FIFA Players Guide to eFootball PES 2020 myClub: Settings, Tactics, game Tips and more

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Okay welcome to my club right now here you pick your nationality like where you’re from.

That doesn’t really matter that much just pick anything now the club that you pick here is gonna be your club’s crest and emblem and kits so whatever you want to pick for the love of Susan do not pick for 2:31 okay do not pick for 2:31 why because whatever works in FIFA if you jet dude whether you genuinely want to make an effort to learn pairs or you read it again CA doesn’t matter to me doesn’t matter to anybody what I’m trying to say is if you genuinely want to make an effort you have to be patient there is a learning curve and you have to get the like FIFA out of your system for to see d1 does not work I know it man you all pick four to three one that does not work the only time we use 4-2-3-1 on pairs for game management you know on my club you can set up three different formations with different advanced reductions you can change the game mentality you can change it into different formation during gameplay without posing things like that I have particular videos for it exclamation mark PES guys will explain it all so this is kind of a metaphor mation and I’m gonna explain this very quickly attacking style counter build up short pass we have build up short as long pass long pass doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spam long balls it means get the ball out of your own half and then build up outside you don’t know how flexible at stuff like that what’s important is support range these bars from one to three is low 47 is medium eight to ten is high the higher the support range the wider your teammates spread out like let’s say this is support range three when I’m on the ball my teammate come close to me if this was support range seven or eight when I’m on the ball my teammates spread out pretty sure it’s something similar on Ultimate Team as well another thing when you see a manager that is frontline pressure and aggressive and defensive line is very high you might want to use the advanced structure and deep defensive line however if you plan against somebody who’s playing possession in front of the Box you’d only be playing deep I think this a lot of stuff most of you don’t know.

They said I don’t wanna insult anybody’s knowledge we have mixed up people here so my opinion pick this guy other option take this guy for example play according to the tactic this is position wide the downside if he don’t have fat why am i shouting the mic is right here him if you don’t have fast defenders defensive line is way too high you’re gonna get countered on your ass every time because let me tell you one thing it’s very rare on my club you get matched against the guy who’s defending deep on my club it’s all about blood pumping counter and aggression and it’s very important to pay attention that your opponent if he goes red mentality because that doesn’t make players commit more that actually makes the cpu block passing lanes and do auto interceptions so my advice you’re shouting because you’re excited I don’t know man I guess I am excited I mean I like this is what I do usually on my scheme sure like that excites me as well yeah I’m overly as opposed to hopefully doing it this is the first manager you start in piss yes these managers are absolutely for free red mentality it’s game mentality tactic mentality you guys have that on FIFA I mean I haven’t played up to my team since 16 put obvious reason you know them a game mentality you go from balance to defensive ultra defensive attack ultra attack that’s what I’m talking about again I have a video explaining all that tapping summation mark PES guide don’t go away now you can watch out there though anyway you pick Fisher or rambo to play according to the manager basically so Who am I gonna pick wait who did I pick oh okay I’m going fisher baby boom now you wanna pick somebody is gonna change your game and in my opinion playing 1000 games online on michael up best defense no offense with the reason please how to counter script dude I have ranted enough in my two videos on YouTube please grab a popcorn put your jammies on maybe make a you know dolphin-safe tuna sandwich as well go watch two videos I’m no proud of it but I had to get the rant out what about three one three three it’s exciting it’s entertaining it’s fun right.

Not a lot of people knows how to defend against three one three three but this is it effective no all right talk about a game-changer let’s go for him all right let’s go let’s go cuckoo cuckoo see good even myself I wouldn’t read that I love your accent with all my heart thank you man I’m fatter flattered I think the other thing that jerk will ever guilt a lot of people talk about my accent I mean I’m a battalion half the crews live in Scotland once I realize what I’m from I like guys no I think it’s good if you guys read this a little bit you know a lot but just a little bit you probably won’t because I wouldn’t either because there’s a lot of things here explains everything to you you know whatever it tells you here but what I’m gonna what I’m gonna show you how to get the 1,200 free coins for free maybe we won’t be able to do this right now maybe won’t be able to do this right now now another thing right here guys when you press this list I’m like sitting biting my fingers when some of the guys didn’t do this I have OCD you know it’s like they were going through the whole thing is like one by one and I’m like dude it was like a big you know Kurt or Nick were screaming I didn’t want to you know I don’t want to overly talk there in a way but yeah I was like guys please press press select press select so yeah that’s that now let’s see we’re gonna get for this account you can also skip your bull opening by pressing this button.

