Escape from Tarkov Guide – Ten Shturman Stashes and Results

Author: Pestily

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Covering 100 Shturman Stashes and the findings. You can watch the entire loot opening or jump straight to the results and find out the breakdown. Also feel free to check out the spreadsheet.

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Hi guys this is pesty liam welcomes in that escape from tarkov video this video I’m carrying the hundred Sturman stashes I’ve looted this over about three weeks and I just did a hundred runs where eluded the stash took screenshots and videos of all the items and then built a spreadsheet to get all the information on how much in a stash is actually worth but the way the video is gonna work is I’m gonna show you the entire 100 stashes like a loot box thing of what a timestamp above right here and in the timeline below if you just want to skip the actual loot box section and get into the hard facts the guys without further ado let’s crack straight into it dad that was their woman and just do different random killer stuff I’ll be dressed up it’s the scab boss yeah show me the way in the rat oh no hope maybe you see is it just one gun in here.

Ain’t like I said but it was a big pack March every week they always got longer and then they also um we did pretty much PT every day so.

Who won.

We’re gonna die here you don’t not done there though this whole hugs thanks for the five months dude their pride not full full thing and you’ve never never really spent any time away from home that would be terrifying.

Someone else to play what to finished it Ron talked if it’s being an idiot I’ve no fucks to give to seek out and close the enemy to kill catch him and all the other did it goes with it I die right now just throw I want to get a print this print screen feel unconfident or just play there they play walking up the hill there I’d the grass know what the see me we get two in a row now everybody that be I’m gonna happen.

Moist keep up the business has anyone checked out new final fantasy the demo.

Serious ripped off we should eat our politicians problem solved or the best answer I’ve ever heard.

Is to become a full time cooking streamer that would actually be pretty fun to be honest if I just cooked every day or two was anything other than Germany’s good with people even with Hwang I think so different talk we come back to the rest of the game and your good work for the children you’re a good man fuck.

Once down there I’ll chop it off with the red rebel top it off with a rubber ball not gonna be now would it be batty really the Millea was looking for zr2 here it is Jason Bourne look dirt don’t hate me.

I dribble.

Go go gadget arm well here we go this is it I can feel it I feel it not not happening.

I’ve never played runescape before more hastily how would you feel about a mercenary system pay the higher trade in with the plant who paid and help them if you betray them you lose the money and all your insurance come on red rebel red rebel this is the one I can feel damaged Ellie’s maybe not this one.



Check should we start it up again not up accusations.

They say how how’s the plays over more treads of rats I’m so dead redneck fewer thanks for the three months sub real pseudo coming with the prop Nexus focus well this could be the one a lot of like brainstorming ideas in that accountability is a big one for me I’m very limited to sort this my Pino people using Nvidia settings fuck I consider cheating I won’t do it but it definitely is you an advantage I’d give a dog down if anyone’s interested in joining the discord there’s a link let’s go pride.

With you it’s as much about the severity gonna be at how rapidly it spreads pretty cool.

More than that you do that shit so we’re gonna do this I’ve got a few more points about it give me a second.

I don’t think you have the best codec for streaming how do you know what I use hmm.

I heard me I heard me well.

Ripped off.

Right even children no not yet well at least not that I know of number three.

But excited for a second I better get killed I just take this stop stop under stutter I’m probably dead here I got shot by someone then.

What do I check that spots with Apollo key cards forms if that’s a tribute of value there.

I did.

But another one here we go number four in dead.

And behind me.

A lot of viewers on path of exile there is it’s just right now some about a week before the next league starts and not many people watch it and you lead up to the next league when a new lead comes out path of Exile is crankin that’s closer Mike starlight to get the link what are you waiting for all done if you just watch the hundred loop boxes the red rebel aspect came up four times there’s actually something else I want to put into this video as well.

