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This year’s brought a lot of changes remaining and today I’m gonna run over everything you need to know to make the most money from mining in 2020 today’s video is brought to you by game class game glass allows you to take control of your ship from its haplit or phone but not only that it can also give you on screen information about systems targets and the market around you so guard are the days where you have no room for all your key bindings or you have to alter out of the game just to know about market data follow the link in the video description and try game glass for free if you like it and more more shots of features you can either buy them individually or subscribe LastPass use offer code DTA and get 5% on any purchase hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to League dangerous without with astronomy so just get everybody up to speed as you most likely know there are two distinct different types of mining elite there are coal mining where your honge asteroid with mother loads inside to crack them open and get the valuable resources inside and then that’s what refer to as laser mining which is just fly up to your Rock Shooter with the mining laser fragments come out you collect them so in order to understand what’s going on with mining we to look at the prices and therefore we’re gonna hit over here to shoot in era and I’m just going to open up the in our page here for some of the more popular materials to mine when it comes through core hunting if we look at a typical core material as you can see here the prices they vary of course depending on the material but most of them is the higher value ones you can expect to get 600 to 800 thousand perch on however if you keep an eye on the demand you can see here that the demand is relatively low a good rule of thumb if you’re ever in doubt is try to sell stations where the demand is at least ten times the cargo that you have now in most ships would often come in with let’s say 150 to 200 meaning that we have to get quite far down the list before we get a station where that demand is met of course the first station here is actually okay it’s this is not bad but still the 800 thousand here is still relatively low compared to what we were used to with something like void opals to be out here where we could get 1.7 million if all the January update now void opus is interesting because it still has some of the high-paying station that has zero demanded as I discussed in that video up here you will know that if you sell to a station with sewer demand you will always get the full price for your full cargo it’s just a effect of the way that this is calculated but I’ve seen these stations become more and more rare and I’m expecting that these stations that has zero demand for variables is going to disappear.

But even then if you were able to get these section of thousand provider pool it would still not be very profitable to mine compared to other methods and this is why we turn our attention to a material like low-temperature diamond lode tributed diamond can both be mined from core deposit but can also be mined doing laser mining and it’s often a way faster way to collect the material by laser mining compared to coal hunting and as you can see here the prices are mostly untouched the 1.1 million still stands today even now about two months after the January update almost and you can see that the demand is not bad again did you come in with a cutter you can probably expect to have about 500 transcend so here we’re not too far off the 5,000 mark and we still able to get the 1.1 million this means that even as the market is today you’re still going to be able to get from normal like laser mining low tribute diamonds up and around 200 millions per hour however things has changed a little bit in terms of shipload charm because the stations where we can get good prices for your loads of diamonds are more rare than they used to be that means we can expect them you’ll have to travel further this means we need to change our bills so our begin to incorporate few scoops into my mining bills we didn’t have in the past but here’s a list of all the modules you will need if you want to be effective at laser mining low-temperature diamonds first of all of course you will need mine laces I recommend you fit to medium sized my laces of course you can fit more as long as your power disappear can supply powerful secondly you will need the details surface camera so you can scan the Rings and locate those triple hot spots in Buran next up you will need a refinery a debrief I’ll ever do it doesn’t matter you can BC ready T ready to toast matter just any refinery its back that in there then you will need a prospector liberal controller just one is fine if you can’t fit a three a I do recommend that so you get two acts of limpets.

Don’t speed up your prospecting but if you’re limited on space you can make do with a one a the only important thing here is that it is an a-rated prospector since that will give you more fragments making you more money so then of course we’ll need collector limpets again I recommend going with an a-rated controller for longer lifetime since you will be fairly close to the rocks we don’t really need the rain to get from a be rated in terms of total number of active limpets I think now would be nice too we can aim around 6 + so I would at least go for 6 collectors you can make that do but if you have room try to incorporate a few more into your build then of course as we talked about earlier you will need a fuel scoop so we can stock up fuel both going to this location in per am but also heading back to the station to sell the materials and then of course cargo it’s always a balance between how many collectors versus how much cargo you want to have there’s no point in you having a huge cargo hold if you’re going to be mining very slowly and you’re gonna fill it halfway because you don’t want to spend 3-4 hours in a ring to fill up that huge cargo vault on the other hand it’s not effective if you have a very small cargo hole but a lot of collectors you might be able to fill that cargo hold up very quickly but all your profit is going to be eaten up by travel time so what I recommend when it comes to cargo is try to figure out how long mining trips you usually light and how much time it takes to fill up your cargo hold so let’s say you’d prefer to have anywhere between an hour and a half and two hours then try to figure out how many materials you can collect in that time and try to match your cargo holes with that and for the rest you just fill up with collectors so this is really a personal thing I usually go for our 500 tons on larger ships and on medium ships I usually go for around the 200 transmog and lastly a shield generator this is really optional you don’t actually need this to bind but I prefer to put them in there and we are gonna be flying.