That’s select option boom done Bertie God okay just skip all that I don’t want to get much too much into the Scout or auction house but basically if you combine three Scouts let’s say you wanna get Neymar you need to get 5-star PSG five-star left-wing forward five-star Brazil once you get all these in the auction house it’s gonna cost about I don’t know probably 1 million GP that’s how Scouts work you combined however every time you play a game you get a free scout scout 1 star 2 star 4 star they’re all free and it’s good for you guys to open these Scouts don’t combine just open them individually make them trainers and level up your players there are three key things to level up players possession higher rating well these guys are not gonna be related to it because they’re not higher rated but anyway that’s just something quick for that for most of you guys to know about it usually I don’t combine even even if you need GP man it’s always better to open up the scout but don’t wait til you get like about 10 of them because you probably wouldn’t be bothered again auction house there’s a lot of things like explains it to you if you guys have any questions you know you can follow me on Twitter jump on discord Facebook your fridge Wi-Fi anywhere that’s just gonna explain all these modes for you another thing guys if you guys want to grind for GP now every midnight you do get this bonus any of you guys want to grind for GP I have a video about sim mode dude this is brilliant you can set up a team right this is like football manager you set up a team your symptom plays I guess other people’s symptom and when you win you get GP while on the subject GP it’s like fifa coins and coins are like fifa points Wow I got that right proud of myself okay so I have a particular video about sim you make a one-star team you win more when you make a one-star team I don’t want to get into explaining it but just trust me so again if you type an exclamation mark paste guide there’s a video about Sim you can watch it later don’t go anywhere though right now that’s the best way to grind basically another thing I get asked a lot how do i unlock managers with GP obviously when you come here the majority of your managers are locked now this is not something you can do it in like one day pay attention here this is like three out of 115 you have to unlock at least 8200 one of those and then your managers get unlocked and you have to play at least 100 games and everything what I was talking about getting 1200 free coins all you have to do read receive a gift you know it tells you what to do had a match be calm play against CPU so once you unlock all this you will have 1200 free coins and trust me dude that’s a lot don’t just go crazy and just spin for it you know wait wait to the on Monday on on Thursdays there are features and player of the week make sure it’s a good week for these players that you can get them because player up there you go in pairs it’s it’s not the skin it’s not gonna it’s not like Ultimate Team being in a massive database played at the week is like simply there are in eight players or something and we receive the gift I’m guessing that’s the Maradona the free one right here okay so now we have 200 coins.

The only managers we can sign it’s the one at the bottom they are free and again dude picking your managers really important managers on pests it’s not like ultimate team ultimate team it’s like a shiny golden card that affects your chemistry on pairs once you pick a manager you can’t change the formation you can change the attacking and defensive instructions however you can you can possession players you can make a RB SCB you can make a DMF a c MF you can make a CF and SS you’re limited basically so pick a formation pick a manager that has a formation you want to use you know don’t you think with players of the week top managers becomes useless they do but I’m gonna get into that as well in a way because a lot of times when you have a low rated manager and your team strength goes higher your team spirit goes seven so you need management skill boost and I’m gonna get into that as well this is too complicated for me my friend imagine you’re playing code and you jump into battle field you know it’s all about the effort you know if you don’t make an effort hmm if you’re not into it that much you know this is absolutely fine and as I said I have videos explaining tactic advanced ructions formations all of them separately it is basically in that place that I just mentioned so at the moment we can buy these guys but we may have to buy a manager to get the free coins anyway next let me let me explain agents quickly let me explain angel cooks ages quickly as well every week a void top agent by the way top agent like for example goal keeper top agent this is the entire database of all go keepers in the game entire database of defenders entire database of midfielders now the only thing with pests it doesn’t just tell you the percentage it tells you how many players are there as well like on top of my head right there there are 779 players so this is the entire database do not waste your GP on this thank you bro we got read it with Curt man amazing stuff right every Monday after 2:00 a.m. UK we gave feature players every Thursday after 8:00 a.m. maintenance we get Player of the Week so if you’re trying to grind choose your coin spending very very wisely does top agent include icons no top agent it’s simply just a normal player cards just generic normal cards special agent includes the icons the legends etc now let’s just get our free Maradona first the scale-free Maradona first.