Yeah during these runs I was checking the vault key card spawns if I was near where one of those forms were I’ll put a link down below if you want to go check out where those keys spawn but I found two of them as well so they actually worth around seven to ten million depending on the time of the of the wipe so there’s an extra 14 to 20 million to add on top of this total anyway how to go into depth now I’m off wing over to this spreadsheet so you guys can see all the numbers of God here boo we went through every single every single item that dropped and added up how many the were on the left and then how much of the value of these items were so once you once you put it across to all the values coming down to the bottom there is a total value of 46 million rubles now this is based off the price just before the patch hit of our twelve point four and going into detail there there was some items that were worth quite a fair bit we found two of the red orb keys sorry three of the red old keys keys actually did pop up quite a fair bit it wasn’t always just the the old one we had the PSAT two came up and then also when I was killing sermon on the way to the stash I was getting more key cards as well so I we didn’t put that into the spreadsheet itself but it was definitely plenty of it now I’m gonna make the spreadsheet available to you guys so you can actually see all the information as well something that’s kind of interesting to take note of too is the afire clean there was the antique book and I can’t see it in the list right now but the deadly slug beetle 32-bit or um that’s about two percent chance you’re gonna get a beetle but a lot of people struggling to find the beard oils on any change and here’s just another opportunity for you to find one so the overall if you work it out coming down here the total value being twenty six and a half million or the keys that’s for a hundred keys and we made 46 million in profit oh sorry 46 million rubles in items and then 19 million of that was profit now the the thing you need to take note of here.

If you were to sprint to this stash and then load it in the Chuckle the orange container you would not coming up in front because you wouldn’t fit them all into your container a lot of times it was guns there’s a lot of guns that we looted and you can’t put them into containers you can you can see a lot of them right here pretty much from here down these are all your guns and so they would not be able to go into a container and you’ll be losing all this money over here on top of that you need to put into the perspective that you’re going to die on the way to the Container if you were to sprint to it cuz German would kill you.

I was probably sitting around I would either kill him or his minions probably already the 50% of the time but then die to someone else as I was trying to get to him to loot him or yeah it was pretty rough it was pretty rough going the advice I would actually give for this key this is that the down dirty and nasty of what I actually suggest you should do with this key is you should get one of these keys every time you’re going into a woods raid and your ambition is to survive the raid alright so what I mean is don’t just run to the stash to get the container items and then die that’s it if you’re actually like oh I’m gonna go to a woods run I want to just go kill you know as many PMC’s as I can and then you know at the end of it all Luda blew the container and extract that is the perfect time to take this key with you you should do it every single raid that you are going to do that I would wait probably for the first 15 20 minutes to even loot the stash and then once you know it’s mostly secure if you’re in a squad or whatever then go loot the stash and then get out it’s it’s honestly a really good balance of items to value of the actual purchase to open it and I think ahead of all the loot runs I’ve done so far.

It’s probably the one that I think the most balanced so another thing also to take note of the red rebel I speak from the 24,000,000 if you were to put them up the two on the flea market you’re probably going to be looking at about it’s about two million in tax each time you put one up for sale three million in tax so you don’t actually make all that as profit but if you wanted to buy one and get one for yourself it’s definitely worth it so what I would suggest go in with your mates in the woods runs play the map like normal try and get your quest done or whatever and then you’re like if there’s like 10 15 minutes the map left have the key inside your container go open up the container and loot it and then extract so I’m gonna wrap this one up here I’ll make this spreadsheet available for you guys down below as well overall I actually had a lot of fun doing this I used to really really hate woods now I enjoy it so though bit it’s it’s it’s not my most hated map anymore let’s put it that way.

Be honest I’d only really know what my most hated map is anyway thanks for watching guys if you liked the video give it a thumbs up subscribe for future content I do stream on Twitch every day the weeks are got a link below give me a fall over there good any tarkov questions feel free to hit me on my livestream or down the comments below and lastly I’ll see you next time just a teenage dirtbag baby listen to Iron Maiden maybe I’m just a teenage dirtbag baby like you.

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