit but Mae is very good against dive and she’s really hone to dive an immortality filled with Baptiste is also a huge problem dive is still gonna be very good on high ground maps like Washburn Gibraltar deadly web dive out there monkey diva or even monkey Hammond even Hammond diva there’s all kinds of different variations and when dive is good a lot of what could be played is very different I’m gonna talk about the DPS is next but care just like Gangi characters like traces these characters are actually gonna be more viable when you’re playing dive but keep in mind that dot isn’t gonna be the best for every single map only high ground oriented Maps is gonna be the de-facto best unless you have that perfect synergy that it’s gonna be pretty hard to replicate in ranked so before we move on let’s talk about the big loser here and in my opinion the big loser is aria so sorry is still fine I don’t think she’s unplayable by any means but without a Reinhardt Zahra just doesn’t have a natural way to take space and generate energy stigma doesn’t really do that good of a job as a main take and a wrist it doesn’t take damage very easily she doesn’t push up and takes space that enables Aria if you gotta play sorry I’d highly suggest you pair it with something like a doom fist so you can find a way to get guaranteed value each and every fight aggressive based play is using your bubbles but ultimately I don’t think sorry is the best pick right now that being said mastered Sigma Arisa and Hall can be really daunting but gaming comm has in-depth guides covering everything you need to know to level up your game on these characters definitely check it out you will regret it now moving on to the big winners of DPS we’re gonna talk about the huge winners and it’s gonna be pretty obvious what the winners are but Hangzhou and Mei are the big winners they both were banned they were not playable before but now they’re off and they’re as strong as ever.

Hanzo is still just really powerful when maps like blue sky industries and junk wood sound that really favored Hanzo we’re now on the map pool Hanzo can bring taunts a valley to the table he can contest’s widows he could break shields there’s pretty much nothing Hanzo can’t do and if you get a mercy pocket Hansa can be pretty much unstoppable I would definitely suggest whipping out Hanzo if you’re good at Hanzo if you played him in the past he’s gonna be really solid going forward and he could definitely climb you all the way from low rank to high rank if you put in the time and effort to master him now another one around the table is definitely Mei so Mei has a 13 second cooldown now as opposed to a 10 second with her wall which makes her less powerful she stills powerful but you gotta make sure every single walk counts now she’s not as strong as she was in the past Brian was a really good character that she punished really easily he wasn’t a slow methodical pusher that being said what you want to be doing with your wall is baiting out a risk of cooldowns you want to be baiting out accretions putting pressure on the enemy as you focus down shields you don’t necessarily want to be walling and pushing right into the enemy team you want to be walling and using it to bait out enemy cooldowns very important for you to do the next thing that’s really important for people that playmate or people that are gonna be playing against me now because of the new change large characters can fit through one gap in maze wall this means its own port that if you’re up against them a you really need decisive calls when one of your tanks get walled if your Aristocats won’t say left side focus wall right now everyone focuses it because if you can get a wall piece open your wrist can fit through it doesn’t matter how thick she is she could still get right through the wall so that’s really important for you to understand going forward that means Mae is actually a lot weaker because one of the big problems is you would break one part of the wall on your tanks to still couldn’t get through and he would die but now it’s not the case now let’s move on to another winner soldier 76 so does 76 just got a big buff from an 8 second cooldown to a six second huge cooldown which really plays into his guerrilla warfare style so just over six can get picks he can go on the flank he can put in pressure into things like Sigma he can put in tons of pressure into Zen on the backline he could put in pressure in Baptiste and in mortality field plus he could Fitch four kills a lot more with his helix I don’t necessarily think he’s as good as some of the best DPS that we’re gonna talk about in the still good section but he definitely could solo carry and he’s my number one pick for lower ranked players if you’re in the lower ranks and you’re looking for a character to climb you don’t get a lot of resources you don’t get a lot of heals so under 76 is your definite best pick and I would highly suggest you pick soldier somebody sits up now moving on to the still good category keep in mind that how I do this even if they’re in the winners category that doesn’t mean they’re better at than this still good category because winners are only characters that have changed from last week to this week still good as characters that are still gonna be good and they were good last night and they were good the matter before or whatever they’re still good so first still good is in my opinion doom fist is gonna be really good against double shield doom fist was good in the past he has his bugs he’s not that consistent but at the lower ranks especially and even all the way up climbing through masters doom fist is very good at hard caring and against double still against may doom fist is very powerful at baptize n none of these characters have that much game against doom fist in general so if you could play around the CC doom purse is definitely very good in this meta you can.

Punish enemy wrists and enemies Sigma’s now let’s move on to the other characters that are really still good McCree is probably still one of the best dps this meta McCree is very powerful you can brake shields very well you can put in pressure on flankers you can punish mais McCree is really good I would definitely suggest playing McCree if you’ve been playing McCree you can keep playing it no problem and then Widowmaker is gonna be really good as well.