Not exactly entire players they are from silver and above but isn’t that the whole database though like when you select goalkeeper they’re all goalkeepers in the game right do some quick things to get the extra 100 coins per player of the week to show them bro when you get a chance show them the easy way to get good players yeah yeah I think unlocking the coins that’s what my point was to do it like for example guys let me explain this quickly on FIFA player of the week it’s within a massive database on pairs Player of the Week that’s it there’s like what 11 players so imagine if I do one spin and game papi that’s like what 79 pence maybe go maybe my wish will come true because I tend to get lucky when I make a fresh account and by the way I’ve noticed if you did if you haven’t played for a week and you come back the game seems to be doing you no good Luck’s not too bad let’s try another one here maybe we get 11 to ask you for this one no there’s also bronze and white golfers for example so if you’re gonna get a white player just because you like I get what you mean I get what you mean but like white and bronze they’re not even in an angel they’re Scouts you understand what I’m saying they’re Scout that not an agent so when I say the entire database of players we’re talking about an agent Nana step 11 don’t ski hallelujah now that’s a game-changer right here and by the way by the way guys as some people ask me why do you look players see when you’re on this menu right here click you can convince him into a trainer to level up another player you can release him not worth it but lock him why I don’t know you might be raging you release him you might be you know you might be drunk releasing a player you may make him a trainer because yesterday I was watching Curt he almost made NES that trainer and he was so hype about getting him so it’s always good to lock your player now next next we did get Fischer though right and one last thing about managers do it manager lets gets updated every eight hours 4 p.m. UK time 8 a.m. UK time 12 o’clock min that UK time unless time changes however at the end of every month from 4 o’clock till 12 o’clock every time you come into the list and you go back out instead update so you can get exactly who you want for example on this list I would hundred percent recommend Valbuena this is a fake name for Diego Simeone if you download the option file from PES universe exclamation mark it’s you will get the correct names badges and teams you might be drunk and release romário damn you’re not gonna let that go are you dude.

Fortune for it always good I don’t want to elaborate too much on tactics and formations because I have individual videos for it so otherwise we’re gonna be here all night Santos yeah pretty effective almost like a meta manager but that high defensive line dude you got to think about your team you got to think about your team ooh another let me just put out three tour managers you want to look for Valbuena Sant.

Bore real name is ten hack and actinic this is a good one however guys containment area white it’s not something we like on PES unless we don’t have other options because the AI will try to press no position on the flank you know and in pairs really good players once you get like a lot above a higher rate and good players always attack down the middle at the moment there are two patterns of play when you get matched against higher rated players it’s either giving go down a middle quick passing or flank cut back tapping these are the two major patterns and it’s all about aggression when you feel like the whole pitch turning into a little box.

Pay attention he might be on ultra attack mentality mmm it’s not something you like really all right guys does anybody and pairs like containment white no yes maybe something I don’t like but I’m pretty sure a lot of people doesn’t like it either.

Another thing right here when you come here you can look all your players if you want you know you press triangle you select anybody and then you press you press triangle again you can log them convert them into trainers or if you just select on them you can review their status and all that jazz Thank You kalium hopefully I’m helped focus my throat is drying right now can you talk things about fitness sure now there are certain things that Cana pushes you to pay a level of money on it for example let’s just pair what all players here first so oh.