Navigating fairly close to rocks and if you begin to bump and scrape against them it will slowly eat in through your hole and it will really be a shame if you have to go back early because you’re running out of hole in the description below you will find a link to a slightly altered version of my gold digger built that I’ve done a video on in the past also up at the born 4 icon the only change have really done is I swapped out one collective epic controller for fuel scoop to give us that little bit extra travel range but link is the description and video was in the more icon.

I will also in the near future have a video coming out on a low-temperature Diamond Python builds benefits of having a medium sized ship is as we saw when we were born in era some of the stations would get the best prices are actually medium sized stations meaning that you can’t go there in a cutter built guide for that it’s got to come out in the near future so go down hit the subscribe button and even the bill icon if you want to so you get that information as soon as it’s out so once you’ve got your ship ready you’re going to head to the triple hot spot in Boren this is where you’ll need your details service scanners to scan the Rings to locate them and drop in manually to a spot in the ring where the three hotspots overlapping one should the ring needs to get out of your prospect Olympic controller begin prospecting rocks for anything below two diamonds I usually go for rocks that has 15% or higher but you can be more piggy that’s really a matter of taste if you prefer higher profit rocks then you can go for let’s say 20% or if you’re feeling unlucky that day and not really getting anything well you can drop down through 10% and then take from there I probably wouldn’t go less than 10%.

Also when prospecting try to go from rocks that are either a not spinning or of relatively round because when you’re mining you want to get as close to the rock as possible and if the rock is on Eva there’s a good chance that you will get part of the rock that will hit your ship or well even worse it will hit your collectors meaning you will lose your collectors and you will have to fire them again all fragments can sometimes get stuck inside rock it’s just not a good time so try to find rocks that are not rotating or very round also when mining on a rock try to position yourself in such a way that you are mining on the lower half of the rock so if you have a rock here position your ship next to it like this Anglet downward slightly and bind off the asteroid down there this is gonna fire all the fragments underneath your ship closer to your cargo hatch this makes it easier for the collector limpets to collect them because they have a shorter distance to fly also as we talked about earlier try to get as close to the rock as you possibly can because again the closer you are the shorter your collectors have to fly and the faster they’re going to be able to collect your fragments where the rock is done you just sit around and prospect the rocks around you while you wait for the collectors to pick up the last fragments try that try to see if you could find the next target and if as soon as the collectors are done you just move on and begin searching for the next drug when Chicago hood is fool you’ve gotta head back to an era where we’re gonna go to galaxy then you gotta go to the commodities tab you’re gonna scroll down and you’re gonna find low temperature diamonds make sure you’re on the best sell tap and then we’re gonna find our sell occasion now as we talked about try to find a station that has a demand so the quantity here that’s about ten times what’s in your cargo hold so if I’m in my Carter I have around 500 tons in my car gold so I need something that hasn’t East 5,000 in demand I could go for this 4.8 is pretty close because you can see if I had to go down to the first one that has 5,000 plus I am gonna lose what 200,000 ish per ton and I don’t think that’s really worth it compared to how close these aren’t demands so in this case I would probably go for this station here but if you’re mining in something like a Python where you will often have around 200 tons in your car hold well you have plenty of other options here you have two other stations in the same system where that demand is is above the 2000 limit that we’re looking for but we can see again this shade ring here is also in the same system and it has a higher demand so I would probably choose this as my sell location if I were mining no tribute to diamonds today but remember the market changed so every day you’re going out mining come over here check the prices and also be wary of the update here if you find something that is three days old that’s a good chance that it’s no longer valid but something that’s five minutes four minutes or well forty five minutes that’s properly fine as long as since within a day I would probably say it’s okay.

What you soldier but serious you’re ready to go out again for your next hole and when you get a bit of practice in using this method you can definitely break the 200 million per hour mark I really hope you found this video useful if you did give it like subscribe to the channel and also next time I’ll see you guys in space.

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