On maps with long sidelines match like junker Town matched like watch point Muroto is gonna be very good because of these really long sight lines especially on something like watch point ii it’s really hard for the enemy to dive if you’re playing really far back so what it can get a lot of value that being said be very cautious of dive in general because if people just are diving you non-stop you’re not gonna get as much value so you need to understand that sometimes it’s just better to swap between widow McCree but if you can get value on widow definitely player on long sight line maps then moving on to our loser poor port or TWRP hat is limelight for one week where is actually pretty good no matter but now he’s really not that good there’s just better characters to pick Hanzo does his job better may doesn’t care about a tour both these characters counter tour pretty well zone away can threaten his turret I would not suggest playing tour if you’re at or one-trick this might be your time to take a week off I don’t really think tour biz that good going for it even though he was pretty good in the past there’s tons of other options to choose from so maybe don’t pick toilet now before we get to the support category which might be the most important because two supports were bad let me talk about this huge chance for a competitive play that you a hundred percent needed know going for it in assault payload hybrid game modes for competitive when both teams complete a round of offense and have more than two minutes of bank remaining for each team’s time bank then each team’s time bank is equally reduced until one of the teams has two minutes remaining let me give you this example let’s say my team rolls through and gets five minutes and the enemy team rolls through and gets five minutes twenty normally it would just go right back again where you have that huge time bank to roll through the two CP again that’s not how it works anymore how it works now is my time would go all the way down to two minutes subtracting three minutes from my five minutes and the enemies 5:20 would subtract three minutes as well going down to 220 so now it would be two minutes to 220 this is a really important change because it’s not gonna be these really long drawn-out games and it’s something that you should really keep in mind going for now enough talking about that let’s get into the support category which might be the most important as far as the support category the winners are gonna be Baptiste freshly buffed and off the banlist bap is a basically must pick I mean think about it as far as characters that can really provide lots of heals lots of sustain we don’t have more we don’t have on anymore because both of them are banned Baptiste is very good and he plays really well with the double shield meta which I think he’s enabling more than anything and the big problem with BAP is BAP doesn’t really work that well into a dive and that’s one of the reasons why dive isn’t gonna see that much play this patch unless you have a really synergistic team which I’ll talk about in a second because Baptiste doesn’t really enable dive and you don’t really have characters that can enable dive that well with onna being on the bench now keep in mind with double shield matter on the table how well a Baptiste plays is gonna be extremely decisive in these fights really quick amplification matrixes really smart immortality’ field uses and baiting out the enemies immortality field those are gonna be the deciding factors of this meta really keep that in mind Baptiste is a carry pick in this meta he really is you have to be really tight with your immortality field and if you mess one up you could lose the whole fight for your team now moving on to another big winner might surprise you is actually Zen Zen plays very well in to baptise for the exact same reasons and was bad without Baptiste he’s really good when he’s back y’all both breaks shields extremely well Zen break shields very well and he provides a lot of utility with this ultimate against things like her Vinick flux and mais ultimate so Zen is definitely very strong and if you’re a Zen player sad about last week how Zen wasn’t very good now is the time to pick up Zen Zen is definitely a heart care support going for now let’s talk about characters that are still good break is still really decent against dive if the enemies are playing it however if your double shield I think Zen is overall better than brick because break might have a hard time triggering its fire when the enemies are playing pretty far away now Lucio is still gonna be solid Lucio is always solid in ranked but at the same time it’s the same thing that’s true with the break for double shield you have to find a way to get value even in a double shield that means booping enemies into bad positions that means putting pressure from the high ground that means dpsing things on the high ground trying to go for those 1v ones taking these off angles these widows these Hans I take the high ground Lucile can definitely get a lot of value still but like I said I still think the best support combo is Bab Zen assuming you’re playing double shield if you’re not losers probably just the best support if you’re playing something random like something like ball hog or some random stuff lucile’s probably just your best bet now let’s talk about a character that’s still kind of good but she’s not as good as the other characters in its mercy.

I think mercy is actually really powerful bat mercy or lucio mercy dive might be actually pretty good as long as you have a hamon you don’t need that many characters to heal up to max HP Haman can kind of take care of himself.

Mercy is also extremely good at pocketing the snipers shield McGarry pocketing ash tremely gonna pocketing Hanzo and Widowmaker and these characters are all exam LEEP our Philon junker town if you’re not playing a sniper or a drunken town you’re messing up because it’s really just a free win especially after mercy pocket so definitely do that and I think mercy is still viable in those situations but and also mercy can also damage boost someone like konso in the double shield meta and a Hanzo can break the shield fast so she kind of brings some utility in the same way that Zen does I still think Zen is better and he’s definitely much better with his utility overall but mercy can still see some value he’ll in there and I don’t really think that there’s any true losers in this meta the only real true losers right now or people that are on and more remains because we’re all very sad that you can’t play autumn or especially me because I like playing on ax and I can’t player but after watching some in-depth BAP and sin guides on gaming calm all the sudden I’m popping off on support and rank definitely if you want to pop off in this meta get some free SR make yourself better as a player go check out game be calm you won’t regret it anyways that’s all I have for today I hope this has been extremely helpful for you keep in mind that I didn’t cover every single DPS because a lot of defenses are just fine in the meta they’re not really strong or weak so I didn’t really include them here but if you want to know my specific thoughts on any character in the meta if you want any clarifications or anything like that definitely ask me in the comments down below I’ll be replying to every single comment anyways that’s all I have for you today I’m coach Mills and until next time.

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