So I go living go skiing alone and I got up in those key as well brilliant brilliant brilliant now one thing a lot of people do if you have a team like this it’s almost a crime for you to go online because think about it guys you’re gonna get matched against people who has a maintain teams and they already got everybody guys I apologize if I’m not interactive with the chat I’m trying to just explain all this and then I’m gonna put that on YouTube.

Zamak Thank You Man I appreciate it this is a fresh account my friend now when you.

Here there are two things for example your team strength defines how many stars your team’s are if your team it’s three star or four star when you go to the matchmaking make sure you restrict your team strength because if you have a three star team you’re gonna get matched against the beefy high protein diet team now you don’t want that and the other thing when it comes to managers if you hover over your manager you press square you can apply management skill boost once you get higher overall rated players your team strength goes higher you need managers with higher skill and familiarity boost management skill boost things like that you can buy them the only way you can get them really it’s by opening packs sadly so when you get them you can get them easily really I mean if you do like ten spins you probably get a bunch of them to apply your team spirit that’s like chemistry in FIFA first thing you need to do is familiarity boost always familiarity boost first to the manager you’re gonna make your manager to be familiar with you with your team number two again over square triangle tactical training we try to make the manager to be familiar with our players and now we’re gonna make the players tactically to be fit with the manager that’s what you do both done and we’ll probably get some points for that one as well once we did that now we’re gonna have to make a player into a trainer so we can get that free 50 coins and we’re gonna release a player to get that again.

The free 50 coins love your steam how do you open packs and PES pro I’ll show you in a sec sejo don’t get involved see this thing that I showed you here we’re trying to get all these free coins so we have to play a match against comb I’m not gonna do that right now to part the Challenge Cup I can go in and come back out I’ll get it what does do we need to do sign a loan player hire a manager in your contract help a player recover train a player there’s a lot of things that you can’t do it instantly but some of them we can so you have a choice I can walk you through how to unlock all these which is pretty self-explanatory there’s no point for me to do all that unlock the coins and go spin what else have we haven’t covered guys what else have you uncovered every time you play a game you get asked out make sure to open it and as I said at the beginning use them now when it comes to your managers another thing here if you click hover over under that thing that’s where you set up your game plan and make sure to make this when you come here switch pre this preset tactic make sure it’s on so you can set up different instructions when it comes to your advanced ructions I’m not gonna get into details about this every advanced retractions does something like we use an current for the player to stay central we use defense for a player not to join attack like you guys do an ultimate team you know you put on defense not during an attack we usually do that because you get countered a lot just like ultimate team on the flank when it comes to pass so in terms of advanced ructions I have a particular video about it on my youtube channel again if you tap in your summation mark PES guide it’s there and it will teach you what you need to do once you squat set up to apply an assistant manager change okay well for us to do that first we need to hire a manager we need to get a manager first to do that and we can’t really sign anybody what is this guy like no not this one because this team may may end up being really good I may end up using it you know alright now we signed a manager right stamina okay I know a lot of you guys have problem with the stamina.

You only get stamina when you open packs just like FIFA so if you hover over a player and you press square you can do stamina recovery for all the players right or you can do single stamina recovery as well so whichever you pick but right now doesn’t give me an option to apply stamina because they will have stamina and I don’t know what else to let me talk about stamina regarding that because that is annoying like if you don’t have stamina and that’s why it’s always good to have two completely different teams.

And switch with them every games and my opinion if you have over 60 players you should play every game on full stamina believe me and as long as and both teams you have key players as long as you have key players on both teams otherwise you will be okizay what else we haven’t covered guys well as we haven’t covered man Oh a sister coach okay now another thing if you hit our two you have defensive sub tactics again you have the third one for example if I want to make the second tactic a defensive one i press square change assistant coach now this is important because if you’re playing against somebody most of you guys on FIFA you like 4-2-3-1.

