Electric! Teamfight Tactics 10.5 Patch Ranked Strategy Best Comps Guide Set 2 Meta

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Alright let’s just buy these champs so this is kind of is it kind of looking like a pretty or what but a lot of women like to do this alright so we’re gonna go I think we just gotta go pres right now steel frontline all right so let’s uh sell all of these guys we might actually just go threads this game it’s either up red Berserker or a zero game that’s all I’m sitting right now at the moment is Fred’s weirdy have four cogs too so that’s a good start that’s a good start for kog’maw are we gonna win all right so we got we got some Rangers as well.

Should I make some money I go cog we do make money actually man I’d hate to sell the Scion boga have to sell him he’s the least important here – azir so if I’ve got three Preds.

After that one time I never did it again just you for everything food ride sympathy emotional support then they give absolutely nothing in return and think being your friend is enough of a return diarrhea was simp that’s the Diary of a sick man let me go uh I kind of actually want to go easier if I go as ear it’s a hand of justice I already have two is yours you I might making a mistake by not going Preds I don’t think I’m making a mistake I don’t think I am yeah let’s just level of I might just put the isère back on the board and I think we’re gonna try to focus on a zero this game let’s go hand to justice.

We’re playing it safe so just kind of got enrolled at to store zero and then we did good after that we had a nice strong Azuri carry once again let’s say this guy got some early price here as well.

All right we gotta lose here you might win oh we win yeah nice karma that’s good that’s great for us damn alright we’re gonna lose this guy want the other karma so we’re gonna really try to get this is your own line we can lose here that’s fine we’re still at a healthy 96 health points alright to start karma level up for now let’s put a large rod on cog silver 40 desert bonus but she’s gonna be temporary we’re gonna get rid of her as the game goes on it’s going to keep saving gold or two more times because we’re gonna just go straight to level seven yeah to stir a zero that’s what I’m talking about and we got some summoners I think we’re actually just gonna go somewhere so three summoners.

Okay this guy’s a pretty good team it’s got or glacials already see that freeze please really hurt him you gotta kill the whole left come on as your solo nice all right let’s go chained best let’s say seven and man I wish I have my leona back that’s a lot of Karma’s I don’t need kindred whoa yowza rs30 sick.

Let’s go ga Yorick so electric lux can go really well with said and we have summoners that’s pretty good it’s pretty good.

I can also put the bully bear but I don’t see any point putting it right now I’ll pass on the boy we’re just gonna make money to star laws that’s good I might sell silver for econ we don’t need better bonus.

Is here you just gotta kill everybody ah nice nice and easy guys nice and easy all right oh that’s good mommy lobby for two mystics yeah I’m gonna go to mystic for I’m gonna drop the Brahm I guess he doesn’t do anything and then when sue interesting team three electrics three summers two mystics I like this team is pretty cool is pretty cool there are boys here.

If that brand got a g8 nice oh my god to Zephyrs more frontline I gotta start putting his ear in the back but right now I’m trying to give him as much health as possible he lose so let’s go level eat we have so much gold in the bank we need is it so me Pharma’s that’s good lunar bonus.

So lunar bonus is good I could go a mountain bonus or I could make money here.

I don’t know if I should go about doing this we might if I got like a two-star of something here let’s go for another tier so yeah we’re gonna go Sarah and I’m actually gonna remove the electric right now they’re not doing very much we’re gonna see I’m gonna see her though I’m gonna go Mountain bonus so Spitzer off on is your own damn it I should have put karma right next to his ear yeah she’s guys shield miles are you always got to watch out for that karma distance that’s so bad always the wind of another Nami Annie actually were gonna remove the malls because Annie is better so somebody already hit two stars ed 1/3 less Zedd out of the Arizona they oh well by summer easy win does that mean we can start saying as here yeah as ears now off the banlist.

Are another glove all right not bad don’t need singed oh I liked out I lagged out I’m lagging out so bad Oh oh I didn’t put my luck’s I hate to get a Zed I rolled a 2 star or lux but I don’t actually have a spot to put her I don’t have a spot for her unless I remove the warden bonus I can remove the Leona or a multi-plate man my Azir got the we business I should probably put lux probably a good idea to put her eyes well we’re gonna barely lose here oh you’re a comedian when he does that no remake is here now we’re gonna go beeps club on Lux that’s pretty good and we’re gonna have to remove somebody I feel like Mountain bonus is the least useful yeah.

I feel like mountain is the most there’s the least useful right now oh my god get to Thursday and that this is a two-story that guy I was talking about you’ll just lux just kills everybody dog this was pretty good we almost beat this guy almost beat him it’s not bad to stir Nami to stir Annie all right I’ll give this tier two Carmo because we wanted to like instantly she’ll be as you’re anything yeah the faster is here gets going off as stronger team is gonna be man we have no front line that’s kind of what sucks about our team though that’s fine let’s go kha’zix there’s so many chapters in this map so we got three electrics.


Alright alright six shadows people damn it he’s got two Zephyrs he hit both of my guys yeah he just put the second one right now I just waited and I hate how my guys chased singed of course terrible AI so if I didn’t get zeph word they’re out I beat this guy it’s all the same just make some money wait double Redemption does it stack on a champion redemption and give it to a so this guy is six ringers let’s the Australis it’s pretty good six Rangers pretty good they all survived.

All right two-story Leona just say little nine damn it okay for electrics let’s try four electrics cuz it did get a buff 50 additional magic damage yeah yeah we don’t really need the desert bonus.

I’d have put in kha’zix with Keanu maybe with NSAID 4:3 assassin bonus but that’ll be dead.

This guy’s three Zephyrs three Zephyrs you can’t yeah it’s it’s so hard to play against that well at least a zero and well luxguy Lux is kind of my bigger to carry now I guess but oh that’s some nice clean old from lux well one big weave bluff doesn’t get stun go Olaf shocked herself 550 damage to your face.

Yeah buddy.

Shengo gee he wants GA ray GE on I’ll give it to Nami so six Rangers three star Ashe now we lose this I didn’t even realize yet a three star – oh wait what Oh three star – Peter no the crystals too strong if she didn’t have crystal bonus that Ashley would have died I think I might have beat him I had a three star – crystal bonus ain’t gonna die this was pretty good that was a fun rate game that was fun that’s pretty good we’re having some really fun games tonight man.

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