Ezreal! Teamfight Tactics 10.5 Ranked Strategy Glacial + Pred Comp Meta Guide Set 2

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The game is still you know and it’s be to stay right okay let’s go glove all right let’s get two more weeks more more weeks.

Okay that’s good yeah I hope we get first Oh.

Oh man they really want us to go Fred’s all right yeah that’s almost a three star workweek so if we go Prince I don’t know about this cuz we want to make skarner into a tank through the crab go he’s pretty shocked like I already have the six seven seven well seven robux yeah two starts karna take that kog’maw it’s a three Pretz we got a really good early game to start scar to star Warwick easy fred rules this is gonna be a fun game guys it’s gotta be fun I have good hopes.

Oh-ho-ho double easy for the Glacial it’s a nice looking glacial print game another easy one yeah freeze everybody eat em up.


Let’s go for another tear I’m really not I think this ez is gonna be a to stir right it’s gonna be to stir pretty fast yeah we’re gonna go serif not itemizing cog because there’s too many people in this lobby with cogs oh damn mr. to star LeBlanc and Diana okay I actually lose here unless my Pretz got it okay okay okay we got it we got it you get 20 gold buy some Rangers okay come on kill the maokai guys come on scar is actually nice yeah yo scarred a 2.8 cave I’ll take that bro another kog’maw scar our reksai glacial predators so we’ll put an ash maybe go to Ranger Boats Oh looks like well he’s here we tried we tried another Warwick.

Keep them coming we’ve got a skarner as well so just get rid of them got a bowl all right close not bad both points okay let’s roll a little bit there we go.

Kind of feeling that what happened and we’re gonna go Giants lair on the COG Chancellor cogs good we don’t need Rex ice you just get rid of them I was gonna Louisville but then I realized you know we just need one more.

Warwick so i might as well just roll a little bit but man this three star world would kind of disappointing right now he died a lot faster than I thought I was gonna die all right we got a prom but a slow roll literally one more dude I don’t know where he’s at all right dude I literally still have no to starkov pave it can’t be that hard to get come on.

Oh so close I’m praying to the Lord that kog’maw shows up or even an Ezreal or a bra I want to go for glacials next turn so we’re gonna actually just hit level 6 so now hopefully we get a bully bear or I guess Olaf would be great for the 4th go for another oh let me go glove knock tear.

Alright let’s level up to 6 and we get up alright I’ll just use her for now and we can put in 2 crystals which you don’t have just put a problem and I still have it one star cog still have a wine steward collar guys let’s just make some money I don’t know about poison at the moment just got a bill but what I get I don’t roll down too much and then you know not build anything so that kindred can help a little bit here – disco gizeh troll this guy’s team let’s beef.

I might even three-star the Azrael this one if I got a chance might not be a bad 3 star Azrael.


Better to start Karger oh I still win no I lose yeah that was that that cog was a to stir would I want alright alright let’s slow roll again dude kog’maw oh my god this kog’maw I literally could have got a three to start world rek’sai right now qss is decent but you guys just go qss I was gonna say this for may be jeweled gauntlet I mean no iceberg gauntlet but I think I’ll give this I think I’ll give this to Warwick all right let’s just go seven oh and today we don’t need that though let’s just do that you know what I might do.

I might just go for Rangers and just put Warwick and yeah I might just go for Rangers why not but not wardens prep friend Rangers never dumped red Rangers before but why not yeah maybe I should have to spot the direct side to star them replace the car I actually can’t believe we’ve never got a third cog this time I still can’t believe it I like I like to start cog though because he’s ranged let’s go Bo two stars ed de help oh my lord I need poison that we need to keep hog.

Yeah yard he had two stars ed he’s at 14 elf what’s tall he still has another Nico on that bench oh we got to stir kog’maw yay finally finally this cognos hilarious okay right out a boat and a sword alright let’s level up singed good glacial rocks look at all those cogs I’m gonna itemize easy I honestly don’t care about cogs all right shrill pile I don’t think we’ll hit him – three stars I don’t think we’ll hit it cog well three stars at love will eat okay another kog’maw shows up giant slayer is really good it’s not STR it’s just it’s just good all right I like our team though except for I feel like the four glacial I mean it’s the best thing I can do right now I’m still not a fan of a four-day ships okay oh he has a to stir electric looks to him okay the poison helps against this guy because electrics like to use a lot of mana oh we hit 3 star easy boys we got it 1 2 3.

Kaboom we got the 3 stars shining Ezreal one last time set to ranked let’s go man and I’m really gonna miss this guy 1 set 3 hits.

Then you set 3 easy I’m not feeling it I like this one better let’s go singed yo two stars Saints about to pop up – all right let’s put this singe let’s roll a little bit actually.

Now the Glacial Lux hopefully we win this round.

So we might have to sell this kog’maw sadly for the lux if I had Lux – I think I want to sell the skarner give the items to us only buy it luxe – though we can’t be freezer kurz that’s kind of sad okay the two star electric luxguy we beat this guy last time no problem yeah yeah easy we good we good we went static chef okay so you know we just need to hit two-star of everything damn alright no luck so we’ll give static shift to ash she can survive longer with crystals.

That’s unfortunate we didn’t get oh you got trapped Claude oh no that’s so bad crap cloth so bad against Ezreal cuz he olds right away oh shoot we survived I don’t know about Tarek okay oh you’ve got he put his that from my easy oh he got the – alright oh damn I think I’ll survive but I just lost his electric luxguy he just got a stronger team and then you just set from the back instead of the front I did will survived oh right or am i dead.

I survived yeah oh no okay that’s fine got cog but oh my god is really just can’t survive.

Yeah I’m finding this guy we lost this guy who know who’s to them again alright now it’s fun though you know using cops that’s not only used like for Glacial three-star Israel you barely see that and high-heel oh so that’s fun I thought we could get top two with this bill but we couldn’t that was fun.

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