We only use that option for game management you gotta be careful with kickoff you gotta be careful with the last minute the first half you gotta be careful over the last minute and you gotta be careful after minute 70 things a lot change so if I for example if I pick this guy for my second assistant coach now this says offensive tactic the defensive tactic will be active pay attention to that one and the defensive tactic hmm not exactly is defensive so that’s how you apply an assistant coach assist a coach applied to fix your team make sure to go to the game plan now this is something important you guys I need to pay attention to when you come here don’t click and just do this because that will mess up your original setup X hold drag that’s the best way to do an X hold drag otherwise it will mess up your previous setup so make sure that your players are in the right position before you switch and again when you go during the game you can change into your second tactic second formation Juden game simply by if you double tap d-pad up or down twice you basically change the game mentality from attacking to ultra ultra defensive if you hold l2 and d-pad up left right activate the act instructions however if you press and hold your d-pad up or down you will switch the tactic to four three again I’m gonna keep that simple because I have a video about that talking about it so um what else we haven’t covered because I’m dying to play right now explain form for players new people I would love to do that but I have a video talking about form like again if you tap an exclamation mark Pez guide I have a particular video talking about that there’s no point for me to go through it he welcomed out at the X you welcome my friend.

You can name only or you can apply artistic or third one as well well what does we haven’t covered guys I’m trying to think I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of stuff but I’m I’m checking about things that really matters one thing that tripped me up is advanced tactics by default now what you mean by default if you’re talking about outside my club when when it’s already set up I can go through that but again stuff like that as I said I have a particular video explaining advant as about advanced instructions because otherwise we’re gonna be here all night you know and most of you guys may not even need what I’m doing right now well as we haven’t covered trading okay if you have three players on the same rarity let’s say I have three said your biscuit right miss quit let’s say I have three said your biscuit I can trade them for any player I can show you for another I can trade them for Macey I can trade you for Neymar they have to be like if you get a three featured biscuit they have to be on the same week’s feature player if you get three legends you can’t trade them for a legend.

You can only trade you for the black ball you can learn a player you know what does we have here this is your weekly ranking and by the way when it comes to the weekly Football League if you finish top one every week it’s not that hard if you’re even a lot of a slightly above average you will get GP every week.

What’s match day match day is basically I’m not a fan of that thing but every week we have match day with the particular teams let’s say let’s say this week is match day is Bayern Munich against enter let’s say you know and if you make a team that if you pick Bayern Munich and you have a lot of Bayern Munich players you’re gonna give free coins you’re gonna get Scouts you’re gonna get bonuses even if you don’t have time to play match day every day but when the match day start three o’clock UK time you can join in and then go chill eight o’clock it’s a final final match you can spectator and you will get five thousand GP mmm and most of these tough guys like let me make this simple held button right he’ll button boom right there anything that you need to know play analysis sign in players which pretty sure doesn’t need that much auction house process you know training players everything that you need to know is right here training players again it’s pretty simple when you come here to your squat you select any player press triangle X and then triangle again convert to trainer you can even do that on the training menu as well well now though how’s good my man young players do get extra but in the meantime cloud team Lhasa I did told them I go tell everybody I have a video about sim you know but if you’re talking about to get the coins here we’re gonna do that so when you come here you select a player skill trainer usually every Thursday or Mondays that are online challenge cups some of them let’s say this week if you have three players from the future players you can play the only Challenge Cup repetitively you will get experience points sometimes you get skill trainers sometimes you get position trainers that’s the only way you can gain them so we go to XP and then we’re just gonna select usually it’s better to do one by one there’s a lot of other philosophies and stuff around little tricks and tips to do to get higher rated more XP but I’ve tested everything out in my opinion there’s always a random fact the obvious thing is if you’re gonna train a centre-back make sure the trainer is ass in the back and it’s pretty much like that what does we got left it what does we got left another thing you need to do thanks to Lhasa who reminded me if you press square here sorry hover over your manager in triangle use this to in your cloud match what cloud matches basically as long as every player has five contracts even when your console is off your team is gonna play against other people’s cloud game and every week as long as you have every player before you turn your console off make sure every player has five contracts minimum if you do that even when you’re away on a holiday you come back you get tons of tons of GP and in terms of the sim mode to grind we have an option as well best managers Santos Valbuena Boer I think I’ve explained about that as well the sim mode is really important especially with most of you guys who doesn’t want to put money in it just wanna grind make sure to watch that same old video again right here PES guide on this playlist even if you have any questions on YouTube I usually just daily grab a cappuccino and answer everybody on Twitter on Twitch on this Court what does we got left dudes what is we got left.

