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Hey guys how’s it going I’ve been wanting to do a contact science update videos since my original video like a year ago but I’m waiting for some more significant changes either you know adding steam audio or they add a new pair of headphones or something so now’s the perfect time in patch 12.4 they added another pair of headphones this is gonna be an interactive fun video I think we can all kind of have some fun here and learn a little bit and I didn’t want to interrupt the video with any ads in between so let’s get some some news and some updates out ahead of time and then we’ll we’ll crack into it all right as many of you guys know I am sponsored by the fantastic folks over at juju energy they’ve been a huge supporter of the channel and if I ever have the chance of doing content creation full time it’s gonna be through you know a foundation of relationships like I have with juju I have a goal that I want to hit in the next two or three weeks nothing to do with with sales numbers and the amazing part is that if I’m able to hit the goal I’m gonna be able to sit down with like they’re like in flavor scientists or whatever and work with them to design my own custom flavor which is nuts they’ve already got a ton of awesome flavors my favorites right now are grape suckle blue raspberry and bomber pump anyway so I’m uh I’m considering a few options right now for some new flavors that I would personally enjoy and I think a lot of you might as well maybe something like coffee related vanilla mocha something like that or something crazy like creamsicle you know orange and vanilla I don’t know we’ll see but if you guys want to help support the channel you want to you know help me live the dream of creating my own flavor get me one step closer to being a full-time content creator and you know you want to drink something that tastes fantastic and will give you as much you know energy as a labs stimulant shot straight to the art then click on the link that I’ll toss in the description JooJoo energy calm and you can use code Veritas 10 get 10% off and if you spend over $100 it’s free shipping worldwide and I believe it’s over $30 free shipping in the United States so it’s a win-win-win I hope you guys enjoy y’all to let me know what you think but without further ado let’s correct straight into the science shall we alright guys so throughout this video I’m gonna be playing audio samples from within the game for each of the headsets and I’m gonna leave it up to you to find which sound profile you prefer the catch here is that I’m going to be doing it blind I’m gonna be giving each headset a letter and I’m gonna play their sounds back-to-back one by one what you’re gonna need to do is grab a notepad your phone a sticky note something you know anything that you can use to keep track of which letter which options you prefer the best during each test so for each of the you know twelve or so tests you’re gonna want to write down which letter or letters sounded the best to you and then at the end I’m gonna be revealing which was which and you can total up the scores and have your own sort of personalized objective score for each headset now when listening to these sounds consider a few different things how often and long you’ll be listening to these sounds you know if they’re going to help or hurt the fatigue of your hearing you know over a long play session if you’re a solo player versus the team player and you know how the sounds of your teammates may influence your decision and you know whether or not you think they’ll provide you an advantage or a disadvantage at any point there are six different sets of headphones currently in the game the peltor contact two the MSA sordin supreme the GSS h o1 the ops core fast rack headphones the pelt or tactical sport and the new razor digital headset now for the sake of saving time at the moment the sword ins in the ops core fast rack headphones are basically identical in terms of how they affect the audio in the game so I’m only going to be using one in the comparisons to avoid redundancy and to make this you know as succinct as possible the only noteworthy difference between the sword ins and the rack headphones is that the rack headphones can’t be worn as standalone headphones they can only be mounted inside select helmets like the fast MT so for the remainder of this video I’m gonna be referring to both whenever I mentioned sword ins so just keep that in mind so how do these headphones work and what is it that they do exactly I’m gonna do my best to provide is accurate an explanation as possible on the most relevant factors given my limited perspective the active headphones an escape from tarkov do three major things ambient volume reduction compression and Equalization so let’s first start with ambient volume reduction you can think of sounds in tarkov as being in one of two major categories ambient and impulse ambient noises are background noises generally from the environment so this includes wind rain birds chirping you know the atmospheric sounds of the various environments like factory buildings or underground impulse noises are generally instantaneous sharp noises like gunshots explosions the sound of a door being breached etc where to come back to impulse noises of it later but for now let’s focus on ambient volume reduction the sounds of rain and wind can often be quite overpowering in tarkov very often masking the sounds of approaching threats now while they can provide an immersive and sometimes even enjoyable ambiance of the game really don’t provide you a tangible benefit so reducing them as much as possible as generally desired now’s a good time to do the first batch of tests involving ambient sounds now note real quick that I’m not going to be changing the order of the headsets each a letter is going to be the same headset between each test the order will not change keep an open mind and think about what it is you like the best why you know if some of the differences are huge if some of the differences are unnoticeable you know and and try to figure out you know what what what you prefer let’s start with the standard daytime outdoor ambience.

