Fast and Easy Power Guide For Season Of The Worthy! Reach 1010 Power Fast in Destiny 2!

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In today’s video Profane covers the Fastest and Easiest ways Guardians will be able to level up to 1010 in Season of the Worthy!

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What’s up guardians profane here thanks for checking out the video with the introduction of season of the worthy Bungie raises the power level bar all the way up to 1010 and in today’s video I’m gonna be breaking down the easiest and fastest ways to level up regardless of what light level you are going into season of the worthy now there are three tiers to the power level system and it starts off with the soft cap which will be set to 950 the powerful cap has been raised to 1000 and the pinnacle cap which is now 1010 as in previous seasons your artifact will be a primary contributor towards leveling along the benefits of the paid version of the season pass which offers various XP boosts including fireteam XP boosts which come in handy very much stuff so for guardians starting seasons are worthy off under the soft cap of 950 the best ways to get to that 950 soft cap will be really just boiling down the plain the game completing public events will be one of the fastest means to acquire rare and legendary loot which will be the primary source of leveling to 950 completing any of the weekly and daily objectives found on the corrector will benefit you but I would honestly suggest to hold off on these until you are above 950 that way you will get the full benefit of those drops once you have reached the 950 soft cap you will need to start utilizing those weekly and daily objectives far more now these are going to be your primary source of leveling up and each weekly and daily director objective will reward you with either a tier 1 tier 2 or tier 3 powerful reward now starting with the tier 1 power rewards this is gonna be like completing flash points these are gonna be the things that you need to knock out first followed by the activities that reward you with tier 2 and then finally tier 3 rewards this will ultimately optimize your ability to flow through these levels quickly it’s important at this time to not get attached to any weapons or armor that you may get you don’t want to waste your materials on unnecessarily upgrading items that.

Not going to keep in the long run you want to keep an eye out for good armor and weapons but you don’t want to be wasting your materials at this point so just utilize the fact that you’re getting higher level increases having three characters will be an extreme help for those of you who do have enough time each week to be able to play on all three I would be away from having duplicate character types though but having all three characters means that you will be able to rerun all of these activities over again for loot that will inevitably be higher level now it’s important that when you do switch over characters that you are moving over your weapons the higher level weapons and the weapons that you’re ideally going to be using this way your drops will be higher because you’re going in at a higher level an important thing to be doing is picking up bounties from not only the tower vendors but the planetary vendors as well these bounties will reward you with XP resources glimmer and bright dust in cases of the vanguard crucible gambit and gunsmith weekly bounty now you will also be able to cash in reward packages through these means completing exotic quests ritual weapon quests getting exotic engrams getting pom engrams and getting tier 3 rewards from Nightmare hunts pit of heresy nightfall garden of salvation and the new seasonal activity will be the rewards that provide you with the highest bump up and level once you have gotten the tier 1 and tier 2 activities done that week now these will also be the activities that you will need to complete when making it from one thousand to one thousand and ten trials of Osiris bounties should yield up to a tier two powerful reward but I expect to see a tier 3 reward out of flawless completions now it’s possible that there will be weekly bounties three trials but at this time we don’t know just yet but I’ll definitely keep you guys posted as time goes by and we get more information for season pass purchasers you do receive an armored package at tier one but I definitely suggest to hold off on opening this until you have gotten to at least beyond.

And fifty powerlevel I would honestly if you can afford to wait until after year a thousand because the possibility is there for it to yield those higher level rewards which could help you get to that final power cap of 1010 outside of that the season pass does reward you with Armour both on the free pass and the paid pass a different point which will be an opportunity for you to get higher reward completing an exotic quest on alternate characters is a great way to get extra bump ups as you progress through Eris morn provides a hem boost win completing pit of heresy and 8:01 provides an obsidian boost that will grant a guaranteed armor drop upon completion of forges these are two easy ways to snag some additional rewards as you make your way between 950 and 1,000 pounds and quests are one of the best options for solo players and everyone in general as they reward up to pinnacle levels of 1010 these pinnacle rewards are going to be ideal for being able to boost your level up typically each season will have three to four iron banners and will definitely need to be a priority on your to-do list when they’re available Bungie will be pulling back the reins on bounty XP gain but bounties will remain to be one of the best ways to level up your seasonpass and your artifact which is an uncapped source to get you to 1010 plus everyone who plays destiny is different some of us have just mere hours each day to be able to play or maybe each week whereas others have vast amount of time each and every day and we have Guardians all throughout the in-between setting real expectations though is really going to help you out immensely with the season lasting for months it’s a scheme that is designed to be a marathon not a race but in a competition driven community leveling up quick can make a huge difference when it comes to that end game activity including trials of Osiris now Bungie has stated that at some point mid season we will see some changes and improvements to the pinnacle reward system and can expect more options available to guardians each week throughout the season we will see a variety of limited time events that will offer high-level powerful rewards that will be a need to do on your weekly checklist when available but in the end with the right application of time management and just a pinch of luck to the rng gods you will be able to quickly and easily level up that 1,010 power cap by utilizing the tips that have provided in this video hopefully it has helped and by all means if you guys have any further suggestions to help out Guardians please leave those in the comments below.

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