Yeah so don’t lie Challenge Cup for example the offline one obviously my squad isn’t already have to fix this quickly you can use two identical players that’s fine that’s important to do it guys don’t just jump online play this offline Challenge Cup learn a love it because everything that you do for the first time it will give you a GP you win this for the first time you’ll get 5,000 GP and it’s pretty easy pretty easy thoughts on sorry which formation did I’m not a fan of satis instructions in general I mean how many people do you see on top ranked using them.

Oh yeah Tara imagine if you get him puppy right now and again you have your online challenge cup as well always make sure what’s on for this one you need to get three points to win it ooh this is very important guys whoa wait although sit down sit down sit down sit down before you play the leak challenge make sure to play these I know it will take like very long to find a game because every time you play them whether you win or no I think the first and the second one you get 10,000 GB so 1 2 3 4 5 that’s 50k two spins it could be like again and another you never know it’s not that hard so make sure to play these and then play that one there’s a lot of things that you can grind I mean grind the word explains itself things that you can spend money on it’s not gonna be the same as if you were paying for it I think every much if you wanna if you want to save your my club team and then use it offline in a training or if you want to make a match Lobby use your my club team against your friend you can simply save team data and when you go to exhibition you can load it or if you go into free training you can load it but you can also play friendly right here directly the only thing is if you play my club friendly here you won’t be able to customize your tactic stop lie and tell them spin santos’ boom game set match that’s what I said man I said uh Santos I recommend Santos alright now let’s see if you’re lucky we can get him papi sorry that’s how I pronounce it Bobby let’s you’re gonna get it’s not working for this one and always make sure to lock your player man always make sure to lock your player maybe third time lucky maybe third time lucky there we go maybe third time.

All right now any player who has super sub part make sure to be using second half don’t start with the player who has a super subscribe because trust me they have some magical abilities the abilities basically gets boosted yes Ronaldo we go rated by a Kurt so we’re just doing something special you know instead of I couldn’t jump into a game man there was a lot of questions a lot of people wanted to know things so we just started a fresh account and doing this for now I’ve never I’ve never spoke that much in my freakin life what are spins spins spins are basically packs you know.

Because because we used to have like balls that the balls will spin so yeah if you say spins I’m in pairs that means we’re talking about Cup I’m glad as hell for my friend because my throat is trying he’s no bad Doron Aldo we can be super peckish he’s not that bad you can learn a player as well but guys I mean I don’t want to go through things that is pretty much self-explanatory you got your record you got your contracts boom boom boom lunar flare training squad management is there anything else that we haven’t explained guys because the rest of this stuff is pretty much self-explanatory now let’s say this is me I want a grind I’m gonna go through every single of individual of this let’s see if we can get some more coins what do you mean for 24 25 case spins for another what I mean is if you play these online challenge cups you will give 50,000 GP GP it’s like fifa coins but my club coins is like fifa points so if you get every time you open a pack with GP it’s 25 25k so if you get 50k you get you can do to pack up you can do open two packs and if you’re lucky you may get another you know majority wants to know how to perform skill move well guys right here PES guide boom let me just show you something about about this just quickly then.

