Escape from Tarkov Beginners Guide Science – How Tarkov Health & Damage Works

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A brief rundown on how damage, health, and things like overflow damage and the blacked-out limb modifiers work in Escape from Tarkov!

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Hey what’s up guys how’s it going I’m gonna be rocking the glasses for a couple of days I recently had a little bit of an issue with my cornea but don’t worry all as well I’ll be back in my contact lenses soon enough I asked you guys in my previous science video the ultimate EFT mo guide if you guys wanted me to break down you know go into a little bit more depth how damage is distributed throughout your body when you have you know blacked out limbs and stuff like that so I put together a little bit of a rundown it’s not as in depth as the Ambo guide but this is obviously much much smaller of a topic but I think this is really interesting and a lot of people don’t know how it works so I hope you guys learned some stuff I hope you find this interesting and you enjoy and I appreciate all the love and support and everything we are already at 115,000 subs so thank you guys again yeah do the whole like and subscribe thing but let’s uh let’s get to the show understanding how damage is distributed throughout the body is another interesting realm and it’s a bit confusing at first but I’m gonna try and explain it as simply as I can here breaking down how the game processes the damage step by step first the damage is applied to the targeted zone of the body if the damage value is less than the current zones HP then the current zone is reduced by that amount otherwise a limb becomes blocked out or has zero HP if the limb is the thorax or the head and you’re dead now if the limb is any other part of the body the next process that takes place is handling the overflow damage each limb type has a blacked out limb damage multiplier value now again these are subject that change at any time but the current values are as follows arms have a point seven multiplier value legs have a one point zero multiplier value and the stomach has a one point five multiplier value note here obviously that the the thorax and the head don’t have multiplier values because it’s not much to multiply when you’re a corpse so the overflow damage is multiplied by this value giving you the total damage that is then distributed to every other zone of the body now the following is the most important part of the current health cyst.

And in my opinion is either bug or needs serious adjustment first we’re gonna iterate through every zone of the body excluding the you know initial impact zone and calculate the damage that it’s going to take so the interesting part of this process is that each zone will have different amounts of damage taken from them it’s all relative to the size of the zones health pool so put another way every zone will have the same proportional amount taken from them their relative damages are all going to be the same you’re gonna see their health bars all reduced by the same amount.

Although their absolute values are gonna differ quite a bit because each of their health bars represents a different amount of HP so in order to do this process the game determines what percent that zone makes up of the total HP of the body when at full health that percent is then multiplied by the total overflow damage value we calculated before and is then applied to each respective zone here’s a breakdown of each of the zones and their you know total age people’s relative to the total health HP pool as a whole so after this process happens we’re gonna check again to see if the thorax or the head have been reduced down to zero as a result of this overflow damage and if so again you’re dead a real quick I want to mention that while damage bringing your head or thorax to zero will kill you instantly if you have a bleed and the bleeding reduces your head or thorax to zero you will not die so this is how it’s possible to have a blacked out chest or a head and still be alive which is something a lot of us see from time to time and sometimes think it’s a bug or you know or confused by what we’re looking at but but that usually explains most cases so when we’re iterating through each zone of the body to distribute the damage what about if that zone is already blacked out it’s a great question that zone is skipped yep that’s right it’s skipped that means that the damage that was going to be applied to this zone goes nowhere it’s gone wasted it doesn’t get spread out to any of the other limbs it simply dropped on the floor.

So note the order of these steps to recall that the first check in the overflow damage process was to see if the zone is blacked out and if so skip it later after we distribute the damage to the other nonzero zones we check the chest and head to see if the overflow damage brought that value to zero so this means that if your head or your chest has saved one HP and your shot in your blackout arm you’re going to die instantly because that overflow damage will be applied to that one HP which will kill you but if you’re head of your chest we’re at zero HP from a bleed as mentioned previously and you’re shot in your blacked out arm you’ll actually survive because those zones are gonna be skipped entirely that again that damage gets dropped on the floor so this is something that I found out last year sometime I’ll pop a link into that video into the corner of the screen now you’re gonna want to check that out okay so now let’s take a look at a real example of this process in full to try to get a better understanding for how this works I’m going to use the damage calculator in the battle buddy app you know as a as a corollary for this process but if you you know if you don’t believe me that this is how it works in the game feel free to go to go try it out now let’s say your enemy is a full health PMC first you shoot them in the arm with SP six which is going to do 58 damage so this is not enough to black out the limb so two HP remains in the zone now shooting them in the arm again will first do the remaining two HP damage and then the rest 56 is then processed as overflow damage so that 56 is multiplied by the multiplier for the limb that you hit which in this case was the arm which as mentioned before is 0.7 so that ends up equaling thirty nine point two ish overflow damage that is then going to be distributed to the remainder of the body so because the head is about 8% of the total body’s hp-35 you know divided by 435 it’s gonna take eight percent of this thirty-nine point to overflow which equals about 3.2 damage so note that we’re dealing with decimals here and all the math but the game UI only shows whole numbers the end result is going to be slightly misleading in many cases after all is said and done just because the game isn’t.