We’ll be gone now let’s compare how the rain sounds outdoors and now rain indoors all right so I’m super curious now I’m wondering if any of you guys are seeing any patterns emerging you know or if your results are all over the place already don’t worry there’s more interesting tests coming we’ll get to those but let’s move on to compression which is one of my favorite topics and one that I personally misunderstood for over a decade and only recently came to understand that over the last year that I’ve been producing mixing and mastering my own music let’s see if I can break it down in an easy way for you all because I can’t believe I misunderstood it for so long when it’s really quite simple compression is put simply the process of reducing the dynamic range of a sound in the realm of audio dynamic range is the difference in volume between the softest and the loudest part of that sound compression takes the softer sounds and makes them louder and the louder sounds and makes them quieter let me show you an example of what simple compression looks and sounds like using you know quick recording inside of my da W Logic Pro first I’m gonna play something on my guitar that you know has a decent noticeable dynamic range right now let me apply a compressor to it that’s going to reduce this dynamic range and listen to the sound differences.

You can also see how compression works visually here by looking at the waveform of the audio.


Now as you can see here there’s loads of parameters that you can set on a compressor to change how it affects your sound each of the headphones in the game has their own set of parameters for things like attack release threshold et cetera there’s plenty of resources out there for you to learn more about these values now there’s no need to dig further into them for this video but let’s listen to a few more examples from the game this time a set of impulse noises so you can see how compression makes a difference in the different combat sounds of the game you.


Now finally let’s look at equalization or EQ which is the process of adjusting the strength of the different frequencies in an audio signal and most of us are familiar with the low mid and high EQ settings in say a car stereo this is also an EQ just an overly simplified version of one you can boost or reduce certain frequencies to achieve the desired sound profile or completely cut the sound at certain frequencies entirely each headset has parameters for what’s called a high-pass filter now a high-pass filters as the name implies they let higher frequencies through filtering out lower frequencies each headset has a specific frequency where in any sounds below this level are reduced or cut entirely the extent to which this reduction occurs is based on the resonance value some are quite drastic while others are more modest now every sound has its own set of frequencies that it can be predominantly hurting thunder or explosions are examples of deeper booming lower frequency sounds whereas something like a ricochet or a whistle tends to be you know predominantly higher pitched very often depending on the material that the person is running on footsteps can be quite basic or on the lower frequency side of the spectrum so headphones cutting or boosting frequencies in different ways can make hearing enemy sounds in different scenarios and even your own footsteps much more or less noticeable and without at the end of the day it comes down to personal preference sound like taste is experienced differently by different people.

While numbers and charts are often very interesting I think in this case experiencing sounds without any numbers or charts or anything like that is more practical and powerful don’t let anybody tell you what you should prefer educate yourself on the considerations compare and make up your own mind let’s finish this off with the last few set of tests where all of these things combined EQ compression volume all of these things come together to provide it you know definitely different experience is between the different headphones and also compared to without you.

Already that does it for all the tests let’s tally up your scores and we can reveal which was which a was the tactical sport headset B were the GSS ages C for the sword ins D was the razor and E with the contact twos leave a comment below with which headset you preferred or if you know you didn’t notice a difference between them or if you preferred no headsets or something like that I’m super curious to know as always I hope you guys learn something and enjoyed the video consider heading over to juju energy comm and using code Veritas 10 so that I can get my own flavor and come by the stream and say hello soon see you guys later.

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