Because this is right here my friend see the thing is though I wouldn’t do that like if you’re trying to learn a new game and the first thing you want to know is how to perform a skill I don’t think that’s the right way to go for it like if you don’t know the basics of it if you don’t know it’s very important to know certain things the game is mechanics etc the first thing you want to learn if it’s skill I’m not sure about that one but this is the playlist that shows you everything how to grind managers player forms switching game mentality switch in your formation and tactics on the goal without posing best controller setting meta formation marking and tight marking the difference through trap and through feint is really important to your game play dummy kick gameplay tips setting momentum changing sim inspire feature I like quick over defending so if you click on this one right here I’m gonna meet Michael up online now in this video I’m gonna walk you through some of the skills that you can execute playing my club or place 2020 online of course these are basically simple effective skills you can take on opponents when we want or when you’re crowded by more than one player and timing is everything this is the most efficient things however don’t complicate things in my opinion at the moment double touch and fake short or cut behind and turn these are the these are my personal only go skills to take on opponents most of a time and remember to make this show real simple this is just top skills that only need to use is right stick and lipstick combination and remember your right stick always comes first and then the left stick right stick besides the skill left stick beside the direction you want to do the skill so without further ado let’s just dive into it make sure you turn your auto feint on whatever skill that I’m executing right now it’s life so number one let’s talk about the double touch now if a player has the double touch will execute the double touch better this one is very simple you place right stick up and left stick forward as simple as there no complications in Efrain obviously in different angles you could see it it can execute it differently.

I sorry guys I closed all the freaking windows my bad my bad my bad so that would that was a simple example about my channel money where you can but what you basically can find there if you guys are more interested in to do how to skill sorry I thought for a moment I wasn’t able to see the chat I apologize I’d let you have to reset everything right there so yeah again dude majority of the stuff that I just spoke about right now.

I have particular videos for it auto faint on doesn’t mean all the skills are gonna be automatic dude we’re talking about the game that you may get delay a law you don’t want to do skills to show but I’m teaching you to do skills that is gonna that’s gonna impact your gameplay skills that gonna dribble pass your opponent you know Thank You tragedy appreciate it man this dude I’m not hating but this isn’t FIFA where you can do 10 skills and 10 spins it looks beautiful is amazing but when was the last time you saw a player in real life do 10 skills and tare skills 10 10 10 circles at 10 seconds go on I’m waiting when this is the this is not the 90s football’s all more tactical right now run cutback tapping boom done that’s what I’m saying I think we’re pretty much cover here again guys if you have we have any questions you guys have after watching that videos you can follow me on Twitter this court I answer everybody daily really 90s what alright maybe no 90s maybe two thousand maybe two thousand auto faint on auto faint off if you do like more advanced skills that is not gonna be that effective online yeah dude on FIFA there are particular areas where you can do particular skills repetitively best manager for sim I would say Santos I think we’re pretty much that pretty much we’re done with this guys is there anything else you guys want me to explain because I’m dying to play right now and maybe for the rest of the stream I’m gonna be a bit quiet otherwise my throat is gonna go you do like ricotta by the way guys when I say double touch this is impaired language you know because there was a guy I was saying double touch or I was saying cut but cut behind and turn and the guy was taking a piss leg may do you and play football that’s Cruyff turn I’m uploading PES I’m speaking in PES language you know yeah double touch you don’t want to double touch anybody by the way open bar sit back please.

We don’t have GP we don’t have coins we don’t have anything really so we’re gonna go to the main account and we’re gonna play now.

Good I hope this like an hour long tutorial was useful for most of you guys I did just something special since all of you guys are here and again I apologize for my regulars these are things that I usually talk about every day go for game and explain defense and super cancel oh that’s an important thing by the way guys super castle is basically holding r1 and r2 now every FIFA player who I who made an effort to learn a game really they were so happy about the super castle feature you can cancel any unput let’s say you made the pass but then you realize the guys read that pass hold r1 and r2 whether is a shoot a pass across off the ball let’s say you run and you run and shoulder to shoulder with a defender when you run with super castle hold an r1 and r2 and obviously you move in with your left stick you can actually escape that railed run and go in front of them and there are many other things that super castle can be used for so super castle very very important man thank you for reminding me that by the way can you trade duplicate players no no no no if you have three legends you can you can trade them for other legends you cannot trade lunch while they go and I your you’re a regular in your little perhaps discuss matchmaking for new players I did Laza at the touching on that.