Rounding for the sake of calculations but it is rounding for the sake of display let’s continue the thorax being about 18% of the body’s total HP ends up taking the same percent of that overflow damage which equals 7.2 approximately so this process continues for all the other limbs leaving you with a displayed HP of 341 the total of all of the displayed HP rounded integer values but at the end of the day you’re actually closer to about 336 total HP but the six remaining zones all have less than they display because of those fractions given that these numbers are displayed as integers and you have seven zones but the underlying system uses floating-point or decimal values your total HP can be off sometimes as much as six or seven points in some situations which is not insignificant so keep that in mind when things get weird and the numbers don’t always match up if you’re trying to test these things out so let’s do one more example showcasing the issue before I mentioned about blacked out limbs resulting in ignored damage suppose your target has been through some he’s taken tons of damage you know out of meds whatever but he only has a bit of his thorax and head remaining let’s say you have no idea you know what his status is but you can see he’s rocking some heavy armor so you say okay I’m using this SP six you know maybe maybe I should ignore the the armor I don’t know what the status is and maybe I don’t know what a little a lot about SP six so let’s just go for his legs now hitting his blacked-out leg with the same SP five bullet doing 58 damage the blacked out limb modifier four legs is 1.0 so what do you think that the total HP is going to be if they start out with 96 HP and you hit them in their blacked-out leg for 58 damage now you might think that you’d see the health go down from 96 to 38 given that your bullet does 58 but as I mentioned before that’s not the case in fact it’s far far less than that after hitting them in the leg again they’ll be down to 81 HP that’s only 15 less than they started why well let’s step through the process again they try to make sense of this we need to distribute the 58 damage throughout the non impact zone.

The body keeping in mind their HP total proportion to their entire body etc etc so starting with the other leg it’s blacked out so let’s ignore it then the left arm that’s blocked out the right arms blacked out the stomach’s blacked out.

Okay well now on to the thorax the thorax ends up being about ten damaged because of you know the proportion to the total HP in the head ends up being about five damage which results in fifteen total damage this explains the reduction from ninety six to eighty one fifteen damage all of that damage to the other limbs is simply skipped ignored it goes poof this is the reason why I’m typically against the leg meta or any other tactics that involved shooting anything other than the chest or the head at the end of the day the entirety of the targets death depends on their head and their chest reaching zero every bullet that hits something other than those zones directly will have some amount of is damage wasted either to overflow or to you know being ignored or you know maybe the multiplier is less than one so I rather try to punch through their armor and do as much direct damage to these two lethal zones as possible then try to indirectly Whittle them down with you know fractions of overflow damage from other limbs it’s simply more efficient more effective in my opinion alright so the last few things about damage I want to get out of the way but not go into you know super in-depth specifics or anything cuz honestly most of them are kind of boring and a lot of them aren’t hugely impactful for the gameplay but but let’s just go through them tarkoff does simulate the flight of the bullet in it for the most part realistic way along are the bullets in the air the more damage is reduced but it’s extremely minor and in most cases doesn’t have a noticeable effect so for all intents and purposes just just ignore it the firearm is not relevant in any way to the damage of a single bullet modifying a gun does not increase or decrease the resulting damage that the fired bullet does including things like adding a longer barrel to increase muzzle velocity it simply doesn’t have an effect its either so minimal or there is none at all so just don’t don’t sweat it.

The only relevant factor regarding firearms in this case is their rate of fire which I’ll get you later it is possible for ammo to impact one part of the body fully penetrate it and then impact another body part or even another target completely the penetration a bit finally as most of you know there are different character types in the game from PMC’s scavs Raiders bosses guards etc they all have drastically different health pools in many cases and knowing this can be extremely useful when fighting them have a look at some of these screenshots from inside the app where I have the damage calculator and you can see just how thick some of these boys really are alright guys so that’s it for this one I hope you found it interesting I’m gonna be doing a bunch more videos coming up soon probably diving a little bit deeper into some of the more specific calibers and ammo types you know maybe doing a rundown that all that I’ll keep up-to-date regularly helping people make you know better informed decisions about ammo with with you know hopefully most of the common calibers and you know I got a bunch of other stuff coming up like a refresher of my contacts video probably gonna wait until they they release the next patch because there’s a new set of headphones in that one so keep an eye out for that but anyway I’ll see you guys later have a good one.

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