Subject subject against guys when you go to matchmaking I will explain when I go to the matchmaking tips on defendant will be nice okay how do you guys defend in FIFA Joe keen is basically holding our two and I’m talking about the standard controller pace controller for you FIFA guys that may be our one if you change a layout basically on feet on pairs though we have we don’t have running jockey we only have stationary jockey which I hate as well can you explain how to enable fluid formation you can tell a bit you can enable flu formation on my club outside my club you can and I have a video about fluid formation I made it for 2019 which is pretty much similar mmm how do you jockey are to you hold are two but I have a standard pest controller settings so for me are two and by the way guys even on this main menu let me actually do something really quick right here explain much difficult for coin cars we actually did went through that we did went through that what button what button is standing tackle X or double X good the simplest method of defendant there isn’t just one way to defend like for example think about it when the opponent has the ball you either control a player at the back the player that you’re controlling you try to block the passing lanes you know like if you were on the ball I’m gonna observe who’s the guy closest to you that you may pass to I try to block that passing lane so you either control a player to block the passing lanes and then press square to send the AI pressur pressure that’s like FIFA but you don’t want to abuse the III pressing in a way and that’s as simple as method annoyed but rest of it there are many different ways to defend I have videos talking about but there’s one more thing I want to show you guys quickly here before I go into the game and actually play what should fire recommend for pests well I get my option fire from PES universe right here my friend can check out the link always passing lane lads I wouldn’t say always I mean you play against people with different mentality different vision different skill different set up different aggression so really it it’s all about how you gonna read the game it’s you have to / you have to overthink your opponent you have to outthink your opponent and AI most of the time really.

Again guys when you play an exhibition game right if you pause and you click help this is important you pause exhibition match click help command list this is very important dudes if you genuinely want to make an effort to learn the game take a screenshot on your phone right when you play one by one learn what you need to learn it’s right here it’s all right here but this is based on a stardom button you have your trap how to trap the ball you have your through faint trick trap you have your shooting you have are too short you know curve short and FIFA is time finis kicking technique everything basically I mean it explains all that defending basic controls pressure as x chase down or one annex like tackle it’s all here my camera is setting I use dynamic white zero height ten zoom no zero zone tonight.

Is that an option 5 Stadium the option fire front-page universe covers everything so these are like simple things let me let me tell you one thing guys I didn’t came out of my mother’s vagina knowing all this you know I make an effort to learn and I expect men just say yeah I think what else was it here that was trying to explain yeah pretty much.

Now if we go to my club ranked games during a game I won’t be able to explain all this so if I miss anything in chat I’m gonna go back to online mode well what were you so right there this is me being a pathologist do you use do you use double to tackle slide tackle its circle Stan and tackle it’s X dude if a guy’s coming at me slowly I just hold on l2 l2 and left stick jockey and then other thing guys we have off the ball control like when it comes to your gameplay right you have one to pass you have given go.

You have trigger run you know when you’re when you’re on the ball make sure you are stationary you hold l1 and you flick the right stick you make a player to make a run now you can use that as a decoy or you can use that to a player that will make a run when the guy takes a free-kick most of most of the time they goes over the bar as soon as he kicks the ball hold l1 flick the right stick to your goalkeeper and then move him that’s manual goalkeeper in terms of the gameplay I will have a particular video that will explain they get the basics of gameplay defendant attack in general gameplay maybe think we are done here now can I go pee quickly man I’m not freaking dying to pit take a piss how to trigger run hold l1 and flick the right stick everything I’m talking about guys remember I showed you exhibition pause the game help make an effort you’ll enjoy read more.

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